Monday, December 26, 2016

Goatboy paints!

Woohoo!  I have been painting a lot still too - tons of commission work as usual.  A bit of artwork too for Frontline as well.  Overall not a bad bunch of stuff haha.

Christmas was alright - not to bad had some fun got some stuff and well I took the entire week off between Xmas and New Years eve.  It means I can knock out some work, have some good family time, and hopefully catch up on some shows.  Good times indeed.

Alright - lets get some paint list stuff.

Death Guard paint stuff
BOLS article for the new year
Maybe some Daemon stuff to see what to play for LVO

Dread Knight fix, GK libbie fix, some other stuff to fix
Tau probably later?

Infinity stuff!

Cryx stuff!


SW stuff

Silver Tower Minis

Alright some list thoughts - what I am messing with.

Death Guard - The Vectorium

Chaos Warband
Chaos Lord, MoN, VoTLW, Bike, Powerfist, Lightning  Claw, Sigil - Warlord
Chaos Sorcerer, MoN, VoTLW, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
Chaos Terminators X 3, MoN, VoTLW, Combi-Melta X 3, Power Axe X 3
Chaos Space Marines X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Meltabomb, Rhino, Dirge Caster
Chaos Space Marines X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Meltabomb, Rhino, Dirge Caster
Chaos Bikers X 5, MoN, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Power Axe
Helbrute, Perdus Rift Anomaly, Powerfist X 2

Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN

Lord of the Legion
Sorcerer, MoN, VoTLW, Bike, Spell Familiar, Level 3, Blight Grenades

Formation Detachment - Black Legion
Cyclopia Cabal
Sorcerer, VoTLW, Bike, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
Sorcerer, VoTLW, Bike, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
Sorcerer, VoTLW, Bike, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3

Basically you have 2 little stars - you could drop the Lord of the Legion Sorcerer for a Chaos Lord if needed - but it has a decent amount of casting - options to murder LoW stuff by the Cabal, and heck you could get up to -3 Toughness too with certain Nurgle Spells.  This could be helpful to remove things or at least neuter other Death Stars with multiple options to hurt them.  Of course it isn't the KDK thing but it looks like it could work out.

I could go all Nurgle Death guard - would probably put in a Raptor Talon in to help go get stuff.  I really like this World Eaters thought as it give you some options to go hurt stuff.  Basically you try to dump in 3-4 lords into an opponents army - the Raptor Talon comes and mops stuff up.

World Eaters Butcher Horde
Chaos Warband
Chaos Lord, MoK, VoTLW, Juggernaut, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Sigil, Talisman of Burning Blood,  Gift of Mutation
Chaos Terminators X 3, MoK, VoTLW, Combi-Meltas, Power Maul X 3
Chaos Space Marines X 5, MoK, VoTLW
Chaos Space Marines X 5, MoK, VoTLW
Chaos Bikers X 10, MoK, VoTLW, Power Maul, Meltabomb
Helbrute, Perdus Rift Anomaly, Powerfist X 2

Lord of the Legion
Chaos Lord, MoK, VoTLW, Juggernaut, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Sigil, Gift of Mutation

Raptor Talon
Chaos Lord, MoK, VoTLW, Jump Pack, Axe of Blinding Fury
Raptor X 5, MoK, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Power Maul
Raptor X 5, MoK, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Power Maul
Raptor X 5, MoK, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Power Maul
Raptor X 5, MoK, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Meltabomb
Raptor X 5, MoK, VoTLW, Meltagun X 2, Meltabomb

Basically you try to set up that turn 1 Charge - and then you got Raptors to try and come down and help get stuff that is either pinging you from far away - or locking up some big GC that could be a problem.  Plus you have enough Meltaguns to hurt things as needed.  I went with Powermauls as it gives them strength 6 - which with Furious charge it means they have a chance to hurt things as needed.

Right now I am leaning towards this nonsense for LVO and the blast changes.  

Infernal Tetrad
DP, MoK, Wings, Armor of Scorn, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoN, Wings, Lvl 2, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoS, Wings, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoT, Wings, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2, Impossible Robe

The Omniscient Oracles
Fate weaver
Lord of Change, Lvl 3, Paradox, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift

Just 6 big fat FMC's flying around and causing issues.  It has 13-16 starting WC - has Paradox to get stuff off, and even Fateweaver to protect my ass.  This is simple to fly with - just need some stuff to summon and go from here.  Plus I have to redo one base to get this big FMC that I plan on using as my LOC.  Leaning towards this list as I don't need to work out a lot to get it going. 

This also looks fun and will probably be the first thing I start to test with - just need to get a few screamers done - which I have due to having some burning chariots and other things laying around.  Plus some old Metal screamers too.  I have so much random stuff.

Burning Sky Host
Herald, Disc, Lvl 3, Paradox
Screamers X 5
Screamers X 3 - 8 units

Renegade Knight
Renegade Knight
Renegade Knight

It should play fast as I don't really have much of a shooting phase - plus psychics don't matter to much.  I play vs a large amount of wyverns I will just hold all the screamers in reserve and deep strike em.

Now something different and probably terrible

Death Watch CAD
Librarian, Lvl 2, Angelus 
Veterans X 5, Storm Shields X 5, Drop Pod
Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 3, Drop Pod

Nemesis Strike Force
Librarian, Daemon Hammer, Lvl 3, Extra Spell Book
Purifiers X 10, Daemon Hammer X 1
Strike Squad X 5
Storm Raven, MM, Hurricane Bolters
Dread Knight, Incinerator
Dread Knight, Incinerator

The thought is - the Death Watch guy comes in first - then a ton of GK to come in, strike hard, and hopefully murder stuff.  The Vets will get a 2+ Inv save as Draigo can land close enough to join.  You got to big bubbles of Cleansing flame - maybe 3 of them even with the Book helping rerolls.  It probably doesn't work but heck it is something to try out for fun.

Alright - enough list thoughts lets show some models and stuff.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Goatboy - I am still Alive and Painting a crap ton

Work just got in the way a bit with posting.  Writing a weekly article is hard and I don't have the time like I used to throw out some thoughts on this blog while at work.  I guess I just gots to do work haha.  But oh well - I do paint a lot haha.

Current paint list

Finished 3 units of 3 screamers to finish off maybe army 1 for LVO
Maybe find a LOC like thing for Army 2 for Lvo
Maybe find time to build AOS army - yup messing with that game too
Work on BOLS article for Legions of Chaos Preview
Art for Frontline - 3 Banners for LVO - drawn just need to scan, photoshop etc
Work on Mat for Frontlines new line of battle mats.

Infinity stuff - 5 guys primed hopefully on Sunday

Nick R
Update some Grey Knights
Gene stealer Cult
More marine stuff - who knows

Cryx commission

FW Knight Aratapos

SW Guys
and FW Leman Russ - exciting!

Silver Tower Miniatures!

Mike K
3 more marine as I got everything else done

I think that is it - I am sure there are some other things - some art and what not.  The month of November was nuts - family, life, etc - and I am hoping December lets me finish more things.

Alright - LVO list time

List 1 - need to paint more stuffs
Daemonic Incursion
Murder Horde
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 Units
Burning Sky Host
Herald, Disc, Lvl 3, Endless Grim book
Screamers X 3 - 9 Units
Lord of Change, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3, Paradox

Basically the LOC takes all change - cuz the Endless Grim says my warlord gets to get all change - I try to summon loads of Burning chariots.  If I get lucky the Herald gets Cursed earth or something.  Basically this is massed MSU death and I always have a play as I float around the table top.  It is similar to other lists - went with LOC as Fateweaver - while cute - just isn't as cool as a paradox throwing LoC.

The next idea is cuz of the new Formation from the Magnus book - the one that is Fateweaver and 1-3 LOC.  Mix this with Tetrad and you got 6 models of doom that summons more models.

Primary Formation
DP of Khorne, Wings, Armor of Scorn, Greater Gift X 2
DP of Nurgle, Wings, Greater Gift, Exalted Gift, Lvl 2
DP of Slaanesh, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3
DP of Tzeentch, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3, Impossible Robe

The Fate Weaver Formation
Fate weaver
Lord of Change, Lvl 3, Paradox, Greater Gift X 2

6 Models - lots of fun with the LOC throwing Paradox to summon stuff to get a ground game.  It is a thought to have him go down to lvl 2 - get Lesser Gifts on the LOC and the Khorne Prince - more thoughts.  Could also drop the Grim on the DP of Nurgle - go all greater Gifts.  This one is tempting as I can have a small case and fly with it easy - play with it easy and get a chance to have some rad models on the table top.  Heck I could do something similar with Magnus too - so many things to think about.

I still like the idea of 3 Renegade Knights with Skyhost - simple - elegant and you are all about going forward and crushing the enemy.  One can have a gun if I wanted - or I could drop some casting on the Herald and go with dual shooting or ML or the barrage one.

Gonna get some AOS time in too - my lists look like junk right now as I figure out what to play.  So far I am enjoying the game as it has an easy set of rules with movement being the big key in how good players get separated out.  Plus the idea that you have shifts of who goes first and second - choices in your combats, etc make for an interesting game.  Will see how much gets into 40k when 8th rears its head.

Some models to check out - there are a ton of them.

Yup - now I have 3 good guy knights and 3 bad guy knights.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Goatboy's nonsense...

Been a bit - work has been nutty - thus life is a bit busy in-between monster child, wife, life, and work.  And models - lots of models to paint.  Blah I will be buys till probably next year.  And longer then that.  To give you an idea

Got to finish my daemon stuff - just screamers.

Gene stealer cult for client

Infinity for another client

A small bit of Infinity for a coworker

Some Space Wolf stuff for another client - Bjorn and some sky claws most likely

Cryx for another client

Finish off a Chaos commission

And some Frontline art and other stuff.

It just never ends for me haha.

Been testing against the one and only Ben Mohile - which leaves me getting my ass kicked by weird shit.  This last time - gladius of salamanders - massed flamers.  It does a number on my dogs and screamers I am testing.  I can keep the Star alive - it is trying to keep up with the maelstrom.  That is the issue at hand.  Meh...

Next test for the weekend will be a massed MSU incursion list that I think might work.

I got 2 versions with differences based on the Warlord.

Version 1

Daemon Lord: Lord of Change, Lvl 3, Paradox, Greater Gift X 2
Core: Murder Horde
Herald of Khorne
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 units
Aux: Burning Skyhost
Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, The book of All Tzeentch spells for warlord
Screamers X 3 - 9 units

This one gets a close combat monster with the Lord of change - plus the ability to have some nifty warlord traits like +1 inv save to him and all the Tzeentch guys near.  Casting on a 3+, ignore first perils, etc.  I don't know if Paradox is needed - but I think there will be times I am just summoning that chariot over and over.  Will see.

Second one drops the LOC - gets Paradox on the herald and gets Fateweaver for some storm fixing and all the tzeentch spells again.  I get the feeling this one might be better - but will see.  Gonna test it and see how I like it.  I think I need to make sure to have good objective placement so I can stop pods from dropping too close etc.  Save me some future head ache.

Beyond that I might test this thing too - just to play the Kharn I painted up.

Bikes X 3
Bikes X 3
Flesh Hounds X 15
Flesh Hounds X 15
Flesh Hounds X 10

Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Stave
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe
Sorc, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Fam, Vet, Axe

Kharn - Warlord
Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil, Axe of Blinding Fury, Meltabomb
Cultists X 10
Cultists X 10

Figure this one might be ok - has a ton of bodies and a mean ole counter attack with Kharn putting the damage out as needed.  Plus so many bodies to control the board.  I need to use the scout to keep things at bay for sure.  This might be what I bring to test out real quick for fun.  Will see.

Ok lots of models and I call it a night.