Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you heard?

I am part of the Heroes of Armageddon build team. In fact I am lucky enough to be the head guy for the Speed Freaks force. I started working on the project this week with some models donated by a local - Patrick aka Rabscutle. I magnetized the rokkits to the top so that if the winner wants to tweak bits of the army later they can easily enough. I know, rokkits are most likely the best option but everyone likes to play what they want to play.

As you can see I went with a more olive color on the ork skin. I just don't really like that bright green as I feel it just looks too clean. These orks are greasy, dirty, and "sun" bleached a bit. I am planning some more updates on this army as it gets built out.

I got some great helpers too. You might recognize these guys from Dakka - Teek and Redbeard are helping out. Here is a small bio from each of them to give you an idea if you don't know them from their armies and random building. To give a little bit about me - I am Goatboy from Bell of Lost Souls and Internet Infamy. I love painting models and run Full of Monkey Painting. I live in Austin, TX and you can find me most Thursday throwing dice and playing a different army every week. I have painted all kinds of armies so you never know what I will throw down with. I like painting Orks and you will see a ton of Orks on this blog.

Michael "Teek" Sullivan: Michael has been playing orks (and orcs, and goblins, and gretchin...) in various forms for the past 15 years. A true greenskin and Mekboy at heart, his armies center around over the top conversions and loud, hot-rod paint jobs. He feels stock models are boring, and if anything can be chopped, dropped, flared, or otherwise modified before hitting the table, it very well should! You can check out his newly minted blog at Table Top Teek.

I go by Redbeard online. I'm a software engineer in Chicago. Been painting minis for 30 years - GW stuff for seven. I won best appearance at Adepticon 2011 with a wazdakka ork army, and my personal ork army tops 20k points (painted). When not gaming, I can be found riding my Harley across the country.

I have some other helpers and will get more info on them. I love orks and this project just sounds so much fun. I am a bit of an Ork biker nut and painting up a bunch of these guys plus trukks just sounds like my idea of a good time. Donation button and information is up there in the right so click away and donate.


SC Mike said...

splendid stuff Thomas!

SC Mike

SC Mike said...

splendid work Thomas!

SC Mike
Santa Cruz Warhammer

RealGenius said...

Who got that Ork stuff I donated?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Me - I will be making it soon!