Commissions! - Painting and Art!

Hi this is Goatboy - and yes I do take commissions.  I paint models, do artwork, and draw on army bags/boxes.  If you are interested in having me do some work for you - email me at goatboybols @

Here are some sample prices and breakdowns for painting a figure/army. When painting/buidling the price includes most basing.  If you want something extremely fancy there will be an upcharge but for the most part basing is included for the price.

There are 3 levels of painting my service provides.  Level 1 is for a basic paint job.  Basic colors, one to two highlights and a wash covers this level of service.  Level 2 is a higher level of service with more highlights, blends, etc.  Usually if you order a set of models the HQ or Leader choices are painted at this level.  Level 3 are for those people who want a really great looking single model.  I would not advise doing that for an entire army as the time frame and cost would be extremely high. 

I pride myself on being a very affordable paint service that looks to getting you a great looking army for your table top game.

Level 1 Paint Job.
Basic level job - great for filling out your army.
Small base -$8.00-$12.00
Medium Base - $12.00-$20.00
Large Base - $20.00-$35.00
Speciality Models & Conversion work - Email for price quote

Level 1 Warmachine with upgraded basing.
Level 1 Tau with normal basing.
Level 1 Basic Demons - simple highlights.
Level 1 with basic basing.
ZOMBIES! - Level 1
Basic Chaos Cultists
Level 1 Basic Scouts.
Level 1 Rhino - magnetized the option to allow for a Rhino/Razorback combo
Rhino for Grey Knights - basic weathering.

Level 2 -
Great for Squad leaders and HQ's.  If the order is large enough your HQ and Squad leaders are upgraded to this for free.
Small base -$15.00-$20.00
Medium Base - $20.00-$35.00
Large Base - $35.00 - $60.00
Speciality Models & Conversion work - Email for price quote
Customer built Herald of Tzeentch - Conversion and Paintjob.

Level 2 Heavy Conversion Walking Daemon Prince.
Chaos Cultists converted from multiple parts.
Chaos Havocs - conversion from DV Chosen and FW Autocannons
Nurgle Chaos Spawn based off of Vampire Counts Crypt Ghouls
Level 2 Beaten Ultramarine Veterans.
Tier 2 Draigo.
Raging Heros and Grey Knight.
Grey Knights.
Review model for Bell of Lost Souls

    Level 3 Great for single miniatures and center piece models.  Small base -$30.00-$50.00
Medium Base - $50.00-$75.00
Large Base - $75.00 - $100.00
Speciality Models & Conversion work - Email for price quote

Level 3 Conversion - Keeper of Secrets
Bloodthirster based off an Ultraforge figure.
Converted Heldrake
Chaos Lord of Nurgle
The Gold was done in an NMM style.
Dark Angel Banner Bearer.

Artwork and Designs.

I am available for Banners and other pieces of artwork.  If you are interested you can send me an email at goatboybols @  Banner work starts at $50.00 for a color banner and can go up in price based on the work needed.  Here are some examples of my artwork used on other sites. I also draw on army bags and those start at $25.00.  I always have my markers with me when I go to a  Tournament/Event.

Design for Bell of Lost Souls Battle Report - Starts at $50.00.
These Banners would be $50.00.
This is a Character drawing - this would be a $50.00 dollar image.
This was an award image for a Tournament - $100.00 was the cost.

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