Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday - Paint lists and Army Thoughts

I submitted my Feast of Blades list.  It is rather random as I felt like having a bit more fun with my army and I didn't want to paint a crap ton of duplicates.  I will post that list later on for those interested.  I did think of some other lists based on FAQ's that will most likely come out and shut people up hehe.  But before I get into that - let's get my paint list.  Pics of models will come on Wednesday - I finished a few things this weekend.

Paint/Art list

Logo work - need to tweak up and draw out a design - going to try to get it done before this weekend.
More Artwork maybe?
Plastic Dudesmen - 2 are drawn need to build them to cover this weekend and when I am off to Feast
Helldrake - Done!
5 more Noise Marines - Done last night!
9 Flamers of Tzeentch - Done last night!
Typhus - Done last night!
9 Screamers of Tzeentch - primed - most likely tonight
8 CSM with 4 Autocannons - need to build
1 Forgefiend - built and magnetized and primed - will write up a how too before long as I got 3 more to do for a client.
Display board - need to paint the bottom blue!
Sadness donuts quick shirt? - want to get some made before feast - need a new printer

Luis P
5 Terminators - Primed
3 Bikerz - Primed

2 Forgefiend - Build and Magnetize

That is it for now - a ton of crap to do.  Pics of the stuff I painted will show up on Wednesday.  It is a big list but I am a machine.  I have to paint at home as work isn't letting me mess up my desk hah.  So I have to not go out and try to throw in 3-4 hours these next 3 nights before Thursday when I have to give my army to a buddy who is driving up on Friday.  20 bucks to keep my dragon from eating it is pretty good I say.

Alright - some lists.  I am calling these mean CSM lists.  These are the types of things I might play for Adepticon and just utilize the ability of the army to grind out wins.

HQ: Typhus - 230pts
HQ: Sorcerer Lord, MoS, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar - 140pts
Elites: Noise Marines X 20, Icon of Excess, Sonic Blasters X 20 - 440pts
Troops: Cultists X 30 - 130pts (Zombies - and yes you know you can do more then 10 right?)
Troops: Cultists X 30 - 130pts
Troops: Cultists X 30 - 130pts
FA: Helldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts
FA: Helldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts
Heavy: Obliterators X 3, MoN -  228pts
Heavy: Havocs X 5, Autocannon X 4 -  115pts
Heavy: Havocs X 5, Autocannon X 4 -  115pts

Basically you build up a twinky of doom that is very hard to get rid of.  You don't need 2 dragons as you can easily put in other options if you wanted too.  I might drop one Dragon for a squad of 5 Chaos Spawn to run out and get stuck in like a tick.  In fact - it isn't a terrible little unit if you do it this way.

Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN - 180pts - you might need to drop to one Havoc squad but it is something to look at. The NSM just walk behind the a blob of cultists and just pour down fire like the bunch of jerks they are.  Typhus hangs out with the Oblits and gives them Fearless as well as a nice FU unit if need be.  CSM is limited in Melta at times and depending on your area you could drop that unit for something else.  You could add one or two Plague Marine squads to help out as needed.
But it is one of those lists that will hurt the stuff that will get onto your objectives and you can gum up the midfield as needed.  If you want to drop out the flyers you can look at something else to shoot stuff in the air as needed.  Or blast masters in the NSM.  Just random bits.  Still I think the list is very solid of a start and could use some tweaking as needed.

I really like adding demons but it gets expensive.  I got a game in with Darkwynn and just was able to stuff him in his corner and take the first blood after getting seized on.  Woohoo!  Still it will take a bit to get my army fixed up.

Alright that is it for now - mini posts later on this week.


Old School Terminator said...

Alright, so you are only taking 3 sonic blasters, then the rest of the squad is armed with bolters. Truth be told, it is a great way (the only way) to get fearless, FNP and I5, so it isn't too bad at all.

I agree on the spawn as well! It's a great unit. Mark of Nurgle makes them a big pain for the opponent in the early turns.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It's all sonic blasters I mistyped heh. But my rotten brain thought up sine combos with orks. Need to read how the kff would work