Sunday, May 29, 2011


This next week is going to be busy as I catch up on stuff before I jet over to FTW Games. The HOA stuff is hitting hard too so I will make a good post in two days with what I have done so far (orks, orks and more orks).

I am working tomorrow so that hopefully means I get some time to get to painting. I need to paint a squad of Grey Knight Strike guys for myself and some other things. Fun times indeed.

Current no SC thoughts Grey Knights List. Yeah I know it is heavy on the HQ side but I can make more scoring units if need be. Hooray for making Walkers hold objectives!

HQ: GK Master, Psychotroke Grenades, Psycannon
HQ: Librarian, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Might of Titans
Elites: Tech Marine, Warding Stave, Servo Skulls X 3
Elites: Purifiers X 10, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Incinerator X 2, Halberds X 5, Rhino
Troops: GKT X 10, Daemon Hammer X 2, Halberds X 6, Psycannon X 2
Troops: GKSS X 10, Psycannon X 2, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psybolt, Razorback, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

2000 pts - I can make almost everything scoring if I want and I got some solid annoyances in the middle with a chance to get a 2+ cover save in some terrain I call "home". Will it work? Who the hell knows but I think it will be a way to have me play a non SC fest. Plus I love the 10 terminators. Brick of doom coming at you. Hell I can scout them up too hehe if need be.

The other thoughts would be to find a way to get a Dreadknight as a surprise drop to go get an objective. The asshole is just too expensive no matter how much I want my monkey knight to punch face. The other thoughts would be to get a Storm Raven as a way to get the Purifiers up and in some personal business. I know the weapon load out is odd on them - but I feel two flamers could help and I will only get to shoot with two guns out the top. The GKSS might be held in reserve most games or they will be there to protect me versus Deep Strikers. Fun times indeed.

Look for more lists as I think up some other ideas to compete. I wanted to build this for none SC tournaments as it has a bunch of different things in it (beyond the 3 dreads, which can be swapped and easily changed to give you a jack of all trades army).

Current paint list for the week.

GK Master w/psycannon - For myself - Did em today
GKT X 2 - For myself - Did em today
GKSS X 10 - For myself - in pieces and got an idea on how to paint them neat. NEAT I SAY!
Rhino/Razorback - For myself - will probably just build.
10 Shoota orks for HOA - Did em today
Ork Bomba - Client - Built - want to spray it today to get done at some point in the week before I go or at least start it.
3 Ork Deff Koptas with removable buzzsaws for HOA - in a box!
1 Battlewagon for HOA - partway done - need to create a deff rolla for it too
Plastic Dudesmen - Did one yesterday yay!
Plastic Dudesmen - Another? Gasp the internet gets angry! - got script will tweak

Look for an HOA update with more Ork boyz, ork biker warboss, and some other things. Plus maybe some art? Gasp arts!


Alright that is it for now - laterz gaterz.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on me showing up!

I've got some cool news as I will be a special guest at FTW Games aka Spikey Bits next week June 2nd - June 5th to celebrate their year "birthday/anniversary/I'm open".

So what does this mean? I plan on bringing up a crap ton of markers and paint to draw on bags, my Grey Knights army to kick some ass with, and hopefully get some games of Magic in as it has been awhile and the new set looks good.

Some if you are in the Richmond, VA area come on down and throw down. I will be drawing on Miniature bags for $25.00 as well as doing art.

Here are some bag examples if you are interested to have me draw on them. I will have the different color options that lets me do some cool glow work as well as some neat stuff. And as usual I don't have to just draw Warhammer stuff, I can do whatever you want me to do. Just find me something to base it off of and I can come up with something cool and interesting.

Of course the Monkey Dreadknight will be coming up too. Will see how many times his monkey ass dies during a battle. I did this one for the Spikey Bits challenge and I think I might have to make a brother so we can have two monkeys of doom charging around and punching things.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goatboy - I am alive! Thank goodness

I have been stuck in Nashville for 2 days. My flight got canceled on Sunday, then Monday, and finally I got out and back to work on Tuesday. So that means I have to work on Thursday to cover the Monday I couldn't work as well as cover some time from getting in late. I know exciting stuff eh?

A quick announcement - I will be at FTW Games (Aka Spikey Bits) on June 2nd thru June 5th for their "Birthday" Celebration. I will be drawing on bags, throwing down with dice, and even playing a little bit of Magic if I feel like it. I know the Gaming Renaissance Goat Man. So come out and say hi. I'll be drawing on bags for $25.00 bucks a piece as well as doing other random and interesting art things for those interested.

Well if you knew about the ATC championship as the Siege then you know the team I was one - WreckingBOLS - ended up taking the win home. It was a lot of fun even in the heat and I will be there next year for sure. I wasn't the biggest fan of my army as I feel my Space Goats need to be put up for awhile but I still had fun. I played versus a DE where I got spanked (making lots of 5+ flicker field saves during a Dawn of War mission does not equal a win). I then played Tau and beat up on them. Next I threw down versus Grey Sparks and his Foot Eldar and lost (bad set up on my part and lazy playing as well as Greg being a kick ass player). I then had a rematch versus the CSM player from when I won the championship at Adepticon and lost a close game (I would immobilized with a glance but only roll a one with the pens). I then played Aaron from Da Boyz and he was with Nids versus my dual JaWS/ML list and I won that one. From there I played Brian Pool from the Wrecking Crew and won against his Dual Lash list (bad reserve rolling for Brian as I slowly chewed him apart). All in all I did well with a 0, 25, 10, 25, 25,20 for the final points amount for my day. Good times indeed.

The best thing about the event is that I had fun with all my games. I think the idea that losing a game doesn't get you kicked out of winning means you get a lots less "built up" with needing to crush people. That is how I felt. I had no bad games, no bad sportsmanship stuff, and would play everyone again. Good times and I think everyone should think about going. I just hope Shane has AC next year as it was miserable hot (I'm from Texas and no AC is grounds for going after the hotel management).

While I was there I drew on a crap ton of bags. In fact here are the things I drew out for people. If you want one the cost is a flat $25.00 when you meet me at an event and if you want me to draw on one at home - the cost is just $25.00 plus the cost of shipping it to me (so I can ship it back). Fun times. Here they are to check out.

And finally some better Monkey Dreadknight PIcs.

Oh and my "plans" for the week.

Warboss for HOA - Built and primed and might be done tonight
Ork Boyz for HOA X 20
CSM Rhino #1
CSM Rhino #2
Grey Knight Strike Squad Test Figure (got a cool idea, going to try it - woohoo!)

That is what my brain is going to do - most likely I will be doing more. I had a hell of a week last week and hopefully this week will be better. I might be traveling again not this weekend but the next - so be prepared for an announcement about that. Thursday I want to explore some Grey Knight list as that is my next goto army for Events.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Update! # 2

Woohoo - got some Heroes update. This will be quick as I rush off to go to the ATC and Dicehead Siege at 6am this fine morning. My wife is suer happy driving me to the airport haha.

But enough of that - I got an ork Trukk Boy squad done as well as the Trukk. The Warboss is built and primed but I didn't get time to paint him before I left. So without anything else some orks.

Next week will see most likely the Warboss as well as more Boyz for a larger Battle Wagon squad. Fun times indeed. Plus I get to paint other stuff too so look for that with a true update on Monday after I get back late on Sunday. Wish me luck as this weekend I am playing my Goats. It is a team event style thing so I was the one that drew the Wolf straw (I kinda know the army eh?).

Monday, May 16, 2011

So I played a tournament - woohoo

I played the Alamo GT and won Overall - there was a scoring issue that got fixed and I ended up on top! Not a bad day for the Grey Knights and it was games 4-8 for them for me. I loved the brick of doom and if you haven't seen the list here it is for the internet to use and abuse.

HQ: Libbie, Warp Rift (never used it should have been quicksilver), Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titans
HQ: Crowe
Troops: GKT X 10, Thawn upgrade, Halberds X 6, Daemon Hammer X 2, Bro Banner, Psycannon X 2
Troops: Purifers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Troops: Purifers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Troops: Purifers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

Here is a basic rundown of the event with the games I played.

RD 1 - Ryan Woodroof - I think that is his last name. He had Wolves - 2 Rune Priests, Wolf Lord with Wolf Claws and Saga of the bear, 3 Grey Hunters, 2 Dreads one with Autocannons and one with Lascannon/Missile Launcher. WG around and a Land Raider.

I won this game with full points. The big thing was rending out his Land Raider with the first 8 shots from a Psycannon. It was just one of those games where I kept the Libbie out of 24 no range and just cast shrouding a lot to keep my guys protected. I moved up and started punching stuff. He did steal the initiative and blow up two rhinos. It was a 5 objective game. Thawn died to the first bolter wound and got back up the next turn. Hooray!

RD 2 - Sam Smith - Shrike with 50 Scouts and 20 terminators. Pedro was there too. Scouts were assault based.

This was going to be a turn 3 game where he was an assault army and I was a mean assault army. I went first and got into combat with guys. I didn't need shrouding at all as he was light on shooting. I just made a corner, killed all the mean things coming in and waited on the termies to hit as I slowly picked them apart. Cleansing flame did some damage as I got assault by two scout squads on one Purifier squad. I got lucky and Sanctuary did some good and kept Shrike from getting into assault. I ended up chasing him off the board and shot him to pieces. A very unlucky match up for Sam as I just had some decent assault mixed with good mid range shooting. 20 pts to me.

RD 3 - Will Ferguson - This is a local guy who I have never played. He was playing razor wolf spam. Some guys, some razorbacks, 15 Long Fangs, 2 rune priests, and 2 Rifle Dreads. This was an annihilation game and it was definitely in my favor.

I walked up to mid range - kept my librarian out of 24 inches, cast shrouding and just went to town with Psycannons. I blew up all the Razorbacks. Thawn died twice this game - once to a lascannon and the other time after he ran across the field and attacked long fangs and died to combat, came back up again and chased them off the board. This was an uphill game for Will and he knew it. It was done in 45 minutes as it was just a shooting gallery as I pumped out shots, cast fortitude and shrouding and just blew things away. Highpoint was when he shot a rhino, it had the 6+ cover save and he penetrated twice. I threw the dice and like a boss rolled double 6's.

16-8 for me

RD 4 - Greg Harris with his old school Grey Knights. He had one of everything almost and the dreaded Storm Raven. This was a 2 objective mission and was looking at a tie with some lucky hood action from myself as well as some random bad rolling to fix a Land Raider I kept rending and immobilizing. He had a Tech marine inside. Crowe almost had the chance to kill a wounded libbie and the Tech marine but failed and died to a servo arm punching him in the Jimmy. I got lucky and took out the storm raven with an assault Purifier and his daemon hammer that was set to 10. I hit twice (needing 6's) and that helped me out. He had a vindicare and I kept it out of range the entire game and using my dreads to just shoot, shoot, and more shoot. Thawn died and got up and walked around. We ended up drawing the main and I got the secondary. Nutty dice rolling of the game, I hit 4 times with a psycannon and rolled 4 rends. I only immbolized the Land Raider dangit!

12 - 8 for me.

RD 5 Russell and his Battle Wagon orks. 3 Objectives. He had 3 BW, Mek, Ghaz, trukks, and some tank bustas. It was a Dawn of War set up and I got extremely lucky with some rending shots. I blew up Ghaz's ride, he fell out with Nobz and I then shot all 12 str 8 shots at them. I shot the termies too and after it all cleared all the nobz were dead and Ghaz had 3 wounds. He ran to the other BW and I proceeded to immoblize them and shoot up the army. Crowe did good this game and killed some orks and ran some down. Round ended on 5 and we drew on everything.

12-12 tie.

So basically I went 4-0-1 for the day and got 2nd overall. I will see what kind of stuff I got for my painting and anything else. All in all a great time with cheap beer, some good food, and some great games.

And to add on - a quick paint for the week. I will be off to ATC thing in Tennessee this next weekend so it will be a slower week then I would want.

Monkey Dreadknight - Done - picture below!
Plastic Dudesmen - Done!
12 Orks for HOA - Built and Primed
12 Monsters for Necromunda - Built and Primed - THE LAST OF THE NECROMUNDA!
1 Review Model for Biker - In pieces
1 Ork Warboss Flying Model for HOA - in pieces
1 Trukk for HOA - in pieces

So some HOA stuff and other random bits. Should be a nice week and I will come back running like a boss when I get back.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you heard?

I am part of the Heroes of Armageddon build team. In fact I am lucky enough to be the head guy for the Speed Freaks force. I started working on the project this week with some models donated by a local - Patrick aka Rabscutle. I magnetized the rokkits to the top so that if the winner wants to tweak bits of the army later they can easily enough. I know, rokkits are most likely the best option but everyone likes to play what they want to play.

As you can see I went with a more olive color on the ork skin. I just don't really like that bright green as I feel it just looks too clean. These orks are greasy, dirty, and "sun" bleached a bit. I am planning some more updates on this army as it gets built out.

I got some great helpers too. You might recognize these guys from Dakka - Teek and Redbeard are helping out. Here is a small bio from each of them to give you an idea if you don't know them from their armies and random building. To give a little bit about me - I am Goatboy from Bell of Lost Souls and Internet Infamy. I love painting models and run Full of Monkey Painting. I live in Austin, TX and you can find me most Thursday throwing dice and playing a different army every week. I have painted all kinds of armies so you never know what I will throw down with. I like painting Orks and you will see a ton of Orks on this blog.

Michael "Teek" Sullivan: Michael has been playing orks (and orcs, and goblins, and gretchin...) in various forms for the past 15 years. A true greenskin and Mekboy at heart, his armies center around over the top conversions and loud, hot-rod paint jobs. He feels stock models are boring, and if anything can be chopped, dropped, flared, or otherwise modified before hitting the table, it very well should! You can check out his newly minted blog at Table Top Teek.

I go by Redbeard online. I'm a software engineer in Chicago. Been painting minis for 30 years - GW stuff for seven. I won best appearance at Adepticon 2011 with a wazdakka ork army, and my personal ork army tops 20k points (painted). When not gaming, I can be found riding my Harley across the country.

I have some other helpers and will get more info on them. I love orks and this project just sounds so much fun. I am a bit of an Ork biker nut and painting up a bunch of these guys plus trukks just sounds like my idea of a good time. Donation button and information is up there in the right so click away and donate.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goatboy - It is Sunday

Goatboy here - I have gotten two games in with my new Grey Knights list. I like it and I have done ok even with rolling really bad. So that means the list works. There are some changes I want to do - but I have to find the points. Crowe has sucked every time I have played him - but again that is my terrible rolling (missing with his go away power and well - not rerolling well hehe). I think I need to find the armies dice. That is what I need to look for. Something matching haha.

I think Warding Staves might make a comeback into my list as well as a full 10 man squad of Purifiers. Will see after the Alamo tournament and how well I do. So much of the time the tournament scene can be so hit or miss based on just how you are rolling that day. And match ups. Lord at Adepticon I would have loved to fought orks - but it was marine, marine, and more marine for me. I should have played my goats haha.

Let's start with the week's painting

Michael N.
Ork Nobz - 10 of em - Did em today. It is amazing how you stay off a model type for awhile and come back to it like a monster. Looking super good and you will see pics later on this week.
Ork Warboss FW on Bike - Cleaned!

Heroes of Armageddon
Warbuggies (3) - Did 2 so far - look for a post later on this week.
Trukk - In pieces
12 Boyz - In pieces

Michael S
Paint the Ork Bomba - that is right I built it!

5 Terminators - Need to get them built
1 Rhino - Magnetized - In pieces

2 Plastic Dudesmen
More art most likely
5 more Floating brains - In pieces
Finish Display Board

So all in all a kinda meh week. Will see how it goes as I finish bits and pieces up. Should be a good time if I can keep my head on straight.

Lately with the GK - hoods suck ass to deal with. Makes the whole - anti psyker bits from the codex look worth wile as you need to kill those assholes before they stop me from killing my justicars with mind meltdowns. Jerks!

Here is a henchmen build I will be moving towards. Crowe + Coteaz

HQ: Crowe - 150pts
HQ: Coteaz - 100pts
Elites: Vindicare - 145pts
Troops: Purifiers X 10, Psycannon X 2, Incinerator, Halberds X 5, Hammer X 1, Stave X 1, Rhino - 340pts
Troops: Purifiers X 10, Psycannon X 2, Incinerator, Halberds X 5, Hammer X 1, Stave X 1, Rhino - 340pts
Troops: Henchmen - Rogue Psyker X 8, Warrior Acolyte, Meltagun, Rhino - 134pts
Troops: Henchmen - Death Cult Assassin x 4, Crusader X 4, Warrior Acolyte X 2, Meltagun X 2, Rhino - 188pts
Troops: Henchmen - Death Cult Assassin x 4, Crusader X 4, Warrior Acolyte X 2, Meltagun X 2, Rhino - 188pts
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt - 135pts
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt - 135pts
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt - 135pts

Comes out to 1990 pts so each thing has a Searchlight. Basically it is another aggressive list with a stay behind "scoring" unit that can throw out a large blast. Coteaz sits in there too. It also gives me a chance to do some cool modeling too. But it means I need to find another damned Rhino. Bastards!

Lets get with some models and then call it a day. I am tired from working extra this weekend to cover the hole a co worker left when he wasn't happy working anymore. Woohoo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Wednesday - my work Friday

Woohoo!!! Great day as it is my Friday. I have had a kinda slow week. Not a whole lot on the model front but I did do a bunch of art designs for blogs and other options. So all in all a fun time in general. Will post some of the art. Most drawings start at $25.00 and rarely go higher from there. I know people want customer images for their blogs so I keep the cost low. Woohoo!

I am going to be playing my Grey Knights this Thursday to get some more games in before my Alamo GT event. Here is the list I turned in with tweaks that fit what I like to play.

HQ: Crowe
HQ: Librarian, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Rift, Might of Titan
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino, Searchlight
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino, Searchlight
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino, Searchlight
Troops: GKT X 10, Thawn Upgrade, Halberds X 6, Daemon Hammer X 2, Psycannon X 2, Bro Banner
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

That is the 2000 pt plan list and most likely the initial shell I plan on using. Thawn is in there because Grey Knights are not about anything under a 100 pts. Or hell 150pts. So I had to do something. Plus I can count how many times the jerk dies in a game :).

So will see what will happen as I play it.

I am also playing a Team Event on Saturday and I will be playing a pure Purifiers list with some Death Wing. It is a 1500 points which is a bit much for a team, but will just play it and see. Basically this is what I plan on throwing down with.

HQ: Crowe
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Incinerators X 2, Rhino
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

Pts: 1499

Next week is the first weekly Heroes of Armageddon updates. I will be building the first trukk boy squad to get started on next week. I have some other client Speed Freaks to do too - so it will be an ork fight for the next few weeks heh.

I am also planning some new Grey Knight builds as I look at a Henchmen and more aggressive/less shooty builds. Fun times indeed. In fact I did a test for Rogue Psykers too.

Floating evil brains!!! Hahahah. Should be fun - I am planning on having one squad of 8 with 2 Meltagun jerks to run around with in a rhino. Most likely they will explode and the inside of the rhino looks like some kind of terrible horror show. Fun times indeed.

Art stuff I have done so far. Woohoo!.

The last two are for the Feast of Blades up in Colorado. If you need art shoot me an email at GoatboyBOLS @

And besides this some minis I painted too. I paint things yay! And I am Full of Monkey painting too by the way. I have another guy that paints with me too - but for the most part that is me. But we are cheap and fast if you are interested in some work.