Thursday, July 17, 2008

Played a game with Nob biker list below

Played versus Colby's horde esque orks. We played for objectives, and if I had one more turn I would have won, but if you take in victory points etc, I was ahead. But I had the game for the most part after a really bloody assault of 9 nob bikerz and 1 warboss versus 60 orks with 3 power klaws.

List to see.

HQ: Warboss, cybork body, warbike, attack squig, bosspole,
Pts: 155 X 2

Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (4), Pain Boy, Waagh Banner, Cybork Body (10), Bikes
Pts: 645 X 2

Elites: Kommandos (10), Big Shoota (2), Nob, Power Klaw, bosspole
Pts: 150

Big things I have discovered, cybork body is great. Well worth it, and allows you to keep 1 nob alive per power fist/klaw save. Helps you survive and save 2 wounds from getting taken out. Other neat things, shit combat is bloody and two armor saves (reg/feel no pain) makes these guys just machines of death. Also strength 5 is pretty good for an assault gun.

Big things that didn't work out as well, the kommandos. Yeah having a power klaw is good, but not having the movement to get somewhere made the one random squad kinda enh. Right now, I am thinking Deff Koptas are going to be the way to go. Squad of 3, with twl big shootas and 1 buzzsaw would be a nice way to take out small dev squads and other small random bits. Being able to outflank, and have a huge amount of movement is going to be a huge bonus. Definitely worth testing out.

If I would play this army at 2000, I might add in two looted wagons with boomguns. I figure the bikerz, shooting out 24, will draw the most heat, with the Wagons just sitting there throwing templates. Unless of course they roll a 1. Just something else to think about for the next Eavy tournament.


Unknown said...

I think we'll be hearing the 'I lost the mission, but had him on KP's' a lot more often. Though this might just be some growing pains as people get more objective minded instead of 'Kill Kill Kill!'.

I know I fell a bit victim to the mindset yesterday so instead of pushing a squad of scouts to an objective, I spent one too many turns shooting and ended up losing the game because of it! I could have pulled out a draw if I had moved them out.

This edition feels more and more all about timing.

Stelek said...

Turn 5 ending early is really a good thing.

I think you'll find yourself hard pressed to hold your ground behind you without some Boyz squads to sit back and let the Nobz do the fighting on the other side of the board.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

He didn't have any boyz squads left, and I had one squad of 3 nob bikers with a full warboss and another 10 man nob biker squad with a full untouched warboss left and a full kommando squad.

Colby had 2 Battle Wagons, Ghazgul and his nobs. If we had turn 6, I would have blown up both Battle Wagons. In VP I had the game one, but in Objective based games I might be hard pressed. Or just really only able to get one. Will see.

But yeah, I agree a horde ork army, all dudes is going to be hard to deal with, with any army. Trying to kill that many guys is a pain. I can do it by shooting, if I have 6+ turns. But with only 5, I know I won't get rid of some of the troop squads grabbing objectives.

Of course the big up in the air, is how they are going to do it at the GT. We did a 5th tournie in Austin, and I can just say, Kill points are stupid. A lot of armies were just like, well I won't get those 3 points for the tertiary mission.

But more testing will be tried out. I will play this army due to the fact it is quick, and if I am playing a slow opponent, it will be easier to get the full amount of turns since my turn time will be short and hopefully bloody heh.

What are you testing out Andrew for the GT? And hell if you want, shoot me an email at so it is easier to get fast responses hahaha.

Stelek said...

Sent ya an email. :)