Friday, November 19, 2010

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - Back to Normal

Alright things are back to normal. In good news I am back to a better schedule which will give me more time to throw some dice and throw off the shackles of Casual gamer :). Not that it is bad, I just like to throw dice as much as I can. At least talk about it beyond writing blog posts and other nonsense.

I am slowly building up my DE - and I am looking at a foot army being the most generous for my style of game play. I think the idea of massed waves with DE will be its strength and will see those lists start to come out as everyone and their mom gets tired of the "Alpha" strike we see throughout 40k. Most of my lists are not designed to kill you in the first turn, instead looking to push my advantages in the first few turns and then play a clean up roll. Plus I am all about the massed bluff unit that lets my other units get to work like I need them too.

Right now the Main thought is a massed Haem's mixed with an Archon attached to Incubi to throw a smack down to those near or pop out of a portal to cause some mischief. Mix this with 2 fat 20 man Warrior blobs and then annoying massed Venom beatdown units. Will see if all of this works right :).

I know a lot of people are saying Nids are dead versus DE - but I still think they will do ok. Especially the horde lists that you don't see as much. I can see Hormaguants just hitting a unit of DE and murdering them as they can reroll the wounds with Furious charge and poison. Will just have to see. I need to complete my Nid army - but a clients comes first :).

Current Project list - for the rest of this week and the next.

10 Gargoyles - At least get the build done for the week after painting when my wife is out of town and I am left to cry alone :)
8 Dwarves - Fritz Mordhiem - all built and will probably get done tomorrow
3 Blood Crushers of the World Eaters - all the pieces are collected - the customer PF is built and I will just have to build
10 Marine World Eaters - Want to build - WG included
1 Rhino World Eaters - Want to build - Hopefully get painted
Need to catalog Luis P new project and get Valks to Decal guy to finish - This will hopefully be on Thursday for the Valks and later during the week.
2 Mechanics - Build and paint for Big Red to "finish" his Khador army. This army has supposed be done the last 3 Models I have had to paint
Khador Plastic Box - Build and review for BOLS

So that is my "plans". Depending on what DE will get in I might finish off the Incubi to a total of 10 and then look at another Venom/Warrior Suicide squad. Or so that is the plan.

I think I might have found my "BA" list that will make me want to stop going all Wolf. I don't know how "good" it will be, but it at least lets me play all the annoying shit I like to play and kill people with. Tell me what you think - I call this - FU scoring Troops Goat Angels style.

HQ: Librarian, Shield of Sang, Unleash Rage
Elites: Assault Terminators X 5, Lit Claws X 2, Th/SS X 3
Elites: Chaplain
Elites: Furioso Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Extra Armor
Troops: Death Company X 6, PW X 2, PF X 1
Troops: Death Company Dread, Blood Talons
Troops: Scout Squad X 5, Camo Cloaks
Troops: Scout Squad X 5, Camo Cloaks
Troops: Scout Squad X 5, Camo Cloaks
FA: Vanguard Vets x 5, Infernus Pistol X 3, PF X 1, Jump Packs
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL MM, TWL Lascannon, Hurricane Sponsons, Extra Armor
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL MM, TWL Lascannon, Hurricane Sponsons, Extra Armor

1850 - If I had 2000 pts I would look at another Vanguard Vet squad by dropping some of the extra nonsense mixed around. I want to try Vanguard Vets as a) No one expects the Spanish Inquisition b) They provide a Long Fangs/Loota Answer c) cuz only bad players play Vanguard Vets. This is designed as another Null list that creates problems for opponents by making them not play correctly. If you are not on the table, they don't know where to go. Blood Talons are amazing especially when the vehicle is an assault vehicle and can drop off up to two explosive units into opponents that will just go crazy. The Death Company will reroll Hits/Wounds. I hear Death Company suck - so show people how much they suck when they bust the crap out of socalled Death Stars at Ini 5.

The troops are insanely weak but that is the issue with BA. Compare anything they have to Grey Hunters and you start to get mad like Darkwynn does. It just doesn't seem fair so instead of using them to try and be aggressive I said F that and just went with the most damaging units BA has.

Some Minis I have painted as well as some art I've done. I do Blog Logos for $25.00 in case anyone else is interested. The art for SpikeyBits also comes from me too :).


SgtCapraco said...

I have had great results with 5 man vanguard squad, with packs, sgt with a hammer, 2 power weapons, and 2 infernus, they are great for cracking long fangs and broadsides. in a game with orks they went thru two loota squads, a kan mob and a dread.

Black Blow Fly said...

I would consider dropping the three melter pistols in the VV squad for power weapons. The squad is small and wont be able to weather lots of enemy shooting. The big advantage VV bring is dropping down and assaulting the same turn via Heroic Intervention. They cant shoot the same turn if they use HI to assault.

The Archon looks really hot. I love your work on his helmet. : )


Black Blow Fly said...

Death Company Marines are basically a glass hammer. They can insta gib one unit then they get shot down - so you'll have to use them very strategically. The DC dread is a beast. He can fleet and has Furious Charge built in. The termies are a great unit and work very well in a Stormraven. If you could work a Priest into the list to ride with them and the Librarian that would be awesome. Not sure where you'd pull those points from though.


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yeah I want to add a priest - but damnit it makes me hate 1850 hahahaha - and really the troops are so weak too :(.

But it is a thought list - and with the Storm Raven hitting it will be neat to test out list that way.

I bet the Vanguard guys could be drop to a PW and PF - Change out the Chaplain for a Reclusiarch - and see if I can fit a priest in.

Black Blow Fly said...

I used to run both a Sanguinary Priest and a Chaplain in my 2k list. Eventually I decided to drop the Chaplain to free up some points. I would rather have Furious Charge and Feel No Pain over Litanies of Hate and Fearless. I have found striking at I5/S5 to be more beneficial plus the Priest can affect friendly units outside of the one he is attached. Honor Guard is a great unit for Blood Angels - you get a free priest built in with the squad plus you design a very choppy Honor Guard. I experimented a lot with both Death Company and Sanguinary Guard before finally deciding to run with a choppy Honor Guard as my heavy hitting melée unit - they are in my opinion the best value for the points and give you just about everything either Death Company or Sanguinary Guard have to offer. That's how I see it.