Saturday, February 10, 2018

Art, Model, Etc Dump - tons of stuff

Woohoo - hard to get some time with blogging due to how much normal work I got to do.  Then model stuff.  But I am painting a ton of stuff woohoo.

Give a list of stuff

DKK army with a Sisters of Silence Tank

Harlie Army - started it as you will see

Nurgle army bits coming in

Nid army bits coming in

Mantic Orc army that I got part of and will start

I think some Scout bikers are coming too.

Lots of stuff to do.  Plus trying to think of what I want to do for myself.  Will probably use it for a BOLS update to give an idea of where I am for Tournament list on the next few things I get to do before a second kid comes into our lives here.  Fun times.

Art wise got some stuff to do too.
Finish coloring some cartoon stuff - drew the pieces just need to color
BOLS 40k related poster art
LVO 2018 art - fat Elvis me thinks - might do Fat Elvis IG Commander?
Some other art stuff I got people asking me for - super super busy haha.

But yeah real busy.  Got a certification for a work related thing - been doing weekly streaming of miniature painting and more random stuff.  Just trying to keep myself as busy as I can haha.  Blah blah blah!!!

Let dump out all the models and art and call it a day.