Monday, May 28, 2012

Goatboy - Monday and I am off today!

Woohoo - it is great I am off today. Going to hang out with some friends, play some games, and BBQ hopefully. Sucks the wife has to work :(. Usually its me working due to just wanting OT etc. But not today.

As I posted earlier - I will be at FTW games starting on Thursday through Sunday. I will be doing bag art, playing games, and having a good time. I will be bringing my orks and I can't wait to those DakkaJets. Woohoo!

Speaking of that - as it is a short week let's post my short paint list. I did a crap ton yesterday to catch up.

Plastic Dudesmen - Done! Tweak dialogue
6 Nobz - Done!
Banner Art - Not done...

Luis P
5 Mordhiem - Done!
5 More Mordhiem - Primed!
7 More Mordhiem - Not Primed!

6 more Counts as Fiends - Built!

10 Pink Horrors - Done!

That should be what I get done with this week. I did a crap ton yesterday (21 figures) and will post em below. Here are some army ideas I am looking at with the Dakka Jets. Trying to abuse the Waagh idea mixed with just a very hard army to crack and "win" the game from.

HQ: Ghazghul
HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead
Elites: Tankbustas X 10, Nob, Tank Hammer X 1
Elites: Tankbustas X 10, Nob, Tank Hammer X 1
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3, Nob, Bosspole, Power klaw
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3, Nob, Bosspole, Power klaw
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3, Nob, Bosspole, Power klaw
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3, Nob, Bosspole, Power klaw
FA: DakkaJet, TWL Supa Shoota
FA: DakkaJet, TWL Supa Shoota
FA: DakkaJet, TWL Supa Shoota

You have 32 Missiles and lots of shooting as needed. Come near me and I bring the pain. You mixed Ghaz in there to hurt jerks who get to close and you got a nice mix. It is 2000 points and it will just be a pain to get rid of. Hell I would play it if I was playing Wargames Con.

Other ideas would be to get 3 BW and just create a - what the hell do I shoot option.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Big Mek, Power Klaw, Kustom Force Field
Troops: Meganobz X 5, Battle Wagon, Ard Case, Boarding Plank, Red Paint, Grot Rigga, Big Shoota X 2, Wrecking Ball, Deff Rolla
Troops: Ard Boyz X 18, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 20, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 20, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
FA: Dakka Jet, TWL Supa Shoota
FA: Dakka Jet, TWL Supa Shoota
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Ard Case, Boarding Plank, Red Paint, Grot Rigga, Big Shoota X 2, Wrecking Ball, Deff Rolla
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Ard Case, Boarding Plank, Red Paint, Grot Rigga, Big Shoota X 2, Wrecking Ball, Deff Rolla
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Ard Case, Boarding Plank, Red Paint, Grot Rigga, Big Shoota X 2, Wrecking Ball, Deff Rolla

Mean and lean coming at you at 1995. Woohoo! Will test this out as well. Fun times indeed.

Now for some minis, bags, etc.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday - Another day and Another Dolla

Woohoo it is Friday and I went ahead and said F it to OT on Monday. I am off to FTW games next week so I only have a 2 day work week. It means Plastic Dudesmens needs to get done this Weekend. Woohoo! ART!

Lately I have been enamored with my orks again. I think painting a couple of big armies makes me miss my green skins. So with that in mind I plan on taking them to FTW this next weekend. Will see how it goes.

So with that - let's do a little blurb about.

Thursday May 31st thru June 3rd I will be at FTW Games in Midlothian, VA for the store's 2nd Birthday. That's right - Mr. Baer's store has been around for 2 years and just like last year I will be up there throwing dice, playing games, and getting your bags drawn on.

I should be getting in time to throw down on the late night 40k action that Thursday and I will be planning to squish things with Deff Rollas and cause people to complain about how the Ork codex is broken.

Here are some bags I did this other weekend at the Alamo as well as some new stuff!

I plan on bringing my orks and I am just slowly working on the pieces to get it all together. I am keeping my Core of 3 BW and I just want to look at either adding some random trukks for scoring or other options to help me out. Will see. Of course I need to get to painting some things but I am sure I will have a nice soul crushing army. look for my final list before I leave.

I will be up there with Jawaballs, Mr. Baer himself, Kenny and Mr. Paul "Sweat Pants" Murphy himself. I hear Mr. Brandt might come down as well so it will be a grand ole time as we yell about 6th edition, prices, and which booze is the best.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goatboy - Um It's Tuesday and its Fired already!

I was going to write up a blog yesterday - but worked sucked donkey balls. No outages but just people calling in. We survived and I just worked on some mini stuff you will see down below. I got a lot painted after getting back from Alamo so hopefully this is a gang busters week. Mix that with all my regular shows ending and I got a very bored Goatboy hah.

Speaking of shows - Who is watching Grimm? I haven't seen the season finale - but I probably will tonight after hanging out with some of the Bols crew for drinks, chats, and other nonsense. Beyond that it was a good weekend at the Alamo and I went 3-1-1 with Battle Wagon orks. I got greedy on the lose and forgot some rules about boarding planks that would have probably changed the outcome. Interesting things those boarding planks.

Fun boarding plank info - you can assault during your opponents assault phase if someone is within 2 inches of your wagon. Also let's say some buds are locked in combat with a dread and you drive by and stay within 2 inches - go ahead and smack that Dreadnought. You control the assault phase - and this is a seperate assault so you can do that first and then deal with the Dreadnought combat if you don't claw that mutha up. Fun times indeed.

Other interesting things - my lootas sucked as I had no terrain to hide in and abuse. It was just a lame day for those 15 converted jerks. They are done and I am going for a different list when I head up to VA for Rob Baer's store Birthday in a week or so. Will have a big post soon about it - talking about bags, me, and kung fu.

So with that in mind - quick little game run down. Each Battle Wagon was a different color so I could judge who wast he best color overall.

Game 1: Kirk - GK - Very nice fluffy army with one of everything and no vehicles to Deff Rolla/Boarding Blank. Set up was Pitched Battle.

Mission: Beachhead - Sieze Ground (5 Objectives) - Secondary Objective: The player who controls more table quarters achieves this objective.

Kirk was a cool guy with a nice fluffy GK list with Mordrak and a bunch of none duplicated options. The Dreadknight killed off the lootas and Ghaz ran back and punched him in the dingus. His lack of overall range hurt him as I was able to either keep out of 24 or have 14 armor in the face of 24 inches. I removed all the GK from the table and poor Thawn broken by wounds and chased off the table. Max points to me.

Winning Battlewagon color - Red Wagon - 1 Termie - broke the Termies, and Broke the combat squaded Strikes with the Libbie as well.

Game 2: Steve - Tyranids - Nice army with Hive Guard who were kicking the crap out of my wagons (Almost all died except the blue who rolled a double 1 to get out of terrain on the first turn - I guess going slow worked for him). Set up was Spearhead.

Mission: Forward Post - Capture and Control - Secondary Objective - Secure the area surrounding the enemy forward command post. The player with the most units outside of both players deployment zones achieves the secondary objective.

I again played a no vehicle army so my Boarding planks were very sad. Finally my Lootas did ok as they shot a Tervigon first turn and blew that guys mind. The hive guard were rocking my world and I set up a very good Ghazghul charge that took out the other Tervigon and then he got into more Tyranid goodies and started chomping guys up. I took his objective with the Blue Battle Wagon with some guys in there. He got the secondary in the end. 16 points to me.

Winning Battle Wagon - Blue Wagon - Helped take the base - run over some guys and survived till the end of the game.

Game 3 - Kill them... Kill them All! Matt with GK. Normally GK list - Paladins, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Strike Squads in Rhinos, 1 Inceptor squad and 1 Dreadknight.

Mission: Annihilation : Secondary - Get everything under half strength.

Well I lost this one and got greedy when I could have helped even if up. It was a good game for once versus a local guy. We have odd games where it is so swingie that is is annoying. Almost as bad as my games versus JWolf where it just feels like I am fighting a slap fight versus a punch dance contest. I forgot about how boarding planks work so messed up in their usage. Again another game where I couldn't make a 4+ cover save for the life of me. The Dreadknight killed my lootas again as usual. The unhighlight was deff rollaing a rhino, penetrating with the initial ram, not destroying it, and then not killing it wih the 3 Deff Rolla hits I rolled as well. I was set up to Tank shot the rhino, a dread, and 2 squads of guys in a glorious deff rolla deff march. But I missed so I was sad. Little did I know that I could just scoot past it - deff roll guys and then claw something near me. Oh well I learned a lot in this game and had a great time. Ghaz killed another Dreadknight as well. Loss - 4 points - Matt didn't get the Secondary cuz Ghaz is a boss.

Winning Battle Wagon - Orange - Only killed 1 Rhino. Wagons were Lame this game.

Game 4 - Blitzkrieg!! - Zach with Space Wolves and 3 Super Wolf Lords with all the goodies. 12 Missiles, 30 Grey Hunters and some dogs and Wolf Scouts. Good kid from Houston. Set up was Pitched Battle.

Mission - Capture and Control with the Secondary having the most Scoring units in your opponents Deployment Zone.

My plan was to go 13 and I went 13. I ran across the table as Zach tried to pepper things with Missiles. I basically took one unit of Long Fangs out of the game and Zach pretty much took out the Lootas again. I got lucky when the Wolf Scouts rolled a 1 and didn't come out on my side with my objective. Ghaz got into the 3 Wolf Lords all Waaghed up, killed the 2 non Saga of the Bear guys and chased off the last one. All in all the game went my way when a melta strike missed on a wagon and I was able to come forward rolling over Rhinos. I took his objective and held mine. Lootas sucked again, I think killing one Missile Launcher guy and maybe one Grey Hunters. Ghaz more then doubled his points with his Hate. Full win for me.

Winning Battle Wagaon - The Blue one. Killed 3 Rhinos and helped hold the objective.

Game 5 - JWolf with his "I haven't lost yet Tau!". Remember the Alamo.

Mission - Sieze Ground - 5 Objectives and the secondary was kill certain none troop units. You got 4 points.

For once me and John had a normal rolling game. Dawn of War versus Tau sucks when you go second. In fact I think I went second every game. Lord - and not being opened top was bad. I did try to Deff rolla the flyers. I didn't get one but my claw did do some work on them. All in all a good game that was a draw down the line with normal dice rolls. Ghaz was a boss as usual - doing his normal thing with punching things as needed.

Winning Battle Wagon - Blue - it lived the longest.

Overall winner - BLUE!!! Woohoo! Our buddy Kingsley won with CSM and getting 4 Fluff bunny results. Hooray for keeping it in Austin again!

Alright with that done - let's get onto the paint list for the week.

Plastic Dudesmen - Got it drawn - need to scan and color
Charity art banner top - Got it drawn - need to color
Kommandos - 9 of them - for next week.
1 Snikrot - need to convert
Bols Khador guy - Done!

Luis P
7 Mordheim guys - Done!
2 Death Korp Guys - Done!
10 more Mordheim Guys - Primed!

Russel - Counts As Demons - Rats!
6 Fiends - Need to Build and Paint!

5 Beastmasters - Build and Paint!

I am sure there will be others so will see. How about some painted models eh?

Alright new list on Thursday - more Orks!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Goatboy - Monday Late!

So I am playing Xenos this weekend. Woohoo - two tournaments in a row without marines as my main group of jerks. Orks this weekend should be fun. I call it move 13 and roll some d6's haha. So it should be a good weekend for sure. My wife is coming down with me this weekend as well - so it will be nice to have someone pretty to sleep with in the room.

So with that in mind - let's do my paint list for the week before I go.

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn - need to get the dialogue down
More art for other things - hope to show it later on this week
Fix ork stuff - Fix any ork things to make sure I am ready to go for the weekend
Finish Trollblood boxed set

Luis P
Mordhiem stuff - 11+ - built and need to prime

Raider - Try to get one done before I leave for the weekend
Baron - Want to start this for next week.

I will be going up to Virginia in two weekends too for FTW birthday bash. I will have a big post about it soon just want to give a heads up on that if you are planning on it. That should give me a lot more bags to drawn on and get some cool art out there.

Beyond that I plan on a fairly basic week - with just preparing for the tournament and get stuff done around the house. Lord I need to get this one part of my room fixed. It isn't getting water in there - but a corner wood piece fell off during the winds so I need to get it covered. It is in a bad position where most likely I will fall if I get my ass up there. I checked for rot and found none so I think I might call a handy man or roofing place that has a tall ladder that I don't have. Anyone local good at that stuff?

Now onto some models to look at. Got the new Battle Wagon done. Lord I am so tempted to redo my ork army. I need to wait to 6th and if my Weird Boyz become a hell of a lot more interesting. Will see. Means I get to convert some.

The deff rolla was made out of bastion bits, battle wagon bits, and other random bits. It is magnetized to the front so it can pop off easily. Same with the guy in the back who can jump off or get shot off if someone kills one of my big shootas.

Man I want to clean up some of my wagons for sure. Lord - the paint monster begins haha.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh my Goodness!

It is Friday - and I have decided to change my Alamo list. There are too many Grey Knights and I might as well buck the trend. Orks here I come! List to come later on as I get it written up and sent to the Alamo people. I already asked if it was ok and it was. They were fighting with my list hehe (Normally I make weird mean stuff and this one was an odd list). I just need to get all my ork stuff and probably paint up more ork stuff. Woohoo!!!

With that in mind - here are some painting stuff!

I finished some art - need to scan it and get it colored up. I am redesigning some things for people and doing other things as usual. Will post those as they accept em.

And now my Ork list.

HQ: Ghazghul
HQ: Big Mek, Cybork Body, Kustom Force Field
Elites: Lootas X 15
Troops: Meganobz X 5, Battlewagon, Big Shoota X 2, Ard Case, Red Paint, Grot Riggas, Extra Armor, Boarding Plank
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 20, Nob, PK, Bosspole
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 20, Nob, PK, Bosspole
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 20, Nob, PK, Bosspole
FA: Deffkoptas X 3, TWL Rokkits X 3, Buzzsaw X 1
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota X 2, Ard Case, Red Paint, Grot Riggas, Extra Armor, Boarding Plank
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota X 2, Ard Case, Red Paint, Grot Riggas, Extra Armor, Boarding Plank
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota X 2, Ard Case, Red Paint, Grot Riggas, Extra Armor, Boarding Plank

I am coming at you - to punch you in the junk as hard as I can. Then get a beer and hang out. That is my plan for the Alamo. I went with - I said I wasn't going to play GK so I decided screw it, I am not playing Grey Knights. That list was neat as hell but this one will be just as fun. Plus I can use all my cool converted Meganobz. I just need to paint up one Battlewagon and come up with the Deff Rolla add on. I got bits to test - so I think it is doable. Woohoo Orks again my friend!

I will laugh when I deff rolla the f out of those Paladins I will see. Or run over the Storm Raven hehehe. Come on Dreadknight - eat some deff rolla action. Plan 13 is on its way!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday - Monday - Monday - Woohoo Monday!

Whoa it's Monday and I am posting. Amazin! These last few months have been a slow kick in the junk professionally. Lucky for me my job is still here, I have some good clients, and my wife rocks. Blargh!

Go see Avengers. It is bad ass. Really - one of the best comic book movies. I loved Dark Knight but it wasn't a comic book movie. This is a straight comic book movied made by someone who loves them obviously. So go see it and support these types of movies.

With that out of the way - let's start the paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - need to get the final script and draw it up.
2 Mournfang Cav - Need to build and primed
Display Board - For Alamo - got the pieces need to get the business end done.
Maybe test model - Will see if I have time - It is burning a whole in my design head.
Adepticon Figure - Built/Primed

Start the big Beast Squad
3 Razorwings out of 8 - Built
5 Dogs - Built
Work on the Baron customer build

Luis P
9 More Mordhiem - Done Last night!
9 more Empire - Built

Mike N
10 More Orks - Built
10 More Orks - In Pieces - will finish off the lot of 40

I am sure I will paint other things as well. I got lots of small stuff I want to try and do too, but with me working again this Sunday I might lose some decent build time.

I played a game this weekend with my new GK build. The one I listed last week. It was a fun game versus Neil and we should have battle reported it. It gave me a good feelin on the list and I think it will work alright in the end.

With that in mind a bunch of minis I painted up last week as well.

The Ogre Firebelly was a lot of fun to paint. Woohoo! Onto the next one!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Goatboy - Friday Thank Goodness

But I have to work tomorrow to cover for a buddy. So poops on that. I get OT so that is good too - need to pay for whatever nonsense is coming out later on. Overall my bank is ok - life is pretty decent beyond professional nonsense that makes me mad. In fact it feels like I have had about 2 months of constant annoyance that keeps me well - annoyed. Lucky for me my wife rocks, I still have a job, and the art/painting is doing alright. Nothing is worse then wanting to move ahead and feeling like people don't want to help or want to keep me down. Will see what the next few months have for me.

Current tournaments I plan on making right now. This way if you want a bag you can come on down and I and throw some cool art on it.

Alamo 40k GT - that's on May 19th and the 20th. It is a 2000 point GT and I am bringing a very odd GK list that is a mixture of everything. It is designed to not be nearly as soul crushing as others but still give me a chance to outplay instead of just out dice. List below.

Wargames Con - June 21-24th - I will be helping with this con again. Look for me at the booth doing bag art, yelling at people, and most likely being Goatboy.

American Team Championship - July 14th and 15th. Team Wrecking BOLS is going for a repeat again this year. Will see if we get a chance too.

Feast of Blades - Oct 26-28th - This is the other one I will be at for sure.

I have some others I am looking at so who knows where I will be. Right now it really depends on if I like 6th or not as these other events will have to decide as we get closure to the release. Will see.

Other then that I am just churning out models as usual. I was at Adepticon and got lucky enough to get a Hordes plastic boxed set. I got the Legion box and was given a Circle box by a buddy as well. I painted up the Legion units as I just wanted something different to throw some paint on. Look for the Circle set to come in a few days as I built and primed it already. I didn't gap fill the Legion as I was just goofying with the paint - the Circle one got gap filled as some of the space left was a bit annoying. Reviews will go up on BOLS at a later time.

My paint list has gotten pretty completed for the most part. I did a ton of art this week as well - Plastic Dudesmen, character designs, and other nonsense. I don't know if I posted a lot of the other stuff but here is a batch of art to check out.

My current list for Alamo. I turned in the list for those interested.

HQ: Grand Master
HQ: Coteaz
Elites: Purifiers X 8, Incinerators X 2, Halberds X 5, Daemon Hammer X 1
Elites: Tech Marine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades
Troops: Death Cult Assassins X 7
Troops: Warrior Acolytes X 3
Troops: Warrior Acolytes X 5, Plasmagun X 3, Razorback, TWL Assault Cannon, Psybolt, Dozer Blade
FA: Inceptors X 10, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt
FA: Storm Raven, TWL Lascannon, TWL Multi-Melta
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Heavy: Land Raider Redeemer, Multi-Melta, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

1999 on the Nose and full of nonsense. Almost the entire army is converted to be a Rogue Grey Knight army. Hell I should post all my good guy Grey Knights for sale if anyone is interested. It is a crap ton of Purifiers, converted Characters, and other nonsense. Tons of Rhinos, razorbacks, Dreads too. Lord even a Good Guy Dreadknight. If someone is interested I can list it out. Probably want a Grand or so but who the hell knows. I will count it out.

Alright that is it for now. Going to buy a glass display case from Ikea to get some models looking nice in a Visual Jail. Fun times indeed.