Sunday, November 28, 2010

I need to play me some orks! - Sunday Edition of the Great Goat!

Which means I need to get all my models back. And then I can play me some orks and do some orky smashing. Or that is the plan. ORKS WAAAGH!!!! Of course it will make me want to do the full hover bike squad for my orks. I got two done and it will make me want to paint 4 more to finish off the squad. Can I resist? Probably as I got a ton of commission work to do which helps me cover my wife's car for sure and everything else just flows hunky doree at home :).

As Sunday's is now the starting day of my week - this is when I write out what the hell I want to do for the week. I've already started yesterday - so I will list those as complete. We had a hang out and talk and play Warhammer day yesterday and instead of throwing down versus some Dark Eldar tests I went ahead and just painted. With the wife out of town next week I figure I can put a huge dent into the mini list and get some people some cool Christmas gifts :)

From Sunday - Friday Paint list - Most likely more maybe less - who the hell knows!

World Eaters Commission
Long Fangs # 1 - Completed!
Wolf Scouts # 2 w/Wolf Guard - Sprues
Long Fangs # 2 - Sprues

New Dark Eldar Commission
9 Wyches to finish out squad - Built/Primed

My Dark Eldar
3 Reaver Jet Bikes - Completed!
1 Haemonculus - Completed!
Venom # 2 - Built/Primed
5 Wyches for Review - Sprue

Big Red from Bols Khador
1 Mini Jack thingie - Manowar me thinks? - Completed!

CSM Update # 2
Chaos Sorcerer - Completed!
10 CSM Random Dudemens - Primed and ready

Snow Nids Update # 2
Gargoyles - Sprue

Tervigon Build - Completed!

FW big stuff
Vampire Gap fill - Completed!

I wouldn't be surprised if I do more but that is the basic list. If I get that done with the World Eaters I will just have some Grey Hunters to do and 4 dogs. There might be an update to them so will see. Basically more troopers with some different weapon options. Just to give as many options as you can.

Current random Dark Eldar thought - I don't know what to do. I just spent an hour trying to think up what I want to play. You know what I found? 1850 is bunk points for DE. You just need a few more. Oh well I will just continue painting away random stuff as I want to play Talos - but the old model is shit. And I know there will be a new one. What have everyone else found? I keep thinking 2 20 man warrior squads with two DE will be good as they for all intents and purposes ignore what normally kills Raiders - massed fire. I just don't know. It does make me a sad panda as I want to play them but i just can't find what I want to do yet. Portals just sound so neat - but so called math makes them poops.

I can't wait for the Storm Raven to come out. I want to fly bricks of doom carrying nice buckets of blood talons into my enemy's line. I think that will push Blood Angels over to where they need to be. Ugh - more lists later this week as I think up stuff as usual. But now a big ole pile of painted stuffs. Some from the list above!


Black Blow Fly said...

World Eaters are looking good !!

: )


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

When are you getting your Libbie done?

Loquacious said...

Yet again I bow to your brilliance and speed. I am hoping to improve, but it's going by a lot slower.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I will have to go over some speed techniques. The crazy thing is the models have a lot more modeling then seen on them etc. It is hard as my style is dark etc - so the photos don't always do it justice.

But again - I need to go over some techniques at some point.

Loquacious said...

I would really love that. I'm honestly not a SLOW painter, but I'm trying not to suck at the same time. It's a tough balance.