Models for Direct Sale.

I am constantly painting new models for fun so instead of just sitting on my shelf looking sad I figured I would offer then for sale.  This will get updated periodically as I complete other work, get tired of looking at them, or just don't really want the army anymore.  If you would be interesting in purchasing some of these models email me at goatboybols @

Daemon Prince Blowout!  I have painted way too many of these guys.  It is like I have an issue or something.  This was what it was like in 5th edition with Rhinos.  So with that in mind here are some heavily converted Daemon Princes/Greater Daemons that I have for sale.  Most are heavily converted models from my crazy bits drawers, boxes, mess.

All models come with playing cards I have created for the model.  I plan on having all the available options (ie Marks, Army types, etc) so you can easily choose whatever you want to play with when you get your monster.

Crimson Slaughter Possessed

Did this as a review set of minis from Evil Miniatures.  I figured if I ever wanted to run Crimson Slaughter nonsense this is where I would start.

Bits - Evil Miniatures legs, heads, and backpacks.  Fantasy bits for the arms.

Cost - $75.00 for the lot

Kromlech Review Figures - Counts as Thousand Sons/Sorcerers/etc
Cost - $60.00

Daemon Prince of Nurgle/Slaanesh
Cost - $75.00

Chaos Jugger/Thunder Wolf

Cost - $45.00

Khador Starter Set - no cards

Cost: $60.00 - $10.00 over cost of the models.

Cryx Starter Set - no cards

Cost: $60.00 - $10.00 over cost of the models.

Kravex the Bloodthirsty 

Kit bashed based off of the Ultraforge War Daemon plus Chimera Wings. Comes with Bloodthirster Card for keeping up with gifts. I ran him as a Bloodthirster.

Cost - $125.00 Reduced to $100.00 (On Hold)

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