Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goatboy - Moving onto to Fast Attack and Heavy

Alright - lets finish off this unit review. I've started my Nid review on BOLS today, so I figure I need to finish off this Space Wolf review. So lets start with the Fast Attack and get into my favorite section of the new codex.

Fast Attack - In your face since 39999.

Thunder Wolf Calvary - This is the Shiznit!
I know everyone has heard how bad ass these are, so me repeating it is rather pointless. Just know these guys are really good. So good that this is the choice that makes the Army really tick. If the opponent doesn't deal with them first turn, expect them as well as their friends to split up and run wild over everyone they hit. I will run either a 5 man squad with just a powerfist, or a small 3 man squad with one fist and one storm shield to allow for wound allocation. These guys will normally kill more then their points cost. 6 attacks base on the charge, rending and strength 5. Now if they only had a bump in Weapon Skill I would be in heaven.

10/10 - You can wait for the models, convert Canis or just do what I did - make a Chaos Army and use Juggernauts. Whatever you do, you want to run these if you are running Space Wolves

Swiftclaw Pack - Ugh
I wish that they would have allowed you to take a lord on a bike and activate a Grey Hunters bike army. Oh how I wish I could have done that, as it would have made the choice of Thunder Wolf or not a much harder one. But alas they decided not to do this and saddle you with a crappy Ballistic skill. I wish they would have been better and somehow floated over to the troop choice. This would have made me really think of weather to choose Grey Hunters or these guys.

1/10 - Um - just no.

Skyclaw Assault Pack - What about Suckclaw or Crapclaw?
Again just like the swiftclaw pack, you are saddled with lower skills but the same point cost. Needing a leader to help you out just does not sit well with me. Also getting hit on 3+ is no good, especially when dealing with some of the upcoming Tyranid codex shenanigans.

1/10 - Poop!

Land Speeder Squadron
Just like the marine counter part, this isn't a "bad" option. I think two Tyhpoon Missile launcher ones might be worth it, mixed with one large Thunder Wolf Cavalry to help keep some fire away from them. If you need more melta this migh be the way to look for it.

6/10 - Just like the marine one so no weird wolf crap to make it more interesting. Maybe if it had wolf speakers to blare out heavy metal or something.

Fenrisian Wolf Pack
This is what Skyclaws wish they were. This is the other little secret unit in the codex that can help you win games. They are fast, annoying and with a simple character they become a threat to small combat squads. I wish they scored when they became troops but then I would think they would end up being too "good". I guess they just can't sit and stay that well.

8/10 - If you got extra points then get a squad of these. They screen, move fast and can do annoying things to small specialized squads.

Alright that is the Fast Attack choices lets move onto the Heavy choices in the book.

Heavy - CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

Long Fangs Pack - Devastators can suck it!!
This is my favorite choice in the heavy section. The only crap thing is that they can't get beyond 6 models. So when you lose a guy, you really lose a good friend from this unit. I normally like to equip them with 3 to 4 Missile Launchers and either a Heavy Bolter or maybe a Lascannon. This is the cost that Devastators should have been for Space Marines.

8/10 - Wish they could take more guys but I can't have it all right?

Predator/Whirlwind/Vindicator - Looks the same, just a different color.
I combined these all together as they are all basically the same from the Space Marine codex. The only one I might take is the Predator as it is the cheapest and usually the least one paid attention too. It is something about the big cannon on the Vindicator that just makes it a target for my opponents wrath. To make that choice worth wile you need at least 2, and that takes away from your Long Fangs.

Predator 6/10 - Whirlwind 4/10 - Vindicator 4/10 - There are "better" choices that cost the same.

Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer/Regular Flavored - Big Metal box of doom
I have a Land Raider Crusader and Redeemer painted for my Space Goats army. I have always had a soft spot for the Land Raider and any chance to play a Crusader will always make me happy. I think it is due to being able to drive 6 and shoot everything like some kind of spastic kid on Skittles. Versus certain armies this is a little death machine and then other armies it is just a paper box. If you want to run them, you need at least 2 to ensure that you can keep something scoring at the end. 3+ and you got some annoyance for your opponent.

LRC 6/10 - LRR 5/10 - LRR 5/10 - I have a soft spot for these as I own 5 LR's currently and will probably get one or two more.

Alright that goes through all the units in the codex. I am sure you have all seen the Space Goats army I play through these last few months. Here is my currently FU list.

HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf Mount, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Saga of the Bear, Runic Armor, 2 Fenris Wolves
HQ: Canis, 2 Fenris Wolves
HQ: Rune Priest
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolf Tooth Necklace, 4 Cyber Wolves
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolf Tooth Necklace, 4 Cyber Wolves
Elites: Wolf Guard, Power fist 2, MoW
Troops: Grey Hunters 5, Meltagun, MoW, Razorback
Troops: Grey Hunters 5, Meltagun, MoW, Razorback
Troops: Grey Hunters 8, Meltagun, MoW, Rhino
Heavy: Long Fangs 6, ML 5
Fast Attack: Thunder Wolf Cavalry 3, Power Fist, Storm Shield
Fast Attack: Thunder Wolf Cavalry 3, Power Fist, Storm Shield

I am tempted to up the Grey Hunters squads up depending on the metagame etc. This is a 2000 point list and is really starts working on Turn 2. If you have a bad first turn shooting at this then really look for the game to end in my favor. But will see as I am always changing and testing out new stuff.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Goatboy - Now onto the Troops

Goatboy here again - first of all wishing everyone a Merry Xmas - May it be Xtreme and full of boltgun shells and other nonsense heh. Today/Tonight I want to continue my late Space Wolves Codex unit review. So lets look at troops.

Grey Hunters - We remembered to bring bolt pistol holsters and knife scabbards.

There isn't much to say about them. They can do a lot. They score, have a nice offensive output, and are designed pretty well. What I mean by this is that they have some nice abilities with a nice weaken design that helps make them "fair". Now we all are like, damn these guys are better then CSM with the cool benefit of ATSKNF. I don't think so, as they obviously lack the ability of an icon, an aspiring champion, and a heavy gun. What they do have over them is that in a lot of ways they are cheaper and get some other neat gifts that I think make them a cool choice. The biggest thing with these guys, is that they are really your own scoring Troop choice that is worth wile. I have started to take 3 choices and used the ability of adding a Wolf Guard to help keep them from running when getting tank shocked etc. The normal build out is 5-9 Grey Hunters with one meltagun and one Mark of the Wulfen. Mark of the Wulfen is where it is at and never, ever take the Power fist. A 1 attack guy is not worth 25 points. Just use MoW and get used to making your opponent made when you roll at that 6 and do 3 rends :).

8/10 - I wish they could take a heavy weapon, but hell I can't ask for a hell of a lot more

Blood Claws - We wish we were cheaper - then they would be better

I know everyone is imagining the games where you roll up with Ragnar, roll a ton of attacks and totally bust the crap out of a unit. Then, once you kill everything you are left holding your pour Space Wolf balls and get shot up to bits. The lack of just being good on their own makes them just not worth it. If they were 12 points a pop, I might look at these differently. I just don't like their overall lack of flexibility. Without some kind of leader, they just don't have the ability to pop a tank reliably. Their BS of 3 is also kinda sucky and something I just don't like in an "expensive" troop choice. Just play Grey Hunters as they do all of this and can hit the side of a barn without getting mad and wanting to touch it in the mommy daddy button. And worth talking about is the Lukas upgrade. Besides being a kinda shite model you have an annoying character. I know what they were trying to do rules wise, but not being and Independent character means you can't target him, so in the end, when the squad is all dead then he does something neat. Just not worth the points.

6/10 Blood Claws - Wish they were cheaper
5/10 Lukas - Um just not cool enough in my opinion


Rhino - The same - pretty good - it is a cardboard box - hooray!

Razorback - Will probably make a comeback as the rise of the MC is coming with Nids. I would advise converting Rhinos/Razorbacks. How do you say? You can make ghetto ones like me, that use the one front circle, magnetize it, and then take the havok missile launcher holder and put different guns in there. I have heavy bolters and assault cannons made so far. Most likely a Las/Plas is coming soon. Build smart, build S Mart.

Drop pod - I am just not a fan. The drop pod assault rules really hamper the 3 pod, 3 transport army. I think the model is cool, I just don't think it is a viable option. If you are seeing a heavy drop pod army, sit in reserves, let them fall in and then move on, kill it bit by bit. The lack of ability to move means you basically have given your opponent your battle plans and hoped they can't read too well. Of course putting Dreadnoughts in there is fun and something to "scare" the opponent into stopping their forward push etc.

Alright - that does it with troops on Sunday look for my take on the Fast Attack option. If you know my army for Space Wolves then you know the unit I like a lot. Look for my review on those jerks. Beyond that I need to write my last article for the year for BOLS, work on building some more dudes, and actually finish 2 of my armies :).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goatboy - Continuing the Space Wolves Review

So onto the Elites section of the book. You have some interesting bits and pieces here, but I really feel only two are the "best" option. But will go over each one with my own opinions on them. I have built all of them for my army and have used them in games. Our local metagame is a bit strange, as IG is extremely strong in the area so some of the things you might think work well within your area might be bunk in mine.


Wolf Guard Packs - Or we got all the cool toyz!!

I find Wolf Guard packs to be one of the better options in the Elites section of the codex. I always use a squad of 3, 2 with Powerfists and 1 with Mark of The Wulfen. I do this to give my troop squads Leadership 8, as well as some extra punch as needed. I didn't go with any combi-melta etc as I feel it just adds too much to the cost of a single wound model. I started adding these in as I was tank shocked off the table a few times by Eldar. Having that extra bump in leadership helps, as well as the ability to get a fist in there to hit something with a high Toughness. I have seen a lot of people run them pretty expensive with either terminator armor or some other nonsense. I think just leaving them simple is the way to go. You want to try and limit your overall cost on these guys as they are not meant to win you the game, they are designed to help your boys stay alive a bit longer. From a game design point this is one of the few ultimate design units in the game. The amount of options are insane as well as the ability to create small characters and a unique story for your army.

9/10 - I always use 3 now, but you don't "need" them. Still I high five to GW for making a cool unit

Dreadnought/Venerable Dreadnought - I BEZ A ROBOT!

The elite section is jam packed with goodies that the poor dreadnought/venerable dreadnought is really left to the side. Their cost is very similar to many of the other choices that have a bit more survivability. Beyond that he is just like a normal dreadnought, so really you play him because you like too. As a mobile gun bank he is not that great, as usually a razorback can do the same job at a cheaper point limit as well as become scoring when holding some smelly puppies. I think if the Iron Priest allowed you to take them as heavy, you might see some cool Dreadnought/Drop Pod shenanigans, but at an Elite choice there are better options for the points.

5/10 - What it is a dreadnought, your Long Fangs squad/Razorback spam, etc can and will do more for the same points

Iron Priest - Holy Shit - we got some gold in dem hills

Here is what I consider to be the best choice in the elites section. I originally didn't see this guy at first, because I thought only Wolf Lords and Battle Guard leaders could take Thunder Wolf mounts. I just thought he was a gimpy Tech Marine who could take some transforming tape puppies (Transformers - Shockwave - Extra Robots - shit I feel old). But no, he is the little bit of secret sauce that changes your hamburger from being kinda gamey into a really annoying in your face Turn 2 army. His "free" thunder hammer and runic armor makes for an extremely hard hitting unit that can easily be the help you need to take some life out of a forwarding enemy unit. I usually equip him with 4 cyber wolves (making any shots needing to wound versus T 5), Thunder Wolf Mount, and Wolf tooth Necklace. So now he hits on 3's has 4 strength 10 attacks on the charge, 1 strength 8 attack and the dogs will throw down with 12 strength 4 attacks. That is pretty dang amazing for 165 points. If you have Canis as one of your HQ's then most marine armies will probably be decimated by the time they can smack back after the dogs slobber all over them. And best of all, you can run them in front of your Thunder Wolf Cav and give your guys a 4+ cover save.

10/10 - Make these guys. You can always use one.

Wolf Scouts - I wish they were cheaper - I really do

The thought of coming from behind the enemy lines is a great one. The issue is, that a smart opponent will limit that by army placement pretty easily enough. Mix that in with really only having to worry about them on Turn 2+ and you have an easy way to mitigate their effectiveness. I wish they were cheaper as they would be a neat unit to field, or a troops choice. Of course since they are considered an elite unit they couldn't help you score in the game. Still, game design wise they are pretty fun and definitely something to think about in a fluffy forward scout type of Space Wolf Army. I think the best build would be a meltagun, meltabombs, and two power weapons. If you are seeing a lot more nids, then drop the power weapons for plasma pistols to help let you throw a few wounds on an MC that might be hiding in the back field.

5/10 - Neat design, high cost plus being an elite makes it a meh choice.

Lone Wolf - No one Likes me!!! (Its cuz you smell)

Here is a new unit that I feel really adds in a neat bit of fluff to the army. We all like the idea of Rambo, assaulting the main front line and trying to win one for his fallen comrades. So design wise, this is a home run hit. You have lots of cool options to make him neat, his special rules are cool, and the modeling capabilities is pretty dang sweet. What hurts him as an overall choice is his lack of movement abilities. Yes I know he can run, but running can only get you so far. I wish he could have a Thunder Wolf as he would be the ultimate choice in the elite section. Or hell even a bike. Anything that will let him move more and get into the thick of it. As he is right now, he will walk around, till he gets too close and then is dakka dakkad out by some regular fire. I know why they didn't give him a Thunder Wolf, but damnit it would have been awesome. he would probably need to go up to 50 points a piece. Usually if I run one, I put him in terminator armor, with a chainfist, and two dogs that can stand his smell.

6/10 - Higher due to the face I like the game design

Alright that is the elites section. Look for the troops to come on Saturday most likely as Friday is Xmas the return of the Xtreme Santa. Also this next year I am looking at writing reports of every game I play during the week. The armies I plan on playing heavily this next year are my SM bike army as well as my Space Goats. Nids will probably fall in there too, as I plan on updating an old army with a new paint scheme.

Fun fun fun, my painting this week will be slow. I am tired from dealing with my cat who had to go to the vet and fix his back leg. Looks like someone accidentally hit him and he had one of his back legs pop out. It was out too long before I found him and it needed surgery. He came through fine and the surgery will have him walking fine pretty quickly. He is a little shit and should be back to driving me crazy soon. It is just expensive and one of those things that you had to do because if not, his walking would have sucked and he would have been in pain. It also was not something that was a "put him to sleep" sort of decision as it was just a simple surgery. But if you have had any type of surgery (broken ankle with a bit metal plate) it ain't cheap. Lucky for me, I was saving money for a new laptop and didn't buy one yet even though I had it. I guess my brain was like, dude I see the future and your cat is gonna be hurts so don't buy anything new and shiney. Or something like that hah. But either way think of my cat and his unlucky car radar.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Goatboy - Paint schedule and Space Wolves Unit Review

I've decided to go over some of the things I have noticed with my Space Wolves and review each unit from what I have noticed in my own play testing etc. Most of the time people just review it before they even have a chance to use any of the parts. Seeing as I am one of those, build everything in the codex type of players, I have dabbled in just about everything. Mix that with needing all things painted on the field, means I have a ton of jerk Space Goats :).

First things first - current Paint schedule

My stuff - Just list of stuff on my mind right now
Iron Priest on Juggernaut with 4 Cyber Wolves - Completed
Redo Paint scheme Zonathropes 3 - Completed
Redo Fist Hive Guard Squad 3 - Primed and rebased
Create Assault Cannon tops for Rhino/Razorback Hybrid - Primed
Build rest of 2nd Bike Command Squad - Halfway built and primed
Attack Bike # 2 - Primed
Attack Bike # 3 - Still on sprue

Clients - Stuff I want to finish this week
Build Inquisitor Rhino with FW Doors for Spain Client - Still in Box
Chimera #4 for Local IG Client - Completed
Chimera #5 for Local IG Client - Primed
Shokk Attack Gun - in pieces
Zagstruck - Missing one claw, will have to build one and prime to finish

There are some other things and it will all depend on what I can get done. Right now I am waiting on some more Elysiums to get built and then I can get started on them. I am also waiting on some pieces from Spain to start his new White Scars army as well as some other clients pieces to arrive. It is looking like the next month will see a nice push of new work so hopefully look for less Army guys hah.

But enough of the paint schedule lets start the review for Space Wolves. Will start with HQ's. This is how I plan on doing it for the new Nid codex when it comes out for BOLS.

Space Wolves/Goats - Super Goatboy Review 4000!!!


Wolf Lord/Goat lord/Sr. Ass Kicker

The Wolf Lord is what I feel the Chaos Lord should have been. It is also the reason why I took my own Chaos bent for my own Space Wolves army. Here you have a very good combat style character choice that can easily do a large amount of damage to a squad and still live through it and continue kicking ass after finishing off whatever missed his chain/fist/hammer etc. You mix above average stats with a large amount of customization, creating a way for you to easily create your own special character. This is a definite win for GW as it really allows you to create a Hero for your army that fits your own play style. Here are two Lord builds I like and the role they play. Both are riding Thunder Wolves as I feel that you are not playing with them in your Wolves army, you are missing out on what really helps make them tick.

Wolf Lord # 1 - Unit Killer - Bain of 3+ armor - Attack Super Beast!!
Thunder Wolf Mount, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Frost Axe/Blade, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, 2 Fenris Wolves

This guy is designed to run with some cavalry friends, break off and shove a brick in whatever unit is in front of him. His ability to generate extra attacks makes him a threat to any unit on the table. His strength is 6 so most of the time he is hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's at initiative 5. He hits initially with 6 attacks and can easily get up to the 10's after a few rounds of combat. His two dogs allow him to have extra wounds to dump off if need be. This is all based on the FAQ from Adepticon on how Thunder Wolves as well as Fenris wolves work etc. Letting them be an Independent character as well as a Retinue.

Wolf Lord # 2 - Big Monster killer - Tin Box Buster -
Thunder Wolf Mount, Saga of the Bear, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, 2 Fenris Wolves

This is your run out, hit the LR that might be too close and hope you can survive. He is also the guy to take the first strength 10 hit from a Vindicator if shot towards the Thunder Wolf Cavalry. This guy stays with the Cav more often, giving you another fist to throw down with as well as a great way to get 3 to 4 kills in the combat. He can also work pretty well with a bunch of dogs and the two extra dogs are a great way to throw 2 wounds on him, without having to waste them on Cavalry.

10/10 if built the Thunder Wolf way - 6/10 if just left to walk around

Rune Priest - Magic User Jerk Face

One of the best, cheap HQ's in the game. You get access to a bunch of interesting powers as well as access to one of the few instant kill "weapons" that ignores eternal warrior. His leadership 10 is also a great thing to attach to a Grey Hunters squad as Tank Shocking is a good option to do versus anything Space Wolves. You mix this with probably one of the more BS anti psychic abilities in the game and you got one of the best 100 point options around. I usually take one in most of my lists and just leave him blank. I have found all the other bits to be rather worthless as his role is better suited to help holding an objective and his his death line blasts to hopefully kill some of the bigger MC in the game. If the Trygon can be affected by Jaws then you have a serious contender for the HQ slot.

9/10 - I always like to use him, but you don't always need him as he is not an extreme assault threat.

Wolf Priest - Why take him?

Initial rules had him with the ability to give the squad he is attached to Feel No Pain. If that was true he would seriously be worth it. But right now there is just too many better options at the HQ slot. A Rune Priest will always do more at this points cost. Also for just a few more points you can get a walking Wolf Lord that just has more offensive punch. Or you can take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader that has better options. Fearless is alright and if you have the option to throw him on a Thunder Wolf he might be a better option then an Iron Priest too. He just isn't worth the points.

5/10 - Just not worth the points as a Rune Priest will end up doing more.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - I'm CHEAP!!

A nice option to let you drop 30 points off your normal HQ choice. You do lose some nice things, but with a Thunder Wolf Mount you have another option to try and shave off 30 points in your army. Since you can give him Saga of the Bear it does limit some usefulness as a Dreadnought/Walker hunter. If you could give him a belt of the Russ he might be a good option to give dual Wolf Claws to. Again if you want to do a Saga of the Warrior guy to run with your Saga of the Bear buddy, then this is not a bad option to save some points. Equip him the same as the first Wolf Lord from above and watch as your opponent cringes when you break into combat.

8/10 - Cheap option to help you drop 30 points.

Special Characters - These are just from experience as I have not played with all of them. I find most of them to be too expensive to really use as they normally take too much space at the HQ slot to allow for better cohesion within your army.

This guy is interesting as a lot of local players played him very aggressively and within a trick squad (Long Fangs with MM or some other form of Heavy weapon nonsense). Usually with a trick like that, you will get one or two good games in, and when people start to see how he keeps falling from the sky to cause problems, will respond in kind and just take him out quickly or leave less space for you to do your damage. His ability to make Wolf Guard troops is an interesting thing and something worth looking into. I still think the lack of Thunder Wolf option leaves him lacking as it is something that would make for an interesting conversion as well as create a neat focal point in the army.

6/10 - Too expensive to be worth wile most of the time - but can be used to create a themed army

Now here is where we start with some BS. This guy is a frigging annoyance. Good thing he is too expensive most of the time. His large points cost really starts to hurt your HQ choices, as most of the time you need a Wolf Lord to help him stay alive long enough to get annoying with his special storm powers. His 3+ psychic counter is also a pain too, so look for him more if the Nids rumored psychics are really worth wile. He is usually someone you have to deal with quickly or else he will start to push the game into the pain in the ass stage pretty quickly. The biggest issue is that he needs to be fairly close to the enemy, meaning his wound unit will be susceptible to plasma/massed fire pretty easily enough. I have had games where he has lost 2 full squads of guys to opponents attention.

8/10 - Very powerful, but his costs hurts your overall threat ability in your army. Plus you can get two Rune Priests for one Njal.

Now here we have someone that can be rather crazy. The big issue I have, is that it takes too much help to create a unit that can really utilize Ragnar. Throwing him in a rhino is just not worth it as well putting him in some kind of LRC or LRR to create a super fist of Wolfie Doom. Again if he could ride a big dog, he would be an automatic addition to the army. It is probably a good thing he can't as I would get tons of crap from the local players when I yelled and whooped my way through combat.

6/10 - Too expensive to create a "win" situation for your army on the board

Just like the Wolf Priest, I just don't see the point of this guy. His Mentor ability is very meh and the lack of anything really insane combat wise makes him not worthwile. Maybe if he had head hunter thing like a roll of a 6 to hit or wound always kills. Just something to make him cooler. As of right now he is just not worth it.

3/10 - Just meh

Here is the newest character for the Space Wolves army and probably one of the best. He is super cheap for all his abilities as well as someone the is extremely effective. He always hits on 3's so most of the time you will reroll wounds on tougher enemies. Rank and file guys will usually die on a 2+ and he just murders through anyone. His Saga of the Wolfkin is also great as it makes your Iron Priests and Fenris Wolves even more annoying. He is just one of the cheapest special characters around with a butt load of wargear, good stats, and riding the best option in the codex. I usually take him as he is always a great option to ride with a Saga of the Bear Wolf Lord into battle. If he had an Invulnerable save of some kind he would just be over the top.

9/10 - I wish he had and Invulnerable save. He has to be run with another Wolf Lord as his Leadership of 8 is annoying.

I really like the design for this character. I do not like his cost. He is just too costly to be worth wile right now. If he had a 4+ invulnerable save he might be better but as of right now he just eats it too easily. Most of the other characters can either dump wounds on his other guys around him or have a good invulnerable save to help ignore the death blow. A good melta shot has a good chance to hinder him pretty quickly. He is the best of the Walkers right now which isn't saying a whole lot as you can get 2 walkers for his price point. Still I applaud GW's design sense with this, as his rules are pretty neat. I just wish they look at their points allotment and dropped his cost a bit.

5/10 - Play him if you want to make a Dreadnought army - otherwise leave him be.

There you have my initial HQ review. On Wednesday I plan on going over the Elites section. There are some fun things in there for sure and I have played all the options available there. All have their bonuses and it makes for a really hard time trying to pick what hole you need help filling in your own Space Wolves army.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Goatboy - Paint schedule and other nonsense

Hi there - This has been a busy week with just some crazy work stuff and lots of painting.

So far current list of finished work
20 Storm Boyz
20 Elysiums
1 Mortar from FW

Stuff to finish (I hope)
10 Elysiums (Drop squad)
2 Bikes for 2nd command squad
1 Attack bike
2 Chimeras for Nick

I just shipped off a finished Space Hulk today as well as a Typhus. Beyond that I am looking at a new camera as some of my pics just don't cut it when you look at the final model. So any thoughts on a good camera? Eh? Something not crazy expensive but still good. I am also tempted by an airbrush, but might wait awhile on it. Will see.

Lately a friend called me a Ninja player and I thought about it. He said I play tough all the time and will look for any chink in the armor in which to place my fatal blow etc. I think my game has definitely improved over this last year as well as my aggravation when playing the game and the dice fall into crap territory. I am hoping I can bring this down a bit as I did pretty well during the tournament year and did end up winning the final tournament. So will see if I can back up a bit and find more fun in this damned game. If not I can just keep enjoying painting plastic jerks haha.

Current Space Goats thought list - already going to be doing another Thunder Wolf Squad so this is a way to get that in there.

HQ: Wolflord - Saga of the Bear, Thunder Wolf, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Wolf tail Talisman - 245pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Rune Priest - 100pts
Elites: Wolf Guard (3), Powerfist (2), MoW - 109pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
FA: Thunder Wolf Cav (5), PF - 280pts
FA: Thunder Wolf Cav (5), PF - 280pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 5 - 140pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 2, HB 3 - 125pts

This sits right at 2000 pts. This is all about the Cav charge with two units that need to be paid attention too, hopefully splitting up the opponents army. The 3 troop squads are just there to help score and maybe pop something as needed. The Razorbacks give me extra heavy bolters to hurt some massed troops. Who knows if it will work, but I will have this list built in a month or so as I get all my extra Juggers created. For Adepticon I might drop the Thunder wolves down to 4 man squads or look at dropping some Long Fangs. I have really been enjoying the LF as they give me a nice anti middle range mech you will see often as the metagame catches up to what is actually good.

The bike army is almost past the collect all the minis phase. I am just waiting on one more Ravenwing Battleforce Box to get all the pieces. Once that is done it is time to get started and finishing up this army. I want it to be my test my skill army, thus the more limited army set as well as a push away from the heavy Meltagun set up you normally see. Plus a ton of flamers is pretty dang sweet.

HQ: Commander, Bike, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons - 190pts
Command Squad - Bikes, Meltagun 2, PF 2, Storm Shield 2 - 305pts
HQ: Khan, Moondrakken - 205pts
Command Squad - Bikes, Meltagun 2, PF 2, Storm Shield 2 - 305pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
FA: 2 Land Speeder, MM, Hvy Flamer - 140pts
FA: Land Speeder, Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90pts
FA: Land Speeder, Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90pts

This army is gonna sit in Reserve and just blast in doing its business. Or so I hope haha. Either way, I want to try and push to get that 3+ cover save and hopefully my Land Speeders can do some business behind it all etc. I know I shouldn't put two speeders together, I just had the extra points and the two painted speeders damnit. Who knows if the army will work - it will at least look cool and be extremely fast to play and play against. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!

Also look for a Tyranid test sometime next week. I am excited about the new release and really want to look at building some cool new Nids. I have an old army, that I might pull out, and clean off to repaint. I am not sure yet, as I have to wait and see what the carnifex is going to be like now. Will see.

Some minis to look at. Lots of Elysiums and some random ork stuff thrown in. Fun times.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Woot - won first in both Tournaments this weekend

BFG hosts an end of year tournament for both 40k and Fantasy. I came in around 5th in Fantasy and 3rd in 40k. At the end of it all I won First place for 40k for the tournament and 2nd place for the year. 40k I went 3-0 with all three major wins and in Fantasy I went 2-1. On BOLS the 40k tournament will be talked about so I will go ahead and throw down with some Fantasy thoughts. I've decided to just try to not get so worked up and just went with having fun. The list was built by JWolf who is a much harder Fantasy list builder then I am. I think Fantasy gives more wonky combos that 40k just doesn't have. It also has more random, oh crap I rolled a bunch of 6's things then 40k thus giving the chance for a good batch of rolling to crush the game.

Here is the list I threw down with. If I wanted to change anything is to try and get MoS on my Warshrines, probably drop the one Magic Banner on my Chosen for something else (Maybe the magic blast banner), drop the Lances and see about fitting in the Black Tongue as i have the puppet too. Probably get that by changing the lord a bit and fitting in more "stuff".

Lord: Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4, MoT, Chaos Steed, Glaive of Putrefaction, Bronze Armor of Zharkk, Skull of Katam, Bloodcurdling Roar, Conjoined Homoculous
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, MoT, Chaos Steed, Enchanted Shield, Infernal Puppet,Third Eye of Tzeentch
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar, Sophorific Musk
Hero: Exalted Champion, BSB, MoT, Doom Totem, Fury of the Blood God
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Flails
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Flails
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Shields, Spears, Throwing Spears
Special: Chaos Knights 5, MoS, Lances
Special: Chosen 14, Hand Weapon/Shield, MoT, Command, Favour of the Gods, Blasted Standard
Rare: Warshrine
Rare: Warshrine

Most likely dropping some of the gifts, getting 2 Dispel Scrolls, Puppet + Tongue on someone and probably the spell Familiar on the lord as I was lucky rolling gateway each time. But oh well - look for new lists with Chariots and other neat random stuff as I get them done. I want to experiment more before Beasts of Chaos comes out. More Goats for the Goat god!

Game 1 - Jeff - Skaven - got first for the year. This was the fight of Gateway versus the dreaded 13th. First turn he moved up, tried to cast it, miscast and I threw Gateway. He scrolled it and he dispel everything I threw during my phase. The Chosen got +1 toughness for their turn and then got +1 Armor and +1 leadership. Next turn, Jeff threw it with some lovely double 6's so the Chosen blew up and then the characters ran away. I basically ran around as he killed everything except for my Lord. Highlight was killing a Hellpit Abomination with 2 marauders and some lucky Flicker fire to keep him dead. Fun game and Jeff is always a great opponent. He did have 2 Hellpits so get used to seeing them throughout the coming months. They are crazy as hell.

Game 2 - Ralph - VC - Ralph was not last for the year and had some terrible luck in his games. I rolled 5,6 for the chosen for their initial roll so they were stubborn jerks. I sat in one place, he charged me with a block of Black Knights into the Chosen and due to some poor luck with chasing down a shrine, he didn't get his Blood Knights in. A good Gateway roll of 6 hits at strength 8 meant the Knights were bloody indeed. From there my knights ran through his troop and I slowly chewed up his Black Knight block due to the lovely 3+ ward save my unit had. The unmarked Sorcerer died pretty quickly but everyone else just chewed through the games. Ralph had a Varg left as he took 3 turns to kill off some Marauders. Full points for me with just some Marauders and a warshrine eating it.

Game 3- Jordan - Daemons with Kairos - Jordan is probably one of the best players in Fantasy in the country. Multiple GT wins and he always brings his A game to any tournament. Beyond that he is a nice guy and even losing to him is great because you learn a hell of a lot in the game. He brought Kairos as he wasn't banned for the tournament and this was a Heavy jerk fest tournament. This game the Chosen rolled double 6's again first turn and Jordan pretty much tried one Gateway Gleam and from there Kairos hide from the block of doom. They were Beast Cowers a bunch, but it didn't matter as they got one movement to get into the center of the table and start playing 40k with the shooting block. Jordan has some terrible luck with his Blood Crushers and Khorne Herald as the MoS Knights too him out when he got the charge. From there I had 2 Marauder Horsemen left, 1 knight, the full block of chosen, 2 Warshrines, and full block of characters. I really wanted to Gleam something neat but Jordan didn't let me have pit dangit heh. I threw gateway like 5 times in this game and never did it hit 11 or 12 for the strength. I guess 9 strength 6 hits isn't too bad right? I won this game due to just having a lot more guys on the table and surviving a lot more wonky stuff.

At the end of the day I took 2nd in the tournament behind Jeff, but since Jeff won for the end of the year I was moved up to First in the tournament (you can't win both). Dylan took second with Dwarves and Jordan took third with his Daemons. Great event run by BFG and I would advise anyone to make it to as many tournaments as you can. I also tied for 3rd overall in the year, which isn't too bad when you look at the fact I just started Fantasy this past year. I played the same army throughout the year and even though I bitch about it, it was a great experience and helped me learn how to play better in any game.

Further plans for WoC is to add in 2 Chariots converted out of Chaos Knights and Corpse Carts to create a cool plastic version. Beyond that is to convert up a Chaos Dragon using the metal jerk chaos dragon, some toy stuff, and probably lots of bloody green stuff hah. Look for that in the upcoming year as well as the upcoming Beastmen army that will be rearing its head.

This weeks painting stuff is

Fully figure out Bike List - Both Hobby and Heavy
Finishing up the command squad for the bike army
Finish Khan model (already done tonight woot!)
2 more Troops for Elysium order
2 Command Squads for Elysium
Build 2 boxes of Storm boyz and start them
Pack and Ship the Space Hulk order
Finishing basing, Clear Coat, and Pack and Ship Typhus order
Ship first order of IG for Luis to Spain

Hopefully I can get 90% of this list done. My work week is kinda wonky with working late and then having to come in super early for training. Watch me come in and just work as others go to training and I get told about it later. Fun fun fun.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Quick post about weekend tournaments

I was lucky enough to make it into the top eight of both GW games for the end of the year tournament at BFG. Here are the lists I plan on throwing down with over the weekend. Will see if I can do alright with them.

40k End of Year - Space Goats KILL!!!

HQ: Wolf lord, Thunder Wolf, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear, Runic Armor, Wolf Tail - 265pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Rune Priest - 100pts
Elites: Wolf Guard (3), Powerfist (2), MoW - 109pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Cyber Wolves (4) - 165pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (8), Meltagun, MoW, Rhino - 175pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Meltagun, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML (3), HB (2) - 130pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML (4), HB - 135pts
FA: Thunder Wolves (5), Powerfist - 280pts

Total - 1997

Not a ton of Melta, but lots of ways to deal with basic mech. Armor 14 will be a pain, but I have some Str 10 things running around that might do some damage. I should have no issues with armor 12 or less due to the amount of missile launchers etc. The dogs will do great when they can swarm up on someone and get to chewing. I like the Iron priest, but he might drop for later builds. Another build thought would be to get into another squad of Thunder Wolves via dropping the Iron Priest, some wolf guard and going into 4 squads of 5 grey hunters with Razorbacks etc. That might be the more optimal build as large Cav units are pretty tough to deal with. Thoughts?

Fantasy End of Year - WoC Chosen Block of Dumb

Lord: Sorcerer Lord, MoT, Chaos Steed, Skull of Katam, Conjoined Homoculus, Glaive of Putrefaction, Bronze Armor of Zhrakk, Bloodcurdling Roar - 444pts
Hero: Exalted Champ, MoT, BSB, Flail, Chaos Steed, Doom Totem, Fury of the Blood God - 265pts
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, MoT, Chaos Steed, Infernal Puppet, Enchanted Shield, Third eye of Tzeentch - 231pts
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar, Soporific Musk - 196pts
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails - 75pts
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails - 75pts
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Spears, Shields - 75pts
Core: 5 Chaos Warhounds - 30pts
Special: 14 Chosen, Full Command, Favor of the Gods, Blasted Standard - 381pts
Special: 5 Chaos Knights, MoS - 210pts
Rare: Chaos Warshrine - 130pts
Rare: Chaos Warshrine - 130pts

So yeah, the magic brigade rides with the Chosen and the hope is to initially roll a 6 or an 8 for the initial power, so I can reroll the shrines over and over until I get the super jerk power. I didn't build the list, as JWolf threw it together for me. He has a knack for fantasy lists, as one ofs and random crap really do much better in fantasy. I build the redundant stuff for 40k and I let him come up with funky stuff for Fantasy haha. The biggest thing is to not forget the Roar on the main guy, as well as the other random bits I always seem to forget.

I also currently bought this model to make a Chaos Dragon out of.

If the rumored changes in 8th do occur, I think double breath weapons hitting a unit will be pretty deadly. In fact, so much so that a lot of armies are just going to eat it when hit by that much love from a double headed dragon of doom. Plus this will let me have a nice base to build something crazy out of it. I will probably make him have more gut, with bits hanging out and change up and daemon out one of the dragons heads more. More horns, more spikes etc. The plan is to do a blue and red dragon mix as it should let me have some intense colors etc.

Thoughts on it?

Here is hoping things go alright this weekend. I am making it my mission to have more fun and to try and just let myself not get so worked up in the game. I know I don't "suck" but luck can make you suck for you without paying the 5 dollar sucky sucky.

This next week - the plan is to finish out the one command squad for the bike army and start on Khan's. My Khan is going to be a barbarian, and thus his command unit is going to have more exposed arms and other random bits to make them fit. It should allow me to break up some of the monotony in the design and allow for a weird break color. Also I have been messing with Vallejo paints and have found them to be a great alternative to GW's stuff. Most likely I will be switching things out as I run out of the current GW stuff I have. Will see.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goatboy's Post - Some army thoughts

Goatboy here again - current paint projects -

More Elysiums - 2 command squads and 2 more drop squads to finish out this initial bit. More are coming in. They look like Judge Dread guys
Typhus - Got him based and will be working up colors on him more and more.
Command Squad - Bike army - the red fists or some kinda of nonsense like that
Attack Bike - Bike army

That is the list of stuff for this week. Probably mix some orks in there too. Will see.

Beyond that I am still working on Marine bike lists in my head. I will build out the army and then will see how it goes from there.

Here is an all bike all the time list using Khan. I'm taking Khan because well - I can yell Khan. A good opponent will not be over run by outflank, so it really is just about making a Khan like bike guy for my Red fists squad. And outflank can be randomly neato.

HQ: KHAN!!! + Bike - 205pts
Command Squad: 5 Guys, Bikes, Meltagun (2), Powerfist (2) - 275pts
HQ: Commander, Bike, Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons - 190pts
Command Squad: 5 Guys, Bikes, Meltagun (2), Powerfist (2) - 275pts
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamers (2), Powerfist, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamers (2), Powerfist, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamers (2), Powerfist, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamers (2), Powerfist, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
FA: Land Speeder, MM, Hvy Flamer - 70pts
FA: Land Speeder, MM, Hvy Flamer - 70pts

Pts 2000 - This lets me play Khan and be a jerk heh. This is a massed bike army - trying to utilize its ability to reset the playing field by changing sides if need be. There is 15 points left, so one of the squads might jump to all melta. I am not sure if that is worth it as a bunch of flamers just sounds neat. And screw using Vulkan, this is all bikes all the time damnit.

This is what I am probably building towards even though I painted 2 Predators. They might jump to Space Goats as they have some red on there. And dark grey woot. Some pics of the army bits at the bottom. Either way I am sure people will be like, WTF with all the bikes? hah. And best of all, I drop the speeders and I got an 1850 force :).

Here is the current Space Goats everyday build. This is a kinda take all comers type of build that I will play somewhat consistently this next year.

HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf Cav, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Saga of the Bear, Wolf Tail Talisman - 265pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Rune Priest - 100pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Cyber Wolves (4) - 165pts
Elites: Wolf Guard (3), Powerfist (2), Mark of the Wulfen - 109pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (8), Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino - 170pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino - 185pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Razorback - 150pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
FA: Thunder wolf Cav (5), Powerfist - 280pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML (3), HB (2) - 130pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML (4), HB - 135pts

Right at 2000 pts and with a lot of bit. I have some long range stuff, some quick assault stuff as well as some good mixed units. I don't have a lot of Melta, which could be an issue. It might be worth it to drop the Iron Priest for another small 5 man grey hunters squads in a razorback. I could tweak some points to get another Wolf Guard for them to help out and up the melta count to 4. Will see if that is worth it.

Now some pics. Tweaking photo taking bit - gonna try to fix the lighting as well as the set up. Fun times.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry for the late post

Been kinda in a holiday/tired mode so I haven't done a whole lot. I did play 3 fun games last week - which makes me feel good. It is fun to goof around and just have fun with your army instead of trying to win for whatever street cred you think you might have. It was a lot of fun and I went 1-1-1. Lost to Necrons (gasp!), tied a pink slaanesh army (oh gasp), and beat another CSM marine army (pinch and tickle). So all in all a good week and a good way to recharge the engines and bring back the idea to have fun. Mix that in with a slower output on model production and I feel a hell of lot more recharged.

So right now I want to post two lists, one of them I am currently collecting the parts for and the other is another look at Space Goats and some ways to cover the table in white skinned jerks.

Space Goats: RETURN OF THE GOAT!!!

HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear, Rune Armor, Wolf Tail Talisman - 265pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Rune Priest, Wolf Tail Talisman, Meltabombs (JoTWW, Living Lightning) - 110pts
Elites: Wolf Guard (4), Powerfist (3), MoW - 147pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (8), Melta, MoW, Rhino - 175pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Melta, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Melta, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Melta, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (5), Powerfist - 280pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 4, HB 1 - 135pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 3, HB 2 - 130pts

Total Pts - 1997
Scoring - 4

This is a massed amount of guys build that I talked about in my BOLS post. Lots and lots of guys, rhinos to get around, a super bluff unit mixed with some good anti light armor fire from the Long Fangs. The Fangs are built this way to allow them to be ignored as their weapons are not looked at as a threat. This build lets you get a lot of fire power into rhinos and allow your Thunder Wolf Cav to get at the juicy insides pretty quickly. The Wolf Guard are there to let you survive multiple tank shocks on an objective as well as give you a need PF to hit something important. Haven't fully tested the list, as I need to make 7 more regular Grey Hunters to complete this, as well as a Rhino. The temptation is to somehow fit an LR there maybe as it will give a nice big mech option in the middle. Who knows but that is an interesting shell of the army.

Next list I plan on building is an all bike Marine list. I have been wanting one for awhile and I've decided it is time to get something different built that will let me try some different tactics.


HQ: Space Marine Captain - bike, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, storm shield - 195pts
Command Squad (5) - Company Champion, Meltagun (2), Powerfist (2), Bikes - 275pts
HQ: Space Marine Captain - bike, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, storm shield - 195pts
Command Squad (5) - Company Champion, Meltagun (2), Powerfist (2), Bikes - 275pts
Troops: Space Marine Bike Squad (5), Powerfist, Flamer (2), Attack Back, MM - 225pts
Troops: Space Marine Bike Squad (5), Powerfist, Flamer (2), Attack Back, MM - 225pts
Troops: Space Marine Bike Squad (5), Powerfist, Flamer (2), Attack Back, MM - 225pts
FA: Land Speeder Sq (1), MM, Hvy Flamer - 70pts
FA: Land Speeder Sq (1), MM, Hvy Flamer - 70pts
FA: Land Speeder Sq (1), MM, Hvy Flamer - 70pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spons - 85pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spons - 85pts

Pts 1995

It is an army that should be easy to get together, build some neat models and let me try out some different options besides running a super unit forward and hoping for the best. If I can move around and strike surgically at different enemy points I should be able to win out in the end. Will see if I need to add in more troops or maybe look at dropping the preds for something else. Either way, it will give me a neat marine army that should be fun to mess around with.

Alright - beyond all of that some things I have painted. Woot.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry for the late post

I did do work last week - I just didn't feel like posting stuff up. I have been in a bit of a funk lately, most likely from dealing with Holiday stuff and not liking it overall (past experiences etc). I do like Thanksgiving and food, but the one afterwards is not my cup of tea all the time. But I did do some work within the Warmachine realm, some IG stuff, as well as Space Goats thingies here and there. Fun stuff - and I am almost near filling out my Space goats to a point where I can stop building stuff for awhile (probably not as I like the scheme and overall feel of the army).

But first things, I wanted to throw some lists of what I plan on playing around with during the different tournaments coming up in the next year. First of all my current go to Space Goats list for heavy style tournaments.

HQ: Rune Priest # 1 - Mr. Ass Pants - Living Lighting, JoTWW
HQ: Rune Priest # 2 - Mr. Super Duper Jerk - Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath
HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf Mount, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear, Runic Armor
HQ: Canis
Elites: Wolfguard (3), Powerfist (2), MoW
Troops: Grey Hunters (8), Meltagun, MoW, Rhino
Troops: Grey Hunters (8), Meltagun, MoW, Rhino
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun 2, MoW
Troops: Fenris Wolves (10)
Heavy: Long Fangs, 2 Heavy Bolters, 3 Missile Launchers
Heavy: LRC, MM
FA: Thunder Wolf Cav (5), Powerfist

Total is right under 2000 pts. I need to paint the Wolf Guard and Long fangs to finish this out. The other thought would be to drop the LRC, add in another full Grey Hunters squad, give both of them rhinos and one Wolf Guard guy with a fist or something else and run that. I think I could fit in another dog squad, but that would be another thought. Any opinions on this?

New CSM list I plan on bringing for hobby tournaments. A fluffy list designed to have fun on both sides of the table. Or so I hope.

HQ: Fabius Bile
HQ: Kharn
Elites: Possessed (5), MoT, Asp Champ, Rhino
Troops: Khorne Bezerkers (8), Asp Champ, Power fist, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (7), Plasma Gun (2), Asp Champ, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino
Troops: CSM, Bile Upgrade, MoK, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino
Troops: CSM, Bile Upgrade, MoK, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino
Heavy: Defiler, Xtra Combat
Heavy: Defiler, Xtra Combat

Kharn rides with the Possessed and Bile rides with the Plague Marines. The plague Marines are designed to stay home on an objective, everything else is built to move forward and put the hurt down on guys. I add MoK on the CSM as it is a bit more fun, but MoN is pretty strong on Bile Marines. It makes them jerkface psuedo Plague Marines and a bit unfun. Thoughts on this? It is a tweak of my old Bile lists I used earlier. Less push of nonsense Oblits and more fun stuff.

Now some painting stuff. Look for a new WoC build for the post later on this week. It is a Chosen build mixed with a bit of magic and lots of fighty stuff. It should be fun, but not really competitive. Right up my alley since I obviously don't play the game of fantasy by playing an army that has to fear leadership tests. Woot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Current Space Goats and other painting stuff

I am finishing up a lot of straggler commissions. I am hoping to get another batch of stuff done this week, which will leave me more room to finish up some other stuff too. As well as be open for some commissions. Woot.

I finished up a Canis model as well as an Iron Priest. I will probably make another Iron Priest but this will pretty much leave me done with my Space Goats. The only other things left to do is the final Grey Hunters squad and maybe some more wolf scouts to give me more options. I could always do another Thunder Wolf Cav squad too. Fun fun fun. Beyond all of this, I am looking at doing another Fantasy army as well as starting to look at my first, fully built to be sold army in the coming future. Not sure which one to do first, but will see.

Anyway - final 2000 point Space Goats play list

HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf Mount, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Frost Axe, Runic Armor, Storm Shield - 255pts
HQ: Rune Priest (Living Lightning, JoTWW) - 100pts
HQ: Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Temptest) - 100pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolftooth Necklace, 4 CyberWolves 165pts
Troops: 8 Fenris Wolves - 64pts
Troops: 10 Grey Hunters, Meltagun 2, MoW - 170pts
Troops: 10 Grey Hunters, Meltagun 2, MoW - 170pts
FA: 5 Thunder Wolf Cav, Powerfist - 280pts
Heavy: LRR, MM - 250pts
Heavy: LRC, MM - 260pts

Pts 1994

I really like the LR as they give me some anti troop options. Mix this with a very strong bluff unit and you got a good chance they can survive for a bit to do some annoying crap to your opponent. I could drop one Rune Priest to go with another block of Fenris Wolves. They are Ini 5 with Canis on the table and can really put a hurt on the opponent. The Iron Priest is a true hidden gem in the codex and thanks to Stelek for pointing it out to me. Give them a try and see how annoying they can be for an opponent.

If I drop the two LR's I could add another Cave unit and another Grey Hunter Unit. I could also look at just having Njal, versus 2 Rune Priests too. I don't know if a Rhino would be needed then, but it is a thought. From there I could look at having some Wolf Guard to help beef out my Grey Hunters as well.

Here is that thought list so you can see how annoying it could be.

HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf Mount, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Frost Axe, Runic Armor, Storm Shield - 255pts
HQ: Njal - 245pts
HQ: Rune Priest, Living Lightning, JoTWW - 100pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolftooth Necklace, 4 CyberWolves 165pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolftooth Necklace, 4 CyberWolves 165pts
Troops: 8 Fenris Wolves - 64pts
Troops: 8 Fenris Wolves - 64pts
Troops: 9 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
Troops: 9 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
FA: 5 Thunder Wolf Cav, Powerfist - 280pts
FA: 5 Thunder Wolf Cav, Powerfist - 280pts

Pts 1998

Might be a better list, might not. Njal is annoying and with 2 5 Man Thunder Wolf Cav running around, he should last longer then most others. It might be worth it to drop the rhinos completely and make the Grey Hunters 10 man squads. I could also look at dropping them down to 8 man squads and look at finding a way to fit in Wolf Guard guys too. A bunch of different options.

I know I am harping on Thunder Wolf Cav - but they really are good. Not broken and over powered, but in a way that lets you get a chance to out play your opponent. They cost a low enough amount, that sacrificing them to get a character into some action, as well as making your opponent worry about them, makes them really really good. Plus Cav lets you get some pretty fun charges going that feels very reminiscent of fantasy.

Look for some Skaven stuff to come as I start to look at that army next. Woot.

And some minis. The Fat Ork was built by my friend Pat. The blending didn't come out in the picture, but he is one fat sexy bastard. Drive me near someone so I can smack you wit my washin claw!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I painted lots this week

Woot - it was a crazy week - I got a ton of stuff done. So all is good on the overall completion stage of my painting. Space Goats is almost finished with Army one - will list that one and then what will be built in the next few weeks. Fun stuff indeed.

Painted Space Goats List - V1

HQ: Rune Priest, Living lightning, JoW - 100pts
HQ: Rune Priest, Living Lightning, Murderous Temptest - 100pts
HQ: Wolflord, Thunderwolf, Frost Axe, Storm Shield, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Runic Armor - 210pts
Elites: Wolf Scouts (5), Meltagun, Plasma Pistol (2), Meltabombs (2) - 125pts
Elites: Lonewolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield, Fenris Wolves (2) - 105pts
Elites: Lonewolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield, Fenris Wolves (2) - 105pts
FA: Fenris Wolves (10) - 80pts
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (5), Powerfist - 280pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW - 170pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW - 170pts
Heavy: LRR, MM - 250pts
Heavy: LRC, MM - 260pts

Total - 2000 pts

This is what I have fully painted. The next plan upgrade is to add another Thunderwolf Squad, and some Rune Priests on Thunderwolves with Cyber Wolf jerks running with them. Here is the thought list.

HQ: Rune Priest, Living Lightning, JoW - 100pts
HQ: Rune Priest, Murderous Temptest, JoW - 100pts
HQ: Wolflord, Thunderwolf, Frost Axe, Storm Shield, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Runic Armor - 210pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunderwolf, Cyberwolves (4) - 155pts
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunderwolf, Cyberwolves (4) - 155pts
Elites: Wolf Scouts (5), Meltagun, Plasma Pistol (2) - 115pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW - 170pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW - 170pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (10) - 80pts
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (5), Powerfist - 280pts
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (5), Powerfist - 280pts

Pts 2000 - this might change a bit and the 2 Rune Priests might drop to Njal as he is a jerk. I can then drop the Wolf Scouts and look at either more dogs or some other nonsense depending on what I feel like. But that is the other option that I plan on building towards too. The Iron Priest is going to be some kind of demonic mixed unit with clawed arms and the dogs running around it. I might try to chain them up someway to him, but that might be too bulk to remove etc. As it is one big unit it might work better that way but who knows.

Now onto some pictures.

Warmachine stuff for Big Red.

Space Goat stuff. You have the finished Goat Scouts and the second Rune Priest. I decided to put them in terminator armor. It makes them look more imposing. And I can use it as Njal if I wanted too.

I am churning through a bunch of Genestealers for a Space Hulk. Aventine is doing the marines and I am busing out the genestealers. I have done 12 so far, and looking at finishing my side next week. Woot. The scheme came out pretty good so I might use it again for the upcoming Nids book.

And finally 2 Chimeras for the Spain client. I have currently painted 4 shadow grey chimeras and one inquisitor one. I plan on doing another one, 2 medusas and a Valk this week. After that it is a cool rough riders conversion and some more Storm Trooper jerks. Fun fun fun.

Next week - Look for the completed Storm Boyz squad (20 jerks), the last of the War Machine stuff. Hopefully an Iron Priest and converted Cyber Wolves. Maybe some kommandos for a new ork order as well as other random Space Goats stuff. I want to finish the second army in two weeks to be ready for a local heavy tournament. Will see.

And for those looking at this, I do have a prepainted minis store that has some converted monsters on there. Check it out.