Sunday, February 26, 2017

Later then Normal post

Been very busy - in fact I should probably be working on finishing some work right now.  I have a plethora of minis, art, and writing to do.  It never ends for he Goat.

LVO was fun - the tournament was meh.  I dropped after losing rd 4 to another daemon player.  The bane of my existence - not rolling for crap with maelstrom did me in.  Still was a fun game as the aussie player was a blast.  I had 3 good games before that - with one getting my revenge on Allan from an Adepticon where he knocked me out of the first round of the finals.

Right now 40k is in a bit of a rough spot - if you don't play the good stuff you have a good chance to get run over.  The Psychic phase is too clunky with some of these armies running 20+ wc, casting well and having ways to generate more.  Free stuff is too much and everything doesn't feel very fair.  Ah well - it is life.  Will see what 8th brings to the game.

Let's do a paint list and some dumb list ideas.

Me - look at writing Model review articles for the Saint and Greyfax
Figure out next Monday's article

More GSC neophytes are on dock to get done
Build more hybrids and stuff to paint

Building and Culexius assassin - need to build - should be a single day build and paint thing for this coming week

More SW - got bikes and a unit of 5 guys primed to paint tonight.

9 more models from silver tower - acolytes are halfway done and then the big monster minotaur. Should be done with acolytes tonight and minotaur in a day or two.

More cryx - have to build them which makes me sad.

More Infinity - again have to build them which is hard.

That is it for now.  I knocked out the big art I had to do this weekend.  I have a new computer coming in which should help me with Photoshop pains.  Quad core monster due to having a decent work bonus/taxes/good year budgeting.  Fun stuff indeed.

Let's look at some dumb list ideas.  I like the idea of having an Immune psychic death star so thought of the following.

Sisters of Silence Formation
Sisters X 8, Swords X 8
Sisters X 8, Swords X 8

Champions of Fenris
WGBL, Thunder Wolf, Powerfist, Storm Shield
WGBL, Thunder Wolf, Powerfist, Storm Shield
The Saint Celestine & Friends from Fall of Cadia
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 3

This is a bunch of dumb ideas rolled around into 2 big dumb units.  Will it work?  Who the heck knows.  All I know is it will move up, grind you out and hopefully murder things.  You get 2 Hit and Run options - one has shrouded to the unit and the other has a lot of "throw" away wounds as needed.  It should punch pretty rough with tones of AP 2 ini 5+ hits and other options.  Plus it turns off all those pesky powers the other stars like to throw around.  I think it would love to chew on some doggies for sure.  It still won't be good but it is goofy to write about.

Alright some models and calling it a day as I try to finish the acolytes.

Experimenting with new background and camera - still testing them out.

Logo tests.

Lots of art done too - even new LVO art.