Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick post about weekend tournaments

I think I have decided what to play. It isn't SW or Daemons. So will see how it goes. Will write about it after Saturday. Also it looks like I might get my schedule changed which means I get to play on Thursdays again. Woohoo I lose the Casual gamer status haha.

So for those asking how I paint the ice nids.

Base Black
Heavy brush Deneb Stone over the none plate parts
Do some high point highlighting with Skull white on the none plate parts
Shadow grey the plate parts
Highlight with Hawk Turquoise
Highlight with Ice Blue
Highlight with Space Wolves Grey
Warlock purple the claws, joints, little inside joint thingies
Mecrite red the Claws on the edges
Edge highlight claws with Blood Red
Edge highlight again with Vomit Brown
Wash with Devlan mud
Go back, do Skull White on the none plate areas
Highlight edge plates with - Ice blue then Space Wolves Grey
Blood Red edges of claws and do some small Vomit brown on edges.

There you go, the basic Dirty Ice Nids scheme in a nut shell.

Here is the first World Eaters for a new customer army. I think it came out pretty sweet. Body is off of the Rat Ogre from the Screaming Bell Plastic kit. Fun times and I think he looks like he is going to go ahead and kick your ass. As I finish the army I will write up the basic build. It is a pretty simple SW list with 2 super HQ lords, some Thunder Wolves, 2 Grey Hunter squad and friends with some wolf scouts and other fun stuff like - gasp - ML Long Fangs!. Hehe - either way it will be a fun army to paint up as it will look fairly normal except for these crazy jerks.

The rain has kept me not able to paint as much, due to not getting a chance to spray minis. So look for a slow week. I hope to make up some time this weekend as well as next week. I don't need to paint anything for my trip to the Boyz so I am all good to get client stuff out the door.

I will get an Army list post up at some point on some other nonsense I want to do. WIll see. Anyway time to go home! Yay!


Crazy Red Praetorian said... psych out i complete.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

At least I don't have to bring IG to win :).

Angelic_Despot said...


Thank you so much for posting the 'Nid painting process.

It's been a long time since I've painted anything, and I've never painted a Tyranid, but have bought a bunch of them over the last year and been slowly putting them together while agonising about to paint them.

This will be really, really helpful.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

@ Thomas, It's so easy a caveman can do it.LOL