Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday - wish it was Wednesday - cuz it would be my Friday

So yeah - another day another dolla and I am all out of gum or something. Today I want to talk about the game my brain is cooking up. I am just adding in ideas and figuring out something eventually. I have talked about the game I want to play and this is my thoughts into creating something. Will see if the rules work (will post them as I figure it out).

First of all I want the game to be very customizable character/model wise. That is the biggest thing as I feel it needs to allow the modeler to have a full range of creation and movement. You don't always have to do it that way - but it should at least give you the options. The issue with options is that you have to make sure everything works within the game and still provides some kind of balance.

That is the other factor in any game - you need to make sure there is some form of balance. This usually is easier to create if you keep the overall rules small enough but still deep enough to allow for variation. It also helps if you build the game completely at once as we all know adding stuff later can create deep pools of broken crap. So that is another thing we have to think about. Plus a balanced game can create a tactics game that is both fun and still competitive.

So with that out of the way the game idea is some kind of Hero based, party based, tactics driven fight fest. I really want the hero you play to be very important to the army but still let your army function without it. Yeah I know a balancing act that can sound cool as I type it out but not be cool if I play with it. So let's look at some other games that function as hero based games. 40k has the HQ that leads and can activate things but really a lot of the time you don't need the jerk to function. Warmachine is all straight hero based with the death of the Jerk meaning you lose the game as you guys turn off and run away. Magic has super wizards fighting it out over expensive pieces of cardboard. I think all of these have options that I feel could easily be tweaked and changed to create a really cool game. Or so I hope.

The initial thought on the game would just be a rule's shell that you could use any models for. There are a ton of manufacturers out there so any initial thought into creating models etc is thrown out the window as I would rather have a solid rule set that works. I want there to be no Grey Areas as that is one of the most frustrating thing to deal with - people that just want to try and fight the rules and fight you at the same time. I also want to limit some of the luck factor in dice rolling - which usually means using more dice to activate the rules in the game. Rolling one dice is a problem as the averages can be screwed up while rolling two would generate the target average number and allow you to create the targeted system a lot easier. I like how Warmachine does it as you feel most of the time your guys work like they are supposed too. Armor and dodging is mitigated with the rolling and I think it works pretty well. I just wish they had more plastic models haha.

So lets go back to what I am thinking about for whatever I want to call my game - Goatboy's Awesome Haus of Damage!

1 - Hero based - I want the main hero to be customizable, effective, but not make it the end of your game if it kicks it.
2 - I want to mitigate the bad rolling by moving to more dice rolled at a time. Helps create the averages
3 - I want solid core rules that don't leave questions or if they do I can answer them quickly

So that is the basic start. So let's look at a Hero thought.

Hero - King Fancy Pants! He needs some stats as any game is based on numbers so lets look at creating some.

Aim - How they shoot
Melee - How they fight
Resist - How they can survive stuff coming at them - some kind of option to ignore or lessen damage
Health - How much they can take
Armor - How much can be ignored before they take health damage
Move - How fast are you

Simple and easy - a small range of stats means you can utilize Universal Rules to try and create new avenues of game thought. Does it work? Who the hell knows as this is just the brain storm phase. I don't like a lot of stats as I feel it jumbles things up. A lot of things can be combined into one option and allow for a much easier to get the basics rule system. Why does Magic work? It is pretty simple. Simple means more people can jump in and creating the correct avenues for depth is the key to creating a neat game.

So let's look - Aim is the basic thought set to hit things. I am thinking of using 2 dice to represent how you are trying to do something. An average roll on 2 dice is 7 so we want to create things towards this average. We can push the dice up and down based on that and utilize rules for trying to hit something. Let's say something has an amazing dodge ability - add 2 points to your Aim score when trying to hit. Little things like that are easy to add in and can create some dynamic in the game play. We could also use options like stand and aim to add stuff too. Little things like that. So let's say the average to hit roll is a 8. Tough to hit at times but with options you can move it up and down.

Melee - Pretty simple. It is how you hit things when you get mad and want to throw a angry fist dancing party. The options can be the same with Aim and this is just another way to add a stat that isn't the same.

Resist - This one is interesting as you can figure out ways you can ignore special damage. Or have some kind of special option to ignore stuff. When damage is rolled at you. It is just a thought.

Health/Armor - How much donkey punching you can take and how strong your man chest is. Lots of thought on this.

So the first thing is to create a basic and see if the math works as you move around. That is where the move field works and we can go from there. Just basic stuff. Then I can add in the whistles and doodads.

So yeah - these are some basic thoughts. I will write up more as I figure things out. I got an idea for the background, world design that should be neat so will see.

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I dumb for thinking about all of this?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goatboy - It's Sunday and I like to Type

Woot - those 6th rumors are interesting eh? I chat a bit about em on BOLS - so will see how they go. I just don't know as the rumors seem to say after Nids the books have been written for 6th in mind - which means that a lot of the rules just don't jive with these so called "new" books etc. But oh well. Will see next year sometime.

So as usual lets start with paint list thoughts.

3 Bikes - Built/Half way painted now
3 Bikes - On Sprue
Nobz? - Depending on if they were shipped

M Benson
Assault Squad - Done today!
Captain on a Bike - In Pieces
Rhino/Predator Magnet fun - In Pieces

Mantic Undead army? - It is built - will see if I can paint it

Michael S
Bomba Stand - build it to hold the bomba!
Small Flyer # 1 - Need to ork it up

Luis P
Clean Death Korp FW guys for build/paint next week

So really a weird week - I got another week or two of HOA stuff, Wargames Con, and then finally commissions are back on track. It has been a long time and I got a huge ork army to do after this. From Orks to more Orks eh? Hah.

So let's see - new list thoughts. You saw my current go to GK list and I was goofing around with full foot lists to try and create some kind of crazy shock and awe type of lists. GK are a mid range army and you have to get up there to cause some mischief. You can create some crazy bunkers that assault armies don't want to go near but you sacrifice movement and make your smart opponent play for the game versus just beating the crap out of you.

So full foot list - but with nonsense thrown in as usual.

It is pretty boring build out - but something from this might work for other lists. Might only need one Inceptor Squad.

HQ: Crowe
Elites: Techmarine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Blind Grenades
Elites: Techmarine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Blind Grenades, Conversion Beamer
Elites: Techmarine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Blind Grenades, Conversion Beamer
Troops: Purifiers x 10, Psycannon X 4, Halberds X 5, Daemon Hammer
Troops: Purifiers x 10, Psycannon X 4, Halberds X 5, Daemon Hammer
Troops: Purifiers x 10, Psycannon X 4, Halberds X 5, Daemon Hammer
FA: Inceptors X 10, Psycannon X 2, Daemon Hammer
FA: Inceptors X 10, Psycannon X 2, Daemon Hammer

With some combat squading you can break apart the Inceptors and get anywhere you want to contest as needed. Your Tech Marines will hopefully mean your Purifiers have a 3+ cover save most of the time plus the ones that don't move can throw out Templates as needed with Conversion beamers. Not sure if you need all 20 but who knows. It is a "thought".

I went with Purifiers because they are fearless so tank shock nonsense doesn't hurt you. Plus if you get within 24 inches you are putting out a ton of pain. And it is all foot. We have been messing with massed foot Strike Squads I just feel the DE players are just waiting to hit them with tank shock after tank shock - it is what I would do. I still think a true build will come out and most likely it is a Coteaz/Crowe monster. Hell this is what I thought of just after talking about it.

HQ: Crowe
HQ: Coteaz
Elites: Tech Marine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Blind Grenades, Servo Skull X 2
Elites: Tech Marine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Blind Grenades, Servo Skull X 2
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt, Rhino
Troops: Henchmen, Jokaero X 2, Servitors/Multi-Melta X 2, Chimera, Heavy Flamer
Troops: Henchmen, Death Cult Assassins X 5, Razorback, Psybolt
Troops: GKSS X 5, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, Razorkbac, Psybolt
Troops: GKSS X 5, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, Razorkbac, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

1999 pts

Lots and lots of gun fire from everywhere mixed with some mean counter assault and other nonsense. In fact this is what I am probably building next to test out and see how people like it. Just looking at the numbers it seems like a complete brick to play against as you just don't want to get near. It is designed to have 2 major interact units mixed with a very tough center to deal with. I do think there might be space to fit in Inceptors to give a way to get over to your opponents side asap during the end game.

I really don't see much wanting to throw down versus it due to the sheer amount of fire power it throws out at all levels of the table.

Ok enough of that - lets look at some models I painted up.

That is it for now - hopefully I can get a game in on this Thursday. I missed it last week due to finishing up some paint stuff.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kinda a meh week

My schedule changes and I had to come in super early. Mix that up with a whiney puppy dog and you got a very tired and cranky Goatboy. I did think up my "Grey Knight aka Asshole Knight" list. I think it has all the elements I like and lets me play with stuff. Plus it will confuse people as usual. Muahahahah!!! Alright - here is the list.

HQ: Crowe - Yeah I pay the tax damnit
Elites: Techmarine, Psychotroke Grenades
Elites: Techmarine, Psychotroke Grenades
Elites: Techmarine, Psychotroke Grenades
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Psycannons X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psybolt Ammunition, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Psycannons X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psybolt Ammunition, Rhino
Troops: Purifiers X 7, Psycannons X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psybolt Ammunition, Rhino
Troops: GKSS X 5, Daemon Hammer, Pyscannon, Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition
Troops: GKSS X 5, Daemon Hammer, Pyscannon, Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition
Troops: GKSS X 5, Daemon Hammer, Pyscannon, Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Pysbolt Ammunition
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Pysbolt Ammunition
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Pysbolt Ammunition

There you go - right at under 2000 pts. The Techmarines give me an extra fist plus really annoying grenades. I could drop some points around and try to get them with Warding Staves but I think this will work. Plus I can create a base if need be and get a 3+ cover save or a 2+ if I go to ground without having to cast a spell. Not too shabby. I also have enough ranged shooting to take things down as needed. It is basic, mean, and efficient. All the standards for a true Goatboy list.

Hell the best thing about Wargames con this year is we are going to do the Golden Goat. It is the person with the meanest list that still gets maximum sportsmanship points. That is the joke as I make nasty lists but I always come out alright. I tell JWolf it is cuz I am not a dickhead. Hehe.

Alright - enough of that I did a lot of art this week. Will post some up at the end too. Here is the weekly paint plan.

10 Burna boyz - Built - needing to be primed

3 Mantic Chaos Dwarf Jerks - Built - needing to be primed
Warmachine Khador Caster - Built - needing to be primed

M. Benson
10 Tactical Squad - Done today
10 Man Assault Squad - Needing to be fully primed and based

5 GKSS - partway built
Razorback - Built - needing to be primed
2 Techmarines - Need to find them - I think I have one somewhere

Luis P
Clean and plan out some IG guys for the week

Michael N
Clean and plan out some ork guys as the HOA is on its last legs to getting done

Plastic Dudesmen X 2 - hopefully one is shelled out

So really a big week of planning for the most part - getting things ready to get some painting done over the end week. Or so that is my plan. Like I said I did a ton of art too so I really caught up on things this week. Woohoo!! Hooray for work weeks haha.

Alright - enough of this some minis and art stuffs.

Hopefully next week I will get a bunch more new stuff to showcase. That is the plan anyway haha. Alright that is it for now. Woohoo!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goatboy - Midweek Update

First of all - the HOA stuff. I got almost all the troops done - just need to get some bikerz in to finish of a big batch of bikes for part of the main army. I got some Burnas to do as well as one more BW and then whatever the evil Mek Teek sends me to paint up. So all in all a good amount done and we are pretty much on track. Like a BOSS!!!


Look for Burnas coming next week and some more bikerz cuz I will be painting a lot. Woohoo!

Now onto something different - I painted some Malifaux stuff for a new client. Hopefully he likes them. I sent them off yesterday. Painting them was fun and look for a review on BOLS sometimes soon as it was a starter box I painted. Amazing, metal models I didn't mind painting and putting together.

Woohoo!!! Hopefully I can do some more. He liked em from the pics - so hopefully it ends up being a continuous thing.

And finally some art. I have been busy busting out some banners for people lately. So you will see more Goatboy art all over the interwebz!

Again if you want a banner it is only $25.00 bucks if you are interested. Shoot me an email to thomasart @ austin.rr.com.

And finally a stupid Grey Knight list I will be playing tomorrow to hopefully death and destruction.

GKM, Psycannon, Psychotroke
Paladins X 5, Apoc, Halberds X 2, Psycannon X 2, Daemon Hammer
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 5, Incinerators X 2, Halberds X 2, Daemon Hammer, Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition
Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator

Woohoo - I am coming to get you! That is the plan anyway.

That is it for now - look for more Goat action another time! ARROOOO!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woohoo! The week begins anew!

Woohoo Goatboy is here. It has been a long week as I get settled back in and start to plan out my miniatures this week. I got a few more things for HOA that I have with me to finish - plus some other random bits and pieces. I got my first Malifaux commission in last week and finished it up today so you will see some pics of that coming up later. I also drew on Big Red's army bag too. Fun times indeed. So let's start with the miniature painting list.

Ron - Malifaux - first model down below - he liked it so I might be doing more.
Lady Justice Boxed Set - Finished them up today.

15 Burna Boyz - In pieces
2 Bikes - Finished - waiting to get more to finish out the squad

Michael S
Bomba - Built - getting primed today - might get some paint on it tomorrow.

Turret for Nurgle Tank - Almost built - need to find barrels and zombie bits. I know they are in a box somewhere - Just a build project

Michael N
Look at building something Orky - I am finally almost ready to begin again on this build - HOA took up lots of time

Michael B
Pull out first tactical Squad for complete and paint - 10 Guys - already built

Art Projects
Continued Board Game Assets - 8 or so pieces - mostly small
Marine vs Tau Poster - Scene design - in planning will get sketches done soon
Banner Design - Complete work on that
Jawaballs Design thingie - Start work on that

Try to paint one Talos for fun? - Will see
Grey Knight Strike Squad + Razorback??? - probably not

Alright enough of that mess - lets look at a new Grey Knight list I want to try out. I call it a tough Nut list as it is designed to be very hard to break if you have to come and get it. It tries to build multiple layers as it engages the enemy and keeps the midfield protected.

HQ: GKM, Psychotroke Grenades
HQ: Librarian, 4 Powers (Quick, Might, Shrouding, Sanc)
Elites: Techmarine, Blind Grenades
Elites: Purifiers X 10, Psycannon X 3, Incincerator, Halberds X 5, Hammer X 1, Rhino
Troops: GKT X 10, Bro Banner, Psybolt, Halberds X 6, Hammers X 2, Psycannon X 2
Troops: GKSS X 5, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer, Razorback, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator
Heavy: Dreadknight, Great Sword, Personal Teleporter

2000 pts - and kinda weird list. It is designed to make a base - then you have your mid range threat (Purifiers) and your long range threat (DreadKnights) that can come on their own and beat on things. The Scout ability is pretty neat. I want to test it without the Purifiers and try 3 squads of strikes instead of the one. Also I might not need the Teleport on the Great Sword Dreadknight. I might also try two Tech Marines with Conversion beamers to get my long range fire support. It is a thought list that will probably not work but you never know.

I have toyed with some foot list ideas - so will see when I get a chance to get those out there. I think there is merit there when you design lists that can hit all sides of the board so will see. What kind of things are you finding fun with the GK book?

Now to some painted minis and an art bag.

That is it for now - getting brain tired haha.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woohoo I survived Richmond, VA

I had a great time hanging out with Rob from Spikey Bits at his store FTW Games this past weekend. I got to draw on a lot of bags, play some 40k, and even through down with some Magic cards. All in all it was a blast and hopefully I can get back there again sometime. A big shout out to Jeremiah from Stony Point Refugees who gave me a good game as well as made me want to make it out to their big cook out.

So all in all an awesome time. The store is really nice and their community there is pretty awesome. Rob has a ton of different mini options as well as just a ton of stuff that keeps your gamer soul happy.

I am slowly working on getting back up to Mini painting speed. I got some more stuff to do for the Heroes of Armageddon and then I am finally back into commission land with some upcoming Malifaux as well as some more orks and marines. That is my plan.

Paint List
HOA stuff
20 Ork Boyz - Slugga/Choppa w/2 rokkits and nob - in pieces
2 Ork Bikerz - in Pieces
Battle Wagon # 1 - in Pieces

1 Thunder Wolf Sample - Primed and ready to paint

Michael S
Bomba - want to paint this bastard this weekend as I am on both Saturday and Sunday at the office. Woohoo!

Dreadknight - I want to build this guy - will see.

So that is the list so far - next week I have some Marines creeping in with the Orks. It should be a lot of fun. I am currently no longer going out anywhere for the next few weeks so the updates should be more consistent. I got a new Grey Knight list I want to test out as well as some other things that are floating in my head. I got some new DE stuff that I want to do too. I got most of the pieces for the army (foot based portal nonsense) so will see if it ends up working.

Now to some minis that I painted up.

And the bags I did.

Alright that is it for now - lists later on this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Update!

Woohoo I have been a busy beaver. I got a lot more orks to do but I have cut a huge chunk out of the lot. I got some images from one of the guys helping out - Alex aka RedBeard and his ork trukk is looking fricking amazing. So without much else here are a bunch of images of what is currently going on with this Speed Freaks Army.

I am hoping next week to get some of the Bunra's started as well as Battle Wagon and some bikerz. All in all this army is going to be big, loud, and red.