Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick post with some painted stuff

Been slow on the posting. I have been decompressing since Baltimore. You can read my post about it on Bells, I did pretty well (5th overall, 3rd Best General). I have some thoughts on changes to the list and other fun things, but I will save that for another post.

I've decided to start up some fantasy after the release of the rad Chaos Mortal knights. I always have a soft spot for Chaos, and this new book has some neat stuff in it. Will see if I can get out of the losers club and become a fantasy threat. Probably not, but hell you never know haha.

But yeah, the list is kinda dumb, but has the things I want to paint in it so who cares right? Here is my first painted unit, the warhammer Giant. Let me tell you, this model is fucking bad ass. But enough of that, onto the painting.

The next thing I painted, is a squad of Chaos Warriors because they look bad ass.

Next up is another squad of warriors, 2 nurgle sorcerers (Gonna convert from warriors), a block of Knights and maybe a war shrine (based off the corpse cart and some other horse bits). That will get me up to 2250 and will see what the hell I do from there. Most likely another War Shrine and other fun bits.

But yeah, I will post again during the week with an Ork list that might be fun, mix the bikerz with some great shootie bits to help take out the lovely walls of light vehicles that can put a damper on your day. And besides that a new list I dub the Ork Bullet. It probably won't win, but it will sure as hell be fun heh.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Final Baltimore list and other GT stuff...

Welp first of all, my ork list.

It is all painted, the serving tray, magnetic carpet ride is created, and all I need to do is figure out how to fly with this damned thing. Fun fun fun. But anyway, here is the list.

"Grakkis the Red Krusha" HQ: Warboss, warbike, cybork armor, pk, attack squig, bosspole, kombi skorcha
"Morkus the Menance" HQ: Warboss, warbike, cybork armor, pk, attack squig, kombi skorcha
"The Boyz" Troops: Nobz (3), warbikes, pk, waagh banner, painboy, kombi skorcha (3)
"Blue Meanies" Troops: Shoota boyz (29), Big Shootas (3), nob, pk, bosspole
"Blood Red Killas" Troops: Shoota boyz (29), Big Shootas (3), nob, pk, bosspole
"Blue faced Bastards" Troops: Slugga/choppa boyz (29), Rokkits (3), nob, pk, bosspole
"Evil Red Caps" Troops: Slugga/choppa (29), Rokkits (3), nob, pk, bosspole
"Krak Shootas" Elites: (15) Lootas

The thought is a pair of conjoined ork twins, that ripped themselves apart and survived. Due to their birth and their small legs, they went towards bikes as their means of locomotion. Grakkis has a bit of a big mek in him, thus his rather large and obnoxious bike. Morkus is more the leader, yelling and smacking his horde around. They say that these two have some kind of mental connection that lets them know what the others are doing, but most just think they are really lucky.

I will write up a little blurb for this and I just checked to make sure everything fits on the carrying tray. They do and so I am fully done. But it is looking like I am going to be working hard to finish up my friends Chaos army. Here comes some converted defilers using bits of a soul grinder and giant parts. They are going to be Slaanesh like, so expect some nipple piercing and other nonsense.

Here is another pic to check out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What I will be working on today?

Trying to finish the base for my soul grinder (magnets and other fun random bits) as well as 30 more slugga/choppa boyz. I am going to try and just do 10 at a time up to an wash stage since they take the longest to paint. This squad is going to be the yellow faced bastards so it will up my full horde squad to 4 30 man squads hehe. Look for my final Baltimore list this week as well as a post about it on Bells.

Other then that, I will be working on some posts for Bells of Lost souls, with a Daemon tactic and thought process coming next. Just some different takes on it and what I might try to move to next as I finish this army out. I will also be looking at some marine stuff in the future too, but I need to first get some house stuff resolved before I can even think of buying any new miniatures. I also have to buy my plane ticket for Baltimore as well as put money aside for the hotel. Looks like my little egg of money is going to get smaller haha. Oh well, that is life and I want to have fun heh. It doesn't help that I have to pay 200+ bucks to fix this clogged pipe out to the sewer at my house. Suck ass.

Oh here is the newest Soul Grinder.

And some Daemon art.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baltimore lists as well as new 2000 Ork list

The big thing, is that this is all painted for the 1750 list with some small color tweaks, as well as almost painted for the 2000 (20 or so boyz and color tweaks on some of the Slugga boyz). But here are the two lists. I hope to get some pics done soon with a much better photographer as well as camera. I can draw, and tell you what a good photo is etc, but taking it is just not my focus hah. Anyway onto lists with explanations.

1750 Baltimore List
HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Combi Skorcha
Pts: 155
HQ: Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun
Pts: 140
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Pain Boy, PK (4), Cybork, Bosspole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 550
Troops: Shoota Boyz (30), Rokkits (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (5), Rokkits (5)
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 1750 Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 3

Big Mek sits with Shoota squad in front of Lootas. Thus giving him a large enough flesh wall to protect. Lootas are there to help take down light vehicles as well as put a hurting on most squads in the game. Koptas are there for light vehicles as well as dreadnoughts and other annoying things. Big Mek is my hope versus LR's, but I always have nob bikerz that can assault it etc.

2000 Normal Tournament list

HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Combi Skorcha
Pts: 155
HQ: Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun, Ammo Runts (3)
Pts: 155
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Pain Boy, PK (4), Cybork, Bosspole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 550
Troops: Shoota Boyz (30), Rokkits (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Troops: Slugga Boyz (30), Big Shootas (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 235
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (5), Rokkits (5)
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 2000 Killpoints: 8 Scoring: 4

The big change is adding in another troop squad that is just sluggas and choppas. The big reason for this is that in reality, the missiles in a shoota squad will probably be shooting something different then the SAG. The Slugga and Choppas are also good if the big mek accidentally teleports into assault. 30 boyz mad and ready to assault is not a fun thing to see randomly assaulting something. Plus the Big Shootas will have some range most of the game as well as create a nice meat shield for the big mek. Now if I could only put a field on him too hehe.

But yeah, this means I need to finish more damned boyz, as well as some other random painting. Hopefully I can bust all this out in the next 2 or so days, so I can play it next Thursday.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gonna buy my Baltimore Ticket this Monday

Woot woot... Did some playing on Friday. Asked my girlfriend to marry me on Thursday. She said yes woot! But who cares about that right, this is a damned 40k blog hahah.

Tested out an ork army and after some messing around came with this one as the list to take to Baltimore, right now if I went in a day or two.

HQ: Warboss, Warbike, Cybork, PK, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Combi Skorcha (Had 15 points, so 3 Combi Skorchas woot!)
Pts: 155
Troops: Nobz (7), Bikes, Power Klaws (4), Combi Skorcha (2), Cybork Body, Bosspole, Painboy, Waagh Banner
Pts: 510
Troops: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkit Launcha (3), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deffkoptas (4), TWL Rokkits (4)
Pts: 180 X 2 = 340
Points Total: 1750
Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 3

Tested a list like this versus a Slaanesh force and it did pretty well. Just slowly taking bits and pieces out and having a whole lot of shots versus just about anything. Cybork armor is to help versus other power fists and other shenanigans. The big worry is dumping so much into the nob squad. It is tempting to take it down to 5, use it as a hit and run unit and get another squad of boyz or a Big Mek with a field etc. I could also knock down the Deff Koptas to 5, and just run a Big Mek with a field and Storm Boyz to be my assault hammer.

Painted wise, all I am missing from the above army is my lootas. They are getting ready to get painted up and will see how they do. I still have a special place for my nob bikerz and I even converted a new warboss bike using the Black Reach boss (I have 5 of them via trades and buying 2 boxes). Pics of the guy coming soon, I need to go find a squigg to give him an attack squig and then he will be ready.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What I might play at Baltimore

Woot, some orks. A stupid list I might play for fun. It has some power, and when thinking of all the other lists I played against, it might work out alright.

HQ: Warboss, klaw, attack squig, bike, cybork body
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Power Klaw (4), Painboy, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 510 X 2 = 1020
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)
Pts: 135 X 3 = 405

That comes out to 1725. I have 25 points left. I can add grot orderlies to each squad and then maybe a boss pole for the PK guys and have 5 points left. No idea what to do with the left over points. But hell it could be fun and just zoom zoom, with enough punch to kill mini vehicles and other random things that might piss me off heh. Plus I always have a cover save.

But the best thing is this list is fully painted already. I will post up some pics of it later on. I went on a painting craze with the deff koptas. Hell I have 15 of the fuckers after some trades and buying two boxes of black reach. Woot. I would just need to buy my Baltimore ticket as well as create a cooler tray they lay on. I just bought a new carry tray, and I might put a magnetic plate on the bottom and create some movable terrain that I can just slap on there for show. Fun times.

Here is the Deff Kopta Brigade

And a close up of the Blue Rokkits!

Oh here is a new Daemon list I might play too.

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Transfixing Gaze, Unholy Might
Pts: 225
Troops: Plague bearers (15), Icon
Pts: 250 x 2 = 500
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5), Unholy Might
Pts: 160 X 2 = 320
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (5), Bolt of Tzeentch
Pts: 205
Heavy: Soul Grinder, Phlem
Pts: 160 X 3 = 480

Pts: 1730

Again not sure what to put the 20 towards. But yeah a nice mixed list. Not too crazy, Bearers are the objective takers etc. With everything else as fast threats. I have almost all of it, except for the fiends. I am thinking of converting them from Eldar jet bikes, with absorbed riders etc. I have a possessed avatar too, that I just need to paint up. Might be something worth looking into heh.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Las Vegas GT Report

Just got back from the Las Vegas GT. Some airplane crap issues, meant I got in at 8:30 this morning. So I am tired as hell, but I cut apart the pictures and now I am readies to report on the game.

Fist I will go through the games I played and then give a few opinions on the overall feel of the game itself.

First my list.
HQ: GUO, Breath, Cloud of Flies
HQ: Epidemus
Troops: 10 Plague bearers
Troops: 13 Plague Bearers, Icon X 3
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Flies, Unholy Might, Wings, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Flies, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide X 2

Game 1: Seize Ground (Five objectives), Pitched Battle Deployment.
My opponent was Robert and he was playing Space Wolves. Great looking army and will have pics at the end of the mini report for the game. He had a ven dread, a reg dread, both with ass cannons. Some Long Fangs and a grey hunters. Some cool looking Blood Claw Bikers made to look like they are riding ATV's. A nice looking army with a very solid color scheme. I went first, the half I wanted came down (GUO, DP X2, 10 Plague Bearers, Epidemus). Dreads shot up one DP and the GUO went through and started eating on a Grey Hunter pack after finishing off the Blood Claw bikers. I killed a lot and it came down to the fact I couldn't get rid of a rhino full of Blood Claws that took one object and the rhino pushing me off another. His Venerable Dread was Immoblized within 3 inches of the one I had, and the game went to Robert. Great Opponent and a really fun game.
Score: Him 16 Me 7

Game 2: Nathan with Imperial Guard with Sisters. Annihilation with Spearhead Deployment
Probably one of the worst missions for IG. He has sisters, a command platton, some grenadiers, two hellhounds and a basilisk. He has 20+ kill points to my 9. My stuff came in and head a hard time killing some of the DP's as they slowly ate through bits of the army. Lots of funny assaults as my GUO couldn't destroy one Chimera. Again a great game with a fun opponent. I ended up with 8 KP's and he had 2 of mine. I won big here and it was a great game. I might be off on the KP's but I doubled the amount he had. Nathan, if you see I got this wrong, post up heh.
Score: Me 18 Nathan 5

Game 3: Andrew is who I played, and some might know him as Stelek. He was playing Daemon Hunters and this game was the , shit lets just get all the bad dice rolling out of the way. Capture & Control with Pitched Battle Deployment. That means hooray tied game haha. Either way, he had some Grey Knights, Inquisitor Lord and some mystics, mixed with Storm troopers and some sisters. Well, the army I wanted in came in, but everyone moved 10 inches towards his army. Normally that is fine, but when you have Grey Knights with Psy cannons ready to fire at me, well that just means everyone took wounds. I ran my guys back to my objective and we just ended the game that way. He wouldn't be able to make it to me to get the other objective, and I made sure to give him my most expensive DP to give him the most points. It ended on VP's and we split basically. I need to play him again because it was a fun game and Andrew is a great opponent. Other fun dice rolling, is I hit 11 peeps with Breath of Chaos and failed to wound anyone. Awesome!!! I also couldn't save anything. Hooray!!!
Score: Me 10 Andrew 14

Removed pic due to internet shenanigans

Game 4: I played Ken Blackwell with Daemon hunters again. Woot!!! Seize Objective and Pitch Battle Deployment Woot another objective game and an opponent with a ton of Vehicles. I know how this one ends. I kill a bunch of stuff, and the games on turn 5 with me unable to kill the vehicles contesting my objectives. If it went to turn 6, I would have killed all the vehicles as well as contest any other objectives. But alas that didn't happen and he won with more objectives then me. Good game again, and another nice army. I had fun and just pushed through the game to make sure we got all our turns. His army had an Inquisitor Lord mixed with Grey Knight Terminators (He forgot to place them :(, but he still won anyway and I had DP's left that would have put the hurt on them). He also had some marines, storm troopers, a land speeder, and a Venerable Dreadnought. Again, my armies weakness is shown with the lack of killing vehicles that push me off objectives. Scott had a Chaos lord, 3 squads of Plague Marines, Predator, Defiler, some bikers and lesser Daemons.
Score: Me 10 Ken 13

Game 5: Scott with Plague Marines. Annihilation with Dawn of War Deployment. Woot, the tally is hitting it quick. And it did. This game was a murder all the way through. The tallyman hit on Turn 3, by turn 4 it was up to 20 and everyone wounded on 2+ and had Power Weapons with a 3+ feel no pain haha. It was a great game and I had a ton of fun. Lots of stuff died and my DP's were murder for power Scott's army. I also made a lot of 4 up saves on my GUO and just watched my army just get up and going. I finally lost a fully Plague Bearer squad and one DP. I killed everything but one Rhino of Scott's. It was a crazy fun game and really helped put an end to a great tournament.
Score: Me 20 HIm 3

I ended up with 65 battle points, got a 50 on sportsmanship, and a 27 on my painting. That put me in a tie for 25th place out of 150. It was a great tournament and a lot of fun. I had 5 great games. The biggest thing I get out of the game and this Tournament is that vehicles suck to play against with objectives. It is annoying they can push me off of them and I no longer control it, but that is life and I need to find some way to get some kind of vehicle kill besides DP's. Kill points were a great advantage for me, due to the fact I had 5 units that were just about impossible to kill and collect their heads. The 2 objective missions were kinda dumb, and really hurt players that didn't have a ton of scoring or ways to get them etc. But hell, this is the first tournament and I am sure things will change. The top armies were not that great looking, and if I saw them at BFG I think they would get eaten up pretty well. Too many melta guns and other weapons that would have put a hurt on the army. Orks won the entire thing, and I think some of the massive template armies would have put a hurt on it, but hell the luck of the opponent is one of the ways to get a win hehe.

Oh here is my favorite army in the tournament.

New list if I played this army again. Dropping the GUO for more Nurgle Heralds to help deal with low armor vehicles.

HQ: Epidemus
HQ: Nurgle Herald, Palanquin, Unholy Might
Troops: Plague Bearers (10), Icon
Heavy: DP, Iron Hide, Nurgle, Wings, Gaze of Chaos, Unholy Might, Noxious Touch X 3
I think that is it, might be off some points but I need to look at the codex. This should give me a chance to pop stupid rhinos. I took out the breath of Chaos due to the fact they just sucked too much, and 3 Str 5 Ap 3 shots hitting on 2+ might end up killing the exact amount I needed. Might end up playing Orks at Baltimore, depending on if I win and can place for Ard Boyz. I don't want to take a ton of guys and then have to switch armies etc. Too much to carry haha.

Ok... that is long enough for the post. Please if I made any mistakes etc, just comment me. I had a great time. Enough... more later on this week with some thoughts on Ard Boyz and other lists. Painting this week is more orks and some Daemon stuff. Fun fun fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ard Boyz list?

Might just throw down with Daemons. I think I can borrow most of the bits and be ready for the coming week. I just need to take the day off from work damnit hehe. Damned working Saturdays... It is mucho poopie. But I get to work 4 10 hr days and have 3 days off to mess around. But hell, here is the list I am messing list.

HQ: Bloodthirster, Unholy Might
Pts: 270 X 2 = 540
Troops: Plaguebearers (10)
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Plaguebearers (10), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 175 X 2 = 350
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (6)
Pts: 210
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5)
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Heavy: DP, Mark Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Unholy Str, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide
Pts: 265 X 3 = 795
Total: 2495
Split I want to throw down first - Icon Plague Bearers x 2, 2 Bloodthirster, 2 DP's vs. 2 Plague Bearers, 1 DP, 2 Fiends, 1 Flamers

Killpoints: 12 Scoring Troops: 4

Method is Plague Bearers hit and go after objectives, hide out to keep from getting killed, and otherwise just be a nuisance. Might be worth it. I think Nurgle DP's last longer, just due to needing 6's to take wounds from Bolters/bolt stuff/etc. But yeah.

And here is an all Nurgle list.

HQ: Ku'Goth
Pts: 300
HQ: Epidemus
Pts: 110
Troops: Plague Bearers (15), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 250 X 4 = 1000
Elites: Beasts of Nurgle (4)
Pts: 140 X 2 = 280
Heavy: DP, Mark Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Unholy Str, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide
Pts: 265 X 3 = 795

Pts: 2485

Kill Points: 11 Scoring: 4
Same list with upgrades that I normally play. They stick around and there are a ton of wounds on the table at any point. Ku'Goth seems like he should be fun and a huge fat annoyance. I almost have this list, just need to "create" beasts of Nurgle. Woot here come some green stuffed Spawns!!! Woot woot. I might play this, since I think it will just be more fun. A 7 LR list would suck, thus the upgrade to Str 6 on the DP's. I think this will put a hurt on any horde based army, but will see.

Oh check out the link to the right, Grey Death's Paint Corps. I just posted a how too for the new plastic Nob from the new WD. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Friday, August 29, 2008

New list I just wrote up

For Ard boyz. Bored as usual. The whole hopla about AC has made many lists kinda... well not as fun depending on where you are playing. Just saying, anyone going to San Antonio to play, I feel for you versus good ole Brandon and his AC list. We figured out a Daemon list that would probably give it problems.

HQ: Bloodthirster, Unholy Might,
Pts: 270
HQ: Skarbrand
Pts: 300
Troops: Plaguebearers (15)
Pts: 225 X 2 = 450
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5), Unholy Might
Pts: 160 X 2 = 320
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (9)
Pts: 315
Heavy: DP, Iron Hide, Wings, M. Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Breath of Chaos, Unholy Might
Pts: 280 X 3 = 840

Total: 2495
Kill points: 10 Scoring: 2 (EEP!!!)

That should do a good number on AC. Lots of can't kill em in one hit dudes, and a ton of 4+ inv saves. Beyond that you have a ton of ways to kill vehicles, with 2 Str 8 + 2d6 guys who can reroll misses if they are near each other. Behind that pretty much everyone has a 4+ save in some way or another. The huge squad of Flamers will be great for eating whole troop squads as well as the Fiends hitting anything with 24 Str 5 rending attacks and 6 Str 5 rending attacks. Does this list look viable at all? I think it only works at 2500 points but I can almost have this list hehe. I guess I have to wait for the new plastic Daemon Princes as well as reput together a thirster model and find some representation of Skarzbrand. Or wait for his model. But hell, any list with 12 breaths of Chaos has got to make troop squads piss their pants haha.

Oh, new ork mental list.

HQ: Warboss, Bike, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Attack Squig
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Nobz (10), Bikes, Power Klaws (5), Combi Skorchas (2), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Cybork Armor
Pts: 655 X 2 = 1310
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Rokkits (2), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 175 X 3 = 525
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota (2), Deff Rolla
Pts: 120 X 3 = 360

Pts: 2495
Kill points: 10 Scoring: 5 (Woot!!)

Snikrot has been sucking lately, so screw that mess, time to mess around. All 3 squads with Battlewagons of doom running around, shooting shit and blowing up other fun stuff. Lots of bullets will be coming out of those wagons if need be hehe.

Fun times eh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Ard Boyz bit

So messing with different lists, here is the newest thought. I still have some points floating around, but here it is.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, Cybork Body, Warbike, PowerKlaw, Attack Squig
Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (5), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Grot Orderly, Bikes X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Rokkit Launcha (2), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw X 3
Elites: Kommandos (15), Burna (2), Snikrot

Ghaz attaches to Kommandoes for some hilarity of a Ghaz coming from behind and smacking shit around. If not there, then attached to one of the boyz squads. I also have 6 rokkits to deal with Rhinos, defilers, and other lower Armored vehicles.

Scoring: 5
Killpoints: 8
# Power Klaws: 15

Staggering boyz and having nice units to sit on objectives. Also I can help stop deep striking Daemons by just being a large moving army. But right now I have all of this and can easily create more horde style stuff too if needed. But here comes the boyz!!

Other changes, could be a big mek with a field to help give the boyz a little more staying power too. It would also probably allow some point tweaks to get another squad of dudes running around. Who knows.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ard boyz chat

So as we sit and design out Ard Boyz armies to test out, we have started to find small holes in the different lists.

First list off the block was the 30 nob biker army. Most armies don't seem to have much of a chance with 24 inch turbo boosting boyz and Snikrot to make the sandwich. We tested, and just found that so many things just roll up and die to this, then we found something that just crushes the bikers. Deff rolla Battle Wagons.

Any failed 4 up from the nob bikerz is a dead dude. And with a Battle Wagon causing d6 of them as they drive around, just makes for some gross idiocy. Add in a small squad of Mega Armor Nobz, and you got a nice counter assault for the bikerz, that will probably die, but will cause enough power klaw wounds to cause damage. And being cheaper, since 5 of them is only 200 points, and should be able to kill off the bikerz during one round of assault when mixed in with Ghaz. And yes, this list throws down Ghaz to give you a nice round of fearlessness and some more super killie dude. Mix in some Snikrot action, and you get a fun little game where you can attach Ghaz to Snikrot's squad. Thus when they become available, Ghaz gets to come from behind and give a massive headbutt.

So what does this mean? Well I decided to combine the lists. Many games with Nob bikerz, have shown me that I can kill 1750+ with just one squad of bikerz. Mix in two, and you can usually kill most stuff. But when you add in some other bits from the biker killing army list, and now you got something that can take out Bikerz, very easily and quickly, so you can concentrate on the other bits.

Anyway onto the list.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, bike, power klaw, attack squig, cybork body
Troops: Nobz (10), Bikers (10), Painboy, Grot Orderly, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Power Klaw (5), Cybork Body (10) X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Nob, Power Klaw X 2
Elites: Mega Armored Nobz (5)
Elites: Kommandos (8), Burna (2), Snikrot
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)

Killpoints: 9
Scoring Units: 4

Plans for the army, obviously Mega Armored Nobz with Ghaz in the BW, running around the board. And then the two Nob Bikerz running around doing damage. The two shoota squads, running towards objectives to sit on them and everything else just trying to work together. I have all of this already, so will see how it tests out.
Heavy: Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sorry for lack of posts, been busy at work

Finished up the Nurgle Daemon army enough to get some games on. Also played the "Gaming for the Troops" tournament at Dragons Lair and came in third, missing second by 1 point. I still won something (DL gives 1st and 2nd prizes, followed by a best painted for "third") and came away with a French 40k Daemon Spearhead they accidentally got haha. I gave some things away, as I don't obviously need them and will trade some other stuff for a GUO and other goodies. Hell I know could make a 10+ man Khorne Flesh Hounds and some other nonsense. I think I will make the ugly as hell Nurgle Beasts into Nurgle Heralds with a Plaguebearer/marine/etc dude riding it. Papa Nurgle for the Win!

Here is the list I brought for the 1750 games. I wanted it to be fun and people to have a good time with it. I didn't expect it to do as well as it did, but hey, there is something for when the army hits all power weapons that wound on a 2+ and are rerollable to wound hehe.

***The list has to change, the gazes on the DP's are illegal, since only Tzeentch can take two. Gazes were pretty worthless and in reality did nothing in any of the games I played. I think they killed one Marine in the first game, every other time I didn't shoot it, or the nob biker just felt no pain for it. What will I do with the extra points, Wings for the other two DP's. hehe. All gazes gone will be 60 points so another DP with wings, below is the list I played that was illegal, but overall not a point in the game. My bad to all my opponents. I was thinking they were like Carnifexes in that they could shoot multiple guns etc.***

HQ: Epidemus
Troops: (15) Plaguebearers, Icon, Musician X 4
Heavy: DP, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Gaze of Chaos, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide
Heavy: DP, Mark of Nurgle, Gaze of Chaos, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide X 4

That came out to 1745.

Game 1 was versus Ultramarines with a ton of Razorbacks. The tournament was set up to use all the missions in the new rule book in order, so this was the 5 objectives missions. I killed all his troops, except for one 5 man combat squad. That one squad sat on an objective that I could get near due to slow moving plaguebearers. If I could have, I would have tied and probably got second in the tournament. Oh well, I was on 3 of the objectives and was tank shocked off of them in the last turn :(. The new penetrate/glancing table is not my friend, but oh well, it was the weakness I saw in the army. The DP's killed all the troops and got shot up by multiple Heavy Bolters in the end. I should have killed the tanks and hoped for 6 rolls on the table to get ride of the troops around it. Oh the set up was Dawn of War, so I took first turn to burn up some dudes and hope to kill the HQ. Almost did damnit.

Game 2 was versus Jay and his Necrons. Red Bushido in the blogging circles around here. Jay played Necrons to prove to people how much they suck in 5th edition. Not an optimal list, but Jay just wanted to show easy it is to crush them in Hand to Hand. A Nightbringer was there and the set up was Dawn of War with the two objectives mission. I killed Night Bringer with two DP's with him taking one out. Hooray for Noxious touch. That is the beast. he did make 5 saves out of 7 wounds the bastard heh. Other then that, Plaguebearers came out farther and rolled well for slow and purposeful and hit a destroyer squad as well as a necron warrior squad. Bamf and there was 15+ on the tally and my guys were murdering death machines then. I would win combats by 8+ and there isn't much he can do. Phase out on Turn 4 and a massacre for me.

Game 3 was verse Jim and his ork horde. He had two small 5 man nob biker squads, and I think if he put them at 10, he would have probably won since I wouldn't be able to deal with that many. But that is just my opinion. A squad of plaguebearers assaulted a 30 man ork squad and well, the tally got to 20 real quick. The set up was the quarters one, as well as the killpoint mission. I have 8 in this list and he has 10. I won 5 to 3. Two squads of plague bearers and epidemus just hid out and never came out to play. Once the Tally hits, the bearers become beasts and can easily survive a 30 ork assault of doom. 16 points for me there and Win (15 for the win and +1 due to being ahead of kill points by 2).

What would I change with this list if I were to play again? I would probably take out the icon on Epidemus's squad. There really isn't any need for me, as well as the musicians etc. I might even take out two, as there really isn't any need, and with those two taken out, I can give wings to another DP. That should allow me more movement and a much stronger, anti vehicle threat. At 2000 points, I do get to add a GUO too, and depending on how I move the points around a nurgle herald in one of the units. Not sure if they are worth it, but will see. I wish flamers could add to the tally, but alas that is not the case.

Here are some pics of the army

New list at 1750

HQ: Epidemus
Troop: Plaguebearers (15), Icon X 2
Troop: Plaguebearers (15) X 2
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Breath, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Wings, Iron Hide X 3
Total: 1750
Killpoints: 8

List at 2000

HQ: Epidemus
HQ: GUO, Breath of Chaos, Cloud of Flies
Troop: Plaguebearers (15), Icon X 4
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Breath, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Wings, Iron Hide X 3
Total: 1995
Killpoints: 9

But yeah, there ya go.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey... with Ard Boyz coming up

I will have to prepare for that one too. So here are some thoughts on the game.

One, I will probably play some form of Orks, most likely nob bikerz. Now there are two thoughts to this list.

List A: 30 Nob bikerz with some small other stuff. Yup, 30 of the bastards. Most games I ended up destroying a ton of the army with one squad, with the other playing backup and clean up. With 30, I can effectively sacrifice 2 squads to eating the other army. 30 nobz shooting at you at 24 inches is pretty scary.

List b: Normal nob biker army, but add 3 squads of lootas, mixed with either a kill kannon BW or 2 or 3 looted Kill Kannon wagons. That's a ton of shoots to throw at any opponent, with most people having to worry about which squad to deal with, mixed with nobz coming at you fast and furious.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hobby Daemon list

This will finish off my Daemon list. I still have Khorne stuff to paint up, but I might try to trade them out with other peeps, as once I finish this army, I might not do much else to it, except maybe another soul grinder as the model is pretty sweet. But anyway, onto a Nurgle/Tzeentch list.

HQ: Epidemius
Pts: 110 (Nurgle all the way... he sits and back and looks fat and sassy)

Troops: Plaguebearers (15), Icon, Instrument
Pts: 240 X 4 = 960 (The meat and potatoes of this army, most likely just sitting on objectives and being annoying)

Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (3)
Pts: 105 X 3 = 315 (The burning hatred of the list. I've gotten all of these painted, and they should be fun and give the army, an actual chance at times)

Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Daemonic Gaze, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Iron Hide
Pts: 205 X 3 = 615 (The grinders of the list. My only hope to kill LR and other Armor 14 pains in the ass, also how I will generate some kills for the fat ass bean counter of Nurgle)

Total Pts: 2000

Again this is a Hobby list. It will be fun and just give me a chance to survive for awhile, with hopefully lots of feel no pain rolls. But either way, it should be neat. Other changes, can be 2 to 3 Soul Grinders instead of Daemon Princes. I should then have enough points for a Great Unclean one. But will see. Either way, this will get painted up quickly and should have it ready in 2 weeks at most. Pictures of it all together as the week moves on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Played a game with Nob biker list below

Played versus Colby's horde esque orks. We played for objectives, and if I had one more turn I would have won, but if you take in victory points etc, I was ahead. But I had the game for the most part after a really bloody assault of 9 nob bikerz and 1 warboss versus 60 orks with 3 power klaws.

List to see.

HQ: Warboss, cybork body, warbike, attack squig, bosspole,
Pts: 155 X 2

Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (4), Pain Boy, Waagh Banner, Cybork Body (10), Bikes
Pts: 645 X 2

Elites: Kommandos (10), Big Shoota (2), Nob, Power Klaw, bosspole
Pts: 150

Big things I have discovered, cybork body is great. Well worth it, and allows you to keep 1 nob alive per power fist/klaw save. Helps you survive and save 2 wounds from getting taken out. Other neat things, shit combat is bloody and two armor saves (reg/feel no pain) makes these guys just machines of death. Also strength 5 is pretty good for an assault gun.

Big things that didn't work out as well, the kommandos. Yeah having a power klaw is good, but not having the movement to get somewhere made the one random squad kinda enh. Right now, I am thinking Deff Koptas are going to be the way to go. Squad of 3, with twl big shootas and 1 buzzsaw would be a nice way to take out small dev squads and other small random bits. Being able to outflank, and have a huge amount of movement is going to be a huge bonus. Definitely worth testing out.

If I would play this army at 2000, I might add in two looted wagons with boomguns. I figure the bikerz, shooting out 24, will draw the most heat, with the Wagons just sitting there throwing templates. Unless of course they roll a 1. Just something else to think about for the next Eavy tournament.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gonna have to get playtesting

Gonna need to get playtesting for the upcoming Las Vegas GT. I know I know, 5th edition isn't even out yet, but at least I can throw down some lists that might make the cut when I try to not lose in Vegas haha. I should be walking by then, so be prepared for a dancin Goatboy heh.

First of all, the lists will be 1750 and dealing with 5th edition rules. So I am just going on thoughts of what might work via each game situation.

First off, my nob biker army.

Pros: Fast to play, can move, extremely tough troop choices, can spread assault very easily, good troop shooting, good assault, Any mission with Killpoints I will be at an advantage with only up to 6 kill points, Dawn of War I start with a warboss and 2 nob biker squads.

Cons: Not very many units, only 2 troop choices, can only get vehicles with power klaws, Str 9 blasts are going to suck, Feel no Pain nerfed a bit in 5th edition.

This is the army I feel like playing right now, due to the fact it is fun, can finish quickly, and being able to turbo boost around the board is pretty nifty. In 4th, it was a killer assault army, but with the nerf's of no consolidation into new combats, it will now have to hit multiple squads in hopes to leave some dudes alive that pass their leadership. Plasma is now scarier with the lack of a feel no pain save, as well as Heavy Flamers getting rid of a lot of my armor/cover saves.

Onto the first testing list.

HQ: Warboss, Power Klaw, Bike, Attack Squig, Cybork Body
Pts: 145 * 2 = 290

Troops: Nobz (10), Bikes (10), Power Klaw (4), Painboy, Waagh Banner
Pts: 595 * 2 = 1190

Elites: Kommandos (9), Big Shoota (2), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 135 * 2 =275

Total = 1750

THe big thing on this list, is the 6 kill points. If I play most other armies, they will have 12+ kill points, which means they have to whip me out and not lose much at all. And then Dawn of War will be fun, as I start with almost my entire army on the board. Harlies will be a pain, as well as some other major assault armies. Chosen squads with 3+ power fists will smash many Nobz too. I am tempted to take out 1 power klaw in each squad, and give the entire unit cybork armor for a just in case save. Any chance to save a Nob completely will be pretty good. Also with the new way of arranging wounds to a squad, I will have an advantage by putting 8 to 9 str wounds on my warboss, who can survive shoots like that, being base toughness 5. The other changes could be putting in two more troop choices in stead of Kommandos. 2 Trukk boy squads would fit, give another scoring avenue (although very weak), and make for a more speed freak force. But will test it out and see how it flows.

Other lists I am thinking about are big bugs and Chaos. Daemons will be finished, but I think they won't be a good army. Fun, but not good.

Big Bugs

HQ: Hive Tyrant, TWL Devourer (2), Ext Carapace, Psychic Scream, Enhanced Senses, Tyrant Guard (2)
Pts: 240 * 2 = 480

Troops: Genestealers (6), Feeder Tendrils,
Pts: 96 * 4 = 384

Elites: Carnifex, Enhanced Senses, TWL Devourer (2)
Pts: 113 * 3 = 339

Heavy: Carnifix, Enhanced Senses, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, Extended Carapace
Pts: 173 * 3 = 519

Basic Big Bug list. Yeah Venom Cannons can't blow stuff up, but they can kill open topped things, which is good with Orks running around. But that is where the list might change. The change to preferred enemy, makes feeder tendrils extremely useful for Stealers. Makes the Rend nerf, not nearly as damaging to them as it is too others.

Pros: Big bugs, consistent, lots of monstrous creatures, easy to play, stealers are still good

Cons: Big bugs is boring, venom cannons nerfed for the most part, horde orks are a pain, did I say how boring it is to play with? Won't get cool points for playing it either.

Chaos List thoughts

HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
Pts: 155 * 2 = 310

Troops: Noise Marines (7), Sonic Blasters (6), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Weapon, Meltabomb, Personal Icon
Pts: 250 * 3 = 1000

Troops: Noise Marines (7), Sonic Blasters (6), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Weapon, Meltabomb,
Pts: 245 = 245

Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150 * 3 = 450

Stand and shoot Chaos army. Lots and lots of templates that can shoot far, Lash to pull dudes around to make sure I can get good template hits. Might be boring, but something to test. More and more testing woot woot. But will see. Different things to try out. Must test versus horde orks for sure, since they will be a pain in the butt to deal with.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Chaos Space Marine list testing tonight

New chaos space marine list I will be messing around with tonight. Not all that competitive, but will see how 5th makes it. Might just die quickly in the first turn, but who the hell knows right.

HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Lash of Submission
Pts: 155 X 2 = 310

Troops: Plague Marines (9), Plasma Gun (2), Plague Champion, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 342
Troops: Bezerkers (9), Plasma Pistol (2), Skull Champion, Power Fist
Pts: 259
Troops: Noise Marines (9), Sonic Blaster (8), Blast Master, Noise Champion, Power Weapon, Doom Siren
Pts: 342
Troops: Thousand Sons (8), Aspiring Sorceror, Doombolt, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 304

Heavy: Land Raider, Demonic Possession
Pts: 240 x 2 = 480

Land Raider carries bezerkers and noise marines. It is just an army that uses lots of tanks and might be ok. I doubt it, but I will test it tonight. At least it is a true Undivided Chaos list. Will see and watch it crash and burn. Some games it just moves up and mauls, but a lot of games, with this style, it just sits there and eats it. Oh well, will see how it rolls. Or how I roll hah.

Hope to get some pics of the entire army tonight too. Will see.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daemon List and fun Chaos list

Hey, if you are checking this out from Bell, how is it going. I usually post some art and then army lists I plan on messing with. I do play hard lists, but most of the time I would rather have fun and just have a good game. Which normally means some kind of hobby list that just lets the game be more along the lines of what the designers want. No real winners, other then the DIce gods hahahaha.

First the Daemon List. This is an undivided list and might be slightly towards the heavy side.

HQ: Skulltaker on a Juggernaut
Pts: 175
HQ: The Masque

Troops: Plaguebearers (10), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 165 x 2 = 330
Troops: Daemonettes (19)
Pts: 266
Troops: Bloodletters (19)
Pts: 304

Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (4)
Pts: 140 x 2 = 280

Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Iron Hide, Pavaane of Slaanesh, Breath of Chaos
Pts: 180 x 3 = 540

Thoughts on this, the split is initial assault 2 Plaguebearers, And Daemon Princes with Flamers and other Troops coming in for the second, with a 6 to 5 unit split. I think I can do that, since it just says split the army with the same amount of units. Plaguebearers with Icons and then Daemon Princes to move guys around. Will see, probably will be terrible, but hell it might be fun. Other changes, get rid of HQ guys and just put in a Keeper of Secrets to increase the amount of Monstrous creatures.

And now onto my modified Chaos Undivided Fist list. I wanted a CSM army that had one of each cult troop, lots of rhinos and just a very heavily moving force. Now onto the list.

HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
Pts: 155
HQ: Chaoslord, Mark of Chaos Glory, Daemon Weapon
Pts: 140 (He rides with Bezerkers in the Land Raider)

Troops: Khorne Bezerkers (9), Plasma Pistol (2), Skull Champion, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist
Pts: 259
Troops: Plague Marines (10), Plasma Gun (2), Plague Champion, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 365
Troops: Noise Marines (9), Sonic Blasters (8), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Fist, Doom Siren, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 365
Troops: Thousand Sons (9), Aspiring Sorceror, Doombolt, Meltabombs, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 309

Heavy: Land Raider, Demonic Possession
Pts: 240
Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150

The army is meant to just have a ton of movement, hard troops and a good counter assault with a unit that can move things off of objectives. How will it do in 5th edition, who knows. All I know is that is is fully painted now and should be a lot of fun. As long as people don't bust my damned Land Raider with tank hammers hahah.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Ork 2000 pts heavy list

Been really impressed with Ork Nob bikers. They seem to race into 5th edition pretty well and I feel they will be a nice rock to some of the other paper and scissor lists in the tier environment. Here is the new 2000 point list. I am still thinking and tweaking the list for 1750 and the upcoming Las Vegas GT. Look for me to be testing it in the coming weeks as I prepare and tweak out some painting and build a board for it. But first of all...

I broke my ankle this Sunday. It sucks, but it looks like I will be on crutches for 6 weeks and should have a quick recovery and be ready to smack some peeps around for the Las Vegas GT. I was riding a scooter and tried to save it from dropping and my ankle got in the way. Ankles are obviously not as tough as the scooter, so I lost. At least I can say I am part cybork now hahah.

Onto the list.

HQ: Warboss, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Warbike, Bosspole, Cybork Body = 150pts
Pts total : 150 x 2 = 300
This the backbone of the smack, and without these guys, this list would be impossible, or at least less effective due to the need to take different troops or wazzdakka.

Troops: Nob Bikers (10), Power Klaw (4), Cybork Body (10), Waagh Banner, Pain Boy = 650
Pts total: 645 x 2 = 1290
If the warbosses are the backbone, these are the giant stompas meaty fists of doom. I went with less power klaws, due to the fact, I don't want to overally win combats anymore. I can't smash everyone and consolidate into the next squad, so what I am going to have to do is split attacks, and try to leave one squad alive that I can say I am still locked in combat with. This way I cheese it out a bit, and I am stuck in your zone, hopefully winning the rest of the combat during my opponents assault phase. I also dropped the overall amount of PK's due to the fact, I will no longer be losing attacks with opponents pulling guys from their area of attack. This allows me to get more use of my 1 attack less PK's. Also, with the sheer amount of choppas coming down on the heads of guys, I can hopefully wrap wounds around and get to the PF in their own squad and take it out first before it can take out a nob or two. This is also why I added back in cybork body. This gives me some chance to take out PK or PF attacks. Everyone one I save, saves me a nob, and in the long run with my lack of overall troops, helps keep me in scoring longer.

Elites: Kommandos (10), Big Shoota (2), Nob, PK = 135
Pts total: 435
These are the meat in the sandwich. The annoying dudes that can come from any side and just get in the way of stuff. I went with Big shootas, due to the fact with rokkit launches, I would end up paying an extra 30 points, for a lot less chance to blow something up. I am going to be hitting the butt of a lot of vehicles, and with 9 strength 5 shots, I have a good chance of penetrating most troop based vehicles, add in the fact I can still pound out a lot of shoots into some troops (ie nids) I can get more use out of these three squads. The rule in 40k is, make them roll enough, and they will eventually fail armor saves right. Also with the PK nob, I can pull my own weight in combat pretty well and smash up some guys good. Let alone other nob bikers hehe.

But that is the test for the nob biker army at 2000 points. I think it works pretty well, with the only lists I fear are other heavy PK or PF lists. IE orks and Space Puppies. Thus the reasons for the above changes as Orks are a pretty damned popular list now, and for a good reason. But yeah, try this list out in your games and you will see how heavy it is. Turbo boost first turn, and the just start killing things aright after that. 5th edition moves your save to 3+ when you turbo boost, and hell you can always take wounds on your warboss if needed. He is pretty damned tough or so I hear heh. If they did another Hard Boyz for 40k, this list would just get meaner, with more nob bikers or other dumb things added on. Come adepticon next year, I might bring this to smash up some fat titans.

Oh and here is some art real quick. I did this last week, look for more in the coming week as I get settled back home and have to find things to do.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My thoughts on the Daemon Codex

I plan on playing the Daemons in the coming months as I finish painting them up. I have a few more orks to paint up to allow my nob biker army to be fully customizable, but the Daemons are going to quickly get their paint on. I have some thoughts of them, and I think I might have an ok army that would do well in the new environment of 5th edition.

Before I go into that, I think controlling and planning your assaults will be so important in the coming edition. You are going to want to kill enough in the first round, to ensure the hit back won't be bad, and hope they stick around so you can kill them during their assault phase, so you can move more and get to another account. Also, I think splitting assaults will be a big thing, and one of the ways to abuse the sheer assault power of the daemon force.

Onto the list as I am thinking of it with explanations for each unit.

HQ: The Masque - She will be attached to the Daemonette squad and will give me a way to affect multiple units, and hopefully help keep my daemons coming out on top in the assault phase. Since she is one half of the HQ choice, my other herald is
HQ: Skulltaker on a juggernaut - He is my big baddy to take out MC's, Nobs, and other nasty units. His auto killing ability will be great vs any multi wound creatures, and he is one of the few guys that the Rending Nerf isn't nearly as killer as it is for the others. He is attached to a Bloodletters squad.

Troops: 19 Daemonettes - Icon of Chaos : Flesh bags for the Masque to be protected. A nasty unit in HtH versus marines and smaller, elite assault squads (ie not orks). Good for putting 5+ wounds on something. With the Masque and their running around ability with Pavanne, a nice support style unit. Also good for a counter assault

Troops: 19 Bloodletters - Icon of Chaos : The meat with Skulltaker. A scary assault unit and a threat that will have to be dealt with.

Troops: 20 Plaguebearers - Icon of Chaos : The scoring unit, tie up unit, maybe a shooting magnet. One of the units I want down first, since most likely the icon will survive for awhile.

Elites: 5 Flamers of Tzeentch - Bolt of Tzeentch : My elite Jump troop that will be annoying and bring some paint to troops in cover. I want them to hit in the back, and then jump out and around, causing some annoyances. The 4+ inv save might also make them really annoying to deal with.

Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Iron Hide, Master of Sorcery, Daemonic Gaze, Breath of Chaos X3 - Really expensive, but very annoying and hard to deal with. I want them to hit down, cause some scary thoughts and make my opponents play incorrectly. There will be games where they just live way to long and bring down too many tanks/hard to kill creatures. The shooting will come in handy, since they can flame the squad and then shoot them with 3 str 5 ap 3 shots.

I am not sure about this list, as it will most likely change as I play it, but it might be a fun starting off point. I think the Daemons have some potential, they just need a lot more work to get them playable.

Thoughts, ideas?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bit of an update and stuff

If you go to Austin Miniature Minions you can check out a ton of new art I've done up. And I am hoping to get my wordpress/art blog started soon with new comics and other bits and pieces. It should fun. But enough of that, 40k stuff.

So I have finished the first initial Nob Biker army of doom. It worked pretty well and it ended up being a pretty much Hard Army. The sheer toughness of the army and the amount of punishment it can dish out is pretty damned gross. For those wondering what I am talking about here is the basic list.
HQ: Warboss, Cybork, Warbike, Attack Squig, Power Klaw X2
Troops: 10 Nobs, Warbikes, Waagh Banner, 9 Power Klaws, Pain Boy, Grot Orderly, Bosspole X2
Elites: 14 Kommandos, 2 burnas, Snikrot

Which hits at 2000 points. The biggest thing I can tell from all of this, Snikrot, while cool, isn't as good as I wanted him to be. He doesn't have a power klaw. If he had one, he would be gross. There are many games where he just couldn't kill anything and ran away. So poop on that. The 1750 list I played at DL had 4 less power klaws, less Kommandos, and small bits taken away. It was pretty gross, I won all 3 matches, but not by enough to win the entire tournament. Kinda poopie, but hell I won the best sportsman/painting thing so I didn't go away empty handed. I did come in "second" in total points, but didn't have enough victory points to get the actual second place. In all three matches, one nob squad lost one dude to take them at half strength which, took me away from larger victories. But hell, I at least won 3 games and did get something.

New list for 1750 and 2000 is below.
HQ: Warboss, Cybork, Warbike, Attack Squig, Power Klaw X 2
Troops: 10 Nobs, Warbikes, Waagh Banner, 4 Power Klaws, Pain Boy, Bosspole X 2
Troops: 10 Shoota Boyz, Nob, Power Klaw, Trukk w/ Big shoota X 2
Total Units: 43 - Kill Points: 6
This will give me some more needed movement and scoring capability. Also it will allow me to have more Power Klaws that can get over to different areas to shoot.
HQ: Warboss, Cybork, Warbike, Attack Squig, Power Klaw X 2
Troops: 10 Nobs, Warbikes, Waagh Banner, 5 Power Klaws, Pain Boy, Grot Orderly, Bosspole X 2
Troops: 12 Shoota Boyz, Big Shoota, Nob, Power Klaw, Trukk w/Big Shoota X3
Total Units: 60 - Kill Points: 7

What are kill Points? 5th Edition will show you. But I think the 1750 one I will be playing at the Las Vegas GT. Fun times to show how gross Nob Warbikers are.

Daemon list coming in a few weeks. It is the next army I am going to work on, besides the shoota boyz and trukks I need to paint up. Look for an article on speed painting on Bell of Lost souls coming in a week or so. If it does well, might end up doing more. Will see. Maybe some drawing bits.

Here are all the lords in one big picture.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bit of an update

Just finished all the art for the Bell of Lost Souls campaign. I have a few things to tweak and some extra characters that might come up, but either way it means I got time again for more drawings. Fun times. So starting next week some new drawings. Maybe some icons for peeps to use and other fun stuff.

Anyway played a game today with my ork army of biker doom. I played versus Adam's Eldar force. 2 Falcons, 2 Wave Serpents with Dire Avengers, Farseer with Warlocks on bikes, fire dragons in the falcons, 2 vypers, and other fun stuff. Not as terrible of an eldar list, but still stuff. I had 2 10 man Nob Biker squads with 7 power klaws and painboy in each. 2 Warbosses with klaw, attack squig, bike, etc. And then a 14 man Kommando squad with Snikrot. It is the Ork Sandwich of doomz.

Turn 1: I rolled to go first, so I turbo boosted. He shot at me a bunch, I lost 2 dudes. Dire Avengers did one wound after all the saves.
Turn 2: I got there, killed the Farseer and his warlock squad, took down a Vyper, stunned both Falcons and killed all but 3 of the dire avengers. Snikrot came in and helped stunned one vyper and take down the farseer. He moved all away and ran as far as he could go, my biker squad finished the dire avengers and massacred towards the a wave serpent.
Turn 3: We called it, due to him trying to move away, not being able to shoot to keep out of range, and i would grab and smash anything I got ahold of.

So what did I learn about my army. If I don't fail the leadership check after some initial shooting, I should smash a lot of stuff. Feel no pain on really tough bikers that move really far, make for some gross games. Also the sheer amount of 2 wound models, makes for a bit of a gross fight. Still have to test more and see if this is a hard army or a hobby list.

Changes that might occur to the list, take out all the cybork body stuff on nobs, and then everyone can have power klaws, accept the Pain Boy. Might be fun, still worth testing etc. 5th edition will knock down the # of attacks, but will see.

Here is the list again.
HQ: Warboss, cybork body, power klaw, bike, attack squigg
HQ: Warboss, cybork body, power klaw, bike, attack squigg
Troops: 10 Nobs, 10 Bikes, Pain Boy, 9 Power Klaws, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Troops: 10 Nobs, 10 Bikes, Pain Boy, 9 Power Klaws, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Elites: 13 Kommados, 2 Burnas, Snikrot

I think that is 2000, have to mess with my excel to be sure. Anyway that is the list, anyone want to test?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi there, hope people enjoyed the painting how too.

Hope to get another one done for my pink Slannesh Chaos marines. Beyond that, I have to finish the ork bike army so I can play it and test it out. I don't think it will be all that good, but damn it will be a lot of fun. And I am sure I will have those games where I seem to make all my cover saves/feel no pain and just go assaultin through everything in my way. It will be funs haha. Things left to do for it... 1 biker for the red squad, 1 Warboss (Gonna make a mechanical squig for it, might end up doing something with a sentinel... hrm... for a super fast walker thingie...) and 8 more bikers for the blue squad. Fun stuff. I will post an update for the list later on this week.

Beyond that, I bought the 40k daemon spearhead. The Soul Grinder is rad, and most likely it will be end up being the second defiler. The army list I want to play for daemons follows.

HQ: Skulltaker, Juggernaut (I got the 1 soul grinder and skulltaker, smash it up bammo)
Pts: 175
HQ: The Masque
Pts: 100
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Pavanne of Slaanesh, Unholy Might, Soporific Musk
Pts: 95
Elites: (3) Flamers of Tzeentch, 1 Bolt of Tzeentch
Pts: 135 X 3 = 405
Troops: (20) Daemonettes, Icon of Chaos, Instrument of Chaos
Pts: 310 X 2 = 620
Fast Attack: (5) Flesh Hounds of Khorne, Karanak
Pts: 110
Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Gaze
Pts: 165 x 3 = 495
2000 Pts

How would I split this?
Main list:
The Masque, 1 Daemonettes, 1 Flamers, Flesh Hounds, 2 Daemon Princes
Skulltaker, Herald of Slannesh, 1 Daemonettes, 2 Flamers, 1 Daemon Prince

This way it would split and both would work out right and both would play fairly similar. The thoughts would be the flamers pouring down fire and if they get close, flame the shit out of stuff. Daemon princes are moving dakka with a gross flame attack that can target another unit. With a 4+ inv, they have a good chance to survive just about anything and be something that should have a ton of fire poured into it. Daemonettes will hopefully get left alone and the Pavannes going off should have my opponent reeling as I move stuff around. Will see.

What do I need to buy with this list? 3 more boxes of Daemonettes, find a way to make a cool Herald, and build one more Daemon prince. I like this one thread of Dakka that has a Daemon prince getting made out of a sentinel, so I might take that idea and put my own twist on it. Hopefully this army will be fun. Either way, it will let me get some daemons to mess around with my normal chaos stuff.

Rework of Chaos fist coming later on this week. Also with more art. Fun times.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How I paint and stuff.

Hi there, today I am going to throw up some stuff about how I paint things fast. The dry brush/wash way. This way allows me to bust through entire squads in a bit over an hour and a half. It isn't the cleanest way, but for orks and chaos it can be a great time saver.

So here we go.

First I spray my models black. I prefer black, since most of my color schemes go towards a darker color base. It is also easier to work with metal. But I spray my models and make sure they are full coated etc.

After doing the black base coat, I go ahead and start my ork base colors. I do this kinda sloppy, since I can easily fix any mistakes easier. For these bikers, I use a catachan green for the base ork color. I like to use this, because this is a duller color, and really looks good with a nice highlight hit from the lighter green I use.

Here is the rest of the base colors. Brown for the boar fur/pants. Tin Bitz for the metal as a base coat. And an Antique/Bleached bone for the base of the skulls etc. I drybrush the skulls, since I want some of the black to show through. If I was a bit heavy, I might go over it with a flesh wash or a brown wash, but I was doing alright today.

Now it is on to the first level of high lighting. The ork green is hit with a very light, almost limish green. i like to do this, because I know I am going to bring it down with a wash and this really gets the highlights hit and makes my orks stand out a bit. I hit the brown with a light snake bit brown and start to use some more antique/bone white to highlight smaller bits of the tin Bitz. I also mix in some boltgun metal on the metal bits. I really want this stuff to look rusty and kinda cobbled together from whatever metal they find.

Now on to some inking. You can see the ork flesh take shape here.

Now to another highlight layer, with the same green to bring out the flesh and other small bits of dry brush highlighting. I also use a small pen to help add black lines to distinct parts of the model. This helps break apart the model a bit, and give you a way with a really controlled line. Some say it is cheating, but I say, use whatever you have available to make a good looking model. And I also say pants are for the devil so I might be crazy.

Add some rocks and wham you gots em based. Total time, about an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey everyone

Right now, still recovering from the crazy drive to Chicago for Adepticon. I had a good time, and mostly good games. I wasn't too happy with some of the Team Stuff, but it doesn't help that the army I played wasn't in my style, and that a lot of armies we played against, were not that much fun. But the Gladiator games were awesome and had a great time with my opponents.

So a quick run down of each game as I remember it.

What I played
Slaneesh Chaos army.
2 Demon Princes, Slaneesh, Wings, Lash
3 squads of 3 obliterators
2 Squads of Noise marines, with blast master, sonic blasters and a champ with power fist/doom siren
2 squads of Chosen with Mark of Khorne, 2 meltaguns, power fist etc
1 Squad of Chosen with Mark of Undivided, 2 plasma guns, power fist

Game 1 vs a Nurgle Army ran by a cool player named Mike. It was an escalation game, and that hurt his army a lot. Most of his stuff was in reserve and I ended up killing all icons when his greater demon and one squad of demons was supposed to come in. They poofed and I just took apart the tiny bits of his army that were in. All of mine started on the table accept for the demon princes. Max points on that one.

Game 2 vs a IG army with a Baneblade vs David. I lost this one, and just couldn't kill the bane blade even though I assaulted it twice with a demon prince. IT moved six inches so I need a 4+ to hit and only hit once on each attack and didn't penetrate. So that was a nice loss there. No points earned. Really nice army and a really great opponent.

Game 3 vs a Tau player named Anton. I had the game for most of it, then his movement just took over each side. I think I might have had more points, but I messed up. Good game and if I could have rolled a 4 for a massacre for one demon prince, it would have been a much better game. I was a bit too aggressive and my slow army couldn't respond to the fast movements of my opponent. I got 3 points that game. Nice looking army and a good player. Knows the Bell of Lost Souls guys and likes Austin. Might move here at some point too.

Game 4 vs a Witch Hunter's player. Good game and an awesome painted army. Really nice and a good player. His son was rolling his dice for him, and he had some really unfortunate rolls here and there. It was fun playing them and had a good time. He is from Louisiana and I think his name was Eric. I don't remember haha. Either way, it was fun and a good game. I won on that one.

So all in all, I went 2-2 and really should have gone 3-1. But oh well, that is life. Again this makes me want to look at a much more mobile list, with a better fist to hit the opponent. Lists to come.

Team Tournament was not that much fun. Instead of nice armies, I just ended up seeing a lot of cheese. But here you go, with a bit of a report.

Game 1 vs Dark Eldar. Me and Nick played this team, guys were cool and the army was nice looking. 3 Webway portals is gross though, as is 19 dark Lances. Our small elite force was scared, and pretty much I hide my land raider and rushed out on the last turn to take over the center and win some points. Again, this showed me I don't like a list like this, and next time we are playing something more fun.

Game 2 vs Not really Pre Heresy Chaos. These were young opponents and a rule calling lost us the game. It sucked, but hell that is life. Big issue, is that they had an empires children, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, and something else, but all sorcerors had lash of submission. So instead of having the correct leader types, he just cheesed it out to be the most powerful. Annoying game, but not terrible opponents. Still, not very themed. So Poo on that.

Game 3 vs Drop Pod marines. We won this one, but really, 13 drop pods apiece. 3 drop Dreadnoughts? Screw that. We won because we moved out and just was able to assault crap and blow it up. Still not the most fun game and the guys didn't know the rules really at all. Brandon and Nick got cheesed out and had different bits sniped out by the wall of drop pods. Just not a fun list and again more reasons why people can just build crap armies.

Game 4 vs some Mech Eldar. F this game. 3 Falcons in a team game? Screw that shit. F the eldar on this one. Basically they hide their main force and flew around shooting us. We quit and just said screw that. Bad game and just no fun to play.

So that went 2-2 with one game just being a big old F-bomb on all of it. Ugh.. so screw mech eldar. I am building a no Falcon eldar list. Overall a fun weekend, I didn't lay on Sunday because I hung out with friends on Saturday night. Stayed up to 5:45 in the morning. Bars there close at 4am, so I was up for awhile haha. But I still had fun and a good time. Will I go again? Sure, but this time we are having a team list that is a lot more our style. Might be a huge nid swarm list like they should be, or an Ork list with floating monolith ork creations I am going to work on heh.

Biggest annoyance... too much Big Bugs and Mech Eldar. Ork Horde is next up, so will start bitching about them too at some point. I still like my Chaos and will keep on working on a heavy list I feel is a good strong hammer to smash the opponent with. I will post up my next list in a few days, I wrote it, and I think it will be fun to play.

Oh onto some art. First, Dark Angels terminator and then a big bug.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some updates of arts!!!

Different stuff just randomly done as my freelance has slowed down as of late. So yesh.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some minis I have been painting

First, the first Eldar figure. The forces idea is that originally this strike force had an Avatar, but after fighting with a Slaneesh force, the avatar was consumed by a Greater Demon of Slaneesh. The Eldar force, in-tuned with the Avatar, rushed to go save it and is thus lost in the folds of the warp. Should be fun to paint up, but here is the first Banshee test as they are getting influenced and burned by Chaos.

Next we have the new obliterators I have been working on. I don't like the metal ones for a few reasons.
1. I hate metal models
2. They look like they are all taking dumps on their bases
3. They cost way too much $

So instead, I converted some terminators. Hooray green stuff and random bits. They are 9 total, and here are the last 3 I worked up. GW Metal ones $22*9=198, Terminators + green stuff and bits = 100+12+0=112!!! Savings!!! Hooray!!! Anyway onto the minis.