Sunday, February 15, 2009

On my Gawds!!! An update

This blog is going to change, as I write tactics for Bell of Lost Souls. It is going to become a weekly, what the hell I painted over the week. I am planning on updating it every Sunday with all the stuff I painted over the week. I paint a lot. I only play armies that are fully painted, so if I want to keep up with my insane love of testing new armies, I am usually painted up a ton of crap per week. It also keeps my brain sane as I deal with computer stuff as well as finishing up animation work and graphic work. Fun fun fun.

But anyway, enough of that, onto my first stuff. I have 3 things I am showing this week. I painted up a reg loota to replace the one I lost in Baltimore. He isn't very exciting and I just machined through it to finish it up. Either way, I won't show it hehe. Plus it is in a case and I don't want to bring it out. So I painted that, two nurgle sorcerers (one for a competition, one for my army) and a Lord of Change for Jay aka Bushido Red Panda. I listed the time it took for me to add the last bit of painted. If you want tutorials, add a comment and I can write up some speed painting lessons. But enough, here is a big pic of them all.


Bushido Red Panda said...

Sweet! You can base it if you want since you'll be doing the whole army. Maybe a volcanic thing? I dunno.

CrusherJoe said...

2 HOURS for the mounted Nurgle sorcerer? Seriously?

Mighty damned impressive Thomas!!

I'd love to see a tute on how you did that! :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahah, it is all about color choices and then the washes helping out. The longest bit of time is waiting for the damned washes to dry. Bastards!

Aerospike said...

I believe a "dirty" style like for nurgle is somehow "easier" or at least faster to achieve than something clean like loyal Astartes or Eldar, but anyway your speed at painting is absolutely insane!

Some tutorials on how you do those things would be greatly appreciated!

(guess I am the slowest painter in the world :p)

Unknown said...

It is all about Color choices and how you can layer on top and create a nice bit of shading, and then use the washes ability to fix stuff to clean it up.