Monday, July 27, 2009

Woot more ork stuff -

Don't worry, IG is going to be starting in about 2 weeks or so. Then it will be seas of army guys in blues, greens and greys. And some brownish colors in dark grey style. It should be fun. My current work schedule is changing, and I am moving towards a 3pm to midnight shift. I get more pay, but it means no more late Thursday game sessions or drinking on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays? Well it all started with I was getting a divorce and a bar's 2.50 25 ounce beer special. The new change will give me more time to paint as well as work on other things (like comics and other nonsense I have been putting on the shelf for 2 years). The plan is to try and get 10+ guys done a day with a vehicle or two. Will see if I can keep it up. Beyond all of this I need to get my 4 other battle wagons built and ready to paint in case I change my mind for Bolscon. Currently thinking of the following two armies.

Ork - Wave of Metal!!!

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Big Mek, Field
Elites: 5 Meganobz
Transport: Trukk
Elites: 5 Meganobz
Transport: Trukk
Troops: Nobz (6), Painboy, Cybork, Waagh, Kombi-Skorcha (2), Power Klaw (3)
Transport: Battle Wagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram
Troops: 19 Boyz, Big Shoota (2), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: 19 Boyz, Big Shoota (2), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: 19 Boyz, Big Shoota (2), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram
Heavy: Battlewagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram

Bile - 2.0 whatever
HQ: Fabius Bile
HQ: Kharn
Elites: Possessed (7), MoT, Asp Champ, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Plasma Gun (2), Personal Icon, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Plasma Gun (2), Personal Icon, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Melta Gun (2), Perosnal Icon, Rhino
Troops: CSM (10), MoK, Bile Upgrade, Melta Gun (2), Asp Champ, Pwr Fist, Rhino
Troops: CSM (10), MoK, Bile Upgrade, Melta Gun (2), Asp Champ, Pwr Fist, Rhino
Heavy: Obliterators (3)

Might drop one plasma plague marine squad for lesser daemons, but who knows. First list needs BW and converted 5 man meganob squad, the other needs well... Not to be something I am playing.

Oh and threw random chat I came up with my Marine armies name (hoping it makes me finish them) - the Fistas!!! They are imperial fists. Hehe.

Pics and other bits.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welp the orks and Arbites got there

Small bits of breakage - but all on glue seams (yay!) - Both were rather large orders, the orks had a ton of metal bits (Ghaz, Snik, 9 Killa Kans, 10 Meganobz, my hatred of metal minis) and the arbites had a ton of vehicles in it. But they both made it there with minimal damage. It is easy to ship 10 guys, but when it gets into the 60+'s it might be worth it to just buy a sabol or battle foam case, box it up and send it on its way. Hehe. but enough of that - here are some of the things I did this end of weekend and beginning of this week. Right now it is in a lull period as I await the coming of the IG orders of doom. Lots and lots of tanks and army dudes are hitting my studio as well as the painters I work with. Fun times indeed! Besides this I painted 3 Chaos Knights I forgot to take a picture of. Also some Deff Koptas will be coming in a day or so. Woot hooray for paint drying fast!

More this weekend and a bunch of other things as I look at the end of the Ork order and see the coming of the steel treads of doom.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I did this week - besides hurt my damned ankle again

As some of you know, last year I broke my ankle pretty bad. Popped it off and it was hanging on the side like a meat sausage full of bone and gross bits. It got fixed, 6 months later I was able to walk alright and slowly jog. Fun times. Now of course I am messing around in the backyard to clean shit up, and I accidentally roll the bad ankle. I scream, cuss, etc but it feels alright enough and I continue on. It hurts, but not bad. Then of course I do it fucking again. Screw the back yard I am coming inside. It hurts like hell, but isn't swelling so I think I just really pissed it off. I can walk slow, so it should be good by the middle of the week. You don't know how scary it is to look up and see your ankle hanging there not attached right. But oh well - and if you want the story of how, come ask me during Bolscon.

But enough of that - this week I did a lot of cool shit. Finished 10 meganobz and a BW for the ork army to add to the Ghaz as well as snikrot and extra BW. Fun times. Shit I am becoming a machine with ork stuff. Beyond that I did some art stuff for a banner as well put together some Chaos Termies and 3 more Chaos Warrior Knights for this week for me. Fun times to get to work on some of my stuff :).

The rest of the week will be some shoota boyz, maybe some marines and looking at starting up and finishing some IG stuff for an upcoming client. I was asked about some necron stuff, so look for that too. Other FOM guys are doing some FW Ork Warboss when it comes in and a Lysander at Tier 3. Hope to get some pics of that as soon as they get in :).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goatboy's Weekly Painting thoughts and Painted Stuff!!

Welp - finished some stuff this weekend. I had a rush VC order to do, a new rush Ork order to finish up, and a bunch of Future IG stuff too. Fun times eh? I figured that the mass of Army men will be coming to my door soon enough, and it looks like now is the time. I am taking over for one of my artists, that wants to just do large stuff (vehicles and other more conversion things) so this means more stuff for me to do. Woot. Luckly I am pretty fast so it won't be that big of a deal. And a lot of the stuff isn't rush things. So look for lots of IG squads coming in the future.

But enough of that, you want to see some stuff eh?

First - The 3 VC characters - the one with the banner is on a Iron Halo base, which we are going to start offering for clients in the future.

More for the orks - Ghaz and Snikrot

And a better picture of the Arbites from awhile ago.

Fun times indeed.

Future plans for this week

Finish banner for a client

Orks - Chris Rocke
Finish BW top bits - big shootas and top cover - wagon is done
10 Meganobz - getting them in today or tomorrow - finish them by the weekend, similar scheme to Ghaz
Finish BW coming in that is primed with Meganobz shipment

Me - Woot!
Finish 3 Knights from WOC
Add Chaos Lord to right base for Daemonic Steed (Fits better)
Put together 5 Terminators

Coming Weeks

IG - Luis
Get pieces purchased to give to painters and start

IG - Finish Cody project
20 Guys
5 Command guys

Orks - Chris Rocke
15 Kommandos
1 more BW
3 Deff Koptas
Converted Warboss on Bike/Kopta
And whatever else is sent

Will - High Elves
2 Lion Chariots (might get at them this week, but looking like not due to rush jobs)
And other High Elf stuff

Me -
Finish board for Bolscon

IG - Death Korps
In talks with this commission - will see.

Woot - busy times for me eh?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forgot to post new painted work

As well as some stuff I finished this week. I forgot to get these two VC stuff photographed, so I might have to not give them to the guy till Saturday or something. Damnit. I knew I forgot something. I was busy with wedding stuff so it kept me busy last night. I did finish the Valk so that is all good in the hood. Beyond that, I drew up two things for the same Arbites guy as well as finished up two spawn for Bushido Red Panda. If anyone is interested in art - shoot me an email. I work pretty quickly as you can tell.

In the coming months I will most likely have a ton more ork stuff (3 Kans hoping to come this weekend), my own personal Marines, and maybe some Death Korps guys from a large order. All Forgeworld stuff which is pretty neat to paint up.

But yeah some painted stuff.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Woot - sorry for the lack of Updates

Been somewhat busy, with 4th weekend, wedding stuff, and trying to finish stuff -

Currently on the block -
Ork Order - 3 Killa Kans, 2 BW - 1 Kan together, 1 half, other in pieces
Arbite Order - Valk - (put together, base done, need to paint) - plus some drawings for the guy
Some of my own stuff - Maybe Thirster, maybe some daemons - maybe some art

I have gotten some emails about future stuff, so stay tuned for some more nonsense coming down. Last week I finished - 2 Vampire characters, 3 oblits (conversion to paint), Chaos Vindicator as shown, and some more art. Art above woot.

This week might be busy, ard boyz, wedding to go too, my wedding stuff to do - shit lots of fun eh? Hope to get some time to finish up some art stuff and just chill out. Thank goodness my tv shows are back (Burn Notice, True Blood, Hung, Top Chef Masters, The Fashion Show, Royal Pains). It is amazing what a week without some cool shows to watch does to me. I needs me some entertainment damnit! But yeah - look for an update I hope on Thursday with some new freshly painted shiznit. Woot.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I did today

Drew something none 40k related, which is up too and finished my Possessed for my Bile army. Now to complete the stupid army I need to mod and paint up one more rhino. Woot, as well as finish all the other stuff for customers (I swear the Valk is up, stupid big flying model).

But yeah, possessed - small update for today. And a vindicator built by a customer and painted by me. Some more work will get done on it too.