Sunday, November 24, 2013

Er my Gerds its Almost Turkey Day!

I love Thanksgiving.  I think it is just cuz you don't have to buy anyone gifts, you just eat, and it is all about just being thankful with family.  But really I just like eating haha.  So yeah… there is that.  My weekend I have busted out a ton of artwork.  In fact this whole week was artwork with small bits of minis.  You will see a Hobby post for Monday with some of the new Daemon stuff you might have seen on here.  Fun times as I continue my trail of people either loving or hating me.  Oh well I just have to sit there and take it haha.

Ok I got a game in on Thursday with my Daemon list.  It is a full Slaanesh, full of dudes and very little tricks.  I got lucky on my saves and for sure deployed wrong.  I usually deploy without much thought in test games.  It is easier to see how an army works if you self kick yourself in the nuts.  If it was easy and you made a lot of mistakes it might be too good of a list.  If it takes some skill to get back out of it then hey this is probably where you need to be list wise.  I don't like auto win lists or combo lists lately and want just straight, simple aggression.  Here is what I played.

HQ: DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2
HQ: DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 15
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent

1845 on the nose.  I also got Iron Arm on both (failed at least once a turn during the first 2 turns) and some good Greater Gifts (Reroll inv, FNP 4+ other) so I had some leeway in how I played.  I fought against marines and didn't play my grinders right - a bit too aggressive to allow a multi charge that I was ok from as I made 3 5+ inv saves on one Grinder versus Assault Centurions.  Rough assholes I don't want to assault as those flamers will burn my butt up especially a 1 wound left DP.  If I went 2 LOC's it would be a diff army but Precog and Prescienced Daemonettes might be pretty good eh?  It is just hard as I have the coolest gun Daemon Prince with a brother getting painted later today hah.

I thought of this terrible list with Inq/BA.

Xenos Ordo Inq, Servo Skulls X 3, Psycotroke Grenades - 49pts
Death Cult X 3, Crusader X 3, Priest X 2, LRR, Multi-Melta, Dozerblade, Psybolt - 370pts
Warrior Acolyte X 5, Mystic, LRC, Multi-Melta, Psybolt, Dozerblade - 300pts
Warrior Acolyte X 5, Mystic, LRC, Multi-Melta, Psybolt, Dozerblade - 300pts

Librarian - 100pts
BA Assault Squad, LR, Multi-melta - 325pts
BA Assault Squad, LR, Multi-melta - 325pts

Skyshield - 75pts

So you have those two LRC's on top of the Skyshield.  The dozer blades make sure you don't get stuck up there.  You can Deep strike the LR's off of the Mystics.  I think they count as cruising speed so at least one gun will shoot normal while the others shoot snap fire.  Thank goodness you have lots of rerolling with TWL.  No idea if it will work but it will for sure look hilarious on the table as you drive around, shoot guns and have a 4+ inv save and other nonsense.

Paint list for the week.  I am only off on Thursday so it should be a normal week for me.

Plastic Dudesmen - No idea yet
Character Art for Rob and stuff - Need to get this done asap
More random 40k propaganda - did one below, will have a Chaos one and a Inq one too - Doodles and Ideas only right now
Gun Daemon Prince 2 - Started will probably finish tonight.
Probably the Test Daemonettes - or Dudettes - Built one want one unit of these guys at least
Maybe finish this one grinder I have sitting here.

2 Soul Grinders - Need to fix stuff but the prime looks ok so I should be able to bust those out by next week.

John Green
3 Bile Drones done - 6 more to do.  The build is a bit longer as I am using a screw in to get them attached to the bases as well as magnetizing the rider.

Luis P
More Flesh Tearers - Scouts this week so 5 bolt gun guys and 10 snipers most likely

More Cryx - finished some stuff, gonna pull out the bane thralls I think - will see how many survived shipping - they need to be straight plastic…

Don is sending me the big Khorne Tank thingie - Build to paint - magnetizing the arms and probably the chest to make it easier to move around - fun times indeed - it will probably make me buy one for myself too… jerk.

Who knows what else will flow across my paint top.  I am sure will have more art too and if I forgot to list something or haven't done something yet please email me.  Trust me it won't hurt my feelings.  I think people forget I have done this for awhile and I will forget with everything going on.  Reminding me is perfecting fine as normally it only takes 2 weeks to get art (usually less but life can be nuts).

Ok models and art to look at for those interested in only seeing this stuff.

More coming this week.  I like painting Cryx.

These are part of a batch order.  Lots of fun drawing these guys.

The first of the Propaganda posters.

Lots of fun with this one.  I figured out a new glow technique with this one.

The top ones were done yesterday and Today.  Plus I painted models.  BOSS MODE ACHIEVED!  It is almost really nasty weather wise here so it isn't like I have anything else to do.

This commission cracked me up - a lot of fun and we have another example of the saddest nid in the game. 

If you are interested in art - most basic character stuff starts at $25.00.  More detailed work costs more and can run from 50-75 dollars depending on the picture.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monday… Monday!!! Hooray!!!

Woohoo - I got some things done this weekend.  Amazing amount of art at least started, cleaned up, and well done!  Hooray!  Let's start with the paint list I always like to lead with.

Plastic Dudesmen - Thinking Coteaz joke - will see
Slaanesh Gun Prince - Almost done - need to finish up more Green stuff and then I get to paint it - will post pics of it built before painted.
Goat stuff?  I want to redo some tactical squads - will see maybe do Thunderfire I have an idea about and pieces laying around… meh...
Do some testing of Armies.
Dark Future Games Art - Can't wait to show it - it is almost done I have 3 small images left to build
Rob Baer art - Got ideas too

Cryx - Mini Bone Jacks X 4 - Done!
2 Big Fat Mechanithrall guys - Done!
Pirate Lady - Primed
Snake Thingie - Primed
Maybe something else?  A jack?

Vendetta - Done!
Manticore - Done!
Commission is done!  Yay!

John G
9 Bile Drones - One is done - gonna do the next 2 from the box this week and maybe more.  Design is figured out so I am happy - they are just a bit hard to build haha.

Flesh Tear Character - Primed!
Scouts - in pieces…
Drop pod maybe?

I think there is more… will see.

Meh current lists I think I will test with.  I think the Daemon horde might work - but it needs some tweaks to get running right.  It seems fast and deadly with one random unit choice but hey - it could be helpful haha.  Blargh it would mean painting a ton more dudes… meh…

Daemon list.

Version 1 - Whips and Shiznit - 1750 Las Vegas Idea 1

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: DP, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Slaanesh, Greater Gift X 2
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Heavy: Skull Cannon
Heavy: Grinder, Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Grinder, Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent

Adepticon Idea

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: DP, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Slaanesh, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift
Troops: Daemonettes X 18, Alluress, Greater Gift
Troops: Daemonettes X 18, Alluress, Greater Gift
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Heavy: Grinder, Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Grinder, Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Grinder, Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent

Super Assault Horde of doom.  I will be testing it to see what I like.  Shit I might look at Icons in the Daemonettes to allow for deep striking nonsense.  Hrm…

Marine/Inq list.

Iron Hands
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Artificer Armor, Thunder Hammer, The Shield Eternal
Troops: Scouts X 10, Sniper Rifles X 10, Camo Cloaks
Troops: Bikes X 5, Grav Gun X 2, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Troops: Bikes X 5, Grav Gun X 2, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
FA: Storm Talon, Sky Hammer
FA: Storm Talon, Sky Hammer
Heavy: Thunderfire Cannon

HQ: Coteaz (Duh)
Elite: Warrior Acolyte X 5, Priest, LRC, Psybolt, Multi-Melta, Dozerblade
Elite: Warrior Acolyte X 5, Priest, LRC, Psybolt, Multi-Melta, Dozerblade

Yeah - this army is a brick and it tries to scoot around and do some damage.  Dark Eldar would love to kill this haha - but at least you can do enough damage to things if you get a chance.  Dakka that to death!

Paint and art stuff!
Beedee beedee beedee

It is like they are doing a dance!

Woohoo stuff is done!

Heavy Graphic look.
Now realistic!  This was for Aaron from up North with Da Boyz - amazing painter and good player too.  He wanted a cool picture for his wife that fit his DE army.
Thumbs up sucka!

Orks are some of my favorite to draw!

Puppies and ladies!

He is telling you about his D&D character

Monday, November 11, 2013

Goatboy's Monday - I am gonna get yelled at on BOLS

The list in a lot of ways is a trollololo list.  It is mean, efficient, and most likely boring to play with after the 3rd game.  But it was an exercise to make a Marine/Tau tournament list so you could say - haha I am not playing Taudar now eh?

But really - I just want to play straight Marines I think.  I just have issues with Allies and how they work with Battle Bros.  Marines and Marines feel ok but some of this Tau nonsense is nonsense.  Meh… But hell I have to test a lot with marines first.

Paint List

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn, Inked, need to scan and color
Goat Guys - More of them most likely
Write up Highlander Article for BOLS
Rob G Art - Drawn part, colored part, lots to do.
Mike W Art - Drawn need to color
Jens Art - X-Wing stuff - need to color too.
Probably some other art.

2 Steel Legion Mortars - one is done… will get pics later
1 Manticore - Built with magnetized missiles
1 Vendetta - In pieces

John G
9 Bile Drones - One is done as shown below

Travis Upton
3 Cryx Guy - Done!
4 Lady with Grunts - Done!
Satyr leader girl - Done!
Probably some characters as I feel like it.  Asphy guy and others - X 3 - 4

Luis P
More Flesh Tearers - Maybe some scouts - that's the idea in my brain right now.

So yeah - not a terrible week.  I had Kirby visiting this weekend and it kind of took me out of my normal awesome model fight.  I think will get a game in on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how his trip with family and friends go.  I will either figure out some Marines or play some Daemons to have a fun game.  Fun times indeed.

Marine Nonsense - need to paint more to get it ready.  Highlander Style.

Marine/Space Wolf
Iron Hands Chapter
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Artificer Armor, Powerfist, The Shield Eternal
Troops: Tactical Squad, Grav-Gun, Combi-Grav, Rhino
Troops: Scout Squad X 10, Sniper Rifles X 10, Camo Cloak
Troops: Bike Squad X 7, Grav Gun X 2, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Heavy: Stalker
Heavy:  Thunderfire Cannon
Heavy: Devastator Centurions X 3, Grav Cannons X 3, Omni Scope

Space Wolves
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic Armor, Meltabomb
HQ: Rune Priest, Bike, Runic Armor
Troops: Grey Hunters X 10, Plasma Gun X 2, Wolf Standard, Rhino

Yeah so there you go - full Highlander Baby!

Highlander thoughts
Force Org
Only can have one of each none troop.  Troops can only be duplicate 3 Times and only those that start as troop choices not ones that become troops - i.e. Bikes as shown above, Chaos Cult Troops, etc.  So the test is  can you still make good lists this way that still get the job done?  I will write it up nicer for Monday with some lists but yeah - think on it.

Models painted.
Goat Bikes with Grav/Voltaic Guns
Chapter Master with the Shield Eternal

Kirby was hanging out this weekend so I painted up some marines to show him how fast I am.  Heh.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Goatboy's Monday Super Fight!

I didn't play a tournament this weekend.  I hung out with the wife, did some cleaning work, starting fixing the stairs, and well painted a ton of stuff.  Good weekend eh.  Buddy Chris had a wedding on Saturday so all in all I am happy with what I got done this weekend.

Paint/Art List
Plastic Dudesmen - No script yet - heck we have been on a roll lately
Goat Bikers - 2 of them to make a unit
Art for Mike W - Ultramarine dude
Art for GMM - 2 logos
Art for Rob G - Logo/Banner thingie
Art for White Metal - got one drawn, other looked like crap reworking it.
Art for MBG - Character picture - drawn and scanned, started blocking out colors
Art for Others I am sure.

Luis P
10 Flesh Tearers - Done!
2 Meltagun guys - Primed
Scouts next

Michael D
Fateweaver - Done
Keeper of Secrets - Done

John G
9 Plague Drones - First one might be done - sent for approval

Cryx stuff - gonna get more of a tray done - some Spec Characters etc
8 or so guys based.

Steel Legion Troop Squad - Done!
Manticore - In Pieces
Vendetta - In Pieces
Mortar Team X 2 - In Pieces

Current Goat list.  Well I have two - not sure what one will be more fun.  One is all death star the other is more random in nature.  I have to prepare for the Las Vegas GT.  Woohoo!

1750 - Marine Death Star - Iron Hands/Space Wolves
HQ: Chapter Master, Artificer Armor, Shield Eternal, Powerfist, Bike
HQ: Chapter Master, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield, Powerfist, Bike
HQ: Wolf Lord, Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Powerfist, Wolf Tail Talisman, Fenris Wolves X 2, Bike, Saga of the Bear
HQ: Rune Priest, Bike, Runic Armor
Troops: Bikes X 8, Grav Gun X 2, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Troops: Tactical Squad, Grav Gun, Missile Launcher, Razorback, TWL Assault Cannon
Troops: Scouts X 10, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles X 10
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Flamer, Razorback, TWL Assault Cannon
Heavy: Stalker

1748 - it looks bonkers but maybe it has enough.  I am not sure on the TWL Assault  Cannons - but I feel it gives me some outs versus big things.  Plus they can randomly kill flyers.  Meh… it is just ideas.  Put it does give me the punch star I love to play with.  And it is Marines.  And it feels very random at the back end.  Will see if really the Wolf Lord is worth it.  And instead of him I get other things.  Still it is a good starting point and what I will end up bringing on Thursday - Minus the Stalker as I don't have it yet.

Paint and Art
TastyTaste has been on some Frontline Army reports - figured he needed some art.

Wah… yes the Goats are getting worked on.

Steel legion - 2 mortar teams and 2 vehicles are left.
Cryx… look for more this week too. 
More Flesh Tearers!

A quick Daemon  Commission of two HQ's.  Was a super fast day with these two guys, Steel Legion, and another Daemon thing I will end up showing later on this week.