Friday, August 29, 2008

New list I just wrote up

For Ard boyz. Bored as usual. The whole hopla about AC has made many lists kinda... well not as fun depending on where you are playing. Just saying, anyone going to San Antonio to play, I feel for you versus good ole Brandon and his AC list. We figured out a Daemon list that would probably give it problems.

HQ: Bloodthirster, Unholy Might,
Pts: 270
HQ: Skarbrand
Pts: 300
Troops: Plaguebearers (15)
Pts: 225 X 2 = 450
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5), Unholy Might
Pts: 160 X 2 = 320
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (9)
Pts: 315
Heavy: DP, Iron Hide, Wings, M. Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Breath of Chaos, Unholy Might
Pts: 280 X 3 = 840

Total: 2495
Kill points: 10 Scoring: 2 (EEP!!!)

That should do a good number on AC. Lots of can't kill em in one hit dudes, and a ton of 4+ inv saves. Beyond that you have a ton of ways to kill vehicles, with 2 Str 8 + 2d6 guys who can reroll misses if they are near each other. Behind that pretty much everyone has a 4+ save in some way or another. The huge squad of Flamers will be great for eating whole troop squads as well as the Fiends hitting anything with 24 Str 5 rending attacks and 6 Str 5 rending attacks. Does this list look viable at all? I think it only works at 2500 points but I can almost have this list hehe. I guess I have to wait for the new plastic Daemon Princes as well as reput together a thirster model and find some representation of Skarzbrand. Or wait for his model. But hell, any list with 12 breaths of Chaos has got to make troop squads piss their pants haha.

Oh, new ork mental list.

HQ: Warboss, Bike, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Attack Squig
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Nobz (10), Bikes, Power Klaws (5), Combi Skorchas (2), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Cybork Armor
Pts: 655 X 2 = 1310
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Rokkits (2), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 175 X 3 = 525
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota (2), Deff Rolla
Pts: 120 X 3 = 360

Pts: 2495
Kill points: 10 Scoring: 5 (Woot!!)

Snikrot has been sucking lately, so screw that mess, time to mess around. All 3 squads with Battlewagons of doom running around, shooting shit and blowing up other fun stuff. Lots of bullets will be coming out of those wagons if need be hehe.

Fun times eh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Ard Boyz bit

So messing with different lists, here is the newest thought. I still have some points floating around, but here it is.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, Cybork Body, Warbike, PowerKlaw, Attack Squig
Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (5), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Grot Orderly, Bikes X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Rokkit Launcha (2), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw X 3
Elites: Kommandos (15), Burna (2), Snikrot

Ghaz attaches to Kommandoes for some hilarity of a Ghaz coming from behind and smacking shit around. If not there, then attached to one of the boyz squads. I also have 6 rokkits to deal with Rhinos, defilers, and other lower Armored vehicles.

Scoring: 5
Killpoints: 8
# Power Klaws: 15

Staggering boyz and having nice units to sit on objectives. Also I can help stop deep striking Daemons by just being a large moving army. But right now I have all of this and can easily create more horde style stuff too if needed. But here comes the boyz!!

Other changes, could be a big mek with a field to help give the boyz a little more staying power too. It would also probably allow some point tweaks to get another squad of dudes running around. Who knows.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ard boyz chat

So as we sit and design out Ard Boyz armies to test out, we have started to find small holes in the different lists.

First list off the block was the 30 nob biker army. Most armies don't seem to have much of a chance with 24 inch turbo boosting boyz and Snikrot to make the sandwich. We tested, and just found that so many things just roll up and die to this, then we found something that just crushes the bikers. Deff rolla Battle Wagons.

Any failed 4 up from the nob bikerz is a dead dude. And with a Battle Wagon causing d6 of them as they drive around, just makes for some gross idiocy. Add in a small squad of Mega Armor Nobz, and you got a nice counter assault for the bikerz, that will probably die, but will cause enough power klaw wounds to cause damage. And being cheaper, since 5 of them is only 200 points, and should be able to kill off the bikerz during one round of assault when mixed in with Ghaz. And yes, this list throws down Ghaz to give you a nice round of fearlessness and some more super killie dude. Mix in some Snikrot action, and you get a fun little game where you can attach Ghaz to Snikrot's squad. Thus when they become available, Ghaz gets to come from behind and give a massive headbutt.

So what does this mean? Well I decided to combine the lists. Many games with Nob bikerz, have shown me that I can kill 1750+ with just one squad of bikerz. Mix in two, and you can usually kill most stuff. But when you add in some other bits from the biker killing army list, and now you got something that can take out Bikerz, very easily and quickly, so you can concentrate on the other bits.

Anyway onto the list.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, bike, power klaw, attack squig, cybork body
Troops: Nobz (10), Bikers (10), Painboy, Grot Orderly, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Power Klaw (5), Cybork Body (10) X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Nob, Power Klaw X 2
Elites: Mega Armored Nobz (5)
Elites: Kommandos (8), Burna (2), Snikrot
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)

Killpoints: 9
Scoring Units: 4

Plans for the army, obviously Mega Armored Nobz with Ghaz in the BW, running around the board. And then the two Nob Bikerz running around doing damage. The two shoota squads, running towards objectives to sit on them and everything else just trying to work together. I have all of this already, so will see how it tests out.
Heavy: Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sorry for lack of posts, been busy at work

Finished up the Nurgle Daemon army enough to get some games on. Also played the "Gaming for the Troops" tournament at Dragons Lair and came in third, missing second by 1 point. I still won something (DL gives 1st and 2nd prizes, followed by a best painted for "third") and came away with a French 40k Daemon Spearhead they accidentally got haha. I gave some things away, as I don't obviously need them and will trade some other stuff for a GUO and other goodies. Hell I know could make a 10+ man Khorne Flesh Hounds and some other nonsense. I think I will make the ugly as hell Nurgle Beasts into Nurgle Heralds with a Plaguebearer/marine/etc dude riding it. Papa Nurgle for the Win!

Here is the list I brought for the 1750 games. I wanted it to be fun and people to have a good time with it. I didn't expect it to do as well as it did, but hey, there is something for when the army hits all power weapons that wound on a 2+ and are rerollable to wound hehe.

***The list has to change, the gazes on the DP's are illegal, since only Tzeentch can take two. Gazes were pretty worthless and in reality did nothing in any of the games I played. I think they killed one Marine in the first game, every other time I didn't shoot it, or the nob biker just felt no pain for it. What will I do with the extra points, Wings for the other two DP's. hehe. All gazes gone will be 60 points so another DP with wings, below is the list I played that was illegal, but overall not a point in the game. My bad to all my opponents. I was thinking they were like Carnifexes in that they could shoot multiple guns etc.***

HQ: Epidemus
Troops: (15) Plaguebearers, Icon, Musician X 4
Heavy: DP, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Gaze of Chaos, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide
Heavy: DP, Mark of Nurgle, Gaze of Chaos, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide X 4

That came out to 1745.

Game 1 was versus Ultramarines with a ton of Razorbacks. The tournament was set up to use all the missions in the new rule book in order, so this was the 5 objectives missions. I killed all his troops, except for one 5 man combat squad. That one squad sat on an objective that I could get near due to slow moving plaguebearers. If I could have, I would have tied and probably got second in the tournament. Oh well, I was on 3 of the objectives and was tank shocked off of them in the last turn :(. The new penetrate/glancing table is not my friend, but oh well, it was the weakness I saw in the army. The DP's killed all the troops and got shot up by multiple Heavy Bolters in the end. I should have killed the tanks and hoped for 6 rolls on the table to get ride of the troops around it. Oh the set up was Dawn of War, so I took first turn to burn up some dudes and hope to kill the HQ. Almost did damnit.

Game 2 was versus Jay and his Necrons. Red Bushido in the blogging circles around here. Jay played Necrons to prove to people how much they suck in 5th edition. Not an optimal list, but Jay just wanted to show easy it is to crush them in Hand to Hand. A Nightbringer was there and the set up was Dawn of War with the two objectives mission. I killed Night Bringer with two DP's with him taking one out. Hooray for Noxious touch. That is the beast. he did make 5 saves out of 7 wounds the bastard heh. Other then that, Plaguebearers came out farther and rolled well for slow and purposeful and hit a destroyer squad as well as a necron warrior squad. Bamf and there was 15+ on the tally and my guys were murdering death machines then. I would win combats by 8+ and there isn't much he can do. Phase out on Turn 4 and a massacre for me.

Game 3 was verse Jim and his ork horde. He had two small 5 man nob biker squads, and I think if he put them at 10, he would have probably won since I wouldn't be able to deal with that many. But that is just my opinion. A squad of plaguebearers assaulted a 30 man ork squad and well, the tally got to 20 real quick. The set up was the quarters one, as well as the killpoint mission. I have 8 in this list and he has 10. I won 5 to 3. Two squads of plague bearers and epidemus just hid out and never came out to play. Once the Tally hits, the bearers become beasts and can easily survive a 30 ork assault of doom. 16 points for me there and Win (15 for the win and +1 due to being ahead of kill points by 2).

What would I change with this list if I were to play again? I would probably take out the icon on Epidemus's squad. There really isn't any need for me, as well as the musicians etc. I might even take out two, as there really isn't any need, and with those two taken out, I can give wings to another DP. That should allow me more movement and a much stronger, anti vehicle threat. At 2000 points, I do get to add a GUO too, and depending on how I move the points around a nurgle herald in one of the units. Not sure if they are worth it, but will see. I wish flamers could add to the tally, but alas that is not the case.

Here are some pics of the army

New list at 1750

HQ: Epidemus
Troop: Plaguebearers (15), Icon X 2
Troop: Plaguebearers (15) X 2
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Breath, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Wings, Iron Hide X 3
Total: 1750
Killpoints: 8

List at 2000

HQ: Epidemus
HQ: GUO, Breath of Chaos, Cloud of Flies
Troop: Plaguebearers (15), Icon X 4
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Breath, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Wings, Iron Hide X 3
Total: 1995
Killpoints: 9

But yeah, there ya go.