Monday, June 29, 2009

Welp this weekend was a bit of a wash

Work wise - I did get the following done

1 Loota squad
1 Built and based Possessed
1 Based Counts as Kharn
2 Rhinos

This week gonna try to get a good amount done, plus wedding stuff. Woot, it is gonna be a long week me thinks. Need to get honeymoon done, get de worm crap for one stupid cat, anti flea stuff for said cats, invitations done, rework my main art site into something that looks like my painting site (easier to view etc and check out), and take apart some stuff in the back yard to throw away. So all of that, and mini stuff woot!

Minis for this week - stuff I hope to finish

1. Valk with insides painted into this cool red glow - should look awesome as I talked myself into doing it. I curse you Andrew for making me think of something cool. Shouldn't be too hard, just a pain to get together and make sure to set up right etc, as I paint it.
2. Killa Kans #6,7, & 8 - Got all the pieces ready - Painting them is easy, putting them to gether is a pain due to greenstuffing everything to make sure it fits. Gonna use the Klaws from the BW for the one side, but it will be magnetized.
3. Nurgle Vindicator for a customer - he customized it all out and it looks fucking bad ass. Will have pics as it gets done - currently the green is based on it with 3 layers of highlights, and the metal bits are browned to start the rust and design set up - gonna have some fun with this one. Need to get a good zombie flesh for the fleshie bits as well as all the nurgle stuff. Making me rework my new rhino for my Ard Boyz army damnit.
4. Possessed Painted - Gonna go with this weird flesh/red design - the rhino has no flesh bits, but it will have this kinda cut of red into the overall black of the vehicle with metallic chips out the edges etc.
5. Kharn - same as above, with more red is the plan. Should be fun.
6. Nurgle Rhino - might be green stuffing it more as #3 has made me want to add more shit to it. Bastard Lukas!!!
7. BW 3 & 4 for Ork customer that you keep seeing.

So yeah, lots to do - hopefully I can get all of that done.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just drank an Expresso shot - so now I post

Alright, work has been fun, and I finally had some free time to paint up the burnas for the Ork order. It is a huge one, so expect lots more dudes showing up on here. Besides that I want to finish some random Possessed for my Fabius Bile army, and then some other random bits and a Valk. Woot.

What did you think of the Siege Dread in the new White Dwarf? Looks pretty damned cool, will see if I get any. Is it worth it for the army? Enh... not so sure. Need drop pods to make fun. Will see, might have to get drop pods again. Ugh dont' want to put them together.

Next up, another reg loota squad, 3 more kans and 2 BW for the ork next wave order. From there, Kommandos will come, some extra other bits, and boyz. This army will be 3000 points when all said and done hahaha. Oh and I think I will play Fabius Bile for Ard Boyz. I just don't care enough to try to win. I don't really need any more armies as I have 2 not put together yet. So I will play for fun hehe :). Look for a list in the next update from this weekend.

Weekend Paint/Build Plans -
15 Reg Lootas - Already built, sprayed and based -
1 Valk - in box, plastic wrapped, and looking at me menacingly - Last model on current order - will be painted inside and magneted up etc - should be an awesome piece when done (at least in my head)
7 Possessed - 3 put together and based - converted with shields from chaos warriors - rep MoT Possessed (yes cheater with 4+ inv save)
1 - Kharn Counts as - was put together, fell down, got kicked - must rebuild :( - he runs with possessed as his homies -
1 - Possessed Rhino - on sprue - not really needed but I want to make one - tentacles and flesh muscle bits - fun - on list cuz I want to think and build it

Next week Plans -
3 Killa Kans - in boxes - need work and to get hammer things for arms
2 BW - Finish off the wagon death horde
1 Land Raider - it is built, just need to spray it and do a cool freehand flame mouth thingie up the side - reg LR not crazy like the pink one I have nor the daemon exploded one

And anything left from this weekend. And probably other stuff - I am always busy :). Please check out the new site - Full of Monkey Designs. It is in html so you can view it on your iphone. I need to tweak some gallery stuff, but it all works and is just easier to navigate. I also locked in the paint style in tiers with the option for clean or dirty etc style (helps pick out what artist :)). Please feel free to check it out. I do offer bulk discounts, as well as upgrade deals (Basing etc, as i have some resin bases and can cut a deal on them too). So shoot me an email at

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been busy as hell this past Monday

Drove to Arkansas over the weekend, so everything I was wanting to do, kinda got pushed aside. I wanted to check out a game store where I was going, but I didn't get the time. I did have a good time and got to see some insanely green areas of the US. It was hilly, lakey, and just downright pretty. I had a good time meeting Katie's family. I also had some Texas inspired BBQ that was awesome. I love me some BBQ and nothing is worse then crap ass BBQ. But enough about that, what made Monday busy? I've been reworking the site.

You can see the new design here. Tell me what you think. I know it isn't the most exciting design due to the lack of flash, animation, etc, but it is much more functional etc as well as easier to view on different applications. The plan is to add more images and more minis as they get done obviously :).

The painting plans this week are a burna squad, loota squad, and maybe some possessed for myself. I want to put together a Valk as well as the 2 Battlewagons. I am tempted to play Marines for Ard Boyz and built up the following basic list.

HQ: Lysander
HQ: Chaplain, Termie armor, Combi-melta, Digital Weapons
Troops: 10 Tact, Meltagun, Multimelta, Pwr Fist, Combi-melta, Razorback
Troops: 10 Tact, Meltagun, Multimelta, Pwr Fist, Combi-melta, Razorback
Troops: 10 Tact, Meltagun, Multimelta, Pwr Fist, Combi-melta, Razorback
Elites: Assault Termies (5), Crusader, Multi-Melta, Extra Armor
Elites: Terminators (5), Crusader, Multi-Melta, Extra Armor
FA: Landspeeder, MM
FA: Landspeeder, MM
FA: Landspeeder, MM
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spon
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spon
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spon

Total pts is under 2500 so I might be able to throw some extra armor around. I have to see and build it out etc. The big thing is that I have to put together all the vehicles and the dudes. I want to do a specific conversion for the razorbacks, so that will be a test to see if I can get it to work right. Might ask a local builder to throw some together for me as they are based on his design.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woot - This weekend is going to be a dry one

I am going to Arkansas this weekend for a fiance family thing. So this weekend will be a lackluster paint weekend. I did put together a full squad of burnas and a full squad of lootas to paint up the next following week. I was hoping to get a BW put together, but it is looking less likely as work has been insane these last few days. No idea why Texas has decided to throw a fit and call us all the time. Oh well, I am off tomorrow so I don't care right now hahaha. If I can survive these next 3 hours I can be golden.

Beyond those orks, I am trying to put together my counts as Kharn and possessed for my bile army. The plan is to run that for the BOLScon so will see how it rolls. If you are planning on going, sign up now. I will be the drunken guest as the weekend of it is the weekend before my wedding. Woot, so yell at me and watch me stumble around. Thank goodness for plastic models.

I did paint something last night, so check out the Arbites BattleWagon/Suppression Truck - I have a Valk next up so that should be fun too.

Look for a bunch more next week.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Painted up some Orks and planned out some other things

Hey I wanted to just give an update of where I am right now. I finished up the Nobz squad for a client today. As usual it is the dirty yellow that the customer wants and I think it came out pretty dang neat. Here is how I set them up equip wise. The reason for some of them is because a) it looks neat b) the customer wasn't running 10 man squads.

Nob 1- Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, Choppa, Slugga
Nob 2- Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, Choppa, Slugga, Bosspole
Nob 3- Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, Choppa, Slugga, Kombi-skorcha
Nob 4- Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, Big Choppa
Nob 5- Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, Big Choppa, Kombi-skorcha (attached to his big shoppa heh)
Nob 6 -Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, PK
Nob 7 -Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, PK, Bosspole
Nob 8 -Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, PK, Waagn Banner
Nob 9 -Cybork Body, Eavy Armor, PK, Kombi-Skorcha
Nob 10-Painboy, Cybork Body, Dirty Tools/Syringe

Yup, wound allocation is a pain in the butt. But yeah, there is the basic make up of the unit. Attached a warboss and you got a nice little, eat it in the face unit. Have them ride in a BW and watch out as the Space Rednecks come on down to break things.

Another army thought, that is on the horizon after finishing some client work is my neglected Marine army. Right now I have all the pieces (and then some... time to do some trading...) and here is the initial plan for the army.

HQ: Lysander: 200pts
HQ: Chaplain, Termie Armor, Combi-melta, digital weapons - 145pts

Troops: Tac squad (10), Meltagun, Multi-Melta - 175pts
Transport: Razorback - 40pts
Troops: Tac squad (10), Meltagun, Multi-Melta - 175pts
Transport: Razorback - 40pts

Elites: Terminators (5) - 200pts
Transport: LRC, Multi-Melta - 260pts
Elites: Assault Terminators all TH/SS (5) - 200pts
Transport: LRC, Multi-Melta - 260pts

FA: Speeder, Multi-Melta - 60pts
FA: Speeder, Multi-Melta - 60pts

Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter sponsons - 85pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter sponsons - 85pts

PTs: 1985 (not sure what to throw the 15 pts on... Wish add an extra Hvy Flamer on the speeders was 5 points - I am a sad panda)

I am not seeing nearly as many Marine lists locally as I thought I would. I think the army is pretty good, and with a little thought you can have a high assault/high shooting force that is very hard to deal with. The fists of Lysander and Chaplain + Friends should draw a lot of fire. Their damage potential mixed with their stubborn toughness means I should get across the board. The Preds and Razorbacks will pour out fire into light vehicles/infantry - in hopes to bring some guys down. It has a lot of vehicles, which I find pretty fun to play with. The push of Melta in the face of heavy mech armies, means your predators should last a hell of a lot longer, getting their points back pretty easily. Your speeders should start in reserves and pop out to hit any other LR's or other nonsense that might come down etc.

But yeah, I want to get the army done to test it out and see where I can toughen things up, as well as change things to create a fun list to pull out that isn't green and gooey.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Woot painted stuff this week

I worked on my Bloodthirster and put together the final wrecking ball Killer Kan for a client. You can see the other two at the bottom. Beyond all of this, I will be working on redoing the Full of Monkey site and have it become an html site. It will allow me to get more search hits as well as have something that is smart phone viewable etc. So hopefully I can have something in a week or so, as I get all the pieces designed out etc. Fun times eh?

Beyond this, the plans for this week is to finish this Giant Eagle for Will, a set of nobz for the ork commission, some arbites stuff, and then maybe some of my own work. Will see. I want to finish this Thirster. I will show some pics in a few days, when I get it more solid. I need to find a shield for it though. Time to hit the toy stores.

Anyway Quick list thought for those interested. This is the Ork list I plan on building soon for myself. I am going to list the Hobby one and Heavy one. You can see where tweaks went to change it both ways etc and why I chose certain things to create a more fun list.

Heavy List - Ork Blitzkrieg - 2000 pts

HQ: Warboss - cybork, eavy armor, PK, Attack squigg, Bosspole - 120pts
HQ: Big Mek - cybork, eavy armor, Burna, attack squigg, forcefield - 135pts
Troops: Nobz (7), Painboy, Bosspole, Kombi-skorcha*2, PK*3, Cybork, Eavy Armor, Waagh Banner - 345pts
Transport: BW, Big Shoota*2, Ram - 105pts
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shootas*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shootas*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Troops: Boyz (20), Rokkits*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 180pts
Elites: Kommandos (10), Burna*2, Snikrot - 215pts
Elites: Meganobz (5), Trukk, Ram - 240pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Ram - 105pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Ram - 105pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Ram - 105pts

PTS 1995 -
This is a big ork gang coming at you. Smoke bellowing, green jerks yelling at you about getting your oil, and as much hard hitting nonsense as I can fit in here. The meganobz are there as a spin out from behind the BW smack to whatever you need to kill, whether it is an LR, another nob squad, or any crazy MC that might have stepped in the way. Snikrot is there for the upcoming guard builds that sit around a lot of the time in the back field (choir anyone). I have most of the pieces for this, with the majority painted. Just need to put together my BW's.

Now for the Hobby Version.

Hobby List - Ork Blitzkrieg of DOOM!!!

HQ: Big Mek - cybork, eavy armor, Burna, attack squigg, forcefield, bosspole - 140pts
HQ: Weirdboy - Warphead - 85pts
Elites: Meganobz (7) - 280pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Armored, Ram, Stikkbomb Chucka - 120pts
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shootas*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shootas*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Troops: Boyz (20), Rokkits*2, Nob, PK, Bosspole - 180pts
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits, Buzzsaw - 160pts
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits, Buzzsaw - 160pts
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits, Buzzsaw - 160pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Armored, Ram, Stikkbomb Chucka - 120pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Armored, Ram, Stikkbomb Chucka - 120pts
Heavy: BW, Big Shoota*2, Armored, Ram, Stikkbomb Chucka - 120pts

Pts 1980

Same play style as above, but with more um... zoom zoom. You are going to shoot forward and try to cut the enemy. The above list has the weird boy and big mek riding with the baddest of the bad, the Meganobz. The koptas are zipping in and out of the BW, being annoying natz of doom. Will it work? Who knows, but either way I bet it will be fun for the orks as things will be blowing up.

But yeah, there you go, some fun lists. And a pic of two Kans hanging out after a nice date of a dinner and movie.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woot - got first in the hobby Tournament

After playing through the army, I feel it can use some changes to make it more "fun" and fabius bile like. Trying to get the idea that there are multiple troops that have been effected by his magic drug. So the thought would be to add, some gasp, possessed. Might run Bile with them, because it kinda fits with his crazed drug cronies.

List is below for the new thoughts and design. I did like the 24 daemons I played. They did a lot more then is normal, killing a predator through the love of rolling glancing hits, took 3 wounds on a Daemon Prince, and took out lots of IG. Definitely worth the random 13 points a piece and I think I will up the squad size to 8 a piece, to give more attacks when they charge in.

Plans for today is to watch the Hangover, paint these two killa kans, and try to put together the other kan for the squad and a bunch of nobz. Look for pics tomorrow with army list for Chaos as well as my ork thought. Oh I picked up my fourth BW for winning the tournament :). Woot hooray. And now I am in 2nd place in the local tournament standings.

Oh Chaos list thoughts.

HQ: Fabius Bile - 160pts
Elites: Possessed (9), Asp Champ, MoT, Rhino - 319pts
Troops: Plague Marines (7), Melta*2, Asp Champ, Combi-melta, Powerfist, Personal Icon, Rhino - 271pts
Troops: CSM (10), Bile Up, Melta*2, MoK, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 315pts
Troops: CSM (10), Bile Up, Melta*2, MoK, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 315pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Heavy: Oblits (3) - 225pts

1995 - woot.

I got enough melta to deal with any tanks a hobby tournament might throw out. Plus I have 30 zombies/daemons :). Woot I think it will play alright, not too competitive but enough for the Hobby Tournaments. Woot. Pics of the army as I finish the whole thing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It is nice to listen to new pop like musak

Besides that, I am currently working on getting another squad of Killa Kans for the ork order done. Lots and lots of stuff. Beyond that, the future plans is to redo the site as an html set up, trying to use lightbox as the photo/gallery set up etc. Here is to getting that done in the coming weeks (depending on if I can get help from my future bro-in-law). That is the plan anyway and of course ramping up with other artists etc. Hopefully, so will see. Either way, I am just painting up orks, high elves, and my own marine stuff.

I did finish the convert squad of 15 lootas yesterday. So that isn't too bad and I should be sending out the first batch to the client. If I can get these Kans together, I can have another squad done plus the nobz. Hopefully. I got all the pieces just have to get them ready. The new Kans have magnets on both sides so the wrecking ball arm and weapons can be switched out. Makes it easier to ship etc. But I hope to show those on Sunday :).

Got a 40k Hobby tournament this weekend and I plan on bringing a Fabius Bile/Plague marines/Daemons list thingie. Should be fun.

HQ: Bile
Troops: 9 Man Plague, Plasma (2), Asp Champ, Powerfist, Personal Icon, Plasma Pistol, Rhino
Troops: 7 Man Plague, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Powerfist, Personal Icon, Combi-Melta, Rhino
Troops: 10 man CSM, Bile upgrade, MoK, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Combi-Melta, Powerfist, Rhino
Troops: 10 man CSM, Bile upgrade, MoK, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Combi-Melta, Powerfist, Rhino
Troops: 7 Daemons
Troops: 7 Daemons
Troops: 7 Daemons
Heavy: Oblits (2)
Heavy: Oblits (2)

Want to test this out and see how fun it is.

Lootas below.

Again right now I am a bit booked, but will have room in a few weeks for any new work etc.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I am working on

Besides painting I obviously do art. Right now I am machining through the Badab character pictures. Fun stuff drawing 20 marines. How many made looking dudes can I draw? I have to take off the helmets, because it would be lame to have a bunch of helmeted guys. Fun times. But yeah, I have 1 redraw and an IG guy for the book to finish up. And some random bits and pieces, servo skull, bolter, and probably something else.

Besides that, on the painting block is to do some touch ups on the finished arbites. I want to pull up some of the blues to brighten up the figures a bit. Might add a bit of a glow to the mauls to see if it looks alright etc. Watered down Ice Blue all the way heh.

I finished putting together the converted lootas and right now I am looking at this box of nobz and the army build out list I made for the customer. Fun times indeed. I did convert a cool kombi skorcha attached to a pistol for one of the nobz. Just need to finish out the rest to make sure everything fits right and looks good. Beyond this I want to finish up a Bloodthirster model and this eagle model for a high elf army. I found a piece of wood that is perfect for the attachment, just need to clean it up and get it ready to glue down and green stuff to a base. Fun times indeed.

I have a hobby tournament this weekend, and my plan is to quit being such a pissie baby and just have fun. I've been in a bad mood as of late, due to lack of real work advancement. Hopefully I can push out of my funk and just play for fun. Lately the Fantasy side of Warhammer has been pissing me off. I think I just don't know it as well and find it frustrating. Hopefully I can pull through a fun Heavy tournament with my magic light Chaos Warriors. Blood for the blood god indeed.

Look for more orks this weekend, as well as some other random pics.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I write a lot of lists

Gonna use this as a daily painting/army thought blog that is in reference to my painting service as well as my own local tournament scene. First, as everyone should know, the BOLS crew is going to be hosting a tournament in August. Why is that important? Well it will be the week before I get hitched to an awesome lady, so the weekend will be my Bachelor weekend. So if you wanted to come down, see me inebriated and goofy, come on down and throw some dice. I will be playing as best as my addled mind can do. Amazingly enough, the time I got 5th in Baltimore was when I was insanely hung over. So I might not be that much of a push over hehe.

But enough of that, the reason I was writing this is to give an idea on how my process for work, well works. I write up lists of stuff I need to do, with options for paint and building to check off. I know I won't finish everything in a week, but for the most part I will finish most of it. But I find it interesting to write out these thoughts and see if my red pen can clear them off haha. Lucky for me, I like to batch paint and work, so normally I finish off full squads, versus one single model. Currently I have 3 rotating pay projects, 2 nonpay BOLS projects, 3 of my own projects, as well as my own army lists thoughts. So I am usually busy thinking of plastic dudes heh. I find working on 2 or 3 things really helps me come to each project fresh, as I can change gears pretty quickly and come at things much more rested. But oh well.

I am hoping the painting business picks up as people are starting to get more settled economically, and myself and the other painters have more clients under our belts. In fact, if you order something from me I can give you an extra, whether it is magnetizing weapons or just having an upgraded base, something will be upgraded for free. I find it hard to under paint or under build a model, and if I can see a way to improve something, whether it is with options or just having a cool base, I usually do it. I don't like boring models and if things look cool, I will strive to make them cool.

Also, for those that want to paint, shoot me an email at I don't have any secret painting methods and I am always willing to share with anyone. In fact a few customers just used me as the base painter, to get an idea and tried it out themselves. Website is here. Prices and examples of my own work as well as my studio mates work too.

Onto some new stuff, I finished up a batch of Arbites for a commission. I also painted more ork stuff (3 trukks, 1 BW). I didn't take pics of those, as well, I have already finished some and thought, more copies of trukks are not the most exciting to check out. Look for some converted lootas, as well as a new batch of killa kans with wrecking balls. Going to magnetize both arms, since all the other weapons are magnetized for them. Plus I need to make some big shootas to attach to their sides. Fun times indeed.