Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday - bloody Monday!

3 days of work then I am off for ATC.  Woohoo - it should be a good time.  I get to hang out with some friends, play lots of 40k, and hopefully win a game or two.  I got that Daemon list I posted so it should be ok.  I did finish all the Heralds for the Herald bomb so will be testing that.  I have decided to add the new fortification - the Battle Cannon pods etc.  I should be getting them in - chaosing them up  and causing problems as usual.

Ok - quick paint list - it will bleed until next week.

Plastic Dudesmen - Need a script - need to do tomorrow
Article - Plan on talking about Elites and how they are sucking now
Plague Hulk # 2 - Primed and partway painted - (Actually finished tonight after writing this - I AM MACHINE)
3 Heralds of Tzeentch - Done!
Those Vengeance thingies - getting them when I get back.

Cryx stuff - all done for now!  I think I got Jacks next

Next week final push of Dark Angels then its Lord of the Rings stuff - and probably marines when the new book comes out.

10 Horrors of Tzeentch - done - total at 20
10 Flesh Hounds of Khorne - Old Metal ones
Maybe the old GUO - need to build

Warhound - With the Builder - will finish next week before the weekend
1 Riptide - Need to build and Magnetize - will do next week too - might build on Wednesday depending on where Plastic Dudesmen is

Beyond that I will try to write up a report for the tournament.  It has been awhile and I will try to get into a BOLS report with some Daemons.  It's just hard for me to get the time to play - but I have been wanting to showcase my lack of playing haha.

I need to get some art done too - so look for that.  I am just feeling the itch to draw a bit and hopefully I can get some time before I get out on a cruise for my anniversary.  Will keep those updated on where I am at mini wise.  I think the Daemons should be done before I leave.  Woohoo - not much left in that list - 19 Daemonettes, GUO, 10 Dogs, 3 Plague Drones, and 1 DP.  Not too bad eh?  I should chunk out 2 per week or so - maybe three.  The big fat bit is the Daemonettes and once I figure out a scheme they will be easy.

Initial Screamer Bomb List

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Locus of Conjuration, Level 3
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Exalted Gift, Level 3
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Exalted Gift, Level 3
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Level 3
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10
Troops: Plague Bearers X 10
FA: Screamers X 8 (I forgots...)
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent
Fortification: Vengeance Weapon Battery X 2, Battle Cannon X 2


Figure it would give me two Ordnance options for the same cost as one Grinder.  Plus the two Baleful guys will deep strike in.  A buddy said Mindshackle Missiles will suck - which they will but will just see how it goes when they show up.  If not it might be time I get that other Fortification that shoots lascannons in the sky.  PEW PEW MUTHA EFFER!

Ok some models -

Final infantry for the Cryx order - bases took a bit to get in - plus orderer wasn't playing

The Portal Bringer

The Muscle

The Librarian.
I painted them differently so the cards will make more sense for the options.  The unit will be a pain in the ass if it works.  If it doesn't - well a few mind strike missiles will pop it.

10 more Horrors.


WhiteDevil said...

No screamers are listed in your Scream-Star... ;P

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Fixed!!! hahah.

Terminus Est said...

Good luck this weekend Thomas !!


Donz0 said...

Hi GB, do you have MC "playing cards" for your daemons psy powers you can share? Or a cool template? I swear I've seen you use them... Or maybe it was Kenny B?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I do - shoot me an email - goatboybols @