Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Posts - hopefully a continuation

That is the plan anyway - got a good amount of work done this week - plus baby stuff.  Yay!!! It is looking like my next event is going to be LVO.  1850 - most likely 2 sources so that means probably something evil - unless I can get my Orks working right.  The current thought list is trying to use Maulerfiends plus other things in order to help me deal with Knights and what not.

Basic CSM shell - works in any CSM choice.

Cultists X 10
Cultists X 10
Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils
Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils
Maulerfiend, Lasher Tendrils

Comes out to 505 points.  From there I am thinking the following would work from the Ally side.

Pink Horrors x 16
Nurglings X 3

That comes out to 638 points and gives me 6 WC right there.  I might try to add in more Pink Horrors or just need one set depending on what HQ's I run over on the CSM side.

From there I thought maybe a Void Shield Generator with 2 more shields to help keep me safe from alpha strikes.  I think it stuffs Grav weapons as it only goes away for a penetrating hit - but those weapons never roll to penetrate so maybe it means the shield keeps the brown noise away.

Void Shield Generator - 100pts

From there - I don't know what else to do.  I can go the Straight FMC route if I wanted too.

Crimson Slaugher
DP, MoN, Armor, Wings, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar, Gift of Mutation
DP, MoN, Armor, Wings, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar, Gift of Mutation

This means I add in another 10 cultists to round it out - but do they really do any good?  Still I sit at 12 WC - I have some reroll abilities on the DP's so my numbers get smaller for throwing smaller spells and I might be able to make the min 500 pts to make a decent summoning list.  The DP's can hit flyers - not very well but still they can so it might not be a terrible idea.  The other thought was Sorc on Bikes with Chaos Spawn.

CSM Sorcerer, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
CSM Sorcerer, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN

I have to get rid of the 3rd Cultists squad and now I can add more random things to the Sorcerers.  I generate a lot of warp charge dice and if I get rid of the Void Shield generator I might go to two squads of pink horrors to create a true factor of daemon summoning.  Just more ideas that I like to think over - I think it has to do with painting Maulerfiends for a client.  Heck I could look at adding a Soul Grinder to make it a complete evil daemon robot army.

Heck I also like the idea of running 2 Khorne Lords on Juggers with Chaos Spawn - they are a hell of a lot of fun to go punch things with heh.  Plus I love painting up a new one :).

Ok that is where my brain is list wise - let's talk the painting list.

Bols Article - Written yesterday
Frontline Art - many things I have to do
Finish 10 Pink Horrors for Feast of Blades
Finish 10 Plague Bearers for Feast of Blades
Start working on new article idea - kind of a monthly build something weird and new combo kit walk through type of thing - it is an idea.

Land Raider Crusader - once the Feast stuff is knocked out I can get to work on client stuff

More Cryx stuff to do - caster on a horse

More Marines from Dark Angels - biker guys

10 Flesh hounds of Khorne

Cygnar stuffs

More stuff most likely

Necro Orks - look for the trukk conversions - they look pretty damned neat.

Really I always have work to do hah.  I had to clean up my paint area for the carpet coming in - then I get to recreate it a bit more - moveable with the baby boy coming.  Shit it is 3 weeks away and I am very very excited.  Got to see my niece today at my Brother in Laws and she is getting more personality.  That is when babies get exciting to me as they start to become little monsters.

Alright - let's look at some minis.  I hope to get a game in this Thursday with some kind of build like the Chaos one above.  I want to see if I should get more of my Maulerfiends done up.

You can see where the list came from.

Test SG Thunder Wolf Cav like guy - the plan for the army was each Thunder Wolf like option would look different - so people could figure it out easier.

More Flesh Tearers

These models are a pain to build haha.
Client gave me the idea - look for the other ones coming soon.
Starting working on some Frontline Batrep art for Warmachine/Hordes.

Tweaked stamp for the Athens open - love the Grot.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Woot - Been a busy 2 weeks

Man end of Fiscal month, 2 days a week baby classes, plus a busted toe (Ingrown sucks) makes for a very pulled apart Goatboy.  I had to drop the weekly blog post for last week just to ensure everything else got mostly done.  I am still behind on the art department - but that is life.  Woohoo!

I got no games in this week - took the time to try and catch up paint wise.  Maybe I will get a game this Thursday - if I get stuff done during the week.  I am having issues keeping these Cryx together - trying some GS and glue.  Either way - it should stick enough together to get things done I hope.  I hope haha.  Let's look at what I want to do this week.

Article - Written
Art for Frontline - Want to get 2-3 of the big batch done this week
Art for Black Blow Fly - need to get one part of it drawn
Art for Whitemetal  Games - design for army idea etc
Test Thunder Wolf for the Goats idea - but then I want to do this werewolf idea.  Argh
Maybe get cool Dreadknight Evil thing done - might go for a charity army thing.
Who knows what else - but I doubt it will be for me.

Feast of Blades Raffle Army
10 Pink Horrors
10 Plague Bearers

1 Dakka/Necra Jet
1 Trukk/Barge/Thingie

3 Horse Guys
1 Horse Guy Warcaster

1 Maulerfiend
1 Bel'akor

1 LRC for Inquisition - need to build this

7 more FT to get initial batch done

Start looking at biker marines and knights woohoo!

Will see how much I get done.  Man - our TV died yesterday.  I don't know if the storms got it - but it aint turning on.  Luckily we have another one upstairs so the wife got to see Dr. Who.  But still - ass again on my wallet getting hurt.  I have a car downpayment to pay soon - plus I paid the carpet bill.  Makes me wish I sold the knights buuuttt... Hahah - meh.  I had the cash to do it all - just don't have as much cash anymore.  So blah!

Got this list idea for straight Thunder Wolves/Werewolves etc.  If only we had decent ones that weren't metal like Confrontation models.

Champions of Fenris Detachment

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, SS, Thunder Hammer, Runic, Thunder Wolf
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, SS, Thunder Hammer, Runic, Thunder Wolf
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 6, SS X 6, Powerfist X 1
Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 6, SS X 6, Powerfist X 1
Firestorm Redoubt

It is dumb - it is big - and it is splashy.  It might not work but heck - it sounds rough as hell.

Just right now have to figure out what I want to do.  I think it is rough right now as I have a lot of client work to finish - once that gets slowed down a bit - then I can get to work on a list for myself.  Until then maybe I will play some Daemon stuff or at least just have fun with the Knights.  Woohoo.

Got another one to do - woohoo!

Orky Buzzbots aka Scarabs

The Face of Tesla?

He is making you a sandwich.

Yup - he works out.

The New Chaos Dread is pretty sweet.

More Flesh Tearers!

Cryx Warcaster guy from the video game?

He has gas!

Creepy Herald

Another one!
Stamp for the art I did earlier.  Waiting to see if they like it - I like the Grot.  Man it took me awhile to get this art to look right.  That is the issue with drawing vs painting.  Painting is relaxing and almost well - brain shut off and just work.  Art takes a lot longer to get working right.  When you try to draw and it isn't working - it is very very soul crushing.  It feels like you can't do anything right and you have to work through all the crap to get to something good.  It was one of the reasons why I quit comic.  I still had funny ideas and so did Wyatt - I just was having trouble getting the art out.  The new guy seems alright - and hopefully the animals won't be too mean in the comments.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there each week for free.  Meh...

Ok - that is it for now - I hope to get a game in.  The Nagash book is amazballs and I hope the Chaos one is awesome. I think I might do a fantasy Chaos Chariot army because well - it sounds awesome.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Man sorry this was late

Chaos is strong in this one!

Between work being rough - boss out, lead out, and 2 people sick - this has been a long week.  Luckly people were back the last 2 days - at least halfway and still kind of feeling bad.  It helped me not get beaten down with a fiscal end of the month.  Woohoo!  I still painted stuff - cuz painting helps me relax.  Doing art not so much - but painting - especially Daemons make me feel better.

Paint list - got a weekend away so this is gonna be a small week.

Article - maybe Assassins?
Work on Feast Raffle Army build
Maybe work on Dreadknight with Chaos Lord in it?

2 Mauler Fiends

Herald on Disc
Herald on Jugger

Greg S
Land Raider Crusader for Inquisition

14 more Guys to finish off initial order


Tim V
More Marines! Bikes this time.

More Cryx - man they are a pain to build.

Then some art stuff here and there.  I got a lot to do.  It never ends for me haha.  I think I just won't sleep that much and paint weird stuff at night.  I might take some days off next week to just get some full paint days in.  Will see.  I got a lot to get done before October.

Ugh this week - carpet cost is rough - 1500 bucks ugh.  I have it but man.  Plus getting new Car stuff too due to baby stuff - fun times!  That is another batch of money that I have too - but that means I am lower haha.  I guess I know why I was saving hehe.  No Xbox One for me for awhile.

Plus had 2 baby classes this week as well.  Those take up time away from me posting!  So there!  I got a game in this past weekend vs Ben Mohile.  We tied in the end due to some unfortunate luck with a Melta Cannon.

Played the list

The Elite Formation thingie from Champs of Fenris
Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 3 Cyber Doggies
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 3 Cyber Doggies
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 2 Cyber Doggies
3 Thunder Wolf Cav, SS X 3

Admantine Lance
Paladin X 2
Errant as Warlord

I lost my Wolfs so bad but the Knights made up for it.  One ran off to contest/get an objective and be a pain in the butt in the corner.  It was the Slaanesh one so I figured he bad touched all over Ben.  The Lance might be too good for regular play - but I will end up testing.  Don't know if the Thunder Wolf Armageddon is worth it - but man I love to play all those dudes.  I might just run 2 knights and as many Thunder Wolves as I can manage and cover the board in crap.

Something like this.

Knight Character

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Runic Armor, PF, SS
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic, Meltabombs
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
FA: Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 6, SS X 6, Pwrfist X 2

Vengeance Weapons Battery X 2, Quad Lascannon X 2

This might work - plus it has a ton of dudes running around.  I will probably lose pretty hard with it hahaha - but still it just screams my old style lists.

Models to look at.

Jugger lord with magnetized arms.  I didn't build him - but I paints!

This guy is based off of a Warmachine Model - one of those - just want to paint it things.  Should this go towards the  Feast Raffle Army?

Eat hot pink death!

This nurse just yells at you.

Mo Rhinos!

I've painted a lot of horrors dammit.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Post before I head to bed

I painted a lot this weekend.  I took Friday off and had Monday as well.  Got the carpet ordered - hopefully get the car thing resolved sometime next week and hopefully keep my bank account from bleeding way too much.  That is always the hope.

Celebrated 5 awesome years of marriage with the lovely wife this Friday.  Man we got married at one of the hottest times in Texas haha.  Still - I hope for 5 more years of my wife looking at me like I am crazy for being so obsessed with plastic figures.  I probably bought the last major thing for me - Nagash book today.  I really like the fluff.  Shit the Chaos one might change that - but hell I could always sell my Chaos Knights.

Those who were at Nova - sorry I couldn't make it.  Hopefully my Chaos knights look good being piloted by Gareth.  I should get them back sometime this week.  If I get lucky I can have them by the weekend for a local event.  I hope anyway haha.  Let's do the paint list.

Some more art to do and get done before the weekend.  Hope to get some early morning time on Saturday.  I got some more orders so will see what I can get done.
I might get some time to build that Chaos Warlord/Daemon Prince Dreadknight idea I have the parts for.  Plus I got some other parts to for more Goat wolves.

5 More Devs - Primed
1 Apocathery - Primed
I think 15 or so more marines

3 More Rhinos
Then I get to look at the new box of stuff

More Necro ork goodness

Land Raider to replace the GK.  Inquisitor style - probably red based with a grey set of colors to break it apart.

1 Jugger Chaos Lord Primed
2 Mauler fiends

5 Horse guys from Cryx
Small caster dude
Some other weird Merc guy with a mask

I have other stuff too - will see if I pull them out to get them started.  Don has some Warmachine stuff I am waiting to knock out some other things more.  It just never ends for me eh?  I think I crave consistent working environments.

Ok - some models no real army lists. I don't have time to break apart some ideas until I get all my toys back hah.

Man this jerk looks cool.  There are some more crazy things - built by White Metal Games

This is the Dark Age combo I talked about in my Bols article. Wings are from the Balrog I randomly had.  Yeah for being a bits hoarder.

More Flesh Tearers.

This initial batch is nearing its end!

We got super fists!

Did this one Tonight.  Painted 3 so far.

Did these guys yesterday.

He was done last night too. First Kharn ever too.

Same with these guys.  Plus that Dark Age Daemon Prince too - went a little nutty Labor day.

Oh yeah - some art - text is going to go on it and some other tweaking.