Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Paint Things!

And Do Arts - YAY!!!  Man work has been nutty.  I am still painting stuff - just not nearly any time to just chill, relax, and bang out some blog content.  But oh darn - better late then never.

Paint list

Most likely nothing - but still planning armies - which you will see down below
Some Artwork for a 30k event in New Zealand
BOLS article

Greg S
More Marines plus Knight and stuff - gonna start building the knight this weekend - but with family in town for boy's baptism will see.

Brandon V
More LoTD stuff - 5 more pods - and as they are built I will probably paint one of them soon.

Ryan H
Woot - 5 Wulfen left to finish this off - yay

Mike K
Space Sharks

Some stuff - so much marine stuff I need to get a palette cleanser and see when and what he wants.

Maybe some infinity stuff for a coworker - will see.  He has built them all so I am less upset.

Let's talk about current working on lists - the first is one I am going to test out in a week or so.

FMC Daemons - Return of the Murder Murder!

Daemonic Tetrad - Formation
Daemon Prince of Khorne, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Armor
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, Greater Gift, Exalted Gift, Lvl 3 Caster
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Wings, Greater Gift, Exalted Gift, Lvl 3 Caster, 3++ Robes
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3 Caster

Daemon CAD
The Masque
Nurglings X 3
Nurglings X 3
Nurglings X 3

The Masque is there to keep Deathstars going a bit slow and to cause issues to other "big" things etc.  She might Survive to do something too - so will see.  I kinda wish I could be an Incursion Host thing - but there isn't really a Core Cheap enough to get that and Fateweaver shoved in.  Still it would be fun.

Next up is a decision to go KDK or Incursion for Dog Swarm.  I am leaning towards Incursion as the objective "holding" might be very strong - as is the ability to control the Warp Storm into busted configurations.

Incursion version of the Barkageddon of Blood

Incursion Force
Murder Horde
Herald, Jugger, Locus of Wrath, Exalted Gift
Dogs X 5 - X 8

Aux - Karanak

Daemon Lord - Fateweaver
Daemon Lord - LoC, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Level 3, Impossible Robes
Daemon Lord - LoC, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Level 3

Cover the table in dummies - has 2 Bad Ass MC's that are hitting at strength 8 with their Staves.  One has a 3++ save so that is pretty awesome.  Plus I can summon stuff as needed and have a ton of doggies to throw in the way. The Herald is all about throwing Grim on something if needed too.

Next up - Super Killer Death Star

Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Blood Claws, Rhino
Blood Claws, Drop Pod
Wulfen X 10, Hammers X 5, Axe/Gun X 3, Leader upgrade
Drop Pod
Quad Morter Battery X 3

Sisters of Battle CAD
The Saint
Priest, Litanies of Faith
Sisters X 5, Meltagun X 2, Rhino
Sisters X 5, Meltagun X 2, Rhino

Culexus Assassin

I call this the Death Star breaker.

Lots of goofy stuff - thinking about ATC is why.  Woohoo.  Now some models and other goodies to look at.  The last Wulfen should be done in a day or two - plus more art.

Models to look at

LoTD Drop Pod

Space Shark Test

Never ending Space Wolves!

Artwork to look at too!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

La La La - making da Posts - Whoa - close a week - hooray!

Today was a long day - lots of random chores, going around to places, and doing some boring quote stuff.  But hey I got it done - did some art and might even get to paint a few things tonight - will see.  Overall not a terrible weekend.  Had a long work week as I was in a meeting and still doing work - on a laptop.  It helps to have 2 monitors but I got stuff done and lots of free food as the bosses were in town.  Woot woot!

I still got models done after coming home so it wasn't all champagne dreams and caviar wishes.  With that in mind lets look where we are at right now.

Knocked out the Frontline Art and some other art things so that is good.
Got an Adepticon team art to do this week - so have to knock that out
Need to figure out BOLS next week article.  It will depend on what is out this week.
Maybe - just maybe work on something for myself.  Will see.

Mike K
Space Sharks

Greg S
More marines - and a knight - need to build a lot so it will take a bit to get started

Ryan H
Finish off the Space Wolves - got some bikes and blood claws to do - so not too much left.  I expect them to all be done the week after - will see.

Brandon V
More random LoTD converted marines - some pics down below as I opened up the box to verify some things are still alive.  Plus I got to paint that old Tiggie Smalls model I always like to paint

Some random Necromunda left to do and a ton more Iron Hands - will be building some for later on in the week as a palate cleanser from all the Space Wolf Grey

Other random stuff

Nick R
More marine stuff - stuck a bit as he isn't looking at playing for a bit - but will knock out the half colored marines.

I have some other emails going on that might bring in some other work.  It never ends for the Goat as of late which is a good thing.  Lately with work getting me more money it means less and less the miniature painting/art serves as a monthly bill/why did we go out to eat so much costs.  Its great and hopefully my promotion will get done soonish and I will feel a lot more secure.  And I get to save more instead of just hoping my 401k doesn't eat it.  Hooray beer and being an Adult.

Kid stuff is going good.  I am thankful my son is healthy and happy.  I know some buddies have had some kid issues and I hope the best.  Its stuff like that, that hits me as I just always liked kids.  I knew I was going to be a dad when my first response to a crying baby is trying to help it - not get mad that it is crying.  The boy has been extra daddy focused lately and it makes me feel awesome - even though he is dinosaur yelling in my ear and trying to take my glasses.

Ok enough of that - some random list thoughts.

Its hard trying to think of new lists to use and abuse.  I really enjoyed that Wulfen X 3 with 3 Land Raiders list.  It won't survive the Meta but it sure is a lot of fun heh.  Been looking at Iron Wolves and doing dumb stuff with that.

Swiftclaw Strikeforce
Iron Wolves
WGBL, Thunder Wolf, PFist, SS
Blood Claws X 5, Razorback, TWL Ass Cannon, All the Fixin's
Blood Claws X 5, Razorback, TWL Ass Cannon, All the Fixin's
Land Speeder, Typhoon ML, MM
Land Speeder, Typhoon ML, MM
LF X 2, Razorback, TWL Ass Cannon, All the Fixin's

Wulfen X 5, SS/Hammer X 3, Wolf Claws X 2, Guns X 2
Wulfen X 5, SS/Hammer X 3, Wolf Claws X 2, Guns X 2

Fenris Wolves X 15, Cyber Wolf
Fenris Wolves X 15

Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Blood Claws X 5, Drop Pod
Blood Claws X 5, Drop Pod

You have multiple little death units that run around, a ton of shooting, and a lot of warm bodies all over the place.  The two Objective secured Drop pods will be annoying for people to deal with.  Plus - it just has a ton of bodies to move around.  I don't know if I will have time to do anything with it - but it looks interesting enough.  I get the feeling I will be playing the GK thing for a bit longer.  Especially if all I need to do is swap some Halberds onto some guys.  That seems to be the missing piece.  Or I play Knights and friends.

Still this is the "fixed" dumb idea Land Raider list

Land Raider Spearhead - Iron Hands Edition
Land Raider, MM
Land Raider Crusader, MM
Land Raider Crusader, MM

Iron Priest
Iron Priest
Grey Hunters X 5, Wolf Standard
Blood Claws X 5, Drop Pod

Wulfen Murderpack
Wulfen X 7, SS/Hammer X 5, Wolf Claw X 1, Guns X 1, Char Upgrade
Wulfen X 7, SS/Hammer X 5, Wolf Claw X 1, Guns X 1, Char Upgrade

I am under 42 points - so no idea what to throw in there.  I could do something else dumb but heck this looks goofy as all hell.  The 2 Iron Priests ride with the Wulfen in the Crusaders.  They will hit like a ton of bricks when they get into something.  I could upgrade the Drop pod to Grey Hunters and a Melta gun.  Or get a WG guy in there with a Combi-Melta?  Its just some thoughts etc.

Event wise - I got some hope to play ATC, BAO, the Iron Halo GT, and maybe Broadside Bash.  Of course LVO again the next year is on dock as well.  I can't skip that haha.  I have somewhat forgotten a lot of my LVO games - beyond just doing bad stuff to Necrons.

To give you an idea - I basically took the learning spankings from Ben Mohile and figured out a good strategy to hurt the Cron Players.  Build a fort, cast Shrouding, and profit as they have to come at you.  Vortex seems to do wonders and I can grind out wins against Wraiths with Mephiston, force, and other fun things.  That was the plan most games - drop in, cause a ton of this with Cleansing flame and weather whatever storm comes and throw Vortex's and other fun things on them.

The games I didn't win were versus a 5 Knight army that I tied.  If Meph had cast Sanguine sword it might have been a different game.  It also shows me I need Halberds as strength 7 can help pop a Knight if they are charging in.  A stomp killed out the psychic center and then Meph got his power off and killed the Knight that got too close.  The other game I tied was due to time running out and see miss reading of the mission.  We drew down the middle and I think if it went on further I would have killed out his side and just left him some suits I would have come for.  I survived a rough interceptor round and just started lighting things on fire.

Important powers
Gate - Duh I get to move!
Vortex - Necrons hate this power :) - especially if I cast it a few times hah.
Cleansing Flame - the tits when it starts working
Shrouding - the best
Misfortune - helps kill things

All in all - loved the army and think in a meta that has a ton of psychic death stars it can do a ton of damage.  I didn't face any daemons so it was sad pants - but it would have been great to have a truly fluffy anti daemon game haha.  Oh well - I might be playing the list for a bit longer will see.

Ok - enough of that - lets show some models.

Finishes off this batch of new Frontline Art

Woot!  This one was fun.

LOTD Tech Marine

Tiggie Smalls!

More Necromunda conversion stuff.