Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Ork 2000 pts heavy list

Been really impressed with Ork Nob bikers. They seem to race into 5th edition pretty well and I feel they will be a nice rock to some of the other paper and scissor lists in the tier environment. Here is the new 2000 point list. I am still thinking and tweaking the list for 1750 and the upcoming Las Vegas GT. Look for me to be testing it in the coming weeks as I prepare and tweak out some painting and build a board for it. But first of all...

I broke my ankle this Sunday. It sucks, but it looks like I will be on crutches for 6 weeks and should have a quick recovery and be ready to smack some peeps around for the Las Vegas GT. I was riding a scooter and tried to save it from dropping and my ankle got in the way. Ankles are obviously not as tough as the scooter, so I lost. At least I can say I am part cybork now hahah.

Onto the list.

HQ: Warboss, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Warbike, Bosspole, Cybork Body = 150pts
Pts total : 150 x 2 = 300
This the backbone of the smack, and without these guys, this list would be impossible, or at least less effective due to the need to take different troops or wazzdakka.

Troops: Nob Bikers (10), Power Klaw (4), Cybork Body (10), Waagh Banner, Pain Boy = 650
Pts total: 645 x 2 = 1290
If the warbosses are the backbone, these are the giant stompas meaty fists of doom. I went with less power klaws, due to the fact, I don't want to overally win combats anymore. I can't smash everyone and consolidate into the next squad, so what I am going to have to do is split attacks, and try to leave one squad alive that I can say I am still locked in combat with. This way I cheese it out a bit, and I am stuck in your zone, hopefully winning the rest of the combat during my opponents assault phase. I also dropped the overall amount of PK's due to the fact, I will no longer be losing attacks with opponents pulling guys from their area of attack. This allows me to get more use of my 1 attack less PK's. Also, with the sheer amount of choppas coming down on the heads of guys, I can hopefully wrap wounds around and get to the PF in their own squad and take it out first before it can take out a nob or two. This is also why I added back in cybork body. This gives me some chance to take out PK or PF attacks. Everyone one I save, saves me a nob, and in the long run with my lack of overall troops, helps keep me in scoring longer.

Elites: Kommandos (10), Big Shoota (2), Nob, PK = 135
Pts total: 435
These are the meat in the sandwich. The annoying dudes that can come from any side and just get in the way of stuff. I went with Big shootas, due to the fact with rokkit launches, I would end up paying an extra 30 points, for a lot less chance to blow something up. I am going to be hitting the butt of a lot of vehicles, and with 9 strength 5 shots, I have a good chance of penetrating most troop based vehicles, add in the fact I can still pound out a lot of shoots into some troops (ie nids) I can get more use out of these three squads. The rule in 40k is, make them roll enough, and they will eventually fail armor saves right. Also with the PK nob, I can pull my own weight in combat pretty well and smash up some guys good. Let alone other nob bikers hehe.

But that is the test for the nob biker army at 2000 points. I think it works pretty well, with the only lists I fear are other heavy PK or PF lists. IE orks and Space Puppies. Thus the reasons for the above changes as Orks are a pretty damned popular list now, and for a good reason. But yeah, try this list out in your games and you will see how heavy it is. Turbo boost first turn, and the just start killing things aright after that. 5th edition moves your save to 3+ when you turbo boost, and hell you can always take wounds on your warboss if needed. He is pretty damned tough or so I hear heh. If they did another Hard Boyz for 40k, this list would just get meaner, with more nob bikers or other dumb things added on. Come adepticon next year, I might bring this to smash up some fat titans.

Oh and here is some art real quick. I did this last week, look for more in the coming week as I get settled back home and have to find things to do.


CrusherJoe said...

Thomas, that nob biker army of DOOM of yours makes you entirely too happy (and rightfully so!). :)

Hope you're feeling better, I saw the picture of your ankle and all I can say is...feet aren't meant to be pointing at that angle in relation to the leg they're attached to...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yes, they are not allowed to be that way. Hell, I just want the 6 weeks to blow past me. Shit, it is almost a week swishing past right now hehe.

Stelek said...

I think the problem you'll run into with the list is when you get hit by rending foes in close combat...and FNP turns off against plasma hits so you have to rely on your cover save.
Speaking of which...

I don't think they'll be getting a 3+ cover save in 5E. They have a 4+ already, what'd I miss to get them the 3+?

FWIW a Harlequin army annihilated our local Ork biker army. Stealer shock does too, sadly. Have you played against either kind of army yet?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I am not so worried about stealer shock, due to the nerf on rending occuring in 5th. And in 5th, if I get assaulted by stealer rush, I get to go first, since I am in cover due to the cover save and they do not have frag grenades, unless of course if they run them.

Also, in a stealer rush scenerio, in 4th, you just make sure you are 18 inches away, they can only pull from the models in range, and you should kill enough to ensure the fleet won't get to you, it is not guaranteed, but it is something to look at.

In 5th, if you turbo boost, you get a 3+ cover save, not an invulnerable save.

What most people don't do with their ork armies, is play smarter, you have a great way to control the movement, and you have to make them roll 6's on their fleet rolls. If you just pay attention to ranges, you should be able to keep them out of range, since their max range is 18 inches. No matter what, just 18 inches.

Chaos with Lash becomes harder, since you can control the distance as well as I can. But every army has a paper to its rock like tendencies. And stealer rush gets eaten pretty well by Tau and Mech Eldar while my army does very well versus Mech Eldar and Tau.

Give it a try, and just remember, your bikes shoot as well as marines with a heavy bolter. Causing a ton of wounds can do just as well as assaulting them with a ton of power klaws :).

Personally, the biggest winner in 5th is Tau, with vehicles and upgrades of theirs being extremely strong and still having one of the strongest base guns in the game. And marker lights are going to be so annoying, since they will take away any cover you get for your vehicles.

And rending now is going to lose a lot of their punch. 6 Genestealers, 18 attacks on the charge, hitting on 12 of them, then next wounding 4 with most likely rending on 2, thus just killing a nob maybe, depends on if I roll my cybork armor.
18 X (2/3)= 12 * 1/3 = 4 (5 or 6 wounds, so maybe 2 rend) I get FNP and armor for the other 2, so most likely they will be ignored.

I respond back 12+6 Pk = 18, hit on 4 = 9, wound on 2 = 7.5 dead from PK, let along the choppas, which kills the squad.

This is from just controlling and making sure one, maybe 2 squads are at 18 inch range, their max ability to charge.

Harlies suffer even more. Same attacks, same damage output, but with an even more fragile base etc.

What this means is needing larger squads, and for harlies, it might not be worth it. Genestealers yes, but I think they are going to need two squads of gaunts to ensure some scoring potential due to the stealers most likely dying by the end of the game.

But hey I might be wrong, this is just from looking at the 5th edition rule book and changes to rending. Larger squads are going to be hard to rend out, while wraithlords and fexes will still be easy to kill out.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Oh and they way you beat this army, power fists or klaws. Lots of them. That kills a nob in one blow, so it just makes it extremely point effective. Space Wolves are going to be good vs this list.

Stelek said...

Hmmm I don't see anything in the rulebook or the ork faq that makes you count as being in cover due to the biker cover save.

What do you do when the stealers sit in cover? Have feeder tendrils and acid maw units mixed? Anyone with implant attack (broodlord or tyrant) will eff you up.

I think a CC style nid army is going to return to the game, and assault fexes + tyrants + stealers + gaunts will be a bit overwhelming. Cockblocking your countercharges will also hurt a unit like this, but I don't think many players have figured that particular tactic out yet. ;)

Regarding Harlequins...Harlies with doom perform better against higher toughness troops. Run a few numbers. Remember at 18", odds are you can't see the Harlies. Any closer, and odds are you'll be assaulted. When I said Harlie army, I did mean 30 Harlies. Man it's annoying.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

And there you have it, increasing the odds like that will add up, but then if stealers are sitting in cover, then I will be shooting them. Which ends up being better in my favor. But as you see in the list, cybork body will be mandatory to just try to take any wound away etc.

But yeah, rending is seriously nerfed, unless you are playing at 10+ models. It is the only way to make it viable and something to fear. At 6 models, it is just not worth it. Harlies will be interesting, but then if I get to shoot at them, at all, then I can hit the entire squad in 5th. And 33 TWL, str 5 shoots will kill out a 10 man squad, even in the open. They can only have so much room, between each squad, and you are only dealing with a max of 30. There are a lot better things to use in the Eldar army versus more opponents.

And again, a lot of players are not looking at the fact they have a shit ton of shots at str 5, that hit like a marine.

I don't think they count as in cover too, but if you look at the new tweak to rending, and 6 man genestealer squads are not a worry at all. 10 man, much more, that gives me more chances to hit taht 5+ cybork save too. And if I charge, their changes drop by a ton too.

Stealer rush got a big hurt in 5th, as did harlies. I think fire dragons are a better option, since they can auto kill any ork that fails their cover save, with their flamer template weapon, ignoring half of the armor of the ork nob. And they are good vs vehicles etc.

Yes, doom can be bad, but if I charge, I lessen their attacks and thus the chances for doom. A lot of 40k is based on just finding ways to control the flow of the assault. And especially in 5th it is going to be extremely important.

It will be seen, but then just control what is going to assault you. But that harlie army is going to be toast versus Tau and trust me, Tau is going to be hitting the top Tiers. And fire dragons are a lot better versus Tau, with the ability to take away cover saves on vehicles and just about anything else with crack shot.

But I am willing to test and play versus anything. I see Harlies as being better, but then not as good versus so much other stuff. They can no longer be the 6 man, falcon riding squad. They will have to be 10 man strong.

Wish you lived in Austin or Texas area, we would throw down hahaha. You are going to Las Vegas right?

Stelek said...

Yeah I am going to Vegas. Me and 3 of my buds are going down. We'll be at the Windham, so I'll hopefully be well-rested and be up for some friendly games after. I haven't bothered doing any, the tournament wipes me out lol, but I think with a good hotel we might stay and play after hours. Hard to say really, depends on the other guys moods but I am only a couple blocks from the TI so I can stay and they can go if they want to. Whatever works for the guys is probably what I'd end up doing though.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I should be there early on Friday. I am the only one playing 40k I think, might be one other. The other guy is hitting it up with Fantasy and some gross Vampire Count BS hah.

How much was it per night at the Windham? I need to get my plane ticket and place to stay, and thought the 200 a night at the site hotel was a bit too much. No discount is pretty ass in my opinion.

Stelek said...

We got a sweet deal. It's 150/person for 4 nights. 2 rooms, big bath, kitchenette...gonna help us with food costs too, we'll have breakfast in the place.

No discount is pretty ass.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Ass, might stay at the Statisosphere. I can get a bus anywhere, and it is looking like 400 per person, for 3 nights including flight. Not too shabby.

But yeah, not discount sucks. Adepticon was cool with the discount, beyond the overally expensive food. What are you planning on bringing to the event?

Stelek said...

Demonhunters is the plan. An inquisitorial force. IG, Sisters, Grey Knights.

Hoping to lose all 5 games.

Haven't lost since I started going, and lots of peeps want me to not play a power list and see how well I do.

I keep telling them it's not the army, it's the general...


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

WHich is the truth you know. I mean some armies have advantages, but a good general will win most of the time. We see this in the heavy tournies in town. It is the best players, with different lists, that win.