Saturday, December 29, 2007

So here I sit... Thinking about all the dumb ork lists I want to throw together

And all I can think about is, hell I don't want to pay all these models... sob... Most lists are running at the 140-160+ range. Ughs. And then I list out the amount of stuff I need to buy (lootas, boyz, lootas, boyz, more trucks cuz they are neat... blargh!!!) and I am just thinking. Why do I want to play a horder army??? Arghs... But enough of that, onto a really dumb list. Chatting with Nick from Battle Forge Games we were thinking of running an all bike Ork Army. Yup, all bikes, all the damned time. And Nob bikers to be exact. So dumb... but could be a hell of a lot of fun hehe.

Onto the list.

HQ: Warboss, Bike, Bosspole, Power Klaw (Bike gives him a 4+ cvr and a 4+ save on top)
PTS: 130 X 2 = 260

Elites: Nobz (6), Power Klaw (5), Big Choppa, Bosspole, Painboy Upgrade
PTS: 435 X 2 = 870

Troops: Nobz (6), Power Klaw (5), Big Choppa, Bosspole, Painboy Upgrade
PTS: 435 X 2 = 870

Total 2000 pts Total units 26, total scoring 4 (eep!)

Thoughts? I could always change around and drop down to 4 power klaws per unit with 2 big choppas and see if I can fit in another Nob squad of bikers, but I more worry about leadership tests etc. Also four 5 attack power klaws per unit sounds kinda gross. Not much will live after what is left. But other power fists are gonna suck to mess with. Still a dumb list, but it would be easy to paint up hahahaha.

More ork stuff next week as I start to build it up and see what kind of lists work best, trukks or massive boyz squads with weirdboyz attached to try and get lots of waaghs.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some ork army lists I am playing with in my head

I ended up getting another Ork Spearhead at Wonko's. They had a one day sale of 35% off and a spearhead. Hooray extra x-mas/working on Christmas and New Year's Day moneys. I say that now, seeing as I might have issues at my house with some plumbing. Ughs. But enough of that, onto some lists.

List One Trucks A Gogo!!!
Weirdboy upgraded to a warphead
PTS: 90 x 2
12 Slugga/Choppa Ork, Rokkit, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Trukk w/Red Paint
PTS: 162 x 5
20 Shoota Boyz Ork, 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
PTS: 235
Tankbustas (15), Nob, 'Eavy Armor, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 3 Bomb squigs
Pts: 275 X 2
Burnas (15), 2 Meks
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 2000

Thoughts on the list. Both weirdboys are with the Tankbusta squads. They can either be a cool zzap gun, or give more attacks if they are assaulting a vehicle, or just give them a way to have a teleportin' missile launcha squad of doom that floats around the board. The burnas are there with the other foot sloggin troops, with the trukk boys zooming around. The hope is to hide the first turn, and then pop out and use the waagh the second turn to get some boys into assault. The one Weird Boy might get attached to the Burna squad, but this would just be a test. I almost have enough models for this army. I just need a few more boys damnit.

Other thoughts, adding in two battle wagons, making the one 30 man squad into 20, putting the burnas in another battlewagon and going to town. That would just mean finding a way to convert 2 land raiders out or wait for the Battlewagon kit to come out.

But what do you think? 140+ models on the board is pretty sweet.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I bought me some Orks yesterday

I did pretty well with some Xmas money, so I decided to splurg on some Warhammer 40k stuff. Originally I was going to grab another Land Raider or some random fantasy models to make into some Chaos Demons (FU METAL MINIS), but I saw that the ork spearhead box was out and I thought, Hell I what is another 100 bucks when I want me some new ork minis damnit hehe. So yes, I bought it. And here are some thoughts on the new models.

First the truck. Holy poop... That truck is awesome. The sprue is so backed with stuff, and the model looks so neat... Crap, I already have 5 old ork trucks, and right now I am really thinking I am going to have to buy 4 more (I got one now, and a rhino truck I made a few years ago). It is just awesome looking. Can't wait to put it together and paint it up.

Next is the bikes. Damn again... Awesome models. There are just so many bits on there and the bikes themselves look so cool. Hell, I would use these for Chaos bikes, because they look so much better. Of course I would never play Chaos Bikers due to being too expensive and not really a way to get the points back as easily, but still. The models are awesome. There is this huge Chopper axe thingie, that is just begging to be used on a demon prince. I think power klaws are the way to go for any ork Nob, but hey, everyone likes their own type of Warboss/nob/etc.

The Lootas/Burnas are awesome too. I model set up is nice and the quality of the sculpts are great. It is awesome that you can take the left over burnas/lootas and add them to some boys etc and make them nice. And speaking of Boys, the 10 man kit comes with an extra set of legs for the nob, so you get 11 guys for 25. Not too bad, especially when you look at all the stuff it comes with. Rocket launcha, big shoota, power klaw, nob etc. Great fucking kit, and even though I own a lot of boys, I will be buying more of them.

The other stuff in the Spearhead box are some metal minis. There is the Warphead, who is nice looking, as is the shokk attack gun. I don't know if I will play them, but I will surely paint them up. The Tankbustas are ok. I don't like metal minis, but the new ork ones are pretty cool looking. The squig bombs are awesome. I want more damnit haha.

Next post will go into thoughts of my ork army. I have a ton of non painted ones, and want to get this army all finished up by the end of Jan, so I can play in the BFG fun tournament for Feb. I am thinking speed freaks, with 6 trukks and some battlewagons for fun. ORKS FOR THE WIN!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey here is a post... booyah!!!

I play Jason, or Bushido Red Panda last night at Ninja Pirate. He was nice enough to lend me 4 more Land Raiders to test out my Land Raider-a-go-go list. The actual list is down below, and from the game I really need to add power fists to the Khorne Bezerkers. But here is the picture, previewing the death. He brought a Mech IG army. My Land Raiders were tremblin with all the evil ordinance coming at my possessed armored hulls.

And another picture of the entire table set up. One Demon Prince was on each side to fly up and have a good time.

Jason went first and got unlucky and only popped one Land Raider. And lucky for me, it was the one without anyone in it because he penetrated and rolled a 6. No mo Land Raider there. My first turn was alright, I got some stuff not too shoot and got some Termies into assault with one of the Tanks that moved up to shoot.

But some highlights of the game. My Land Raiders Lascannons did nothing for almost the entire game. My non powerfisted Khorne Bezerkers were worthless, especially when one LD died with them in my zone. The terminators pretty much killed most of the tanks, with their chainfist and power fist love action. My Demon Princes did alright, they killed some tanks but all where shot to crap with Heavy Bolters and heavy stubbers. They made all their inv saves when hit by huge stuff, but little bullets killed them. If I wanted to rework the army for the game, I would have taken lash off and added in warptime, but hell I just brought what I made etc. The turn details are kinda meh, once I got to assaulting, it was just a slow smack fest as Jason moved around and tried to shoot me etc. He had a really crappy first turn of shooting, and I am sure the game would have gone in his favor if his guns popped the LD like they should have.

But thoughts on this list. It is fun, and very very fast. Other lists that will spank it, Stealer Rush would hurt it pretty bad. Any list without a ton of Lascannons would have issues with it. Lash can do stupid things with getting Bezerkers in range to do some damage. But Stealer rush would just stomp a mud hole in it. Rending hurts... Against Big bugs, lash pushes the stealers back, shoot the Gunfexes... Hope you don't get rushed and killed. Dakka does nothing.

I am thinking of looking into an Eldar army. I like the Wraithlord model, and the Falcons seem like a good time. Same with Harlies. I likes em. Of course, I am looking at 2 falcons (will have 3 made for well... playing more hard core tournies) with a Wraithlord all ninja'd out. Will see. I have extra cash and I a tempted... I also want a Wii damnit, but I can't find them. So I am super sad like a sad kittie... Oh well.

Enough for now, more games as I play them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today we are blogging about Lash

First things first, here are some pics of some of my Chaos army.  I have more painted up, but as you can see, I am obviously Slaneesh. Add in some Termies, some more chosen and lots more Havoks. I also have a defiler and a 10 man squad of Raptors too.

But yeah, so I play Chaos and I play Lash. I know a lot of people think Lash is pretty broken, but let me tell you, it's not. It is definitely good, but it is not format warping. The biggest issue with it, is that the power is extremely flexible. You can use it to create favorable assaults (pulling Tau suits closer so they can get to know the sweet taste of a power fist), you can drag people into range for some shooting fun, or you can just make sure those damned Genestealers are not all over your ass.

Its flexibility is what makes it so good. Also adding in the chance to pin a unit and you got something golden. But that still doesn't make it broken. You can always roll crappy and have them move 2 inches. That is why in every one of my lists, if I am planning on using Lash effectively, I always have 2 units with it. It is the only way I can guarantee that Lash should be useful. I don't know how many games I played when the codex first came out and I just had one sorceror to move a squad. The squad moved 2 inches and my poor chosen were left with their pants down thinking, "BALLS!". That is why I always try to run 2 sorcerors or Demon Princes with Lash. I am moving more towards 2 princes, due to the ability to have them both be scoring Units and the fact they are able to be more combat oriented with the higher strength and WS.

Here is a list I will be testing out in the coming weeks.

HQ: Demon prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Lash of Submission Wings
PTS: 155 X 2 = 310
TROOPS: Noise Marines (9), Sonic Blasters (7), Master Blaster, Asp Champ, Pwr Fist
PTS: 295 x 2 = 590
ELITES: Chosen (8), Meltagun (2), Power Fist (3), Asp champ, Icon of Khorne
PTS: 279 X 2 = 558
HEAVY: Havok (8), Lascannon (4), Icon of Chaos Undivided
PTS: 270 X 2 = 540
PTS 1998

Thoughts, I increased the size of squads to help compensate for massed fire from Nids and other template weapons etc. I wanted to be able to take a few rounds of shooting before having to worry about losing the important guns. The Noise Marines take the roll of killing the horde armies with tons of fire etc, with hidden power fists to help smash in combat. I was tempted to change them to a pair of Lit Claws, and I still might due to the fact that Noise Marines have an init of 5 and the ability to reroll a wound gets the amount of wounds capable to something closer to a power fist. Will be experimenting with those. But enough of that, the amount of Lascannons should mean I can take down any type of vehicle or hopefully a big bug a turn, adding in the chosen getting shots off with Meltaguns and power fists to also hurt big bugs and any vehicle they can get their meatie fist on.

But how I would play this, usually a meatie center with noise marines covering any issues with hordes advancing. The two princes pop out and hopefully Lash anything available to either the chosen or themselves. Gum them up enough in combat, hopefully lash them in a way that you can't kill the entire squad, so you can kill them during your opponents turn and have a massacre roll to move off towards them and cause even more mischief. If the army is in vehicles, hopefully the lascannons will pop any sucka mcs out and you can have your fun moving them around the table as they are entangled.

Thoughts on issues, Lots of models, but not as many scoring units as I would like. The bigger squads means that your units should be able to survive, but without some really fast scoring units, I might get boned out of some objectives and lose an otherwise winning game. I have raptors, and can always move some of the squads to lower numbers to add in a raptor squad. I've normally had a raptor squad and they usually eat it during a game. Most likely that was due to running sorcerors and wanting the Raptor squads be floating meat shields for them. But will see, this is just more testing for the up coming Jan tournaments.

But yeah, my thoughts on Lash and Chaos armies. Another Austin player, Robert, plays a Lash, Thousand Son army that is pretty gross. I think Big Bugs would probably hurt them, but hell Big Bugs hurts everyone right.

Oh another stupid Chaos list I want to test for fun. If it works out ok and is enjoyable, I might have to build the stupid thing.

HQ: Demon prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
PTS: 155 X 2 = 310
ELITES: Terminators (3), Power fist, Chain fist, Icon Chaos U, Land Raider, Dem Possession
PTS: 365 X 2 = 730
HEAVY: Land Raider, Dem Possession
PTS: 240 x 3 = 480
TROOPS: Khorne Bezerkers (10), Skull Champ, Power Weapon
PTS: 240 X 2 = 480
TOTAL: 2000

Dumb eh? But probably a lot of fun, and what your turns will take like 5 minutes hahaha. I want to test it. I would need 4 more Land Raiders and some Khorne Bezerkers. But damn, it would be fun to see running over the board hahaha. I will see if I can test it this week, just for fun. Anyone interested in playing?

Monday, December 17, 2007

First post

What is going to go up here? Well tournament reports, game reports, and other random thoughts on the game Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop.

First post is the tournament report from Ninja Pirate games on Dec 16th. It was Warhammer 40k, 2000 pts, and I decided to play my Big Bug list. For those wondering, here is what I played.

Hive Tyrant, Enh Senses, Toxin Sacs, Ext Carapace, Tw Lked Devourer X2, Pyschic Scream, 3 Hive Guard with Flesh hooks
Pts: 289 X 2 = 578 total
Genestealer Squad (6), Ext Carapace, Flesh Hooks
Pts: 126 X 4 = 504
Carnifex, Tw Lked Devourers, Enh Sense
Pts: 113 X 3 = 339
Carnifex, Bonded Exo, Ext Carapace, Enh Senses, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler
Pts: 193 X 3 = 579
TOTAL: 2000

Impressions about this army. Probably the most consistent army in the entire game. It fires an insane amount of shots and wounds a ton. That makes it extremely dangerous. Add in the best assault unit in the game with a large threat range, and it makes this army really tough to deal with. The foils to this army, Stealer Rush. In bug on bug fights, whoever has more stealers usually wins. The big bugs don't matter then, since their shooting isn't that effective against the other big bugs, due to the less chance to wound. This is the first army I built coming back to 40k. I built it for tournament play, and rarely take it out. It isn't the most fun to play against.

Onto the tournament.
Thoughts on the tournament. Well run and a lot of fun. Everyone I played was a great opponent. I got to play some new people and had a good time. Who went first was based off of the strategy rating. As you can see, I played Nids so I never won the die roll to go first. Hooray strategy 1. It is the awesome. Anyway onto the fights.

Round 1 versus Jay. He was playing Necrons, 2 Lithes, some dudes and some destroyers. 1 lord with res orb, another with a destroyer body based off a converted Talos. Nice looking model. Of course he went first and threw some wounds on a carnifex. In this game, the stealers were worthless and the big bugs just chomped down on the necrons with lots and lots of fire. I killed off complete squads so they couldn't come back. I ended up phasing him out at the end. Good game and a great looking army from Jay. Venom cannons and barbed stranglers sucked donkey. I think I got 2 hits out of barbed stranglers and maybe 4 hits from Venom cannons all game. Woot!

Round 2 vs Robert playing Eldar. We both got boned on this one, escalation. As you can see, a ton of Genestealers vs some Dire Avengers. This game went poorly for Robert and the reserve rolls pretty much hosed him. I got most of my stuff out on Turn 2, while his Farseer and other things took way to long to come out. His Harlequinns did do some damage and took down 4 Carnifexes. I ended up having 2 full Hive Tyrant Squads left, with one fex to his Farseer, Falcon without a big laser, and a War Walker squad with one immobilized. If it wasn't Escalation the game would have been closer due to the Harlies beating the crap out of any huge bug. Venoms cannons and barbed Stranglers were not as sucky as game 1, but still not normal.

Round 3 vs Frank and I would consider this a grudge battle from the last time we played in the Horus Hersey. He put a hurting on my bugs due to only having the HQ and troops in play, with everything else coming out on random board edges. This was another fun game and I pulled this one out barely. I played kinda dumb by running some guys over to his HQ that was pushed out the side. I still won though, and the Genestealers did ok. The big winners here were the Dakka Fexes and Dakka Tyrants. Venom cannons and barbed stranglers were alright in this game. Nothing to write home about, but they did kill some stuff.  

I ended up winning first with Frank coming in Second and Robert coming in Third. Woot, I beat the first and second to seal me the first place win :). Good games all around and the tournament was run very well. I ended up taking home 60 bucks worth of store credit, and grabbed another box of Chaos Marines and a box of Chaos Spawn. I need to make another Demon Prince for my Slaneesh Army. I am tempted by the alien nature of the Eldar. Will see what other army I will move onto next. I have a bunch of Orks, so obviously I will do that, but 120+ models is a ton to paint. Blargh... Later this week, Chaos army pics with army lists.