Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey... with Ard Boyz coming up

I will have to prepare for that one too. So here are some thoughts on the game.

One, I will probably play some form of Orks, most likely nob bikerz. Now there are two thoughts to this list.

List A: 30 Nob bikerz with some small other stuff. Yup, 30 of the bastards. Most games I ended up destroying a ton of the army with one squad, with the other playing backup and clean up. With 30, I can effectively sacrifice 2 squads to eating the other army. 30 nobz shooting at you at 24 inches is pretty scary.

List b: Normal nob biker army, but add 3 squads of lootas, mixed with either a kill kannon BW or 2 or 3 looted Kill Kannon wagons. That's a ton of shoots to throw at any opponent, with most people having to worry about which squad to deal with, mixed with nobz coming at you fast and furious.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hobby Daemon list

This will finish off my Daemon list. I still have Khorne stuff to paint up, but I might try to trade them out with other peeps, as once I finish this army, I might not do much else to it, except maybe another soul grinder as the model is pretty sweet. But anyway, onto a Nurgle/Tzeentch list.

HQ: Epidemius
Pts: 110 (Nurgle all the way... he sits and back and looks fat and sassy)

Troops: Plaguebearers (15), Icon, Instrument
Pts: 240 X 4 = 960 (The meat and potatoes of this army, most likely just sitting on objectives and being annoying)

Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (3)
Pts: 105 X 3 = 315 (The burning hatred of the list. I've gotten all of these painted, and they should be fun and give the army, an actual chance at times)

Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Daemonic Gaze, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Iron Hide
Pts: 205 X 3 = 615 (The grinders of the list. My only hope to kill LR and other Armor 14 pains in the ass, also how I will generate some kills for the fat ass bean counter of Nurgle)

Total Pts: 2000

Again this is a Hobby list. It will be fun and just give me a chance to survive for awhile, with hopefully lots of feel no pain rolls. But either way, it should be neat. Other changes, can be 2 to 3 Soul Grinders instead of Daemon Princes. I should then have enough points for a Great Unclean one. But will see. Either way, this will get painted up quickly and should have it ready in 2 weeks at most. Pictures of it all together as the week moves on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Played a game with Nob biker list below

Played versus Colby's horde esque orks. We played for objectives, and if I had one more turn I would have won, but if you take in victory points etc, I was ahead. But I had the game for the most part after a really bloody assault of 9 nob bikerz and 1 warboss versus 60 orks with 3 power klaws.

List to see.

HQ: Warboss, cybork body, warbike, attack squig, bosspole,
Pts: 155 X 2

Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (4), Pain Boy, Waagh Banner, Cybork Body (10), Bikes
Pts: 645 X 2

Elites: Kommandos (10), Big Shoota (2), Nob, Power Klaw, bosspole
Pts: 150

Big things I have discovered, cybork body is great. Well worth it, and allows you to keep 1 nob alive per power fist/klaw save. Helps you survive and save 2 wounds from getting taken out. Other neat things, shit combat is bloody and two armor saves (reg/feel no pain) makes these guys just machines of death. Also strength 5 is pretty good for an assault gun.

Big things that didn't work out as well, the kommandos. Yeah having a power klaw is good, but not having the movement to get somewhere made the one random squad kinda enh. Right now, I am thinking Deff Koptas are going to be the way to go. Squad of 3, with twl big shootas and 1 buzzsaw would be a nice way to take out small dev squads and other small random bits. Being able to outflank, and have a huge amount of movement is going to be a huge bonus. Definitely worth testing out.

If I would play this army at 2000, I might add in two looted wagons with boomguns. I figure the bikerz, shooting out 24, will draw the most heat, with the Wagons just sitting there throwing templates. Unless of course they roll a 1. Just something else to think about for the next Eavy tournament.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gonna have to get playtesting

Gonna need to get playtesting for the upcoming Las Vegas GT. I know I know, 5th edition isn't even out yet, but at least I can throw down some lists that might make the cut when I try to not lose in Vegas haha. I should be walking by then, so be prepared for a dancin Goatboy heh.

First of all, the lists will be 1750 and dealing with 5th edition rules. So I am just going on thoughts of what might work via each game situation.

First off, my nob biker army.

Pros: Fast to play, can move, extremely tough troop choices, can spread assault very easily, good troop shooting, good assault, Any mission with Killpoints I will be at an advantage with only up to 6 kill points, Dawn of War I start with a warboss and 2 nob biker squads.

Cons: Not very many units, only 2 troop choices, can only get vehicles with power klaws, Str 9 blasts are going to suck, Feel no Pain nerfed a bit in 5th edition.

This is the army I feel like playing right now, due to the fact it is fun, can finish quickly, and being able to turbo boost around the board is pretty nifty. In 4th, it was a killer assault army, but with the nerf's of no consolidation into new combats, it will now have to hit multiple squads in hopes to leave some dudes alive that pass their leadership. Plasma is now scarier with the lack of a feel no pain save, as well as Heavy Flamers getting rid of a lot of my armor/cover saves.

Onto the first testing list.

HQ: Warboss, Power Klaw, Bike, Attack Squig, Cybork Body
Pts: 145 * 2 = 290

Troops: Nobz (10), Bikes (10), Power Klaw (4), Painboy, Waagh Banner
Pts: 595 * 2 = 1190

Elites: Kommandos (9), Big Shoota (2), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 135 * 2 =275

Total = 1750

THe big thing on this list, is the 6 kill points. If I play most other armies, they will have 12+ kill points, which means they have to whip me out and not lose much at all. And then Dawn of War will be fun, as I start with almost my entire army on the board. Harlies will be a pain, as well as some other major assault armies. Chosen squads with 3+ power fists will smash many Nobz too. I am tempted to take out 1 power klaw in each squad, and give the entire unit cybork armor for a just in case save. Any chance to save a Nob completely will be pretty good. Also with the new way of arranging wounds to a squad, I will have an advantage by putting 8 to 9 str wounds on my warboss, who can survive shoots like that, being base toughness 5. The other changes could be putting in two more troop choices in stead of Kommandos. 2 Trukk boy squads would fit, give another scoring avenue (although very weak), and make for a more speed freak force. But will test it out and see how it flows.

Other lists I am thinking about are big bugs and Chaos. Daemons will be finished, but I think they won't be a good army. Fun, but not good.

Big Bugs

HQ: Hive Tyrant, TWL Devourer (2), Ext Carapace, Psychic Scream, Enhanced Senses, Tyrant Guard (2)
Pts: 240 * 2 = 480

Troops: Genestealers (6), Feeder Tendrils,
Pts: 96 * 4 = 384

Elites: Carnifex, Enhanced Senses, TWL Devourer (2)
Pts: 113 * 3 = 339

Heavy: Carnifix, Enhanced Senses, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, Extended Carapace
Pts: 173 * 3 = 519

Basic Big Bug list. Yeah Venom Cannons can't blow stuff up, but they can kill open topped things, which is good with Orks running around. But that is where the list might change. The change to preferred enemy, makes feeder tendrils extremely useful for Stealers. Makes the Rend nerf, not nearly as damaging to them as it is too others.

Pros: Big bugs, consistent, lots of monstrous creatures, easy to play, stealers are still good

Cons: Big bugs is boring, venom cannons nerfed for the most part, horde orks are a pain, did I say how boring it is to play with? Won't get cool points for playing it either.

Chaos List thoughts

HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
Pts: 155 * 2 = 310

Troops: Noise Marines (7), Sonic Blasters (6), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Weapon, Meltabomb, Personal Icon
Pts: 250 * 3 = 1000

Troops: Noise Marines (7), Sonic Blasters (6), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Weapon, Meltabomb,
Pts: 245 = 245

Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150 * 3 = 450

Stand and shoot Chaos army. Lots and lots of templates that can shoot far, Lash to pull dudes around to make sure I can get good template hits. Might be boring, but something to test. More and more testing woot woot. But will see. Different things to try out. Must test versus horde orks for sure, since they will be a pain in the butt to deal with.