Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stuff and stuff and more stuff.

Woot - ATC is done and that leaves me with no more events for the year.  That is better for my wallet and the wife's sanity.  Hopefully I can get some local games in and other things as I plan new lists to try and dominate some nonsense.  Right now I am currently looking at some Grey Knights with the idea to do some Thousand Sons.  One of my ATC team mates gave me some ideas and I think they just might work.  Heck it could be a benefit in this new set of 40k.

Things I learned at ATC.

Unnerfed D shots suck butt.  If the event is allowing full bore D weapons I won't waste my time.  I got paired up versus a multiple Wraith Knight list and he roll 6's.  Felt like I could do nothing at all.  Just wasn't fun.  Heck even one getting through is just crap.

Oh and multiple wraith knights suck ass too.  I won't play an event that allows more then one.  You would think Grav would be the answer but in an ATC like format - those match ups won't happen unless your captain isn't very good.

I really prefer playing my style smash lists and might have done better.  Still I think we came up with a better version to test out for regular events with a much more balanced Mixed SW/DA with more mini super unit options.

DA CAD/SW super Wolves Detachment

HQ: Chaplain, Bike
Elite: Ravenwing Command X 6, Apocathery, Banner
Troops: Scouts X 5
Troops: Scouts X 5
FA: Dark Shroud
FA: Raven Wing Bikers X 3, Grav Guns X 2, Attack Bike, MM
FA: Raven Wing Bikers X 3, Grav Guns X 2, Attack Bike, MM

HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, Runic, PF, SS
HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, Runic, PF, SS
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3

You have more options to go get objectives - can create a bunch of mini death units and it might actually work.  Plus it gives you progressive game etc.  Its a thought.

The GK thing was GK/DA/SW

Nemesis Strike Force
Librarian, Lvl 3, Librarian Thing that gives you another spell
Purifier X 10, Incinerator X 4
Purifier X 10, Incinerator X 4
Strike Squad X 5

DA Ally
Librarian, Lvl 2, Bike, Meltabomb
Ravenwing Command Squad X 6, Banner
Scouts X 5
Dark Shroud

WGBL, Runic, Thunder Wolf, PF, SS
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4

Idea is to move up - then maybe bomb people with the pulse of purifying flame.  It might work - It does start with a fun amount of WC dice and can hit invisible things.  Plus it can hit flyers too - with a ton of 2d6 hits all over the place.

Let's do a paint list

BOLS review
BOLS article - got the idea should be a fun one
Art for Frontline X 3
Banner Building for Frontline X more then 3
Art for client for new website thingie

More SH - finish last termies then it is onto more Stealers

Drop Pod X 2

Nick R
10 Scouts
Librarian combo build
DA Flyer thingie

Don S
Cry stuff

Carl S
More Bikers

James L
Chaos Space Marine stuff

More DA/Marines stuff

Lots of things to do actually - I never stop.  I think life should be a little bit slower and the long trip to ATC done means I have time to knock some things out.  That is the hope.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Man I have been busy

I have been working a lot - so at least you will see a ton of stuff.  Plus I got a ton of commissions to work on.  Will get with the list.

Finish PDF build of ATC missions - utilizing old art etc.
Finish Art for Knight thingie - drawn need to color it
Finish other Banner art I drew just need to color
Finish Chaos Dark Shroud I just built tonight
Probably paint some chaos guys from AOS that I have coming in.

Space Hulk Commission - first 5 done!

David U
D&D figures for wedding thing - need to start this week finish before beginning of August

Carl S
Lost of Marine Bikers

Nick R
More Marine bikers...

James L
Chaos Army

Luis P
Drop Pods

Don S
Cryx stuff to finish up.

Tim V
More Marines

Lots of Marines it seems.  Hopefully that isn't anyone I missed etc.  I think that is it hahaha.  Plus I want to get some more chaos black knight thingie done.  Man I should have done them on Chaos Knights but meh.  Maybe I will do them that way anyway.  My list got turned in for ATC - it is an AM/Knight build that I am boring parts for.  Don't think I will build it afterwards but will see.  Will try to write up the games after it is all done.

Right now I am just trying to think what random counts as army I want to do next.  Really am enamored by the massed Jugger/Thunder Wolf thing again and utilize some of the new AOS Khorne stuff.  It would be SW/Sisters/Inquisition to get something terrible made.  It might work kinda but it will lose bad to other stuff.  Meh.  If not that then work on a jank style DA build that tries to not duplicate anything.  Will see.

Gonna try to keep up weekly with stuff.  I want to get a game in this Thursday so will see.  Might play this dumb thing just cuz it is pulled out and I don't have to think too much.

Librarian Conclave
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2

Random Inq guy, Servo Skulls X 3
Crusaders X 6

The One big unit of Knights
Gallant, ML thingie

It won't work that well but it could be fun to watch them all explode in some kind of glorious battle.  Its how I like to roll dammit.  And the conclave casts at the end of the phase so the one guy who is casting on a 2+ must cast at the beginning etc.  Dumb people reading dumb stuff.  Dumb!  They had two times to write this and it is obvious if they said they wouldn't cast it would be something like - if the other librarians forgo their casting then blah blah blah.   Suck a butt...

Alright art and minis.

Man the Post office wrecked this good when it was shipped.  Put in a big box with padding etc - something kicked or crushed it.  Hopefully they pay the insurance on it.

Didn't make this - buddy did and I wanted to paint one.

Mo' Cryx!!!

Space Hulk not in Blood Angel colors

AOS model is cool - but I don't care about that army - so I put him on a bike.

More Bikes!

Chappie of Chappies


Paint test

Some Card art for ATC team - did for other team too but I don't want to spoil them yet.