Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Fun Day

This guy is in an awesome band in Austin - White Ghost Shivers.

Woohoo - I am starting back up work tomorrow.  Hopefully my wife can handle the monster.  He has started to get more personality and enjoyed behind held staring at your face.  I think he is planning on ways to get my eyes.  Will see.  I've actually gotten a lot done over these last 3 weeks.  I should knock out 2 commissions by this weekend.

Finished the Cryx Commission
Will finish another Warmachine one too
NecroOrks will get done completely soon
LoTD Bikers got done as well
Plus other stuff.

I just never stopped.  I didn't get as much art done but that is due to being tired affects drawing not really painting models.  Painting is a lot more relaxing for me.  But that is life haha.  I also have some other commissions coming soon too - I am sure this Nid one will get started as well as some other things.  Let's write up my week.

Bols Article - Written
Hobby idea - need to write it
Maybe some Orks - But most likely going to do some Chaos Stuff
Who knows what else - got an itch to play some  Chaos and I just bought that new FW Chaos book - so it means testing some things out first.
Frontline Arts - want to get them done so I can get some Nurgle nonsense

Mercenary 10 man box
2 More random guys - primed should be done tonight

Ork Stompa Necron thingie

Finish off bikers
Drop Pod

Death Company Dread - really waiting on what the BA do when the book comes out - might be a big flurry of stuff soon.

Nick R
Some Sisters stuff - etc

I am sure other things too as I just never stop.  I just like painting models haha.  I am waiting on some clients to tell me what they want and I can get started on them too.

Let's look at a CSM list idea using FW.

Crimson Slaughter
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Daemonheart, Veteran of the Long War, Gift of Mutation
HQ: Bel'Akor
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5
FA: Hell Blade, Helstorm Autocannon
FA: Hell Blade, Helstorm Autocannon
Heavy: Chaos Relic Sicaran Battle Tank, Dirge Caster
Heavy: Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils
Heavy: Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils

CSM Black Legion
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Powerfist, Lit Claw, Veteran of the Long War, Gift of Mutation
Troops: Cultists
Heavy: Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils

Basically I try for Shrouding then Invisibility the Chaos Lord Unit.  From there I am just going around shooting things as needed.  I might have enough to knock out a knight with a dual charging set of Maulerfiends.  It should only have one attack and then I can get to going with a bunch of Str 10 hate hits.  If I get lucky with the hammer of Wraths I might knock out 2 Hull Points.  It should look fun and be a very extreme list.  In fact it is probably the list I am building next.  I kind of wish I could have 2 Chaos Spawn units but alas this one will work.  I could knock out one lord for a Sorc to get more WC and maybe another Sicaran.  Interesting thoughts.  Can't wait to get that book in.

Ok some models to showcase and then I go back downstairs to work on painting and building some models.

Woot - got this scheme down!

Magnetized metal backpack. It stays on with Magic.

Black Knights 1

Black Knights 2

The last of the bikers.  I am sure Brandon is going to send me more.  I got this scheme down.

Worst models I have ever put together.  To give you an idea - legs/chest, head, 2 arms, quiver, scabbard, sword hilt, and bow.  Those are the metal parts.  Why PP why?

I always liked her.  Made her mean looking.


Tao said...

Yeah. That unit is the one unit everyone has complaints about. To the point many will pay others to put the unit together for them.

Gothmog said...

That is a CSM list with only 2 space marines (and the crew of the sicarian)

I am not sure the Codex is named properly.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I know - no CSM - kind of a bummer.

Got another idea to try and use Possessed. It might work. It gives me access to Malefic if I go with Prophet of voices. Which isn't a terrible idea - then I would have more CSM :).

Codex Cultist?