Friday, February 15, 2008

Been awhile eh? Been busy, animation and art stuff

I haven't had much time to play any 40k at all. Most of the time I get a Formula Waagh!! test on Friday and I end up coming by BFG and just watch all the games going down. I missed the Hobby Tournament for BFG and it looks like I will miss the Ninja Pirate event this coming Sunday. Hooray for Mom's coming down. I can't say no to a free lunch can I hehe?

First of all, initial rule set for Formula Waagh!!!. Click Here!!! for the newest rule set. Things left to do on it. Test more with the items bought, to see if anything is too broken. Of course the special items are pretty powerful, but then the game is pretty locked with ways to stop shooting pretty easily. First up is a roster list in an excel and a pdf format that way people can print out their gangs and go on from there. I also need to create a penetration/glancing table picture to add and some random glyphs etc to it. To make it seem more legit, also a back image and replace the art with my own art, that way I am not stepping on anyone's toes. Anyone reading this, please comment with what you think on it. I am planning on starting races in March and setting up a board or seeing if I can create a jump off point on another board. I think the game works pretty smoothly and it allows a way for people to play a game without much initial investment. And it gives a chance for everyone to have painted models, since you only really need 1.

Beyond all of this, I think I will be able to throw down for the BFG team tournament. I just need a teammate. I got some peeps I need to ask, and I am planning on playing Chaos. I will throw down a list tomorrow to see what peeps think. 1000 pts., woot. I could play Big Bugs, 3 Fexes, 1 Hive Tyrant and some genestealers, but I think I would rather have more fun when I play. I might not depending on my team mate, but I will write down multiple lists.

And beyond all of this I got a game in yesterday. Played Nick from Florida at BFG and had a good time. I know, 40k on Valentine's day. Losers right? Well my girlfriend was working late... (BOO!!!) and Nick's is still in Florida so we aren't that bad haha. I played my Slaneesh/Tzeentch army. With almost everything being Slaneeshie with one Chaos lord who has a Mark of Tzeenth, disc of Tzeenth and a Demon Weapon. Nick had his pathfinders army and it was a very strange game.

We both had some dumb rolls that didn't follow through with the norm of the game. I charged his harlies with my Chaoslord, had 10 attacks with his demon weapon, his harlies put on 1 rending wound, and 2 other wounds. I failed all my saves and died. His massacre roll brought the harlies into range of my havoks, he killed them all, and his massacre roll was a 1. I think moved up some noise marines and shot the pointie ears down like the dancing bitches they are hehe. The game ended up being one havok squad and a noise marine squad left, and Nick having 2 Wraithlords, 1 with 2 wounds on it, the other clean due to being in terrain and making all his cover saves. The coolest thing was the Chosen Aspiring champ surviving for way to long, killing off a guardian squad and then doing a run by and killing his Farseer. Rambo style. My Demon Prince also never failed his Psychic test and pinned 1 large squad of Rangers hehe.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, it was kinda rush game. It was fun as hell and Nick is a great addition to the 40k gaming community in Austin. A solid player with some nicely painted armies.

5th edition is looking pretty interesting, as is the new boxed set for 40k. If all that comes in there, there is no way I won't be buying one. Too much cool stuff, to fit into a box. If it is true, GW has a game winner on their hands and is really giving a lot away to get people involved.

Alright, that is it for now, I am hoping to get into some more tournaments as my work schedule changes. And I need to get more games in damnit. I am looking at going to Adepticon. Hopefully I can make it heh.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tested out Formula Waagh!!! on Friday

With Robert and Travis and we banged and tweaked out some rules and I think it is going to work out well. I wrote up a new rules list, and if anyone wants to see it shoot me an email. I want to test it out one more time before I post it up to see what people think.

But we ran 4 races in an hour, and it seemed to move pretty quickly once we worked out the kinks in some of my rules thoughts. The ramming rule worked out pretty well and I think it will make for some fun games as you try to push people through and knock people around. We saw some tweaks to the warbuggie, due to it being extremely fast and having a good gun, but I think the changes helped out. I also tweaked the tables to roll as only one, with everything else have a simple roll for what happens. It makes it easier and allows the game to flow pretty quickly. All and all the experiment seems to be working out pretty well and I hope to expose everyone else to Formula Waaagh!!!

If things go well, we will set up a racing league and I will end up running it as a commish. That way any tricks you try to do on opponents can be made sure to happen, and all teef purchases can be legit etc. There are things like purchase grot riggas to cause issues on other drivers vehicles for a race.

But hey, will get it playtested and then will see what people think. Woot woot.