Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goatboy - I am alive! Thank goodness

I have been stuck in Nashville for 2 days. My flight got canceled on Sunday, then Monday, and finally I got out and back to work on Tuesday. So that means I have to work on Thursday to cover the Monday I couldn't work as well as cover some time from getting in late. I know exciting stuff eh?

A quick announcement - I will be at FTW Games (Aka Spikey Bits) on June 2nd thru June 5th for their "Birthday" Celebration. I will be drawing on bags, throwing down with dice, and even playing a little bit of Magic if I feel like it. I know the Gaming Renaissance Goat Man. So come out and say hi. I'll be drawing on bags for $25.00 bucks a piece as well as doing other random and interesting art things for those interested.

Well if you knew about the ATC championship as the Siege then you know the team I was one - WreckingBOLS - ended up taking the win home. It was a lot of fun even in the heat and I will be there next year for sure. I wasn't the biggest fan of my army as I feel my Space Goats need to be put up for awhile but I still had fun. I played versus a DE where I got spanked (making lots of 5+ flicker field saves during a Dawn of War mission does not equal a win). I then played Tau and beat up on them. Next I threw down versus Grey Sparks and his Foot Eldar and lost (bad set up on my part and lazy playing as well as Greg being a kick ass player). I then had a rematch versus the CSM player from when I won the championship at Adepticon and lost a close game (I would immobilized with a glance but only roll a one with the pens). I then played Aaron from Da Boyz and he was with Nids versus my dual JaWS/ML list and I won that one. From there I played Brian Pool from the Wrecking Crew and won against his Dual Lash list (bad reserve rolling for Brian as I slowly chewed him apart). All in all I did well with a 0, 25, 10, 25, 25,20 for the final points amount for my day. Good times indeed.

The best thing about the event is that I had fun with all my games. I think the idea that losing a game doesn't get you kicked out of winning means you get a lots less "built up" with needing to crush people. That is how I felt. I had no bad games, no bad sportsmanship stuff, and would play everyone again. Good times and I think everyone should think about going. I just hope Shane has AC next year as it was miserable hot (I'm from Texas and no AC is grounds for going after the hotel management).

While I was there I drew on a crap ton of bags. In fact here are the things I drew out for people. If you want one the cost is a flat $25.00 when you meet me at an event and if you want me to draw on one at home - the cost is just $25.00 plus the cost of shipping it to me (so I can ship it back). Fun times. Here they are to check out.

And finally some better Monkey Dreadknight PIcs.

Oh and my "plans" for the week.

Warboss for HOA - Built and primed and might be done tonight
Ork Boyz for HOA X 20
CSM Rhino #1
CSM Rhino #2
Grey Knight Strike Squad Test Figure (got a cool idea, going to try it - woohoo!)

That is what my brain is going to do - most likely I will be doing more. I had a hell of a week last week and hopefully this week will be better. I might be traveling again not this weekend but the next - so be prepared for an announcement about that. Thursday I want to explore some Grey Knight list as that is my next goto army for Events.


Xaereth said...

Nicely done, who all played on your team?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Paul Murphy, Rob Baer, Nick Rose, Kenny, and me.

Wyatt said...

Those bags look fantastic bud

Black Blow Fly said...

Great job bro !! You rawk n rolled BIG TIME !!!


Crispy said...

What kind of markers/pencils do you use on the bags?

sonsoftaurus said...

The bags are great, and the Jokaeroknight looked good just as a conversion, but really pops once painted. I think that the pilot being so much different to the machine helps with that, compared to the regular GK pilots just blending in.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I use a paint marker - and I just go over it a lot. As well as sharpies. Lots of things haha. It is kinda a mixture of my live art stuff I would do from time to time.

I will be doing more of these as I go around to events and other places.