Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hallo once again - Back in the saddle

Lots of minis, some artwork, and who the hell knows what else.  Been a busy bit of weeks - looking at getting a new house so a move is most likely coming, got a promotion at work so I get paid more for what I was already doing so yay - thus the new house.  I got a ton of miniature painting to do - but I also need to pack so man it is gonna suck.  Time to get rid of a ton of bits - cough cough - tyranid bits most likely and ton of other junk.  Fun fun fun.

Lets start this out with my paint list

Loc X 2 maybe? - one is for review but I need 2 - meh!!!
AOS art for Frontline
Art for a banner with a single miniature painting
Maybe some other banner art depending on if they want me too
CD cover that I already drew but need to color
I am sure something else too - oh more art for Spikey Bits
yeah stuff!

Build GSC to finish more - I painted a ton so far

More Cryx - I painted more and need to finish building more

Infinity and more infinity

2 Speeders, Rhino, Some jump pack guys, and two big Fenris Wolves from FW

Mike K
More Marine stuff

A Tetrad as a raffle army for a tournament

Oh and a big Knight thingie - the big huge one from FW. - Need to get that soaking

Oh and some FW Chaos Dwarf stuff too.

Lord that is a lot of shit to do.  And I want to do this Ork Imp Knight conversion so bad.  Ugh too much too much haha.

Um - let me see - I want to play the Alamo later in May and trying to think of a list.  Most likely I will play the following as it is easy, I don't need a ton that I don't want to get ready, and again I know how to play this stuff.

DP, MoK, Wings, Armor of Scorn, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift
DP, MoS, Wings, Lvl 3 Psyker, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoN, Wings, Lvl 2 Psyker, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoT, Wings, Lvl 3, Psyker, Greater Gift X 2, Im Robe - Warlord

LoC, Lvl 3 Psyker, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Paradox

Basically summon a unit of Pink Horrors first, have enough to split into blues and brims - fly around and profit.  It should be easy enough so will see.  This will be simple enough to get going.  If not that I paint up a few more Screamers, do the 2-3 knights and just don't give no Effs and use the Tzeentch Warp Storm Table for Profit.

Lets get some painted stuff out to look at and call it a night.