Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on me showing up!

I've got some cool news as I will be a special guest at FTW Games aka Spikey Bits next week June 2nd - June 5th to celebrate their year "birthday/anniversary/I'm open".

So what does this mean? I plan on bringing up a crap ton of markers and paint to draw on bags, my Grey Knights army to kick some ass with, and hopefully get some games of Magic in as it has been awhile and the new set looks good.

Some if you are in the Richmond, VA area come on down and throw down. I will be drawing on Miniature bags for $25.00 as well as doing art.

Here are some bag examples if you are interested to have me draw on them. I will have the different color options that lets me do some cool glow work as well as some neat stuff. And as usual I don't have to just draw Warhammer stuff, I can do whatever you want me to do. Just find me something to base it off of and I can come up with something cool and interesting.

Of course the Monkey Dreadknight will be coming up too. Will see how many times his monkey ass dies during a battle. I did this one for the Spikey Bits challenge and I think I might have to make a brother so we can have two monkeys of doom charging around and punching things.

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