Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Woot - only a Day late

Babies take up some time haha.  Crazy enough - the painting ability isn't to hampered - but the drawing time is hurt.  It takes more mental power for me to draw then it is for me to paint, even though getting a finished drawing takes less time.  Ugh - got things to do haha.

Let's go with the paint list - I got a bunch of stuff done this week and hope to knock out some painting commissions by the weekend so I can become a super hero of paint.  Or something like that.

Maybe work on some Orks?
Article - who knows what I will talk about - brain is kind of scatter/sleep deprived so yeah - if I lose my train of thought as I write it Larry fixes it haha.
Art - Mechanical man thingie
Art - Space Marine Banner thingie
Art - Frontline Batrep Warmachine - got Retribution, Mercs, and Convergence to do
Art - Frontline Batrep Hordes - Got a few of those to do
Art - Frontline Batrep Dropzone commander - haven't even started
Maybe I will paint something for me hah.

LoTD Bikers - got a quick turn around one to do before Da Boyz GT - bikers, foot people, etc

Box 2 of NecroOrks is almost done - I have a base and 3 portal thingies to finish - then we got a Stompa after that.

1 Box of 10 Metal Merc Troops and 1 Warcaster

Tim V
Land Raider
Drop Pod
1 Biker plus 1 Biker Character
3 Knights

Greg S
Start building some IG.

From there - I got some other stuff I need to paint up too in the coming months.  A Nid commission plus Warmachine Cygnar small batch to do.  I am glad I don't have any events until next year to even think about.  LVO is a lock as is ATC - from there who knows.  Woohoo...

It looks like I might get a game in tonight.  I was going to pull out an Ork Greentide list to just see how the tide handles.  Basic build - major proxies as I don't have a 100 Slugga/Choppa boyz.  I do have a 120 Shoota boyz though :(.

Greentide plus Ork CAD

Warboss, Eavy Armor, PK, Supa Cybork,
Ard Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, PK
Ard Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, PK
Ard Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, PK
Ard Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, PK
Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, Big Choppa
Slugga Boyz X 9, Nob, Big Choppa
Slugga Boyz X 10
Slugga Boyz X 10
Slugga Boyz X 10
Slugga Boyz X 10

Warboss, Eavy Armor, Lucky Stix, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Mad Doc
Gretchin X 10
Gretchin X 10
Warbuggies X 5, TWL Rokkits
Mek Guns X 5
Lootas X 10
Aegis Line, Ammo Dump

Will see if it works alright.  It should give me some ideas on what is needed as I play and what I need to paint for next year.  Depending on what comes out too.  Woohoo!

Man - I hope the evil knights from FW are good - I got some ideas they could use - but then I would just look like I am wish listing. Let's see from the top.

No more shields - they all become demonic thus get 5+ Inv saves.
Slaanesh would have fleet - plus its guns would be short ranged and a large amount of shooting.
Khorne would have Melta guns, have extra attacks, and rampage
Tzeentch would be shoot the most and probably have a ML for casting
Nurgle would have Shroud and some kind of bile cannon thing.

Or so I would hope - will see.  Alright - some models to show then I am off working on some artwork I hope.

Zoom zoom - more necrons!

Another fancy ride for the Necro Orks

Not sure what this guy is.

I wanted to paint this guy since seeing him - decided to make him a Chaos Space Marine Bike Chaos Lord.

More bikerz!!!

Where did we park our car?

Grrr... give me some kibble!

Some arts.

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