Monday, October 31, 2016

Goatboy's nonsense...

Been a bit - work has been nutty - thus life is a bit busy in-between monster child, wife, life, and work.  And models - lots of models to paint.  Blah I will be buys till probably next year.  And longer then that.  To give you an idea

Got to finish my daemon stuff - just screamers.

Gene stealer cult for client

Infinity for another client

A small bit of Infinity for a coworker

Some Space Wolf stuff for another client - Bjorn and some sky claws most likely

Cryx for another client

Finish off a Chaos commission

And some Frontline art and other stuff.

It just never ends for me haha.

Been testing against the one and only Ben Mohile - which leaves me getting my ass kicked by weird shit.  This last time - gladius of salamanders - massed flamers.  It does a number on my dogs and screamers I am testing.  I can keep the Star alive - it is trying to keep up with the maelstrom.  That is the issue at hand.  Meh...

Next test for the weekend will be a massed MSU incursion list that I think might work.

I got 2 versions with differences based on the Warlord.

Version 1

Daemon Lord: Lord of Change, Lvl 3, Paradox, Greater Gift X 2
Core: Murder Horde
Herald of Khorne
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 units
Aux: Burning Skyhost
Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, The book of All Tzeentch spells for warlord
Screamers X 3 - 9 units

This one gets a close combat monster with the Lord of change - plus the ability to have some nifty warlord traits like +1 inv save to him and all the Tzeentch guys near.  Casting on a 3+, ignore first perils, etc.  I don't know if Paradox is needed - but I think there will be times I am just summoning that chariot over and over.  Will see.

Second one drops the LOC - gets Paradox on the herald and gets Fateweaver for some storm fixing and all the tzeentch spells again.  I get the feeling this one might be better - but will see.  Gonna test it and see how I like it.  I think I need to make sure to have good objective placement so I can stop pods from dropping too close etc.  Save me some future head ache.

Beyond that I might test this thing too - just to play the Kharn I painted up.

Bikes X 3
Bikes X 3
Flesh Hounds X 15
Flesh Hounds X 15
Flesh Hounds X 10

Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Stave
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe

Kharn - Warlord
Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil, Axe of Blinding Fury, Meltabomb
Cultists X 10
Cultists X 10

Figure this one might be ok - has a ton of bodies and a mean ole counter attack with Kharn putting the damage out as needed.  Plus so many bodies to control the board.  I need to use the scout to keep things at bay for sure.  This might be what I bring to test out real quick for fun.  Will see.

Ok lots of models and I call it a night.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Iron Halo GT Rundown

Woot - played in an event this past weekend in Bartlesville, OK.  I had a blast, won 5 games out of 6 and ended up getting 1st Overall.  Not to bad eh?  Matt Root had more points but was Best General with the highest Battle points and going 6-0.  But still - it kicked butt to "win" an event with paint/score/sports/etc.

Army I took - Flying Circus 2.0
DP, MoK, Wings, Flyer Ace, Greater X 2, Lesser X 1, Armor of Scorn
DP, MoN, Wings, Greater Gift, Exalted Gift, Lvl 3
DP, MoS, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3
DP, MoT, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3, Impossible Robe - Warlord

The Masque
Nurglings X 3 - 3 Units

Game 1 VS  Tyler and his Blood Angels force
Mission - Emperor's Will, Dawn of War, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1, Hold 2, Scoring in Enemy, Destroy, Destroy, 3 and no enemy in deployment), Big Game Hunter, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord
Tyler's army was a bunch of Blood Angels, Land Raider, Knight, Sang Priest, some tactical, Terminators, Storm Raven, and a terminator captain.  Overall my army was a bit much and I quickly overwhelmed him with psychics and big monsters getting close.  The MoK DP took out the Knight and that ended a lot of the threat.  I won this one 11-0.
MC Deaths - None!

Game 2 VS Chase with KDK/Cabal/Cypher combo
Mission - The Relic, Hammer and Anvil, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1, Hold 2, Scoring in Enemy, Destroy, Destroy, 3 and no enemy in deployment), First Strike, Table Quarters, Slay the Warlord
Chase's army was a bit unconventional KDK dog star as it ran Sorcerers with Jump Packs.  He had a Lvl 4 caster with the one Black Legion Relic.  He almost got my Warlord when he scouted and pushed up and throw out a Pyromancy Nova.  I took a wound and the Warlord rolled a 10 on Leadership.  I called the power of Fateweaver and saved his butt.  From there Chase lost that important spell caster due to taking a Perils from the Nova and then dying to a dangerous terrain check.  The luck went south again for Chase when my Masque lived through 10 str 6+ shots to slow down his star for 3 turns.  I won this one 7-2.
MC Deaths - None!

Game 3 VS David with his Tau
Mission - Purge the Alien, Vanguard Strike, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1, Hold 2, Hold 3, Scoring farther then 12", Have scoring within 12" of enemy deployment edge, 3 Scoring in your zone none in enemy), Slay the Warlord, King of the Hill, First Strike
David is a buddy and he stole the initiative on me.  He had a ton of Pathfinders, a Riptide, and a Ghostkeel formation.  Plus he had some other missiles coming at me.  Lucky for me - I rolled the shit roll on my DP's - every one had 4+ FNP and I got the +1 to my Inv save Warlord trait.  This mean my Khorne DP took half the armies shooting and only took a 1 and my Slaanesh one took 2 wounds.  From there I flew away from the Ghost Keels - took out some Pathfinders with lucky Shrieks and won the game - barely.  David ended up beating me by 1 point in the ITC rankings but I got more ITC points as I won more games initially.  I won 6-5 (Primary, Slay the Warlord, and Line breaker).
MC Deaths - Riptide for him - all my jerks were still alive.

Game 4 VS Lee and his Flying Tyrannies
Mission - The Scouring, Hammer and Anvil, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1, Hold 2, Hold 3, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy), Big Game Hunter, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord
Lee had a great 5 Tyrant army.  We set up to dance and I got lucky surviving some Shrieks from him and then taking out some Tyrants with Enfeeble and the Dildo prince.  I took out a few with some rough vector strikes as well.  I ended up killing all but some spore minds and a Mawloc on the other side.  He killed the Nurgle Prince in the end to take Big Game hunter as all my monsters are expensive jerks.  I won 10-2.
MC Deaths - Fateweaver - Turn 2! and Nurgle DP.  5 Tyrants, the other flyer thing from Nids, and a Mawloc

Game 5 VS Cody and his Daemonic Incursion based Tzeentch
Mission - Big Guns Never Tire, Vanguard Strike, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1 in Enemy, Hold 2 in Enemy, Hold 1 in your zone, Hold 2 in your zone, Destroy, Destroy), Ground Control, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord
Cody had a ton of daemons, Fate, DP, and Belakor.  He took the Tzeentch core, some furies and then all the big stuff.  He had more psychic dice, better ground control and I was not very lucky with my own Maelstrom rolls.  This meant I was down by turn 2 even though I had killed the DP and Belakor by then.  I ended up killing Fateweaver too but he had 2 objectives on lock down and I was stuck trying to catch up.  Awesome game - great guy, and it was nice playing 2 really well done armies versus each other.  I lost 5-8.
MC Deaths - His Fate, DP of Tzeentch with Robe (griming your enemy is great), Bel'akor

Game 6 VS Andrew and his GK with IG formation
Mission - Crusade, Dawn of War, ITC Maelstrom (Hold 1, Hold 2, Destroy, Destroy, Scoring in enemy zone, 3 in your own zone)
Andrew had 3 DK, some artillery and a Void Shield.  I won the roll to go first, he didn't seize and I got in the air.  By that time he couldn't do much to me and I flew around and blew things up when I got within the Void Shield bubble.  I had more psychic dice and Andrew just had crap luck.  He threw 7 dice for Cleansing flame - didn't pass it at all.  He tried it a few more times and I stopped it then - but never threw a perils from it.  I just flew around and ground him out.  The 3 DK were still alive at the end of the game versus rough MC's that would punt them as soon as they landed.  I ended up winning this game and finished the event 5-1.  I won 8-3.

There was a bit of a mix up in the points at the end and I was told after the event I was actually 2nd overall in scores and thus First Overall as Matt Root took home Best General.  Something like that - either way I was on the podium and I did well for once in an event.  I had a great time - played rad people and will plan on coming back again.  Jason threw a great event and I am very happy to have gotten a chance to play in it.

If I had to change anything in my list - I would have dropped some Nurglings for some Pink Horrors. One squad would have given me a summoning group an I could have just thrown dice to maybe make a Blood Thirster or two.

Paint List
Lots of Marines... good guys and bad guys.  Plus a BOLS article.  Hopefully more after this weekend with pics and stuff.

Some models and other stuff.