Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I am just awful

Its just hard to keep updated.  I am painting a lot - but work and kiddo and wife keep me from posting nearly as much.  I have to set up my time a bit better.  But for those even still reading this - and even interesting I will be doing a one day a week stream of painting etc.  It will be thru the BOLS channel and once I get it set up I am sure some of you will hear about it.  Watch me paint, get mad at models, and maybe answer some questions.  Will see.

Let's get a paint list together

Death Guard work through - got an army idea - maybe it will work
Do some more Cultists cuz Chaos players could always use more cultists
2 Art pieces
Maybe another Editorial for BOLS

Infinity stuff - on doc to build Friday or so

30 Ratlings
Some Horse Guy conversions that look like GSC

Greg S
Some IG stuff

Mike K
More Marines to add to the mix of marine and sister stuff

Bill Souza
Finished current batch of Tau - yay!

James L
more GK stuff - the commission has begun!

I think that is it for now - finished the Big Knight and some other things since the last post - so a ton of Art, minis, etc is a coming.

List wise - I keep thinking some kind of Terminator based list might be good.  Mixing some stuff in and seeing if I can get it all worked out.  Utilizing a Cultist base either with an Iron Warriors Daemon Prince to keep them stuck - or maybe even Abbie himself.  Its all formulating in my head right now.  Might use a Death Guard Elite/FA thingie to get some Blightlord Terms and some Bloat Drones.  We shall see.  I am so far away from painting my own stuff right now too so meh.  I am sure this list thought will bubble up on BOLS at some point.

Iron Warriors Battalion
DP, Wings, Malefic Talons, Warp Bolter, Fleshmetal, Slaanesh: Delightful Agonies - 189
Sorcerer, Wings, Force Sword, Prescience, Warptime - 126
Chaos Terminators X 10, Power Axes X 10, Slaanesh - 445
Cultists X 35, Slaanesh - 140
Cultists X 10 - 40
Cultists X 10 - 40

Death Guard Outrider Detachment
Blightlord Terminators X 10, Blight Axes X 10, Combi-Bolters X 10 - 448
Foetid Bloat Drone, Plague Spitters X 2, Plague Probe - 158
Foetid Bloat Drone, Plague Spitters X 2, Plague Probe - 158
Foetid Bloat Drone, Plague Spitters X 2, Plague Probe - 158

Its just a way to get some bodies on the table - have some back end support.  It doesn't feel great but it is an idea.  I like the idea of 20 bodies crashing in, doing some shoot and utilizing Vets of the Long war with Prescience.  I just don't know if it will do enough wounds.  I like not using reg Terminators and utilizing some kind of back body group from Iron Warriors or Alpha Legion might be better.  Plus you could figure a way to grab Abbie with maybe some Malefic lords?  Meh thoughts thoughts and more thoughts.

Ok enough of that - lets get to the explosion of Art and minis.