Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goatboy's Tuesday - I am surviving!

When I don't get much sleep - I end up doing some kind of "mindless" work.  Painting falls into that while art doesn't really fall into that.  It is life - but I have gotten painting stuff done so that is good.  In fact I bet I finish off a commission by this weekend, get another one partway done and probably end up starting on another rush order too.  I just can't stop being busy.

Oh yeah - wife had the baby last week too on Tuesday.  In fact he will be a full week today at 6:09pm central.  Woohoo - he is doing well, gaining weight and giving me lots of pops in return for the sleepless nights.  Fair trade right?  I hope to get a game in next week when I have a buddy come over.  Maybe will try to bat rep it so I can show how bad I play.  Maybe.

Let's get my work list for the week.

Maybe build the 2 mauler fiends I want to play with.  Maybe
Bought the Blight King Character and plan on putting him on an Attack Bike to create the new Nurgle Chaos Lord idea I have.
Write Article for Monday
Plus hopefully get some Art done for Frontline gaming - knock out the Warmachine/Hordes bat rep art to get them done and hopefully get me some end times stuff.
Maybe other art too? I know I got some.

Greg S
Start working on some AM stuff hopefully

Finish off the Cryx - got a box of troop like guys, a character, and this other horse guy

I have 3 knights and a bunch of bikers to do.  Thankfully they are mostly built so I don't have to cry over 3 knights.

NecroOrks - got another flyer, some ghost arc stuff and some other things.  Woohoo it never ends for this art piece/army.

I have other stuff I have to look at and maybe another commission.  Waiting on the model count plus time to figure out if I can get it done in time.  Woohoo.

Man I can't wait to throwing down with the Siccariun I plan on getting soon.  Woohoo.

Want to do a complete assault list CSM.  Just cause I plan on losing a lot.  Heck I can have two Siccariuns in there too because I plan on taking a Sorcerer.  Hrm... interesting thoughts.

Crimson Slaughter/Daemons

HQ: Chaos Lord, Bike, Sigil, PF, Lit Claw, MoN
HQ: Sorcerer, Bike, Spell Fam
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
Heavy: Chaos Relic Sicaran Battle Tank, Dirge Casters
Heavy: Chaos Relic Sicaran Battle Tank, Dirge Casters

HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Lvl 2, Beguilement Locus
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 2
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 2
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
FA: Furies X 20, MoS
Heavy: Skull Cannon of Khorne

Maybe it will work?  It will look wonky as all hell haha.

Painted stuff!

LOTD test for what could be a new commission - did not do the conversions.

More NecroOrks!

Rogue Psyker?

There is gonna be more of these guys.

Creeper!  Cryx!

Yeah for plastic models.


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

HAHA, you have entered the baby zone!

Zab said...

Welcome to parenthood. Sleep is for the weak. Also, baby foreheads make great wet palettes - two words: Hot sling.


Stinky five said...


Christian Ambrose said...

Congratz buddy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Thomas! Sounds like everything is well with the baby and the missus and that's always good :)

Btw. When I became a father the first time it was then I really started to focus on my builds and painting. You're home a lot more so you need something to do right ;)

Anyways, enjoy it mate!