Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goatboy - What I plan on Doing this week

I like to write what I plan on doing during the week to get a better idea of where I am at and where I need to be at. I am a compulsive schedule writer and it just keeps me going. I usually have multiple things to do. It keeps me fresh on each project. It also helps that doing a unit a day is very easy and some days I can get more then just a unit done. So without further ado - my list for this week.

I started earlier on Sunday as I watched some Boardwalk Empire with my wife. Bad ass show. So some of these are magically done!

Personal - I usually do one or two things for myself during a week. If I don't I feel like I am just a dirty machine.
Venom - Built on Saturday and painted on Sunday. Picture below - Job Finished!
Skarlock - from Warmachine - my final model for the army - it just needs to get put together

Michael S
RPG FIgures - I have 4 left out of a 44 total mini batch. They are realistic minis and you have seen them pop up here from time to time and on Full of Monkey Main page. - but I got 4 and I will finish them this week.

Jason S - Ice Nids!
Jason ordered a second batch of nids and I started on them yesterday. Picture below of the converted Hive Tyrant from a Carnifex. I hate metal models so I said, why not build them from Carnifexes. I had 2 extra bone swords and lash whips so they will be used for the two I have to do. As well as the Winged Tyrant. I had to pin one of the arms. Fun times. There are some troops and other bits there too and I am just waiting for all of them to come in from Spikey Bits.
Non Winged Tyrant - Completed
Wing Tyrant - On sprue looking sad at me.

Benjamin B - Khador
Drago - In a Box pissed off
Pikemen - Lots of these jerks - starting them tomorrow

Chapter House - Tests/Reviews
Tervigon Kit - Built and primed and in a box all happy as a pig in shit
4 Genestealers - Need to get some washers as the upgrade heads are heavy

Bushido - I have to finish some daemons to complete his army I did.
Soul Grinder - In a box mad
4 Horrors - In a box of mine as I have a ton of metal ones

Michael S - World Eaters army
Lord on Jugger/Thunder Wolf - I built him and based him so will see if I get him painted tonight - he looks mean a crazy combination of parts. The rest of the army is waiting to be shipped to me woohoo!

Next week will see me catalog this Necromunda order as well as the IG conversion order from the same client. I hope to finish the Khador next week as well as get more of the Ice nids done too. Fun times. And then it is off to the Boyz woohoo.

I have a tournament this weekend and I don't know if I want to play Daemons or the SW. Or just something else random like the Marine biker army. Thoughts?


Loquacious said...

I thought I was crazy with my schedule. I bow to your mastery. Do you sleep?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yay :) - I am just fast and efficient with my time. Plus I can work a bit on stuff at work too :). So that helps.

GDMNW said...

Your a busy chap!

Why not use the Demons on the weekend? It seems everyone is running Space Wolves at the moment. Even if it looks like Chaos Space Marines or even Eldar! They still turn out to be counts as Space Wolves.

I suppose you could take your Demons and say they are counts as Space Wolves just for kicks. Hmm.

Most of all I am impressed that you put out so much work and to such a good standard too. Keep it up!

Grimnar Angband said...

I vote Daemons, their like the Spanish Inquisition "Nobody Expects Them!" They have that flavor able flair that people want to play. I count my lucky stars when I play a Daemon list because where I am from people don't play them, so I enjoy the occasional game with them, even if I end up loosing. Daemons are a fun army that is still a threat to fight.

Angelic_Despot said...

They're all really nice. I especially like the Hive Tyrant. How many guns and weapons does he have?!!

I've asked you this before and got a 'at some point' kind of answer, but perhaps you've done it now: have you said how you paint these 'dirty' tyranids?

I really love the way you do them and would love some tips on colours, techniques etc.

If you haven't already posted on this, do you still intend to?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I totally forgot - will do a post with some other nonsense today. I got ideas!! as well as a new model I did yesterday that I think looks sweet.

Black Blow Fly said...

Hey Thomas !!

What bit did you use for the stormshield on the Grey Knight. It's pimp !!


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It is part of the FW model :).

Black Blow Fly said...

Sweetness fo sho !!!