Friday, November 25, 2011

Goatboy - Its Friday!

And I am at work. Bored bored and super bored. Lord it will be a long day - enough that I will be driving home to get things to do. I wish I could have scanned up some of this new comic idea. I will try to do it Sunday so I can post some pics. I think it might be good. It is one of those ideas that got me to draw a quick 7 page story with just one sketch starting it - which is usually a good thing. Will see. I will post it up here to look at too. If it seems neat it might be a weekly comic somewhere out in the webs.

First of all yay UT for beating A&M for the last time most likely. Sad they are leaving. And yes I went to UT. My little brother went to A&M so he can suck it!

Also the continued annoyance of Goatboy well continues. Last week we had a sewer pipe back up (not as bad as it sounds, as we caught it but still sucks and we still got a deal on getting the poo claw thingie cleaning out the pipes). Then the water heater had one part it it. Lucky I had a warranty thingie and 60 bucks later we have better hot water. Then yesterday my exhaust pipe to my muffler disconnected while coming home. So my vehicle got really throaty sounding. It is under warranty as it was fixed when I got rear ended a few months ago, but still it is annoying. At least my wife has a cool job so that makes life easier in general. She is happier, she will have money to spend on her things, and I don't have to feel like a scrouge with money. Yay beer!

Beyond that I want to try and get a game in this weekend. That is my plan. Most likely the tweak Draigo list to test out some more. Will see if it works better with Psybolters getting replaced with PsyAssault cannons. Not sure if it works better. Will see.

Right now I am in a personal mini rut. I don't have anything I need to paint for myself (small changes ie assault cannons, etc) so it is kinda meh. I am having fun with client stuff but still want to paint some things for myself. I got some ideas so will see. A super wolf lord thing, this evil Dreadknight started, and maybe another crazy Evil Draigo build out. Will see as I get closer to needing something to keep myself busy.

Wolves are calling me again - with changes to lists that reflects some new ideas on being able to move around the board instead of being stuck behind terrain as I rain missiles and other nonsense down. Here are the two initial thoughts I had for lists.

Rune Priest
Lone Wolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield
Lone Wolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield
Wolf Scouts X 10, Meltagun, Power Weapon X 2, Mark of the Wolfen
Wolf Guard X 10, Terminator Armor X 6, Storm Shield X 4, Assault Cannon X 2, Powerfist X 3 (One on a non terminator), Combi-Melta
Wolf Guard X 10, Terminator Armor X 2, CML X 2
Wolf Guard X 10, Terminator Armor X 2, CML X 2
Wolf Guard X 10, Terminator Armor X 2, CML X 2

Just lots of dudes on foot doing what dudes do. Bro out and bring it bro style. I still want to play more Thunder Wolf Armageddon. I guess it depends on if my model thought for the super wolf lord actually gets working. Will see. If it looks cool as my brain magic thinks it does - then we will have the beginnings of a sweet army. Will post that up before long too as I think it has merit still.

Blood Angels is still a neat idea. My current Grey Knight designs gives a rat's ass about Mephiston, but a lot of other builds are scared shitless by the mad glittery doom weasel. The Dual Storm Raven builds will just win games sometimes as they throw nonsense into your throat and you just choke on said nonsense. I just feel like there isn't a whole lot of neat with BA that hasn't already been found. Grr.

Alright that is it for now - I am off - pics of stuff painted later on this weekend. I got more Dark Eldar painted up (Wyches and another Venom), some Necromunda stuff, and who knows what else. Maybe my "evil" dreadknight. WOOHOO!!! And some art too!

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Damn The Valley said...

You could always paint a new random model, such as this one!,shop.php?art=1196

Sometimes you need to just break away from you current painting trends and hit up a piece that you know you will never use in a game. Breaking the monotony usually helps me out of a painting rut.