Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How I paint and stuff.

Hi there, today I am going to throw up some stuff about how I paint things fast. The dry brush/wash way. This way allows me to bust through entire squads in a bit over an hour and a half. It isn't the cleanest way, but for orks and chaos it can be a great time saver.

So here we go.

First I spray my models black. I prefer black, since most of my color schemes go towards a darker color base. It is also easier to work with metal. But I spray my models and make sure they are full coated etc.

After doing the black base coat, I go ahead and start my ork base colors. I do this kinda sloppy, since I can easily fix any mistakes easier. For these bikers, I use a catachan green for the base ork color. I like to use this, because this is a duller color, and really looks good with a nice highlight hit from the lighter green I use.

Here is the rest of the base colors. Brown for the boar fur/pants. Tin Bitz for the metal as a base coat. And an Antique/Bleached bone for the base of the skulls etc. I drybrush the skulls, since I want some of the black to show through. If I was a bit heavy, I might go over it with a flesh wash or a brown wash, but I was doing alright today.

Now it is on to the first level of high lighting. The ork green is hit with a very light, almost limish green. i like to do this, because I know I am going to bring it down with a wash and this really gets the highlights hit and makes my orks stand out a bit. I hit the brown with a light snake bit brown and start to use some more antique/bone white to highlight smaller bits of the tin Bitz. I also mix in some boltgun metal on the metal bits. I really want this stuff to look rusty and kinda cobbled together from whatever metal they find.

Now on to some inking. You can see the ork flesh take shape here.

Now to another highlight layer, with the same green to bring out the flesh and other small bits of dry brush highlighting. I also use a small pen to help add black lines to distinct parts of the model. This helps break apart the model a bit, and give you a way with a really controlled line. Some say it is cheating, but I say, use whatever you have available to make a good looking model. And I also say pants are for the devil so I might be crazy.

Add some rocks and wham you gots em based. Total time, about an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy.


Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Nice step-by-step article. It's always interesting to see how others go about painting models. We all seem to have our subtle ways of getting things done.

Nice results for just over an hour's work.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The best part is I do it at work while I answer computer questions heh. Inbetween doodling crazy pictures and other freelance work.

Thanks for the compliment. Hope to do more of these, mixed with army testing and other fun stuff.