Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baltimore lists as well as new 2000 Ork list

The big thing, is that this is all painted for the 1750 list with some small color tweaks, as well as almost painted for the 2000 (20 or so boyz and color tweaks on some of the Slugga boyz). But here are the two lists. I hope to get some pics done soon with a much better photographer as well as camera. I can draw, and tell you what a good photo is etc, but taking it is just not my focus hah. Anyway onto lists with explanations.

1750 Baltimore List
HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Combi Skorcha
Pts: 155
HQ: Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun
Pts: 140
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Pain Boy, PK (4), Cybork, Bosspole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 550
Troops: Shoota Boyz (30), Rokkits (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (5), Rokkits (5)
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 1750 Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 3

Big Mek sits with Shoota squad in front of Lootas. Thus giving him a large enough flesh wall to protect. Lootas are there to help take down light vehicles as well as put a hurting on most squads in the game. Koptas are there for light vehicles as well as dreadnoughts and other annoying things. Big Mek is my hope versus LR's, but I always have nob bikerz that can assault it etc.

2000 Normal Tournament list

HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Combi Skorcha
Pts: 155
HQ: Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun, Ammo Runts (3)
Pts: 155
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Pain Boy, PK (4), Cybork, Bosspole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 550
Troops: Shoota Boyz (30), Rokkits (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Troops: Slugga Boyz (30), Big Shootas (3), Nob, PK, Bosspole
Pts: 235
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (5), Rokkits (5)
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 2000 Killpoints: 8 Scoring: 4

The big change is adding in another troop squad that is just sluggas and choppas. The big reason for this is that in reality, the missiles in a shoota squad will probably be shooting something different then the SAG. The Slugga and Choppas are also good if the big mek accidentally teleports into assault. 30 boyz mad and ready to assault is not a fun thing to see randomly assaulting something. Plus the Big Shootas will have some range most of the game as well as create a nice meat shield for the big mek. Now if I could only put a field on him too hehe.

But yeah, this means I need to finish more damned boyz, as well as some other random painting. Hopefully I can bust all this out in the next 2 or so days, so I can play it next Thursday.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gonna buy my Baltimore Ticket this Monday

Woot woot... Did some playing on Friday. Asked my girlfriend to marry me on Thursday. She said yes woot! But who cares about that right, this is a damned 40k blog hahah.

Tested out an ork army and after some messing around came with this one as the list to take to Baltimore, right now if I went in a day or two.

HQ: Warboss, Warbike, Cybork, PK, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Combi Skorcha (Had 15 points, so 3 Combi Skorchas woot!)
Pts: 155
Troops: Nobz (7), Bikes, Power Klaws (4), Combi Skorcha (2), Cybork Body, Bosspole, Painboy, Waagh Banner
Pts: 510
Troops: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkit Launcha (3), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deffkoptas (4), TWL Rokkits (4)
Pts: 180 X 2 = 340
Points Total: 1750
Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 3

Tested a list like this versus a Slaanesh force and it did pretty well. Just slowly taking bits and pieces out and having a whole lot of shots versus just about anything. Cybork armor is to help versus other power fists and other shenanigans. The big worry is dumping so much into the nob squad. It is tempting to take it down to 5, use it as a hit and run unit and get another squad of boyz or a Big Mek with a field etc. I could also knock down the Deff Koptas to 5, and just run a Big Mek with a field and Storm Boyz to be my assault hammer.

Painted wise, all I am missing from the above army is my lootas. They are getting ready to get painted up and will see how they do. I still have a special place for my nob bikerz and I even converted a new warboss bike using the Black Reach boss (I have 5 of them via trades and buying 2 boxes). Pics of the guy coming soon, I need to go find a squigg to give him an attack squig and then he will be ready.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What I might play at Baltimore

Woot, some orks. A stupid list I might play for fun. It has some power, and when thinking of all the other lists I played against, it might work out alright.

HQ: Warboss, klaw, attack squig, bike, cybork body
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Nobz (8), Bikes, Power Klaw (4), Painboy, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Pts: 510 X 2 = 1020
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)
Pts: 135 X 3 = 405

That comes out to 1725. I have 25 points left. I can add grot orderlies to each squad and then maybe a boss pole for the PK guys and have 5 points left. No idea what to do with the left over points. But hell it could be fun and just zoom zoom, with enough punch to kill mini vehicles and other random things that might piss me off heh. Plus I always have a cover save.

But the best thing is this list is fully painted already. I will post up some pics of it later on. I went on a painting craze with the deff koptas. Hell I have 15 of the fuckers after some trades and buying two boxes of black reach. Woot. I would just need to buy my Baltimore ticket as well as create a cooler tray they lay on. I just bought a new carry tray, and I might put a magnetic plate on the bottom and create some movable terrain that I can just slap on there for show. Fun times.

Here is the Deff Kopta Brigade

And a close up of the Blue Rokkits!

Oh here is a new Daemon list I might play too.

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Transfixing Gaze, Unholy Might
Pts: 225
Troops: Plague bearers (15), Icon
Pts: 250 x 2 = 500
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5), Unholy Might
Pts: 160 X 2 = 320
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (5), Bolt of Tzeentch
Pts: 205
Heavy: Soul Grinder, Phlem
Pts: 160 X 3 = 480

Pts: 1730

Again not sure what to put the 20 towards. But yeah a nice mixed list. Not too crazy, Bearers are the objective takers etc. With everything else as fast threats. I have almost all of it, except for the fiends. I am thinking of converting them from Eldar jet bikes, with absorbed riders etc. I have a possessed avatar too, that I just need to paint up. Might be something worth looking into heh.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Las Vegas GT Report

Just got back from the Las Vegas GT. Some airplane crap issues, meant I got in at 8:30 this morning. So I am tired as hell, but I cut apart the pictures and now I am readies to report on the game.

Fist I will go through the games I played and then give a few opinions on the overall feel of the game itself.

First my list.
HQ: GUO, Breath, Cloud of Flies
HQ: Epidemus
Troops: 10 Plague bearers
Troops: 13 Plague Bearers, Icon X 3
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Flies, Unholy Might, Wings, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide
Heavy: DP, Nurgle, Flies, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide X 2

Game 1: Seize Ground (Five objectives), Pitched Battle Deployment.
My opponent was Robert and he was playing Space Wolves. Great looking army and will have pics at the end of the mini report for the game. He had a ven dread, a reg dread, both with ass cannons. Some Long Fangs and a grey hunters. Some cool looking Blood Claw Bikers made to look like they are riding ATV's. A nice looking army with a very solid color scheme. I went first, the half I wanted came down (GUO, DP X2, 10 Plague Bearers, Epidemus). Dreads shot up one DP and the GUO went through and started eating on a Grey Hunter pack after finishing off the Blood Claw bikers. I killed a lot and it came down to the fact I couldn't get rid of a rhino full of Blood Claws that took one object and the rhino pushing me off another. His Venerable Dread was Immoblized within 3 inches of the one I had, and the game went to Robert. Great Opponent and a really fun game.
Score: Him 16 Me 7

Game 2: Nathan with Imperial Guard with Sisters. Annihilation with Spearhead Deployment
Probably one of the worst missions for IG. He has sisters, a command platton, some grenadiers, two hellhounds and a basilisk. He has 20+ kill points to my 9. My stuff came in and head a hard time killing some of the DP's as they slowly ate through bits of the army. Lots of funny assaults as my GUO couldn't destroy one Chimera. Again a great game with a fun opponent. I ended up with 8 KP's and he had 2 of mine. I won big here and it was a great game. I might be off on the KP's but I doubled the amount he had. Nathan, if you see I got this wrong, post up heh.
Score: Me 18 Nathan 5

Game 3: Andrew is who I played, and some might know him as Stelek. He was playing Daemon Hunters and this game was the , shit lets just get all the bad dice rolling out of the way. Capture & Control with Pitched Battle Deployment. That means hooray tied game haha. Either way, he had some Grey Knights, Inquisitor Lord and some mystics, mixed with Storm troopers and some sisters. Well, the army I wanted in came in, but everyone moved 10 inches towards his army. Normally that is fine, but when you have Grey Knights with Psy cannons ready to fire at me, well that just means everyone took wounds. I ran my guys back to my objective and we just ended the game that way. He wouldn't be able to make it to me to get the other objective, and I made sure to give him my most expensive DP to give him the most points. It ended on VP's and we split basically. I need to play him again because it was a fun game and Andrew is a great opponent. Other fun dice rolling, is I hit 11 peeps with Breath of Chaos and failed to wound anyone. Awesome!!! I also couldn't save anything. Hooray!!!
Score: Me 10 Andrew 14

Removed pic due to internet shenanigans

Game 4: I played Ken Blackwell with Daemon hunters again. Woot!!! Seize Objective and Pitch Battle Deployment Woot another objective game and an opponent with a ton of Vehicles. I know how this one ends. I kill a bunch of stuff, and the games on turn 5 with me unable to kill the vehicles contesting my objectives. If it went to turn 6, I would have killed all the vehicles as well as contest any other objectives. But alas that didn't happen and he won with more objectives then me. Good game again, and another nice army. I had fun and just pushed through the game to make sure we got all our turns. His army had an Inquisitor Lord mixed with Grey Knight Terminators (He forgot to place them :(, but he still won anyway and I had DP's left that would have put the hurt on them). He also had some marines, storm troopers, a land speeder, and a Venerable Dreadnought. Again, my armies weakness is shown with the lack of killing vehicles that push me off objectives. Scott had a Chaos lord, 3 squads of Plague Marines, Predator, Defiler, some bikers and lesser Daemons.
Score: Me 10 Ken 13

Game 5: Scott with Plague Marines. Annihilation with Dawn of War Deployment. Woot, the tally is hitting it quick. And it did. This game was a murder all the way through. The tallyman hit on Turn 3, by turn 4 it was up to 20 and everyone wounded on 2+ and had Power Weapons with a 3+ feel no pain haha. It was a great game and I had a ton of fun. Lots of stuff died and my DP's were murder for power Scott's army. I also made a lot of 4 up saves on my GUO and just watched my army just get up and going. I finally lost a fully Plague Bearer squad and one DP. I killed everything but one Rhino of Scott's. It was a crazy fun game and really helped put an end to a great tournament.
Score: Me 20 HIm 3

I ended up with 65 battle points, got a 50 on sportsmanship, and a 27 on my painting. That put me in a tie for 25th place out of 150. It was a great tournament and a lot of fun. I had 5 great games. The biggest thing I get out of the game and this Tournament is that vehicles suck to play against with objectives. It is annoying they can push me off of them and I no longer control it, but that is life and I need to find some way to get some kind of vehicle kill besides DP's. Kill points were a great advantage for me, due to the fact I had 5 units that were just about impossible to kill and collect their heads. The 2 objective missions were kinda dumb, and really hurt players that didn't have a ton of scoring or ways to get them etc. But hell, this is the first tournament and I am sure things will change. The top armies were not that great looking, and if I saw them at BFG I think they would get eaten up pretty well. Too many melta guns and other weapons that would have put a hurt on the army. Orks won the entire thing, and I think some of the massive template armies would have put a hurt on it, but hell the luck of the opponent is one of the ways to get a win hehe.

Oh here is my favorite army in the tournament.

New list if I played this army again. Dropping the GUO for more Nurgle Heralds to help deal with low armor vehicles.

HQ: Epidemus
HQ: Nurgle Herald, Palanquin, Unholy Might
Troops: Plague Bearers (10), Icon
Heavy: DP, Iron Hide, Nurgle, Wings, Gaze of Chaos, Unholy Might, Noxious Touch X 3
I think that is it, might be off some points but I need to look at the codex. This should give me a chance to pop stupid rhinos. I took out the breath of Chaos due to the fact they just sucked too much, and 3 Str 5 Ap 3 shots hitting on 2+ might end up killing the exact amount I needed. Might end up playing Orks at Baltimore, depending on if I win and can place for Ard Boyz. I don't want to take a ton of guys and then have to switch armies etc. Too much to carry haha.

Ok... that is long enough for the post. Please if I made any mistakes etc, just comment me. I had a great time. Enough... more later on this week with some thoughts on Ard Boyz and other lists. Painting this week is more orks and some Daemon stuff. Fun fun fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ard Boyz list?

Might just throw down with Daemons. I think I can borrow most of the bits and be ready for the coming week. I just need to take the day off from work damnit hehe. Damned working Saturdays... It is mucho poopie. But I get to work 4 10 hr days and have 3 days off to mess around. But hell, here is the list I am messing list.

HQ: Bloodthirster, Unholy Might
Pts: 270 X 2 = 540
Troops: Plaguebearers (10)
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Troops: Plaguebearers (10), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 175 X 2 = 350
Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (6)
Pts: 210
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh (5)
Pts: 150 X 2 = 300
Heavy: DP, Mark Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Unholy Str, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide
Pts: 265 X 3 = 795
Total: 2495
Split I want to throw down first - Icon Plague Bearers x 2, 2 Bloodthirster, 2 DP's vs. 2 Plague Bearers, 1 DP, 2 Fiends, 1 Flamers

Killpoints: 12 Scoring Troops: 4

Method is Plague Bearers hit and go after objectives, hide out to keep from getting killed, and otherwise just be a nuisance. Might be worth it. I think Nurgle DP's last longer, just due to needing 6's to take wounds from Bolters/bolt stuff/etc. But yeah.

And here is an all Nurgle list.

HQ: Ku'Goth
Pts: 300
HQ: Epidemus
Pts: 110
Troops: Plague Bearers (15), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 250 X 4 = 1000
Elites: Beasts of Nurgle (4)
Pts: 140 X 2 = 280
Heavy: DP, Mark Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Unholy Str, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide
Pts: 265 X 3 = 795

Pts: 2485

Kill Points: 11 Scoring: 4
Same list with upgrades that I normally play. They stick around and there are a ton of wounds on the table at any point. Ku'Goth seems like he should be fun and a huge fat annoyance. I almost have this list, just need to "create" beasts of Nurgle. Woot here come some green stuffed Spawns!!! Woot woot. I might play this, since I think it will just be more fun. A 7 LR list would suck, thus the upgrade to Str 6 on the DP's. I think this will put a hurt on any horde based army, but will see.

Oh check out the link to the right, Grey Death's Paint Corps. I just posted a how too for the new plastic Nob from the new WD. Check it out and tell me what you think.