Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tested out Formula Waagh!!! on Friday

With Robert and Travis and we banged and tweaked out some rules and I think it is going to work out well. I wrote up a new rules list, and if anyone wants to see it shoot me an email. I want to test it out one more time before I post it up to see what people think.

But we ran 4 races in an hour, and it seemed to move pretty quickly once we worked out the kinks in some of my rules thoughts. The ramming rule worked out pretty well and I think it will make for some fun games as you try to push people through and knock people around. We saw some tweaks to the warbuggie, due to it being extremely fast and having a good gun, but I think the changes helped out. I also tweaked the tables to roll as only one, with everything else have a simple roll for what happens. It makes it easier and allows the game to flow pretty quickly. All and all the experiment seems to be working out pretty well and I hope to expose everyone else to Formula Waaagh!!!

If things go well, we will set up a racing league and I will end up running it as a commish. That way any tricks you try to do on opponents can be made sure to happen, and all teef purchases can be legit etc. There are things like purchase grot riggas to cause issues on other drivers vehicles for a race.

But hey, will get it playtested and then will see what people think. Woot woot.

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