Friday, May 29, 2009

Change up to the blog a bit, still painted stuff but build ideas

As I said before, a couple other local artists and I started a painting service. You can check it out at Our rates are low and I promise you will get a cool look army out of it. Each artist has a different style and we all can do cool and interesting conversions. Right now I am currently finishing up a crazy ork army as well as some arbites and high elves. Between all of that, I still want to finish out my orks as well as my fantasy Daemon army.

Current Ork Thoughts.

HQ: Warboss, Cybork, PK, Attack Squig, Kombi-Skorcha, Bosspole, Eavy Armor
HQ: Big Mek, Field, Cybork, Burna
Troops: Nobz (7) - normal build out with 3 to 4 pks, wound allocation etc w/bw transport, ram, big shoota, armor
Troops: Boyz (20), Rokkits (2), nob, pk, bosspole
Troops: Boyz (20), Rokkits (2), nob, pk, bosspole
Troops: Trukk boyz (12), Big Shoota, Nob, pk, bosspole, Trukk, ram
Troops: Trukk boyz (12), Big Shoota, Nob, pk, bosspole, Trukk, ram
Elites: Burnas (15)
Heavy: BW, Ram, big shoota (2), armor
Heavy: BW, Ram, big shoota (2), armor
Heavy: BW, Ram, big shoota (2), armor

Not sure points wise, but that is the current thought. Might have more for other stuff. I know I give up a lot of Kill points, but f it - it looks fun. Might be worth it to have a surprise nob biker unit running in the middle, or maybe some way to get two squads of Mega nobz in trukks too. All sorts of fun for sure.

Here are some of the orks I am working.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuff I painted for the week woot...

This is a spacewolf I drew in preparation for the new codex. ARRROOO!!!

More marine work for Stephen. His entire model is magnetized so you can customer everything. Woot.

More arbites, woot. Another squad and a big tank. Woot.

One of the 9 Killa Kans for a client. The weapon is magnetized so you can swap em out.

And again, you can visit my new painting commission site at Full of Monkey Designs. Besides myself, there are 3 other artists available to paint minis. So give us a shot if you want some bad ass painted dudes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi everyone, just wanted to give a heads up

Me and a few other local painters have started up a painting service. You can get to it by going to Full of Monkey Designs. But go check it out. I am somewhat booked for this month, but I should be available for larger projects next month. Smaller stuff I am still open for.

Some stuff I've done for commission

Riot rhino for the Arbites and Andrew Bailey.

Stuff for BOLS and a review of Armorcast stuff. None of the effects were made by me. But I paints them!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More stuff I painted

I painted a lot more this week... Woot. The next coming weeks will have a lot more ork stuff plus daemon stuff and marine things here and there. And hell some High Elves if I can grab them from the guy locally. I don't want to keep him from playing.