Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welp today is the day

I am getting hitched up today. Look for the weekend after Labor day to have this blog start up to be a bit more, updated. I have a lot of miniature work today, as well as some list thoughts as I finish building my armies. Fun times all around. But to keep it updated, here is the stuff I finished this week before I left for Hawaii.

But yeah, lists and more thoughts and opinions woot! Marine build is coming up next, and then some fantasy builds to test out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bolscon is here!!! Woot!

Welp I am playing Bolscon this weekend. Wish me luck - but before I leave I will post up all the tanks I've painted this week so far. Next week is wedding week, so I won't be as productive. Hoping to finish a Valk and get a Bloodthirster together to get painted. Fun times eh? Beyond that - look for some more IG stuff and maybe, just maybe my own things. Will see.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I finished things!!!

This week is going pretty smoothly - finished 2 High Elf Lion Chariots for an old commission. One of those, get it done as you get it done. Very frustrating model due to it being put together - so not as detailed as I would like. Either way I plan on getting this done in the next month after my honeymoon in Hawaii. Once I get back - it is back to it super fast and getting more IG stuff out.

But beyond that - quick post today of some Bloodletters I did for a small commission. Look for a Thirster coming soon too - plus more IG tanks as I get them built up etc. Woot. I also finished up some art for another client so that is good too. Beyond all of this I did get in one game too - with the BW orks. Some wonky rolling later (I have had a warboss fail the last 6 3+ saves he has taken so far in the last 2 games) I won. Termies, Assault marines, and a sorcerer lord failed to do a single wound to two PK nob bikerz. This is of course after the nob bikerz skorcha out a full 8 man possessed squad and were left wondering wtf they were going to do. Welp 5 dead assault marines later and I chased off the full 5 man termie squad and sorcerer off the table. And shot the one guy holding his objective. I also shot up some bezerkers from a BW and was waiting to run over some more with another deff rolla wagon (I know they aren't good, but I got one from the new kit and I must play it). All in all a rather weird game. I like the list, it gives me options so will see. I don't think it is great, but it works.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is up?

Did a lot of stuff - some of it is repeats from the Bols post. The plan is to post twice a week - hopefully with lists and whatever I have painted. I still have some ork stuff chugging along - as well as some new IG stuff and some Daemon stuff coming too. Fun times indeed. In 3 weeks I will be getting married too and I am excited about. Plus Bolscon is coming too. Shit lots and lots going on haha. Either way, I will be a busy beaver as soon as I get back from Hawaii in September :). Good times. And it looks like I will fully get the new promotion at work. Woot. Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money hahah.

Now onto the test list for Bolscon and a fantasy list for this coming Fantasy tournament this Saturday.

Orks - BW fun - Bolscon 2k test

HQ: Warboss, Bike, Klaw, Cybork, Bosspole, Kombi Skorcha, Attack Squigg
HQ: Big Mek, Bosspole, Burna, KFF, Attack Squigg, Stikkbombz, Cybork Armor, Eavy Armor
Elites: Meganobz (5), Battle Wagon, Big Shoota (2), Deff Rolla
Elites: Kommandos (10), Burnas (2), Snikrot
Troops: Nobz (6), Bikers, PK (3), Cybork, Kombi-Skorcha (2), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole
Troops: Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shoota (2), Nob, PK, Bosspole, Eavy Armor
Troops, Shoota Boyz (20), Big Shoota (2), Nob, PK, Bosspole, Eavy Armor
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Big Shoota 2, Ram
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Big Shoota 2, Ram

The plan is to come at you. I have one deff rolla to help push people around and to test them if they are worth it. And hell I got one of the new ones for my BW. Woot.

Fantasy - Heavy??? list - Tweaked it as trying to gateway all the time doesn't work - smacking people does

Lord: Valkia - made the model and it is fun
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, MoN, Infernal Puppet
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, MoN,
Hero: Exalted Champion, MoK, BSB, Juggernaut, Bronze Armour of Zhrakk, Glaive of Putrification, shield, favor of the gods
Core: Warriors of Chaos (18), Shields, MoT, Standard Bearer, Blasted Standard
Core: (5) Marauder Horsemen, Shields/Spears
Core: (5) Marauder Horsemen, Flails
Core: (5) Marauder Horsemen, Flails
Rare: Knights of Chaos (8), Champion, Standard Bearer, War Banner, Musician, MoK
Special: Warshrine
Special: Hellcannon

Small middle block - hell cannon on one side - the Warshrine follows behind the block of knights. It should be fun and at least give people something nice to shoot at and hurt :). And 4 core this time, woot! I wanted to play with a bunch of stuff and just have fun. That is my plan right now, have fun with the limited time I have to play games right now. Woot!

Current pics are some of the things for IG clients and more ork stuff. Fun times eh?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I started a new shift at work - so training and comic book coloring are taking up my time

Beyond wedding stuff - woot. Chatted with the Pastor last Friday - and things look good. He is interesting to talk too and if you know me, you know how interesting that is haha. Let's just say that I have followed the normal Catholic route after Catholic Private school. But I did paint some things. This week I finished up 18 orks for the one commission, 4 big shootas, 4 rokkits, a friends test mini for an ig color scheme, and my own first BW. Woot. The rest of the week I hope to 1) finish the last page of this comic (I am on the last one woot!) 2) Start up these 2 lion chariots to finish on the weekend 3) get my other BW's and finish mine as well as the last one for the commission 4) Clean up the Kommandos to get them ready for next week. Woot indeed!

Will post my test list for tomorrows random game versus Jon Wolf - after the game. I want to break into some thought on each part and see what might work for me etc. I don't think it is the best list, but I want something fun to play that isn't army men. Time to change up my consistent play army - I am tired of chaos for a bit. After this I will finish my own marines and look forward to Space Wolves in October. ARROOOO!!!

Oh getting some models to my new builder - (will help me get these IG commissions done) - so look for tanks next week I hope.

Models!!! Yay!