Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gonna buy my Baltimore Ticket this Monday

Woot woot... Did some playing on Friday. Asked my girlfriend to marry me on Thursday. She said yes woot! But who cares about that right, this is a damned 40k blog hahah.

Tested out an ork army and after some messing around came with this one as the list to take to Baltimore, right now if I went in a day or two.

HQ: Warboss, Warbike, Cybork, PK, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Combi Skorcha (Had 15 points, so 3 Combi Skorchas woot!)
Pts: 155
Troops: Nobz (7), Bikes, Power Klaws (4), Combi Skorcha (2), Cybork Body, Bosspole, Painboy, Waagh Banner
Pts: 510
Troops: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkit Launcha (3), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw
Pts: 250 X 2 = 500
Elites: Lootas (15)
Pts: 225
Fast Attack: Deffkoptas (4), TWL Rokkits (4)
Pts: 180 X 2 = 340
Points Total: 1750
Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 3

Tested a list like this versus a Slaanesh force and it did pretty well. Just slowly taking bits and pieces out and having a whole lot of shots versus just about anything. Cybork armor is to help versus other power fists and other shenanigans. The big worry is dumping so much into the nob squad. It is tempting to take it down to 5, use it as a hit and run unit and get another squad of boyz or a Big Mek with a field etc. I could also knock down the Deff Koptas to 5, and just run a Big Mek with a field and Storm Boyz to be my assault hammer.

Painted wise, all I am missing from the above army is my lootas. They are getting ready to get painted up and will see how they do. I still have a special place for my nob bikerz and I even converted a new warboss bike using the Black Reach boss (I have 5 of them via trades and buying 2 boxes). Pics of the guy coming soon, I need to go find a squigg to give him an attack squig and then he will be ready.


Bushido Red Panda said...


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks brotha. How goes the house?

bullymike said...

congrats you douche! how did you pull that off

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Magic... Lots of it. But yeah, she even likes me... amazin hahaha.

And bastards you need to call me for weekday up north game playing. I bring shit over. I almost have a horde ork army ready to go damnit.

MasterDarksol said...

Congrats on the engagement! Be prepared to move your models to the garage, if they're not there already. ;)

Stelek said...

List looks like hardcore wrapped in fluffy. lol

I'm glad your woman said yes. Get yourself a man room. I have one and while it will eventually be a kids room (till we move), the wife leaves it alone and there are few battles over my man toys as a result of them being hidden away. :)

Bushido Red Panda said...

House is going... slowly. I'm too damn old for this shit :)

My table is actually AT my house now so I'm almost there!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahah, I do have a man room in the house already, so all is good there haha. And damnit I have to play my plastic war games hahahah.