Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goatboy's Jump into WarMarchine

As some of you have seen, I have started to play WarMarchine. I will always still play 40k but sometimes I just want to dip my toes into something new and try it out. I played a game in MK 1 a year or so ago and found it alright. The metal models really turned me off as well as the sheer lack of customization involved within the actual models/game itself. With the coming of MK II and plastic minis I decided it is time for me to start up something new and give it a shot. And let me tell you it was pretty fun.

What I like about it, is that it gives me the whole combo feeling I used to get in Magic, but mixed with miniatures and things I can in a sense create. Plus I like the fact that everyone has something cheatie in there armies, creating an environment of cool things that happen. Also the game is designed with tournaments in mind and the whole thought of competitive gaming. So yeah - I am playing WarMachine. I think the lack luster Beastmen army and the upcoming Blood Angels have left me kinda in a lurch with doing anything new GW related. Will see if finishing up my own Nids will get me going again. Or maybe the new flying super tank will make me want to throw more then 4 dice on the table :).

Fun stuff even though most of the models are metal. I am hoping with the coming age of plastics for WarMachine we will see more kits full of dead dinosaur goodness.

So beyond this - I also have another questions - I keep thinking of rules that could be neat for CSM. Would people be interested in seeing what random stuff I come up with while walking my dog? Just fun stuff that I strive to keep balanced within the confines of the current rules. Thoughts?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goatboy again - this weekend is a 2500 "Hobby Tournament"

I plan on throwing down with my bike army with some extra goodies.

Current list

HQ: Khan, Moondraken
Command Squad: Melta X 2, Powerfist X 2, 1 Storm Shield, Bikes
HQ: Captain, Bike, Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Artificer Armor
Command Squad: Melta X 2, Powerfist X 2, 1 Storm Shield, Bikes
Elites: Iron Clad Dreadnought, Drop Pod
Elites: Iron Clad Dreadnought, Drop Pod
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamer X 2, Powerfist, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Troops: 5 Bikers, Flamer, Meltagun, Powerfist, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Troops: 5 Bikers, Plasma X 2, Powerfist, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
FA: Land Speeder Typhoon
FA: Land Speeder Tyhpoon
FA: 2 Land Speeder, Multi-Melta
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter sponsons
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter sponsons

That sits aright at 2500 pts.

None of that insane marine TH/SS termies crap just bikes and some dudes. I do have 2 drop pod dreads, which some people seem to hate on. They are the shorter range ones, which means melta will eat them pretty dang good. Of course unless someone just rolls bad. Which isn't the dreadnoughts fault.

But will see - it should be fun. Lots of fast, fragile units. And I get to play my poor painted predators that never come out.

Paint wise I finished up all the troops for a clients IG army. It is the purple and white guys. I also finished Big Red's Khador Warmachine army too. Fun times there. I plan on doing my Cryx up in the next 2 months and have an army I can lose with as I learn the game. Fun times. I am also working on a big Nurgle Baneblade Pus Cannon tank for a client too. I am not painting it, just making the dang thing. Look for pics next week as i get more into it. I got a lot to do. From there, I am waiting on a batch of nids to come in so I can start on them for a client too. Fun times indeed.

Alright pics of new stuff - the rest of the flying biker Nobz should get worked on in a week or two. I need to get all the parts together to make this crazy unit. Plus I painted up a test Myceptic Sport for the Nid army I am planning for a later build in Spring.

If you like this, I can make more for anyone interested. Shoot me an email at

Alright that is it for now - I will write about my new WoC list I want to play with. Something fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goatboy with some painting stuff

I painted a bunch of stuff this week. In fact I hit everything I wanted to do and then a bit more. So all in all a good week. I am waiting on 10 more Elysiums for Luis from Spain to finish up. Once those are done and my other painter finishes his Storm Troopers, this IG army will be completely finished. It was a huge one and from here I move onto a biker army for Luis as well as a future CSM army too.

Look for some Nids to pop up here too, as I have a bunch of stuff for a new nid client coming in. It is going to be a co paint job by JWolf and I so it should go very quickly as I get started on it. I am doing the bigger stuff while Jon does all the little jerks. I also have a new Warmachine order coming in too. So more and more of those guys. I plan on painting up a Cyrx army myself so that will also show up here too.

As usual, if anyone is interesting in having me or my group of painters paint something, shoot me an email.

Now some stuff and at the end my team tournament list.

These are for myself. I just wanted to make some new Nob bikerz and warboss. The front guns and fist are from the Khador plastic jack from Warmachine.

My Cyrx Slayer Helljack. Went with a red glow to give the idea that it is fed on blood.

This is Big Red's next Jack. I will be painting up some more infantry too.

This is the second to last batch of Elysiums for Luis.

More Daemons for Bushido Red Panda. He didn't have time to bust these out so I did it for him.

Beyond this I painted some more purple and white guys and just got a lot of things finished. More Orks will be coming as well as some other nonsense I am sure too.

Current Team List for this Weekend. JWolf is playing an Alrahiem list for IG (spelling?) and I am playing Khan.

HQ: Khan, Moondraken
Troops: Bike Squad (5), Flamer X 2, Attack Bike, MultiMelta
Troops: Bike Squad (5), Flamer, Meltagun, Attack Bike, MultiMelta
Troops: Bike Squad (5), Plasma Gun X 2, Attack Bike, MultiMelta
Elites: Ironclad Dreadnought, Drop Pod
Elites: Ironclad Dreadnought, Drop Pod

The list should be fun, and I get to play with my Dreadnoughts. Those guys are always little jerks. Not a very strong army, as normally a regular Captain on a bike is better then Khan, but this one should be fun. If he can kill something Big then he gets a big high five.