Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oh man Survived the Move

Thus why no posting for a good bit.  Lord moving sucks but I did find a ton of models haha.  I have too much stuff.  I am so ready for 8th with a ton of Ork options and hopefully a fully finished Death Guard army with some 30k bits thrown in.  So exciting eh?

Right now I am pretty stoked on the upcoming Skirmish AOS coming out.  It will get me to finish a small "Khorne" force as I continue into either a Nurgle Warband or even something else.  I like the idea of having 10-15 models, going into a quick game, and having fun.  Will see - but at 10 dollars I am picking up that book.

The room continues to get put together.  Hopefully next update will get a pic as I have some pics up - all the trades put up and even some models shown.  It feels nice to be in a much bigger house.  Woohoo.

Let's get to paint list - hopefully start back up on Painting tonight

Warband stuff if I feel like it
Articles for BOLS
2 Illustrations right now - more probably coming

Big Knight guy i need to clean and start

Clean up some Sisters of Silence and do 2 Rhinos

More GSC - build more of them - just to get ready for the new edition

Pull out the Cryx and get them started - this week will be a small bit of paint then build build build

More Infinity

Lots of stuff to do - gots to make some cash to help with the extra space hehe.  Always working it.

There isn't much to talk about list wise - I am mentally done with 7th so I am just waiting on the information to come out.  So that just leaves me some AOS stuff.  The idea of a full crusher army has me thinking of doing it.  It doesn't help I found all my old crushers that I won't use as they are all metal.  I like to do new stuff and if I decide to do this I need to do it up right.

AOS - Khorne - Bloodbound Allegiance
Brass Stampede
Khorne Lord on Juggernaut, Violent Urgency, Talisman of Burning Blood
Skull Crushers X 3, Banner, Musician - 7 units

Gore Pilgrims
Slaughter Priests X 2
10 Blood Reavers
5 Blood Warriors


That seems fun - lots of Juggers, some bodies to run behind and portal action to get work.  If I get the double turn I should hurt people pretty good hehe.  I doubt I will find time to paint it - maybe do it as a slow build as I get more and more pieces during my travels,  trades, etc.

Alright - lets look at some models and artwork and call it a day.