Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I am alive

And still working a lot.  Getting sick after a move - plus kid getting sick and real life work going nutty meant I was just busy.  Too buys to throw up a blog post or two.  But I did do a ton of work - which is what this will be mostly about.  I am still working on an army list as I got an event at the end of June that needs a Chaos Army.  ATC has me playing something I normally don't - but that is ok.  I am there for the team and not to please the chaos masters and how I throw damage out.  I will write up a batrep on ATC and BAO for sure.  I am very excited about 8th edition right now so lists are brewing, building, and mentally draining out of my goat addled brain.  Fun times indeed.

Let's get a paint list together

Finish another BOLS article
Review the other 2 FW books
Finish some Frontline art
Do some Blood Bowl art - got it drawn have to build it and color it.
There is some other art that is in the chat works - need to locked it down so I can get it started.
Finish my Khorne Army then look towards this Nurgle idea.

James L
Start the GK army I have in the garage.  I knocked out a commission this weekend so it is time to start something else.

Nick R
More random stuff depending on what he wants - I think it will be Genestealers will see.

Big FW Knight dude and maybe future 30k stuff

Another Greg
Clean up some Knights and get them ready for 8th and maybe some Primus Marines

Mike K
Sisters of Battle to add to an existing army and some marine stuff

Start Infinity again as I can only really do one metal model commission at a time.  They are such a butt to keep together heh.

I am sure other stuff too - I am getting back up to speed and feeling more like myself.  It doesn't help that the kid isn't going to be at 7 anymore - more so like 8ish due to the sun still being out.  Fun times with that kid.

Random list thoughts - I got 5 boxes of Pox Walkers so I have to do something with that.  A few floating  Daemon Princes, Typhus, and some FW Walkers and you got an interesting list that will be a pain.  Plus it has all the bits I like - robots, cool stuff, etc.  It has me thinking for sure.  Will work up a list and throw it out next time I write it up - don't have all the books in front of me.  Lord is building a list hard and annoying.

Alright - lets get to some models and art and call it a day.