Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday Yay! Chaos is coming!

ARRROOO!!! Been painting lots of stuff.  I finished off the 60 Cultists I needed.  Of course I think I might need another 30 more.  Woohoo!  So yeah - let's look at initial CSM list.

HQ: Chaos Lord, Bike, Mark of Slaanesh, Murder Sword, Sigil of Corruption, Boon of Mutation, Veterans of the Long War
HQ: Sorcerer, Level 3, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, Bike, Boon of Mutation
Troops: Cultists X 30, Autogun X 27, Hvy Stubber X 3
Troops: Cultists X 30, Flamer X 3
Troops: Cultists X 30, Flamer X 3
Troops: Noise Marines X 20, Sonic Blasters X 20, Icon of Excess, Blaster Masters X 2, Veterans of the Long War
FA: Helldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Helldrake, Baleflamer
Heavy: Havocs X 10, Autocannon X 2, Missile Launcher with Flak X 2
Formation: Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun

I would need to paint another 30 cultists, the Dragons and lots of other stuff.  But it is a thought list and I think it might have the tools to do alright.  I am just more looking at keeping the back end strong etc.  The other idea is put a Dark Apostle on a Bike but I like the idea of a Sorcerer with Chaos Lord.  T5 without needing to take Nurgle is pretty sweet.  Plus the jerk can shoot out, punch someone in the face and keep things stuck for a bit as needed.  Plus if I hit Endurance on the Sorcerer with Noise marines - well Relentless assholes that shoot a lot sounds pretty good right?  Have to check if that works with Salvo.  If so - dakka dakka.

Paint list so far.

Plastic Dudesmen - Done!
60 Cultists Done!Sorcerer - Done!
Dark Apostle - Done!
Chaos Lord - In Pieces!Oh - Will try to get Sadness Donuts shirt up.  Plus maybe something else if people are interested.  It will be a POD sort of service and most likely 20 bucks so will see.

Kroot X 16 - Done!
And Shipped even!  He is going to send some more stuff as well.  Woohoo.

Luis P
9 Dark Veng Tactical Squad guys - Done!
3 Bikers - Primed
5 Termies? - In Pieces

Pictures so far!

Cultists with Autoguns!

Cultists with HtH weapons

Customer Sorcerer from a Chosen.  Woohoo!


Muskie said...

I see you're planning one of those minimalist, small model count armies. ;-) I too think a havoc squad of two autocannons and two missile launchers could be the sweet thought. I'm thinking of giving mine a rhino with a havoc launcher for them to hide behind and another shot at 48 inches...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

6th is about surviving the firepower you get thrown at you - larger squads without the Vehicles is the way to go. The change to taking vehicle damage and not being able to charge "once disembarked" due to damage is huge and keeps the rhino at bay.

Old School Terminator said...

I like it. The press of Cultists will be the focus for low to mid grade fie, leaving the rest overburdened with worrying about the big threats. Locally everyone is battling me over how I think noise marines will be the big rage for dealing with blob squads ect. Let us know how the "excessive" number of noise marines works for you.