Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Post - Pictures and a Dirty Army List

AROO!!! Another update?  I thought up a random list before crashing out last night.  I think it would be pretty dirty as it is designed to not really lose a lot as it slowly grinds its way to suppression.  I call it - Revenge of the Zombie Orks!

Main Army - CSM

HQ: Typhus (duh??) - 230pts
Elites: Terminators X 10, Power Axes X 10, Combi-Melta X 2, Combi-Plasma X 4 - 342pts
Troops: Cultists X 30 - 130pts
Troops: Cultists X 30 - 130pts
FA: Helldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts
FA: Helldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts
Formation: Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun - 100pts

Allied Force - Orks

HQ: Big Mek, KFF - 85pts
Elites: Lootas X 10 - 150pts
Troops: Shoota boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3 - 210pts
Troops: Shoota boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3 - 210pts
Heavy: Kannons X 3, Runtherder - 70pts

Total is 1997

The big annoying thing is the the KFF states the following.

So basically my Zombies will get a 5+ as some of them will always be near that jerk of an Ork.  plus you have 120 Fearless things to sit around the table and gum up the board for those pesky Necron flyers.  And assault armies get to kill a lot of guys as well.  The termies are there to walk around with Typhus and cause problems.  I don't MoN them because it is extremely expensive and would rather have the ability to shoot better guns.  You could get them Marked if you wanted to drop the Kannons on the ork side.  I just run them because they are randomly good at times.  But a 70 pt drop of them means you could also take out the Aegis and find yourself with 170 pts to use on other things if you wanted too.  You could find a way to up the Termies with a MoN (total would be 60pts, and maybe add in two more Combi weapons at 10pts or find a Chainfist at 12pts) and Veterans of the Long War or look at Reaper Autocannons as well.  It isn't a terrible idea as you should have enough nonsense to remove flyers and just use the ability to cover all the objectives and make it hard for them to drop on them.

Is this list the bees knees?  Who knows - it is a thought list and I don't need much to make it (or much to buy as I have things in boxes).  I am hoping Mantic sends us some Zombies so I can throw a few units of jerks together for BOLS. 

Tonight I paint my screamers and build and maybe start the Havocs I need for my Feast army.  Plus start to paint up my display board.  Yes they are in some kind of blue water and on mini islands. 

Typhus on top of the sea!  I will end up adding some shine to the slime!

 Burinate for the glory of the Grand Goat!  Plus they like to dance!

Painted this guy while Minus67 and Caldera were playing a game.  Woohoo!  And he has been dropped once already!  Hooray plastic!  Paint this in parts for sure.

A client wanted me to do 2 of these and magnetize them up.  Head and arms are separate.  The lash whips just don't work with Magnets so we just have to deal with him being a bad ass this way.

He only has 3 more credits before he becomes an Accountant!

He has the bad touch pose going on.  As you can see - the legs stay the same.

Final 5 for the 15 NSM I needed for Feast - I have parts for another 5 and will do it.  The guy with the weird backpack is the Icon/Apocathery guy.  Dakka dakka mutha effer!


Zab said...

Nice job with those monsters but the kits are still full on suck. They could have been so much more. I never thought I'd feel sad for chaos monsters, maybe fear but not sad. Eh, go figure.

Tim said...

What's up, Goatboy?
You certainly are a fast painter. One thing I would point out is that there is more color on your bases than on your actual minis and this detracts the eye from the figure and attracts it to the base. Not sure if that is your intention, but generally this unorthodox among mini painters.

I think your minis would look a lot better if those bases were painted in some neutral color or a desaturated brown.

As always its yer hobby man, do what you want.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The blue is a bit odd at times - so it might get changed. I am sticking with it for now - as it will be on a display board etc - but I might change it out. I was going to do some washes into it to darken it and might glaze it to make it shiney. Will see.

but thanks for the critique - I paint a lot haha.

Muskie said...

How are the Orks Fearless? 120 Fearless models implies the Ork Shoota boys are Fearless. They have Mob Up or whatever it is called, but that isn't quite the same as Fearless. Did you even buy them a Nob to Mob up with?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Orks are fearless after 10 models. You don't need a non. The old mob up rule was from the last edition book :).

But yeah at 30 they are fearless and nobs aren't needed as much anymore.